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Eight Days Ago

The rain is relentless, pounding at the ground with ferocity previously unknown of precipitation. It tears at leaves and dirt, forming deep puddles and misting up. Through the heavy rain, the tropical jungle is barely discernable, but it's there nerveless. The scene continues on uninterrupted for a moment, but in a place like IslaSorna, peace can only last for so long.

Dashing blindly through the jungle is a young girl, madly scrambling through the darkness in the rain, paying no mind to the thorns scraping at her. She trips over a vine and cries out, forcing herself up again, continuing on. Dark shapes flit through the shadows behind her, drawing nearer. Her red hair gets tangled in some overhanging ivy, and something large pounces on her as she tries to free herself. She shoves it off and gets up again, running out of view. Suddenly, a scream rings out, followed by another, louder and more intense. Then all is still.

Four Days Ago

The man walked down the long hallway, obviously uncomfortable. He passed through a double door, glancing nervously at the buff security guards flanking it. He opened another door, and walked into a luxuriously, if somewhat sparsely, decorated office. Sitting at a mahogany desk was an old man, his hair dusty white. The two shook hands and the younger man introduced himself.

"Hi. I'm ChrisMcLean, host of the popular television series Total Drama. You may have heard of me."

The old man nodded, and then said glumly "I'm JohnHammond, recently reestablished president of Ingen. I understand you're interested in renting part of IslaSorna?"

Chris grinned annoyingly. "You understood right."

Hammond frowned. "Well, I'm sorry you came all the way here for such a quick dismissal, but there's no sum of money on Earth that would even tempt me to allow visitors on the is…" Hammond trailed off as Chris popped open a metal briefcase, revealing tens of thousands of hundred dollar bills. "How much is that?"

"I'm not very good at advanced counting, but it's a lot."

Hammond struggled internally for a minute, and then sighed. Resting his arms on his chair, he said "Alright. You can have full usage of the IslaSorna's eastern coast for however long you want. But keep to the beach and don't make any loud noises. I assume you'll be having a yacht party or something of the like?"

"Nope. I'm gonna be filming Total Drama's latest season!" said Chris, as he handed Hammond the briefcase.

"Oh, interesting. Okay, I just need you to sign these liability waivers and read these disclaimers….Just out of curiosity, how do you plan on dealing with any dinosaur, er, problems?

"Uh, dinosaur what now? What do dinosaurs have anything to do with this?"

Hammond opens his mouth as if to give the young host a warning, but apparently changes his mind. Eyes glinting almost mischievously, he exclaims "Oh, nothing, nothing. Don't worry about anything, anything at all. You couldn't have picked a safer island than IslaSorna!"

To Be Continued….

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