Chapter 15: The End and the Epilogue

Well, it's finally here, more than a year after I started and certainly several months overdue. It's the fricking final chapter! Everything comes to a close here with one big epic close, and stick around after that for an epilogue, deleted scenes, fun facts, and some more.

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One final note. I recently realized I've been spelling 'Pteranodon' as if it was spelled 'Pteradon'. Oops. Heh heh. Sorry about that.

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The nine still alive (Noah, Cody, Sierra, Zoey, Courtney, Ezekiel, Owen, Gwen, and the backstabbing bastard Scott) stared at the Tyrannosaurus as it stared back. Scott's mind was racing, trying to think of a way to survive himself, yet kill all the others. Sierra was easy to get rid of, he had a knife at her throat already. The T-Rex stood motionless, growling softly, only thirty feet away.

Quick as a flash, Scott pulled back his knife and swept it across her throat, puncturing deep. As the fangirl clutched her neck, Scott shoved her forward and she stumbled in front of the giant dinosaur, collapsing. Blood was spurting out of her neck, as both jugulars were cut open, as was her throat. With her last gasp she turned to look up at the giant jaws bearing down on her. Whether or not she died of the teeth or the knife didn't matter, she was dead now.

The Rex looked up, jaws soaked in blood and bits of flesh caught in his teeth. He roared at those still alive, and they all fled, Scott dropping his knife. The helicopter was only a few hundred yards away, in a clearing where it had crash-landed. The Ceratosaurus that had died from Trent crawling inside it was now reduced to a pile of bones, as the Compsognathuses had obviously preyed on the carcass. The helicopter looked to be in flying shape. The rotors were fine. In fact, besides paint scratches and a missing door, there didn't seem to anything wrong with it.

However, that was the least of their problems as the T-Rex started lumbering after them. It took its time, believing they didn't have any route of escape. Scott, desperate to live and even more desperate to kill, elbowed Owen in the gut and kicked him over, and the fat boy rolled down the hill, right towards the mighty beast. Scott looked back in laughed, just in time to be punched in the face by Ezekiel and knocked out. Zeke shoved the redneck's body to the ground and ran after Owen.

He caught up to the big guy's rolling body and stopped him right in front of the Tyrannosaur's foot. The creature peered down at the two of them and growled softly. It was seconds away from eating the pair of them when it smelled Scott. The farmboy had apparently spent too much time in the mud, as he smelled more appetizing than anything else ever, at least to the dinosaur. It stepped right over Zeke and Owen, nearly crushing them, and stood over Scott. The evil prick woke up from Zeke's punch just in time to die. The mouth bore down on him and shut, teeth going through his chest and legs, crushing them and decapitating him. His head fell out of the T Rex's mouth, an expression of shock and fear frozen on it forever.

The fat boy and the toque-wearing teen ran past the dinosaur as it devoured the remains of their former fellow camper gone bad. It didn't have a lot of interest in chasing them at the moment, as it wanted to finish its meal first. Zoey was the first into the helicopter, followed by Courtney, then Noah, Gwen, and Cody, the final two holding hands. Zeke and Owen joined them moments later, the latter hopping into the driver's seat, as he was the only one who could fly a helicopter.

He tried to start the aircraft up. It didn't turn on. He tried again. No luck. Owen broke out in a cold sweat, and everyone else felt his fear. "Owen, what's going on?" asked Courtney nervously.

Owen didn't reply and continued fiddling with the controls. The T-Rex finished its delightful meal and turned to face the helicopter. "Let me try!" exclaimed Zeke, hopping onto Owen's lap and pressing random buttons. The windshield wipers and headlights went on, and the back rotor started to spin. The top rotor still wouldn't start working, however. The Canadian ripped off part of the dashboard and threw it in the back, hitting Gwen in the head accidentally. He fiddled randomly with the wires, electrocuting himself several times in the process. The Rex started moving towards them as Zeke held up two red wires and touched them together. There was a huge puff of smoke, and Ezekiel was sent flying back into the back seat, landing on Noah.

The helicopter started up.

Owen quickly brought it up into the air, and the Rex charged. It missed and they were off into the air, cheering and laughing and crying as they flew away ever faster. "Yeah Zeke!" cheered Zoey, while Courtney embraced Owen and Cody kissed Gwen. Just as quickly as things had gone uphill though, the tables turned and everything went crashing down.

Teeth gripped the bottom of the helicopter, and it was pulled back down, barely managing to stay aloft. The Rex's giant eye peered into the passenger compartment, and its jaws reached into the helicopter through the missing door. Everyone scrambled to the other side, but Zoey was caught and pulled out into midair, getting swallowed whole as she fell through the air. The helicopter continued on, now out of the dinosaur's reach, but losing air fast. Through his clever piloting skills his uncle had taught him, Owen was able to bring it to a relatively smooth landing on top of a cliff, although Noah and Courtney still ended up falling out and falling eight or so feet. Thankfully, they weren't hurt by the short drop.

The helicopter was damaged but it wasn't unrepairable. Owen set to work on it, with help from Cody who knew a lot about circuitry and other electronic details. After fifteen minutes or so, the repair was near complete. Everyone was sitting in the helicopter when the T-Rex appeared out of the jungle less than a hundred yards ago, with the gap closing quickly. "Hurry up Owen!" shrieked Courtney, furiously smacking the back of his seat in fear.

"I'm going as fast as I can!" yelled Owen back. "Almost done!" The giant dinosaur was almost on top of them and Owen was clearly nowhere near done, despite what he said. They had seconds left. Noah's genius mind was racing. He could think of only one way of getting out, and it didn't involve him surviving. Sweating profusely and watching the massive carnivore get nearer and nearer, he thought as hard as he could to try and come up with something else.

He could always try and wait for Owen to get the helicopter off the ground. But the more time elapsed, the more clear it become that just waiting would lead to the death of everyone. He had to act. The sarcastic genius stood up, clambered past Courtney and Zeke, and hopped out of the helicopter.

"What the hell are you doing?!" exclaimed Gwen.

"Don't question," said Noah, trying not to stammer. "You need to all make it out of here alive. Tell my parents and siblings I love them. Give my dog a bone for me. I'll miss you guys." Without another word, he ran up to the edge of the cliff and turned around, waving his arms and shouting.

"HEY! YOU GIANT BITCH! OVER HERE, ASSHOLE!" The T-Rex's gaze turned from the helicopter to him. It cocked its head and started advancing, ignoring the vehicle with the five others in it. Noah was relieved yet terrified that his plan was working. The beast lumbered towards him quicker than he would've liked as he kept shouting. After a few more seconds, it passed the helicopter, and inside, Owen fixed it.

"COME QUICK NOAH!" yelled the chubby boy, and Gwen, Cody, Courtney, and Zeke all screamed at him, hoping against hope he'd make it to the aircraft in time. As the rotors started whirring, Noah dove to the left, hoping to make it back. Unfortunately, the dinosaur blocked him and roared in his face, snapping at him but missing. The bookworm ran and jumped off the cliff, and its jaws caught him in midair as the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex went over the cliff as well. Noah twisted his head as the world flew by him, and his last glimpse was that of the helicopter flying off into the sky.


The five survivors looked around at each other, shocked to be alive, yet even more shocked at Noah's sacrifice. "I never ever thought he would do that for us," said Courtney, her jaw hanging open almost comically.

"That's my little buddy," said Owen as he flew the helicopter, tears brimming in his eyes. "I always knew beneath that tough sarcastic exterior was the biggest and bravest heart ever." The other four felt teardrops gather on their eyelashes as well, and one ran down Gwen's cheek.

"We did it," said Cody after a minute or two. "We're alive. We're out."

"Well, not quite yet. We're still on the island, just in the air," said Courtney. "Owen, how much fuel do we have left?"

"More than enough to get us back safely," answered the blonde. He looked out the window and saw a group of Pteranodons flying past. Thankfully, they didn't go after the helicopter this time. Everyone glanced down at the island hundreds of feet below them. From above, it was shockingly beautiful, with lush jungles and blooming meadows. Clusters of giant herbivores roamed the fields. At the edge of the forest, Cody caught a glimpse of a few small shapes. "Velociraptors!" exclaimed the short teen.

Gwen looked down at them and smiled. "Well, looks like some of them survived after all. With the Deinonychuses gone, they've got a chance to start all over again." The raptors hopped around down below before disappearing back into the woods from whence they'd come. The ex-campers saw a few baby Ceratosauruses and another Spinosaurus as well. With the powerful T-Rex dead and gone, these predators would have their chance as well.

Next the helicopter passed over the huge compound that they'd flooded thanks to Noah's plan. The entire area had now settled into a lake. The sight of the broken dam brought back memories of Noah and his clever schemes. Everyone thought of their friends they'd lost as they flew on. Zeke thought of Tyler, who he'd befriended during their dangerous journey. Gwen and Cody thought of Sierra. Although she could occasionally be annoying to both of them, she had really been a true friend in the end. Courtney remembered her companion Bridgette, who'd died brutally but lived so peacefully. Owen, of course, thought of Noah.

They flew over the ocean, looking behind to catch a last glimpse of the dangerous, mysterious, but still shockingly beautiful island. Beneath them a Kronosaurus dove out of the waves and caught a few seagulls in its mouth before returning to the depths. A few Pteranodons flew by, before veering off into the clouds and sight.

Courtney broke the monotony. "When we get back, we need to do something about InGen. We have to make sure the whole Deinonychus scandal is exposed, and that Staci, Duncan, Malcolm, and Grant are all right."

"We will, eh," said Zeke. "But fer now, just kick back an' enjoy the ride. We've earned some relaxation, I say."

Courtney smiled at him and gave him a hug. "I can't believe we're alive right now. I can't even begin to list the amount of times I thought we were goners," she said, breaking the embrace and sitting back down.

"It feels good to be safe, huh?" said Cody. Everyone nodded. The helicopter flew on, leaving the island behind and flying into the beautiful blue sky.


Noah opened his eyes. At first he thought he was in heaven, but then he felt the immense pain and realized he was still decidedly alive. Looking around slowly, he realized he was inside the T-Rex's mouth at the bottom of the cliff. The huge dinosaur's body was splayed over a rock, no more alive than the ground it lay on. The egghead looked down and saw a giant tooth piercing through his stomach, with another having taken out a chunk of his arm. He pulled himself off the tooth and slid into the mouth, not having the energy to move any more. The jaws closed as the muscles of the dead dinosaur constricted and stiffened.

"Whatever," muttered the bookworm. He closed his eyes and entered a deep and satisfying sleep, knowing he'd saved his friends. Noah was finally at peace with the world.


Owen flew over Puerto Rico and they brought the helicopter down on the first helipad they could find, on top of a big building, likely a hospital. The five survivors spilled out and collapsed on the ground as two women came running out the roof access towards them, yelling worriedly in Spanish. Thankfully, Zeke spoke eight languages, one of which was Spanish. He spoke with the women, and by the time the conversation ended, they were thoroughly convinced he was insane. Both because of the story he told and because he was Zeke. Zeke was very insane and generally people got that vibe from him. However, they agreed to give them some money for a taxi.

Courtney found a payphone on the street and called Ian Malcolm. He was shocked to hear from her. She was even more shocked to hear the news he had, however. The scientist/mathematician/chaos theoretician had managed to expose InGen for what they'd done, and the company had been disbanded, with those in charge being arrested. All records of the method for creating Deinonychus DNA and then cloning the beasts were destroyed. All the danger was truly over, it had ended when Noah had made his sacrifice.

The whole scandal had been all over the news for the past two or three days, and the Canadian government, upon being informed that they were alive, sent personal escorts to bring them home. There were memorial services for all those who had died, including Scott and Chris. The remaining living campers (Gwen, Courtney, Ezekiel, Cody, Owen, plus Duncan and Staci and all who had neither been part of the season nor the rescue party) attended nearly all of them, some of them even showing up for Chris' and Scott's, despite how much they hated those two.

The whole world now knew again of the existence of Isla Sorna and all ships and aircraft were restricted from going within twenty kilometers of it. A military investigation went to the island to see if there were any more survivors still alive yet marooned, as those who had gotten off okay weren't sure what had happened to Chef, Chris, B, and many more. The remnants of the camp and some of the challenges were found, in addition to some bones that were identified to belong to B and Billy the intern. Chris' boat was found drifting in the ocean, with his bleached bones lying on the deck. The Boat of Losers was found crashed on a rock with blood on the railings. No one was found alive, which didn't surprise anyone.

By far the most interesting find were the cameras. Using the footage, the first three episodes of the failed Season Five were created and aired on television as a special. It was ridiculously popular, more popular than the other real seasons had been.

The five who had escaped in the helicopter were all crowned as heroes. Owen and Gwen had been part of the rescue effort, Zeke had saved Owen near the end and helped fix the helicopter (if only by chance), Courtney had led many of them throughout the first few days after the initial attack, and Cody had continued pushing on despite his injuries in the beginning.

Cody and Gwen started dating and eventually ended up getting married, having a few kids and putting both their Total Drama days and their harrowing adventure on the island behind them.

Courtney went on to run for Canadian prime minister, and although she didn't win, she was still well-respected and had a minor career in politics thereafter.

Zeke moved up into the Arctic Circle, where he lived in a small cabin in a small town for years, telling the town's children exciting tales. As he got older, he got sick of the quiet life, and went out into the wild near the North Pole, becoming feral again and living with the polar bears. Sightings of a distant humanoid figure running on all fours through the tundra persisted for decades.

Owen followed his passion for food and became a professional chef, eventually creating his own five star restaurant. His dishes were beyond amazing, however he did have a bad tendency of eating them instead of serving his customers.

All the other former Total Drama campers who hadn't died in the catastrophe also went on to happy endings, with some retiring to a quiet life and others remaining famous throughout their lifetimes.

On Isla Sorna, a few baby T-Rexes grew up and became the dominant predator, ruling alongside the Velociraptors, Certaosaurs, and Spinosauruses. Island life continued as normal. Within a few decades all signs that humans had ever inhabited the place were gone. Although the occasional bunch of dumbass twenty-somethings would sneak onto the island and get eaten, there were no more real disturbances to the dinosaur's way of life.

Life finds a way, doesn't it? Funny how that happens. It happened with the Total Drama crew too. Most of them died, yes, but despite all the odds, some of them made it out alive. Life finds a way.


Wow. It's hard to believe it's over. I hope everyone enjoyed! Thanks for reading and please leave a review. At the time I write this I have 92 reviews, and it's be nice to hit an even 100. I'm sure the obvious question is 'What will I do next?' Well, I don't plan on having a sequel for this. Next I'm writing a Jurassic Park one-shot (nothing to do with Total Drama) and then I'll start a five or six chapter story starring Noah. See my profile for details on that.

However, we're not quite done yet. Like I said in the author's note at the beginning of this chapter, there's some extras like deleted scenes left. First off, let's have the final count of dead vs. alive.

Dead: Harold, Heather, B, Izzy, Jo, Katie, Bridgette, Mike, DJ, Trent, Dawn, Lightning, Eva, Tyler, Brick, Sierra, Scott, Zoey, Noah

Survivors: Cody, Courtney, Ezekiel, Gwen, Owen (you could also count Duncan and Staci)

And for the characters who aren't campers, there's this list.

Dead: Sarah Harding, Boat of Losers Driver, Frederic the Intern, Billy the Intern, Chris, Dave the Cameraman, Chef

Survivors: Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm

Dinosaur/prehistoric creature species: Stegosaurus, Deinonychus, Ceratosaurus, Kronosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus, Compsognathus, Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Triceratops, Pteranodon

And, here's an interesting thing to do with any survival story. Compare the number of deaths per chapter.

Chapter 1: 1 (Sarah Harding)

Chapter 2: 0

Chapter 3: 0

Chapter 4: 1 (Harold)

Chapter 5: 0

Chapter 6: 4 (Boat of Losers Driver, Heather, Frederic the Intern, B)

Chapter 7: 2 (Billy the Intern, Izzy)

Chapter 8: 3 (Chris, Dave the Cameraman, Jo)

Chapter 9: 1 (Katie)

Chapter 10: 2 (Chef, Bridgette)

Chapter 11: 2 (Mike, DJ)

Chapter 12: 2 (Trent, Dawn)

Chapter 13: 3 (Cameron, Lightning, Eva)

Chapter 14: 2 (Tyler, Brick)

Chapter 15: 4 (Sierra, Scott, Zoey, Noah)

Now, another interesting thing like that. How many kills did each carnivorous dinosaur get? Kind of morbid to think about, but here it is.

Deinonychus: 7 (Harold, Katie, Mike, DJ, Lightning, Sarah Harding, Chris)

Ceratosaurus: 2 (Jo, Trent)

Kronosaurus: 3 (Boat of Losers Driver, Heather, Dave the Cameraman)

Tyrannosaurus Rex: 8 (B, Dawn, Brick, Sierra, Scott, Zoey, Noah, Frederic the Intern)

Spinosaurus: 3 (Izzy, Chef, Tyler)

Compsognathus: 2 (Billy the Intern, Eva)

Velociraptor: 1 (Bridgette)

Now that we're through with that, time for ten fun facts about this story!

#1: I came up for this idea back in February 2013, and rushed out the first few chapters in March. I had the whole 15-chapter story arc planned out by May, although I certainly changed things along the way. Thanks to procrastination and a five-month hiatus, this story is finally wrapping up one year, two months, and three days after it began.

#2: In the original draft of the story, Sierra, Tyler, and Zoey survived, while Zeke and Courtney died, and Gwen was never even part of the rescue party.

#3: I had a long talk with myself on whether or not Zeke should survive. Throughout the story, he was indirectly responsible for a lot of deaths, but also contributed a lot to the groups' survival in unexpected ways. Eventually I decided to let the prairie boy live.

#4: This is only the second multi-chapter fic I've finished, believe it or not. The first was "Random Crap", a funny three-shot with skits involving all the TD cast. However, there are one or two other multi-chaps I should finish up this Total Drama Writing Spree Weekend.

#5: If you don't count the four kills this chapter, the T-Rex only had about half as many kills as the Deinonychus. With the four, however, it had one more, as seen above. I made sure the T-Rex would have the most kills, just to reinforce the idea that he's superior to the raptors.

#6: The first ever reviewer for this fic was Heroi Oscura, a good friend of mine on the Total Drama Writers' Forum. Big shout-out to him. Shout-outs to other regular readers and reviewers go to RedEyedWarrior, Knifez R Us, Snakeshark196, FanficLoverForever135, mugheeessaeed2002, zafnak, MeAndYouForeverBaby, and the guest reviewer Mysterious.

#7: The longest chapter was number 11, 'The Hive', at 5,993 words. The shortest chapter was the first one, 'Bad Decisions', at 570 words.

#8: Originally I had a sheet of paper with the names of the 20 campers at the beginning. Those who died were marked 'X', survivors were marked 'S', and those eliminated (by vote, not by death) were marked with an 'E'. Afterwards I realized I'd ended up spelling 'SEX' several times in a row. Lol.

#9: The funnest scene for me to write was the water obstacle challenge in chapter four. Between Tyler managing to win something, DJ being a baby, Izzy being crazy, and the Kronosaurus circling underneath, it was epic and funny. The hardest scene to write would have to be either Birgdettes' gruesome demise (I'm not a Bridgette fan but I still felt sorry for her while I was writing it) or the T-Rex breaking open the cave after eating Dawn (describing it both realistically and suspense-fully was a challenge).

#10: This is thus far the only semi-serious story I've ever written. I'm crazy, see? Crazy is as crazy does.

Now, before we end it all, how about two special deleted scenes?

Scene #1: This takes place in between chapters eight and nine, after Courtney's group has hidden from the Deinonychus and are walking through the forest, soon to be ambushed by the raptors, when they come across an unusual and rather disgusting discovery.

"C'mon guys," said Courtney. "Stop dawdling. We know Chris has left, we need to find the other group. Or shelter, whichever comes first." Cameron, Zoey, Mike, DJ, and Katie all trailed behind her, Mike clutching his stump of an arm.

"What if we don't find either?" squeaked DJ. The baby raptor named Ferdy was following closely behind him.

"Well, I certainly found something," said Cameron, staring at what his feet had just touched. The bubble boy promptly turned and threw up in a bush.

On the ground in front of him was half a human skull. It had been viciously torn apart. In fact, scattered around the area were tons of bones, some still with a little flesh on them.

"Whose body is this?" asked Mike worriedly.

"Judging by the smell," said Cameron, when he'd finished regurgitating, "it's less than a week old."

Courtney walked a little farther, careful not to step on any bones or other human remains. She peered behind a shrub and picked up a mutilated sneaker. There were other fragments of clothes as well. "Well, it's got to be, well, you know."

Katie wasn't sure who she meant, but she knew for certain as soon as she saw a blue fragment of fabric on the ground. On it was a picture of a hamburger.


Scene #2: This takes place in between chapters five and six, when the third challenge has ended and several of the campers have seen the Ceratosaurus. Worried by their claims, Chris sent Dave the Cameraman to go and fetch the camera that was recording the challenge. This is what happened when he got there.

Dave walked past the tall poles that the campers had balanced on for the challenge only an hour ago or so. Stupid kids these days. Did they really expect anyone to believe their little dinosaur tale? Because of them, he now had to walk a mile to fetch the tape. All he'd wanted to do was take a nap after an exhaustive day of filming, but no. He had to humor the little bastards.

The cameraman got to the camera and pulled the stand out of the sand, folding it up and sticking it in his pocket. He didn't bother to check the footage; he was certain the stupid competitors were lying. He didn't really like any of the teens. He'd only volunteered for the job as cameraman because it paid a lot.

Suddenly, he heard a rustle in the bushes. He turned, heart pounding despite his mind telling him to be rational and calm down. Out in the jungle, a few trees were shaking. He caught a glimpse of a huge head and teeth. Dave didn't stay to see any more. He turned tail and ran, tripping over his own feet and breaking the camera. "Damn it!" he swore, getting back up and running. After he was nearly back to camp, he stopped to catch his breath and check the camera. It was now a worthless piece of crap. Chris McLean would not be happy.

Dave didn't care, though. He'd gotten away from that beast and he didn't need any more convincing that those damn kids were telling the truth.

So, why didn't those two scenes make it into the actual story, you ask? Simple answer: Because I'm a moron and forgot to add them in while I was writing their respective chapters. :P

So, I guess this is the end. 'Cause in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make, right? Look out for more stuff from me soon. Before it ends, let me just thank all of you another ten thousand times. Seriously, I can't even tell you guys how awesome you are if you've made it this far. I've put a lot of time into this (hours upon hours) and if I made even one person smile, gasp in shock, get a little scared, or just enjoy it in general, then it was all worth it.