So…I guess I'm trying my hand at TVD slash now…I'd like to say that Elijah and Kol are the only two original vampires that don't annoy the crap out of me and when I was watching the new seasons, and all the scenes with Kol, I think I realized why. Rebekah and Klaus act more like teenagers than the actual teenagers on the show. It's a real bummer that Elijah and Kol got the least amount of screen time out of all of them.

This story is set when Damon goes to wake up Elijah, although there is a small flashback in the beginning.

I don't own anything

Damon actually stumbled when the much stronger vampire pulled him along towards the building. He'd drank enough during the night for it to affect him but trusted the much stronger vampire dragging him by the hand that he wasn't overly worried about the amount of alcohol he'd consumed.

"Tomorrow, I will have to go and meet my family." He turned to Damon abruptly and was very suddenly pressing him against the nearest wall.

"And tonight?" Damon asked, allowing him to press close.

"Tonight? I want to have some fun."


He'd opened the wrong coffin. Well, there were four of them and he was only looking for one and he'd opened the wrong one first and had to stop short. Even through the graying, the face was unmistakable.

Then, before he could even think about what he was doing, he'd closed his fist around the dagger sticking out of the original's chest.

"Oh, this is a bad idea." Damon stopped short again, drawing back without the dagger. "Hmmm. You know I shouldn't be surprised about this," he commented to himself, opening another of the coffins, the right one this time. "Just when you think this town couldn't make things more complicated."

Damon grasped the dagger sticking out of Elijah's chest and this time did not hesitate, yanking it out. He stood in the center of the room for several moments, twirling the thing before going back to the other.

"I am so going to regret this."


Damon had the rest of the day to over think things. It was becoming, he reflected as he poured himself another glass of bourbon, a bad habit ever since he'd come back to Mystic Falls. Still, he could not seem to help himself with this one.

Maybe he should have been more surprised. But all he could really think about in that moment was Katherine and how incredibly stupid he'd been. All he could think about was those moments in time when he'd almost made the decision to stop looking for her nearly a hundred years before he'd opened the tomb.

"Hello, Love."

Damon only had a second to register the all too familiar voice, and to set down the glass of alcohol before there was a rush and he was very suddenly pressed against the nearest wall, face first and an all too familiar body was pressed close against his back.

"Did you miss me?"

"Come on now, Kol. Why would I miss you?"

"Why would you wake me up if not?" Kol pressed closer to him, leaving no space between their bodies.

"Curiosity?" Damon suggested with a bit of a smirk, although he made no attempt at breaking Kol's grip on him.

"Is that what this is then?" Kol reached around and gripped him almost painfully through his jeans before abruptly releasing him and sauntering over towards the liquor cabinet. Damon only took a second to regain his composure-and his smirk-before he turned to face the other vampire.

"Have a nice family reunion?" He asked, accepting the glass Kol offered.

"Yes, it was entertaining to see my brother's face when he opened the coffin he'd stuffed me in and didn't find me there."

"Wish I could've seen it," Damon said. He was internally aware that he was having such a casual conversation with the man that he had spent near to a hundred years trying his best not to even think about.

"How long?" He couldn't help but to ask, even if he sort of hated himself as soon as the words escaped.

"Two nights after," Kol stated.

Damon's eyebrows shot up. He got the meaning behind the words and remembered very clearly how the last time he'd seen Kol, he'd been grumbling about how he needed to go meet his brother. Two nights after…

Of course, at the time, Damon hadn't known about the vampire before him was an original.

"Did you think I'd simply left?" Kol stepped closer to him, into his personal space again. "I would have, you know? Eventually."

"Of course." But Damon's smirk was in full bloom now. He'd heard that before. He shouldn't have believed it then. He wondered briefly what he would have done if he hadn't.

"I'm sure you have many important things you need to discuss with Elijah. Let's leave that for tomorrow, shall we?"

"And tonight?" Damon asked, closing the distance between them that Kol hadn't yet.

Kol gave him one of those grins. "I've spent the last hundred years in a coffin. Tonight I want to have some fun."

It was the only warning Damon got-the only warning he ever got-before Kol grabbed a hold of him and took him up to his room at a speed that Damon would never be able to match. He decided, at least for the night, that he would leave the over thinking to people like his brother.


This is just a oneshot for now that I might turn into a longer story or maybe a series. I'm not sure yet. I'm not even sure if people like this pairing…