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Warnings for over indulgent fluff, underage drinking, somnophilia, exhibitionism, face fucking, breathplay

The new ring felt different, a little heavier, a little thinner, and not quite as wide as his sub ring had been. He couldn't stop playing with it, admiring the silver swirls of his former ring against the stark black of Blaine's former Dom ring. The inside of the ring is coated with a layer of silver as well, in the background but a strong foundation.

"Do you approve?" Blaine asked, his voice loud in the antechamber they stood in as guests filled the reception hall, waiting for them to make their entrance as husbands. His arms were wrapped around Kurt's waist, his hips moving them in a soft sway.

"They're perfect."

"Of course they are. Any combination of you and me would be."

Kurt grinned, leaning back further in his Doms' arms and turning his head for a kiss. A throat clearing had them breaking apart, still smiling stupidly at each other. The officiate who had conducted their ceremony stood at the doorway, looking passive.

"If you gentlemen are ready, it's time to make your introduction," she said, gesturing behind her.

"Ready as we'll ever be, Ms. James," Blaine said, twining his fingers through Kurt's and following her down the short hallway and pausing at the door. Ms. James stepped forward, standing at the handrail of the balcony.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I now pronounce to you, Mr. and Mr. Blaine Anderson."

There was thunderous applause as they moved to walk down the stairs, one on each side of the open hall, and met at the bottom. Their giddy smiles remained, even with the sour looks and half hearted applause some members of Blaine's family gave. Blaine offered his arm and Kurt happily took it, ignoring everyone as he was led to the dais where his father, Carole, and Blaine's parents were sitting. Blaine pulled Kurt's chair out and everyone sat as waiters began pouring into the room.

They had decided on a small menu so that their guests could choose which food they wanted when they returned their RSVP cards, and it seemed like everyone was pleased with what they got. Kurt managed to mostly ignore the small corner of people that were bitching about everything as he happily (god, everything about today was happily, he was so happy, it couldn't be more perfect) ate his roasted chicken and mashed potatoes. The catering company had certainly lived up to its hype and the waiters were quick to help any guest and to top off their glasses.

Overall, Kurt was pleased with how things had turned out. The black tablecloths really had been the perfect choice and made the centerpieces stand out. Five white tea candles surrounded each glass vase, set in the middle of each table, held fresh tiger lilies and green hibiscus flowers, the bottoms filled with green and orange and black pebbles, like the ones in fish tanks. The light from the candles flickered and bounced off the clear surface, throwing it back into the faces of their guests, their closest friends and family. Kurt could feel a warm glow deep in his chest as he looked out over the assembled mass.

"Are you okay, Love?" Blaine asked, nudging him with his elbow.

"Yes, I'm fine, why?"

"You looked a bit lost there for a moment."

Kurt smiled softly at him. "I'm so happy that we're here and married. I never thought I would find my soulmate and I never imagined he would be as perfect as you."

Blaine couldn't stop himself, he leaned over and kissed Kurt sweetly, even more so than he had when they had first been declared husbands. "I love you so much, Mr. Anderson."

Kurt giggled, feeling giddy and drunk. "And I love you, Mr. Anderson."

"Since they're smooching, I guess the grooms are ready for their first dance." Puck's voice cut off the violin concerto that had been playing while everyone ate. With a glance at Kurt, Blaine looked over to where their friend was and nodded. They wiped their mouths and, fingers laced together, headed out onto the empty dance floor, taking up their positions as the music started.

A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep
In dreams you will lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for you keep

Kurt's chin hooked over Blaine's shoulder, their cheeks pressed together as the soft music played. Distantly, he could hear the snap of the camera as the photographer did his job, but the feel and smell of Blaine covered all of his senses. They didn't dance so much as sway around in small circles.

"No matter how your heart is grieving, If you keep on believing, The dream that you wish will come true," Blaine sang in his ear, just for him. Tears burned his eyes and he buried his face in his Doms neck as they threatened to fall. He had grieved for so long, and now his dreams had come true. He had found his soulmate; he was loved by his Dom. There wasn't anything more that he could ask for.

"I love you," he whispered into the soft skin, his lips tingling at the faint hint of stubble on Blaine's jaw.

"The dream that you wish will come true," Blaine finished off with the girl, dipping him slowly and kissing him as his strong arms supported Kurt's weight. "I love you more."

Kurt giggled as they straightened up and people began clapping. He would never get tired of hearing that.


There were many more dances, with Blaine, with his father, with Bethany and Andrew and Sam and Tina and just about anyone who could steal him away. He danced until his feet ached and his throat was dry from laughter, his eyes burning from emotionally shed tears. He danced and danced and danced until finally Blaine pulled him away from everyone for one last dance before they left for their honeymoon. He didn't know what song it was, couldn't care less as he was pressed close to Blaine, his tie loose and his vest and jacket unbutton.

"Hello, Mr. Anderson," Blaine said, his voice low and giddy over the din of the party.

"Hello, Mr. Anderson," Kurt giggled back. The adults had turned their back when flutes of champagne were passed to the young grooms; there was nothing wrong with a little celebrating under the close eye of so many parents.

"Have you been having fun without me?"

Kurt hummed. "More fun with you."

Blaine kept them moving, not much better off with moving in a rhythm that Kurt was. It was only Bethany tapping a reminder on her wrist when he caught her eye and the promise of having Kurt naked and under him that pulled Blaine away once the song was finished. "Com'on, time to run through the rice," Blaine said.

They started their goodbyes, hugging and kissing cheeks, and then everyone was gathered outside the front of the hall, pre-made bags of bird seed in hand as Blaine and Kurt hurried to the limo waiting for them. The small bits bounced off their jackets with a clatter and fell into their hair as they walked between the two lines of people. Once inside, they giggled, shaking their heads and making bird seed rain down on the floor. Normally they would have felt bad about making a mess, but right now they were too drunk off of alcohol and each other to care.

Blaine hauled Kurt into his lap, arranging him so that he was straddling Blaine. "So how does it feel to be officially bonded?" he murmured, rubbing his hands up and down Kurt's sides, thumbs pressing into Kurt's hip bones.

"Mm, feels like forever," Kurt hummed, leaning down. "Please, may I kiss you, Sir?"

Blaine didn't bother answering, leaning forward and capturing those sinful lips with his own. The movement of the limo had Kurt rocking against him and by the time they finally arrived back at the hotel, he was half hard. They tumbled out of the limo, blushing as they thanked the driver, and giggled their way to the elevator, where Blaine pushed Kurt against the wall and yanked one of his legs over his hip. He ground their pelvis' together as he nipped and sucked his way down Kurt's neck. He was still only half hard when they stumbled out and tripped to their door. Kurt glued his front to Blaine's back, peppering sloppy kisses to the back of Blaine's neck as his clumsy fingers fit the little card into the door key. Kurt was still half hard against him, which made him feel better. They'd work each other up; everything would be fine.

Once they finally got inside, their clothes were shed with care ("These are especially made, Blaine, I don't want to mess up the fabric.") and their shoes were kicked off. Kurt groaned as he sank into the bed, his toes flexing now that they were free from their confines.

"Feel better?" Blaine asked, hovering over him and hitching the bottom of his shirt up so he could kiss at Kurt's soft belly.

"Mm, loads. Can you- will you come up here, just for a minute?" Kurt asked, glancing shyly down at Blaine through his lashes. "I just want you to hold me for a few minutes."

Blaine happily obliged, both of them moving up to a more comfortable position instead of hanging half off of the bed, curling up behind Kurt and hooking his arm around his waist, pulling him close. His nose buried in Kurt's soft hair, he let his eyes drift close. Just for a second…

The sunlight burned his eyes and Blaine moaned, burying his face even more into Kurt's neck. "Turn it off," he groaned. Wait, sunlight? His head jerked up, making him hiss in pain as he stared at the open curtains in front of him. They had fallen asleep last night. What a way to start a bonding, he thought sleepily. His head was pounding slightly, but not too much.

He tried to drift off back to sleep, but it eluded him, Kurt shifting restlessly against him in his sleep, his ass rubbing deliciously against Blaine's crotch. Carefully, he slid his arm out from underneath him and went to the bathroom to relieve himself and drink some water. As he brushed his teeth, he was struck by an idea.

Grinning madly to himself, he finished up, rinsing out the sink and wiping his face and hands before going back into the bedroom. It was only eight in the morning; they had plenty of time before they were supposed to leave to their actual honeymoon location.

Kurt was loose and pliant in the way he only was asleep or under Blaine, and he took full advantage of that, maneuvering him with ease onto his stomach. Blaine lifted his hips and slid a pillow underneath, putting his glorious ass on display. He took a few minutes just to admire it, groping the firm flesh beneath his palms and peppering the skin with light kisses. Kurt hummed happily, but when Blaine checked on him, he was still sleeping soundly.

Blaine grabbed the bottle of lube from the bedside table and poured some on his fingers, rubbing them together to warm it. Kurt's body easily accepted his fingers, first one, then two, finally three, opening up for him quickly as Kurt began to whine faintly, his hips grinding against the pillow under him.

Excess lube was spread over Blaine's cock and then wiped on the sheets before Blaine lined his cock up and began pushing inside. His hips were pressed against Kurt's when Kurt started awake, his ass tightening deliciously around Blaine's cock.

"Fuck, Love…"

"Blaine, what- oh, god," Kurt groaned, arching his ass up and shoving his face into the pillow under his head. "I'm torn between going ow because my head hurts and just lying here so you can take me." He clenched around Blaine. "The second option is currently winning out."

Blaine laughed, leaning forward to kiss Kurt's shoulder. "There's a glass of water and a couple of aspirin on the nightstand, if you want them."

Kurt turned his head, giving him a closed mouth kiss. "I'd rather see if there's any truth to the tale that orgasms are a cure for hangovers, if you don't mind."

Blaine straightened up and gave a hard thrust. "I don't mind one bit." His hands gripped Kurt's hips, fucking into him hard as Kurt slumped forward again, head resting on the pillow as his body jolted. Blaine grunted, fingers digging in hard enough to bruise as he angled his hips, trying to find that spot that would make it feel better for Kurt, that would make him fall apart.

"Can you come like this?" he asked, his voice a bit wrecked. "Can you come around my cock without me touching you? Answer me."

"Yes, Sir!" High and gasping, broken as his voice caught in his throat.

Blaine fell forward, bracing himself on his hands as he fucked Kurt with shallow strokes, pressing him down so that he had more friction on his cock from the pillow. His lips found Kurt's ear and his tongue traced along the shell of it, nipping lightly at the top. "Can you come for me, Love?" A hand wormed its way under Kurt; a fingernail dragged down his chest and caught his nipple, the pain shooting a lightning bolt of arousal straight to Kurt's cock, and he was coming on the pillow, his body shaking as Blaine fucked him through it. It didn't take long, just until the sweet burn of over sensitivity was edging up, before Blaine was coming, humping against him until he was spent.

Blaine rolled off, coming to rest next to Kurt and pulling him until he was tucked to his side. "How's the headache?"

Kurt laughed breathlessly, kissing the closest bit of skin he could. "So much better."


Their honeymoon took them all over the country, from Wellington to Gisborne, a day trip to Stewart Island and then a romp around Mt Cook National Park. It was a week of fun, of escape, before they were heading back to the states for Christmas.

They did as they had the year before; stilted Christmas at one of Blaine's relatives' house and then the 'real' one at his Aunt Delia's house. All throughout the year, she had teased him mercilessly about being with Blaine, insisting that she was the one that had given him the push to get with "that dreamy hunk of man meat, no, don't blush, you're not allowed to, Kurt." She had gone easy on Blaine during Thanksgiving, but Christmas was too close to their bonding ceremony and she was merciless until her mother smacked her.

February brought more snow and Kurt's refusal to try ice skating again.

"Oh, come on, look what happened last year," Blaine begged.

"Yeah, but I don't think anything is going to top finding out that the guy I was in love with was actually my soulmate," Kurt pointed out. He was content to sit on the sideline, nursing hot chocolate and watching Blaine glide gracefully around the frozen river. They were occasionally joined by Sam and Mercedes and Puck dragged Rachel along one day. One day, because he fell flat on his ass as often as he skated and eventually declared the whole thing stupid, choosing to sit with the subs and warm his hands on thermoses of hot chocolate and coffee.

The days simultaneously seemed to drag and fly by. Spring break was lost in a stupor of movie marathons and preparing themselves for finals ahead of schedule; anything to keep their minds off of receiving their college admission letters.

As promised, they had both sent applications to New York and to California. So far, Blaine received a letter from Tisch, a thick packet that was guaranteed to be an acceptance, but that was the only school that had sent a letter back for either of them. They had promised not to open anything until they had heard back from all of their schools, and Kurt was on edge. Not even Blaine Dominating him could keep him calm for long.

All at once, it seemed, the letters began coming in at the end of March. NYU, UCLA, NYADA, Parsons, the letters were dropped in the mailbox at Kurt's house. Blaine made them wait until the weekend to open them, making the next three days at school almost impossible to concentrate on.

"The NYADA letter is thin; I know I didn't get in," Kurt whispered as they sat at the table with their various packets spread out in front of them. Almost all of the envelopes were thick, with only a couple of thin ones.

"Not necessarily; maybe they send the acceptance letters separately?" Blaine said hopefully. When Kurt just shot him a look, he shrugged. "No sense in putting it off longer; let's open these up."

Kurt pulled the NYADA letter to him, not wanting to put it off any longer.

Dear Mr. Hummel:

We are sorry to say that your acceptance to the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts has been denied. You can

Kurt didn't bother finishing the letter, letting drop to the table as he sighed.

"Not good?" He looked up to find his Dom watching him, a small frown on his face.

"I didn't get in." His voice was hollow, his eyes dry. There was a deep ache in his chest as he stared blankly at a spot just over Blaine's shoulder.

"Oh, Love…"

"I didn't really have high hopes, and I told you when we first met that they didn't normally accept subs, but I-" His voice cracked and tears blurred his vision. He blinked rapidly, trying to stop them from falling. Strong arms wrapped around him and he clutched at Blaine's polo, burying his face in the collar and letting out a sob.

Blaine's voice was a low murmur in his ear, soothing him the same way the scent of him did, invading Kurt's senses in the best way, until he had managed to calm down. He pulled away from Blaine, taking the napkin he was offered with a watery smile and dapping under his eyes gently. "I'm sorry, I-"

"No, none of that; you're allowed to be upset," Blaine said, waving him off.

"I know." He sniffed, twisting his hands anxiously in his lap. "I just really wanted to get in."

Two fingers under his chin tilted his face to Blaine's. "Chin up, Love. You have four more envelopes to open." He leaned in for a kiss, warm and firm and perfect.

Kurt tore them open half heartedly while Blaine did the same, doing the New York ones first. NYU and Tisch had accepted both of them, though Parsons had rejected Kurt. Next was the California ones; there was only one envelope for Kurt in that stack and that was for...

Dear Mr. Hummel:

Congratulations and welcome to the Parsons graduating class of 2016! We are excited to

"I got into Parsons!" He would be ashamed later, but he squealed. He literally squealed as he jumped into Blaine's lap and threw his arms around his neck, squeezing tightly. "I can't believe it! New York said no, but California! California wants me! Oh my god, Blaine!" He buried his face into Blaine's neck, his hands shaking as the tears that had threatened early fell, though they were happy instead of sad.

"I'm so proud of you; I knew you could do it!"

"What about you?" Kurt asked breathlessly, pulling back to look at him. "Did you- UCLA?"

Blaine's smile, if possible, got wider. "You are looking at a member of the graduating class of 2016!"

Kurt let out a shriek and pressed their mouths together, his arms tightening around Blaine's neck. It was less of a kiss and more smile shoved against smile, their cheeks hurting.

"So, California?" Blaine asked when they finally gave up the pretense of kissing.

Kurt's eyes twinkled as he replied, "California."


Over the next two months, Kurt heard Puck mention a gay club on the outskirts of Lima called Scandals. He kept offering to get him and Blaine fake ids to get in, but Kurt always shut him down.

"What, are you chicken?" Puck asked the night of their graduation. He was starting to slurring, the liquid in his red Solo cup sloshing dangerously towards the edge.

"How do you even know about it?" Blaine asked. He was sitting behind Kurt on a picnic table behind Rachel's house, his legs dangling over the edge with Kurt nestled between them. His own cup was resting on Kurt's thigh, his other hand steadily moving up to his crotch. Kurt was leaning back into his chest, his muscles twitching in anticipation as he barely paid attention to Puck. He turned his head, his lips attaching to Blaine's neck, tingling with each scratch of his late night stubble.

"I heard Rachel's dads talking about it one time and went to check it out. Kinda lame."

"Then why do you want us to go so badly?" The sharp nip of Kurt's teeth had his breath hitching, his fingers tightening on Kurt's leg, but his voice remained steady.

"Because you guys- I just- You guys should go out, you should have fun."

"We have fun," Kurt said indignantly, pulling away from Blaine.

"Scrapbooking isn't fun, Kurt," Puck whined.

"Maybe not to you, but it is to us," Blaine replied loudly over Kurt's huff.

"Oh, come on-"


"Fine?" Blaine and Puck parroted at the same time, looking at Kurt, whose face was set with a grim determined smile.

"Let's do it, let's go to Scandals," Kurt said.

"Really? Are you sure?" Blaine asked, frowning as Puck let out a whoop.

"Yeah, it could be fun. We should try it before we head off to California." Kurt's glare was enough to stop any more questions as Puck began babbling about fake ids.

Kurt was regretting his words a week later as Blaine pulled into the parking lot of a slightly rundown looking building. A few men lingered outside the doors as a pulsing beat poured out of the doors every time they were flung open and someone stumbled out.

"Kurt, are you su-"

"Blaine, if you ask me if I'm sure one more time, I will withhold sex."

Blaine smirked. Kurt had a terrible track record at keeping those sorts of promises. It faded, though, as they got out and made their way to the entrance of the building. Lights flashed obnoxiously as they stepped inside, showing the man at the door their quite obviously fake ideas. His eyes flicked between them and the bits of plastic for a second before he sighed and waved them through.

"Well, this place is-"

"A dump?" Blaine supplied, taking in the tacky decorations as they made their way to the bar.

"I was going to say quaint, but… yeah, it is kind of a dump," Kurt said with a laugh. "How did we let Puckerman talk us into coming here?"

"'We'? No, my darling, you." Blaine leaned against the bar, grinning as he flagged down the bartender. "Amaretto sour with cherry juice and a Shirley Temple." He winked when Kurt just stared at him. "I did a little research on drinks after you told Puck we were going on this... little escapade."

Kurt stepped into his space, wrapping his arms around Blaine's trim waist and kissing him lightly. "My hero."

Blaine snorted, rolling his eyes but smiling fondly as he handed Kurt his Amaretto and sipped at his own, non alcoholic, drink. They sat people watching for a couple of bar stools for a bit, which basically amounted to judging the different outfits people had on. Once Kurt had had a couple of drinks and was a loose limbed, he allowed Blaine to drag him onto the dance floor.

Blaine looped his arms over his shoulders and dragged him close so that their pelvises were pressed together. The pulsing beat pounded through Kurt, making the blood sing in his veins. His eyes drifted shut, his nose tucked against Blaine's temple, breathing him in as he ground his hips down. He could barely hear the groan Blaine let out, but he felt it vibrate against his chest where it was pressed against Blaine's. His lips brushed Kurt's cheek as he sang along to the music, but the words were lost to Kurt in the haze of dancing.

He lost time, almost like when he went into subspace, the music pulling him into a trance, the steady rhythm of Blaine's body moving against him. It was so easy to let go while in the circle of his Doms' arms, to ride out the night high on the smell and feel and taste of Blaine. His head was swimming and his mouth was dry by the time Blaine pulled away. "I'm going to use the restroom real quick," he called over them music.

Kurt blinked dazedly. "Mmkay. 'm gonna get some water."

Blaine nodded, his eyes heated as he stole a kiss before making his way off of the dance floor. Kurt half stumbled to the bar, signaling for the bartender.

"You here alone?" a voice asked, closer than Kurt expected. He jumped and turned to find a boy, probably the same age as him, sitting one barstool over. He thanked the bartender when he was handed a bottle of water, passing over a bill and indicating with a wave of his hand that he didn't want change.

"I'm sorry, what?" Kurt said, edging onto the seat next to the boy.

"I said you looked hot out there," he said, offering his hand. "Name's Sebastian."

"Kurt," he replied, shaking hands.

"So, Kurt, I've never seen you around here before."

"Mm, no, it's my first time. Do you come here often?"

Sebastian grinned, his hand reaching up to trail down Kurt's arm. When had he gotten so close? "Only when I'm bored, so fairly often, yes."

"Sebastian, I-"

His hand was suddenly gone and Sebastian was several feet away. Kurt blinked, mind feeling slow and stupid from the alcohol.

"He's mine," Blaine growled, standing in front of Kurt. He shook his head, trying to clear away the cobwebs.

"Jesus, chill, man, he didn't say he was taken!" Sebastian snapped, holding his hands up in surrender, though his eyes kept flickering to Kurt.

"What the fuck do you think that ring is for?" Blaine roared in return, grasping Kurt's hand and yanking it forward roughly, nearly making him topple off of the stool.


Instead of answering, he turned around, hand gripping the back of Kurt's neck and bringing him in for a fierce kiss. Teeth sank into his bottom lip before it was sucked into Blaine's mouth, tongue soothing the ouch, but already he didn't care. Heat, a mix of lust and feeling protected, settled around him and he could feel his body relax against Blaine, his mouth opening and allowing Blaine to take what he wanted. The noise of the bar faded into the background until there was nothing but Blaine, ordering him to his knees.

Despite his initial reluctance with everything about sex, Kurt had wanted to try exhibitionism at some point, and, well, it looked like he was about to get his chance. Blaine's hand was gripping his hair painfully as he ordered Kurt to unzip his pants and pull his cock out. It swayed, hard and flushed dark pink in front of his face. A bead of precome gathered at the slit and was smeared across his lips.

"Open," Blaine commanded, his eyes burning as he stared down at Kurt. His own cock twitched in his too tight jeans as Blaine began thrusting roughly into his mouth, but he didn't touch, couldn't touch, Sir hadn't said it was okay. He relaxed his throat, his eyes drifting almost closed as Blaine's cock went deeper and deeper. He tried to work his tongue over the shaft, but Blaine was moving too roughly and eventually he just stopped.

Blaine's cock dipped down his throat and he fought down a gag, forcing himself to relax again. His throat opened up as Blaine thrust again, and this time he swallowed around it. Blaine's hand tightened even more in his hair as he began fucking Kurt's throat, going deeper and deeper with each thrust until Kurt's nose was buried in the neatly trimmed thatch of hair on Blaine's groin. His eyes stung and he couldn't breathe, but he trusted Blaine not to choke him to death. They had done this before; he knew Kurt's limits.

Just as black spots began to form in his vision, Blaine pulled out completely, allowing him to suck in much needed air. His throat was raw and there was spit all over his chin and around his mouth, but he kept his face tilted up, breathing raggedly as he watched Blaine jacked his hand over his cock. Blaine came seconds later, coating his mouth and cheeks with white streaks.

"Mine," Blaine hissed. He pulled Kurt up by his hair and smashed their lips together. "You are mine."

"Only yours, Sir," Kurt gasped, his voice gravelly.

"You're not to wash your face off until I tell you to."

"Yes, Sir."

Blaine released him and glared at the crowd that had gather, most of them rubbing their crotches or heading to the bathrooms to do something about the wet spot in their underwear. His eyes found Sebastian, who was staring at them wide eyed. "If you ever so much as look at him again, I'll rip your balls off like a paper towel."

Sebastian held up his hands in surrender and backed away. Blaine led Kurt out of the building and into the back of his car. There were no sweet kisses, no apologies, just his cock in Blaine's mouth and the permission to come whenever he wanted. It took an embarrassingly short amount of time, but he had been so hard for so long that he couldn't bring himself to care as he lay there, panting.

He woke up the next morning in their bed on his stomach, his now-clean face half squashed into the pillow. His shoulders twitched as whatever had woke him up drifted slightly over them again.

"S'op, tickles," he mumbled, smiling as he turned his head. Blaine was reclining on his side next to him, one hand supporting his head and the other skating over Kurt's back.

"Good morning, Love," he said, laying his hand flat. It was a patch of hot over his warm back and he arched into it a bit.

"Good morning." Kurt winced as his voice cracked, still raw from the night before. Blaine frowned, turning and reaching for something behind him. He came back with a glass of ice water, condensation already heavily beading the sides.

"Here, drink up." He helped Kurt sit up and raised the glass to his lips. Kurt's eyebrow lifted in surprise, but he allowed the action. "How's your throat?"

"Not bad; just a little sore." He rolled his eyes at the continued concern in Blaine's eyes.

"I was too rough. I'm sorry, Love, I just- I saw him touching what is mine and I snapped. No one should touch you, ever." His eyes were dark, intense, as they held Kurt's. "You are mine."

Kurt's head bowed immediately, the Dom pheromones Blaine was sending out making a thrill of submission course through him. "Yes, Sir, I am yours."

A light hand carded through his hair, massaging his scalp where it was sore from being pulled. "But still, I shouldn't have been so rough. I hurt you."


"You can speak freely, Love."

He peeked at Blaine through his eyelashes. "I liked it, Sir. I mean, yes, I'm sore, but the roughness, showing everyone how I was yours, only yours, it-" His voice dropped and when he spoke again, it was all sultry heat tinged with that innocence Kurt had maintained throughout their entire knowing each other. "C-Can we try that again sometime?"

Blaine shivered as arousal pulsed through him at the words. "God, yes, Love, whatever you want." With considerably more care than the night before, he lifted Kurt's head and kissed him sweetly, flicking his tongue against his still swollen lips before sucking on the bottom one.

"Maybe we should practice that."

"I thought we were."


August arrived before they knew it. Everything they were taking with them to California was packed into a UHaul truck, ready for Burt and Carole to drive to their government issued apartment. School wouldn't start for at least three more weeks, but Kurt wanted enough time to arrange the new place before they were buried under homework and classes.

Blaine's parents weren't coming with them, as Bethany was in the middle of something at work, but they had fronted the money for gas and hotel stays and promised to come visit after things were settled. Kurt's Navigator was hitched to the back of the truck and he handed his keys to Burt. They would be following behind them as Blaine drove his car, since it was better on gas mileage.

"Not as good for fooling around," Kurt had whispered in his ear when they had discussed it with their families. Kurt had earned a nice red bottom for that comment.

Blaine loaded the two suitcases they were taking and the ice chest of drinks and snacks into the back seat before looking for his sub. Kurt stood in the middle of the sidewalk that led up to the front door, staring at the house and looking a little lost. He walked over, pressing their shoulder together gently. "You okay, Love?"

"Yeah." But he was quiet, his eyes never straying. They stood there for a few minutes, not talking. Blaine felt Kurt take a huge breath and turned to give him his full attention. "It's a scary thought, being so far from where I grew up, where my dad is. This is the only home I've ever known and I'm worried about what will happen once we're gone. I know Carole will take care of my dad, I know that, but still..."

"But you're still worried." Kurt made a noise of affirmation, wrapping his arms around his stomach as he chewed on his bottom lip. "Love, we can always come back. This house will be here, our parents will be here, Lima will be here whenever we return. Which is going to be in a couple of months for Thanksgiving. And you taught your dad how to use Skype and you can call him whenever."

"But his heart-"

"Has checked out every time we go to an appointment. And, you said it yourself, Carole is going to take care of him."

"Not as good as I could," Kurt muttered petulantly, but there was light in his eyes now and his lips twitched as though to smile.

"Of course not." He cupped Kurt's cheek, gently guiding him to look at him. "Kurt, Love, we don't have to do this. We can stay in Ohio."

There was determination in his sparkling blue eyes now, in the stubborn set of his jaw. "No, we're not. It's time for me to stop letting my anxiety hold me back. We're going to go to California and we're going to run LA one day."

Blaine grinned. "That's my boy."

The future is bright and I want to spend every day of it with you.

A/N: Well, this is it, the end of the fic. I hope you all enjoyed and will indulge me in some sentimentality for a minute.

First, I want to thank bleviee for the amazing prompt, without which this world would not exist. Second thanks to the lovely sedatedartist, who beta'd this thing from the beginning and wouldn't let me quit, no matter how much I whined. And for not punching me, even though you could have. And to Misty, who rolled her eyes and told me to keep on whenever I whined to her.

And finally, to you guys: the readers, the reviewers, the followers, the ones who recc'd this, the ones who got excited about updates. To the ones who stuck with it when I went on a mini hiatus and those who sent messages of love and shared their own stories when my grandfather passed away. You're all perfect and I thank you so, so much.

Edit: Thanks to the good folks at klaineficpdfs over on tumblr, there's now a pdf/ePub download available of the fic! The link is in my profile :)