Fear the Hunters part 2

A cold breeze blew across the prison, the brown leaves that littered the ground near the woods, were now gliding along with wind, and finding their new home all over the yard of the prison. The green grass of the yard, was now slowly turning to brown from fall leaves, and the dying grass.

Carl dug his hands deep into his pockets as the wind continued to blow, trying to hide them from the chill breeze blowing against his body. He couldn't wait till Maggie and Glenn came back with some warmer cloths to wear, the cloths he had now were nothing against the dropping temperature.

The teenager walked against the increasing winds, crunching his boots against the fallen leaves and withering grass, only stopping when he reached his destination at the prison graveyard.

As he looked at the graveyard, Carl compared it to the ones that he had seen in his old life. The graves weren't dug as the old world ones were, just deep enough for the body of whoever died. The tombstones weren't made of marble, stone, or anything like that, just a handmade wooden cross, with the first letter of the departed name carved into.

Carl bent down on one knee to the cold earth, placing a hand of one of the wooden crosses, the disappearing sun made it hard to read the carved letter that was on it, but running his figures against the old wood, he was able to feel out the shape of a carved L.

There were so many things he wanted to say, questions he wanted to ask, but talking to a grave meant nothing to him.

Crunching footsteps alerted Carl that he wasn't alone anymore, but the teen didn't move from his spot on the ground. There was no reason for him to move, the footsteps weren't the shambling ones of a walker, or the careful, hesitant steps an enemy would take when approaching a foe, rather the steps were calm, confident, and strong. The owner of the footsteps stopped at the grave Carl was kneeling next to, and put a hand on his shoulder.

Carl looked away from the grave, and looked to see that the owner of the hand belonged to Hershel. The man's eyes were closed, praying silently in respect to the graves surrounded the both of them.

A moment passed between them, then the older man opened his eyes and let his hand drop from Carl's shoulder, though not before he gave it a comforting squeeze.

"I remember when I first returned to my family's farm when I was younger, I always use to visit my mother's grave." Hershel said in a distant voice. "There were so many things I wanted to say, questions I wanted to ask, but the words would never mouth."

Hershel's face looked older than it normally would, Carl noticed, and as he spoke, there was wary edge to the voice, like he was remembering something he had long since put behind him.

"I'd spend hours just staring at that tombstone, trying to find to voice everything that I was feeling, but everything I could think sounded...forced." Hershel sighed. "It took a long a long time for me to realize why I couldn't think of anything to say."

"What was the reason?" Carl asked.

Hershel looked down at Carl. "What do you think the reason was?"

"I...I don't know." The teen replied.

Hershel gave Carl's shoulder another squeeze. "When you figure it out, come find me." Then the old man walked away from the graves, and made his way back towards the prison.

Looking at Hershel's retreating form, Carl wondered if he would even know enough about Hershel to figure out the man's vague question.

"I hate riddles." Carl mumbled.

Merle finished up lighting the last touch in Woodbury, turning around to admire his handy-work, he saw that the darkening town was now illuminated by multiple torches fire, making the town look like it was basking in a golden glow.

Walking down the street, he watched as the towns people went about their business, many were just leaving their day jobs, and were now heading home to have dinner with their friends or family. The sight reminded Merle of something out of little house of the prairie, only with a lot more fucking guns.

As he rounded a corner, he spotted Carol sitting on the side-walk, reading a book to a child that was sleeping in her lap, She saw him, and waved him over to join her. Carol stopped reading her book when Merle sat down next to her.

"She kept insisting I keep reading to her, poor little thing couldn't make it to the end. " Carol placed her book on the ground, then careful moved the sleeping girl so that she was sleeping in her arms.

Merle recognized the sleeping child, she was Madison Lintz, she was one of Woodbury's orphans. He wasn't sure what happened to her father, but he knew that girl's mother had committed suicide awhile back. Damn woman had snuck over the guard walls, and just let herself get bitten by some stray bitter.

"Yea, little pistol always running around here like she supergirl." Merle didn't mind the kid, she was a hyper rascal, but she never got in any real trouble.

"Where does she live?" Carol asked standing up with the child. "It's getting late out, I should probably take her home before her parents worry."

"Ain't gotta worry bout that." He replied getting off the sidewalk. "Her parents been outta the picture for a long time."

Carol frowned, she knew that some of the kids in Woodbury lost their parents, but almost of the ones that did had already been taken in by new families. "Where does she live then?"

"Theres an orphanage across town, ran by a woman and her sister." Answered Merle.

Looking down at Madison, Carol gave a sad sigh. A child shouldn't be without their parents, especially one that young. "You think you could show me?"

Merle snorted. "Now I'm a damn tour guide?"

"You said it, not me." Teased Carol sarcastically making Merle frown.

"Yer really hanging around that china-man too much."

"He's Korean, Merle. For the millionth time, he's Korean."


Carol shook her head, the sleeping child in her arms was starting to get heavy, and she was having trouble keeping her up.

Merle look at Carol then at the Madison, grumbling to himself, he took the child out of her arms, and into his own.

"Guess I can show ya where the damn place at."

Carol smiled. "Thanks Merle. Now lead the way tour guide." She said making Merle grumble.

"Oh, god." whispered Maggie staring at the gruesome message the wall.

"Saviors...one, hunters zero." Glenn repeated the message over and over, trying to understand what it meant. Then it hit him, it wasn't a message at all.

Glenn's face took on a look of fear. "Maggie, we have to go now!"

Jumping at his outburst, Maggie asked. "Whats wrong?"

"This isn't just a message, it's a score-" Glen was cut off as one of bodies on the ground jumped up and pounced on him, then the once thought corpse began to scream out in rage at them.

"You filthy beasts, did you think you'll live after what you've done?" It screamed out in a raspy feminine voice. "We will burn that evil creation Lucille, then devour your corpse over the flames!"

Glenn was trying with all his might to push the mad woman from him, but she was covered in roo much blood, and his hands were just sliding off of her. It didn't help his efforts that her left eye was dangling out of its socket, and was threatening to just snap off and fall on him.

Running over to her struggling boyfriend, Maggie through all her weight into a push and managed to get the screaming woman off him, but that didn't stop the woman from continuing to scream out to them.

The woman was crawling to them as she screamed. "The kingdom can't save you! Nothing will save you from our wrath!"

Glenn jumped to his feet, still covered in the woman's blood, grabbing Maggie, he ran out of the storage room, and slammed. the door shut behind him. The echos of the womans scream was still heard clearly from the behind the door, but Glenn doubted she could even stand up, more a less open a door. He then started to run away from, still gripping Maggie's hand and dragging her along with him.

The two continued to run, not even looking back to the storage room, the duffel bags they had on them were jumping up and down of their shoulders, but they held firmly onto them. When they made it outside, the couple didn't even bother with opening the trunk of their car, they just jumped into it and sped off.

As the car speed down an empty highway, Glenn and Maggie were still trying to compose themselves after escaping the department store.

Glenn was panting heavy, his heart was still racing from the incident, and he was gripping the steering wheel as hard as he could. He was still covered in blood, but he was too distracted to even notice it. The woman had caught him by surprise, and he just wanted to make a fast exit, he didn't know if any of the other corpses weren't really dead, and he didn't want Maggie getting hurt. Now he was second guessing on not taking the extra time to kill that screaming woman.

Shaking next to him, Maggie had her knees pulled up to her chest, and had her head buried in her arms, just like Glen she was panting, but her face looked much paler than it ever did. Images of what the storage room were replaying in her mind, the mutilated bodies on the floor, burning limbs, the message...wait, the message! What was Glenn about to say?

"Glenn." She spoke out raising her head from her knees. "What were you about to say back there?"

His grip on the wheel tightened even more, and his knuckles turned white. "It was a..." He was having trouble even saying it, it was just, it was just sick.

"It wasn't just a message Maggie." He said to her, voice trembling and filled with disgust. "It was scoreboard."

Dread washed over Maggie's face as realization hit.

"Whatever that was back there," Glenn continued "It wasn't just a massacre, it was part of game."

Author's notes: Sorry for the short update, the next one will be longer. I've got something planned, and I'm just trying to workout all the small details. I'll have the next update after the new episode, and after that this story will probabley be even more AU than it is now.

Till next time.