IchiRuki AU.

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'Damn this rain. I even forgot my umbrella!' Rukia thought as she hurried underneath the cover of a building.

"You forgot your umbrella too?" came a voice from behind her.

Startled she turned around and came face to face with Kaien-dono. No, this was someone else. He had a teenager air to him, but he looked to be about 20. The thing that stood out the most was his bright orange hair, though. The Kaien she knew would not even think about dying his hair orange.

"Yeah." Rukia said with a smile. "I guess we just have to wait."

"It would seem so." Said the orange haired man.

Ichigo caught sight of a badge on the woman's business outfit. It read 'Seireitei' in big bold letters and on the bottom is said, 'Shinigami'. His eyes widened at this because he didn't think that the little midget standing beside him would work for such a huge company and in the 'Shinigami' department no less!

"Yo, Shinigami-" Ichigo started but was cut off when the midget suddenly said, "It's not 'Shinigami', it's Kuchiki Rukia."

"I'm Kurosaki Ichigo." He said. "Well, now that that's over with, I wanted to ask you something."

"Go ahead, Ichigo." Rukia said, uncaring that she had addressed him so informally. But, it sounded better than her saying, 'Kurosaki-kun.'

"How the hell are you a Shinigami?!" Ichigo exclaimed, still uncomprehending on the entire topic.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Rukia said, a red vein popping from her forehead.

Ichigo, noticing the change in her attitude, tried to back track rather quickly. "I, um, nevermind."

Rukia smirked. "That's what I thought you said."

"Y-You bitch!" Ichigo screeched at Rukia.

"Ho Ho. You're lowering yourself so far as to call me a bitch, huh? Fool. You cannot beat me in the nickname contest Strawberry!"

"Midget!" Ichigo retorted.

"Che, it's only because you're so tall!" Rukia countered. Ichigo just smiled at that.

Rukia was startled by his reaction. "What do you think you're doing fool!" She said as she kicked him.

"What was that for you bitch?!" Ichigo shouted. "You ruined the mood."

"It's not my fault." She said defensively.

Then they lapsed into silence, but it was not an awkward one, rather comfortable one. They stood in silence for a little while, both staring off into space. They only knew each other's name, but it still felt natural for them to act like that.

"I think the rain has stopped." Ichigo suddenly said. Rukia looked out and the rain had in fact stopped.

"Yah, it would seem so." Rukia said with a sad smile on her face because she knew that they would not see each other again as they would go back to their own separate lives.

"Thank you, Rukia." Ichigo said.

"For what?" Rukia asked, curious as to why this stranger was thanking her.

"For making me happy." Ichigo said this as if he hadn't been happy in his entire life. Rukia didn't want to question it, so she let it go.

"No problem." Rukia said. She sighed and looked at the watch on her arm. Her eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

"I'm late for work!" She shouted.

She waved bye to him and sprinted away. Suddenly she had a feeling that she would see him again. She didn't know why, but she just knew that she would see him again. And she would be prepared when she did.

Meanwhile, Ichigo was just standing there thinking quietly to himself. He didn't know why he stayed to keep that midget company. He could have gone up stairs to his apartment to get an umbrella, as it was under his apartment's roof did he see her. He was sad that she was gone, but he would see her again, he didn't know how he knew, he just knew.

A/N: I may or may not write a second part to this, thus making it a two-shot, but it depends.