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(Loren's P.O.V)

Day 7

It's been seven days since I checked into rehab. It's been seven days since I kissed the guy I am in love with.

I remember Mom telling me to never fall in love, because everything that falls, breaks. But that's the thing. I didn't fall in love with Eddie. I just instantly became in love with him.

Before I stopped talking to Melissa she told me he was in love with me too. But how can you love someone without knowing them?

Eddie thinks he knows everything about me. But he doesn't know the REAL reason behind my drinking. The only two people that do? Haven't talk to them in a year.


"Loren, Dr. Montgomery is ready for you. Room 33." One of the staff remembers called out from behind the window. I got up and walked towards room 33.

"Hey Loren!" Dr. Montgomery had her usual happy face on.

"Hi." Short and simple. One of the things I've learned to do in the past week.

"How are you feeling today?" She looks like she actually cares.

"Same as the day I checked in. Shit." I plopped myself down on the couch.

"Do you want continue our discussion from the other day?" She grabbed her notepad.

"All I did was tell you about how much I hate what I've done to myself." I answered.

"That's all you've told me since we started. I mean about Eddie." Dr. Montgomery clasped her hands.

"What do you wanna know?" I acted like I cared.

"You said he was always there." Dr. Montgomery really wants to know?

"Yup. He picked me up every night and brought me home. He took care of me until I was half sober. Then I left. He's also the guy I've been in love with since I was 15. A year after we met." I confessed.

"You said he doesn't know things." Dr. Montgomery reminded me.

"Can you share those things with me?"

"I'm not ready." I looked away.

"I can see it in your eyes that you want to be." Dr. Montgomery was so calm.

"That doesn't mean I'm ready." I didn't mean to snap at her.

"Okay. What do you wanna talk about?" Dr. Montgomery tried to make me feel comfortable again.

"Why? Why do I have to be the only one who suffers from this?!" I started crying.

"What are you suffering from Loren?" She sat next to me and held me.

I wanted to be in Eddie's arms instead.


(Eddie's P.O.V)

I miss her. I haven't seen her for a week and it's killing me. I just want her here, with me. In my arms.

"Mate, you thinkin bout Loren?" Ian brought me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah." Might as well tell the truth, he knows when I lie.

"Go see her." He took a shot.

"Can't. She has to be there a certain amount of time before I can visit."

"That's a bummer." He handed me a shot.

"Yup." I took it.

"Want another?"

"Nope." I can't have Loren go to rehab for her addiction and start up my own.

"Fine by me." He grabbed the bottle.

"Maybe I should check into rehab with her!" He tried to make a joke.

"That's not funny." I punched him.

"Yes it was." I went to punch him again.

"I lied! I lied! It is NOT funny! Sorry Ed!" He ran across the room.


(Loren's P.O.V)

Day 9

Dear Diary,

I have therapy again today. 2 days ago I broke down. I just cried for the hour. The moment the beeper went off telling us the hour was over I stopped crying. It was like a switch. It was pretty scary how fast I did that. I'm ready to talk to Dr. Montgomery today.

I think.


Loren Tate

"Hi Loren." She was focused on her papers.

"Hi Mrs. Montgomery." Longest hello I've given her since we started.

"You still feel like shit?" Is she trying a new method?

"Better than before but, yeah." Honesty is the best policy.

"That's good." She still hasn't looked at me.

"How are you getting along with everybody?" Random question.

"I usually keep to myself.."

"How do you get along with them?" She's never pushed me before.

"Alright." I guess.

"Dr. Montgomery?"


"I'm ready."

"For what?" She looked me in the eye.

"To tell you why I'm an alcoholic. What Eddie doesn't know."

"Okay." She gestured for me to sit.

Here we go.


(Nora's P.O.V)

"Nora!" Melissa ran into the kitchen with a magazine in her hand.

"What?" I was curious.

"Loren's in rehab!" She had a grin on her face.

"How do you know that?" I put the last dish down.

"This magazine has Eddie dropping somebody off at a rehab. He also kissed her. Look WHO the somebody is." She shoved the magazine in my face. I took it.

"Thats my baby!" I looked at the magazine to see my daughter with Eddie. I started crying.

Two years of drinking and she's finally saving herself.

"Nora, she's getting help." At this point Mel was crying to.

My baby is getting help.


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