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Bonus Chapter - The Curse of the Black Pearl

The Black Pearl - Captain's Stateroom

The Black Pearl had finally reached the open ocean, and inside Captain Barbossa's stateroom sat Elizabeth and Barbossa himself. A huge candle-lit table was covered in all manner of foods as Elizabeth sat at the end of one side and Barbossa right next to her. Four giant bay windows stood at the end of the room, and several chests sat on selves all around them.

"Try the apples." Barbossa whispered, as he handed Elizabeth a green apple.

But the woman did not take it. "It's poisoned." she stated. This made Barbossa chuckle.

"There would be no sense to be killin' ya, Ms. Turner."

"Then release me!" exclaimed Elizabeth. "You have your trinket, I'm of no further value to you!"

Barbossa frowned as he reached into his shirt to pull out a small gold medallion with what appeared to be a pirate's skull in the center, rough ridges around the sides and tied to thin gold chain. Elizabeth recognized the coin immediately. "You don't know what this is... do ya?" Barbossa asked quietly.

"It's a pirate medallion." Elizabeth assumed. Like she assumed eight years ago when found it on the person of young boy her father's ship had rescued at sea. She hoped that that boy, who was now a man, was currently safe.

Barbossa almost chuckled at this woman's ignorance. "This is Aztec Gold." he started calmly. "One of eight-hundred and eighty-two identical pieces that they delivered in a stone chest, to Cortez himself." Elizabeth was intrigued. Cortez? The Spanish conquerer? Barbossa continued. "Blood money paid to stem the slaughter he reaped upon 'im with his armies. But the greed of Cortez was insatible... so the heithen gods placed upon the gold... a terrible curse." Elizabeth gazed down at the medallion in Barbossa's clenched fist in slight fright. "Any mortal that removed but a single piece from that stone chest, shall be punished for eternity."

Elizabeth frowned back at Captain Barbossa with skepticism. "I hardly believe in ghost stories anymore, Captain Barbossa."

"Aye!" replied Barbossa simply with a grin. "That's exactly what I thought when we were first told the tale. Buried on an island of dead what cannot be found, except for those who know where it is." By this point Barbossa had left his seat and walked around to kneel next to Elizabeth. "And find it we did. There be the chest, inside be the gold... and we took 'em all! We spent them and traded them, and frittered 'em away on drink, food and pleasurable company." Barbossa's voice became more raspy as he continued the next part. "The more we gave 'em away, the more we came to realize. The drink would not satisfy. Food turned to ash in our mouths. And all the pleasurable company in the world could not slake our lust."

Elizabeth looked more and more terrified as Barbossa's story continued.

"We are cursed men, Ms. Turner. Compelled by greed we were, but now... we are consumed by it!" Barbossa walked away from Elizabeth, allowing her the chance to sneak a knife into a napkin. She did not pity this terrible man. All she knew was that she needed to find a way out of here.

"There is one way we can end our curse." Barbossa turned to face Elizabeth once again, unaware of what she just did. "All the scattered pieces of the Aztec Gold must be restored, and the blood of all those who touched the gold must be repaid. It's been ten years since our curse started, and we are close, very close to bringin' it to an end." he approached the woman again. "Thanks to ye, we have the final piece..."

"And the... blood to be repaid?" Elizabeth stuttered. She had a feeling she wasn't going to like the answer.

And she was right.

"That's why there's no sense to be killin' ya..." Barbossa answered darkly. "Yet!"

Elizabeth slowly stood her seat in a panic as Barbossa tried to give her another apple. She swatted it out of his hand though and brandished the knife. The cursed captain merely growled mockingly as Elizabeth meant to flee, and he grabbed her around the arm to yank her around.

"NO!" cried Elizabeth, plunging the knife into Barbossa's heart. The woman gasped in disbelief at what she had done. But what was worse was that Barbossa didn't even look phased by the knife piercing his black heart as he looked down at it with a frown before yanking the blade out from his chest, much to Elizabeth's terror.

"I'm curious!" Barbossa wondered as he held the bloody knife up to his face. "After killin' me, what is it ye plan on doin' next?"

Elizabeth ran over to the cabin doors and shoved them open, running outside, only to blocked by about two dozen cused, skeletal pirates. Each holding their weapons to prevent her from going any further. Barbossa took the chance to grab her from behind.

"LOOK!" he drew her attention to the moon above. "The moonlight shows us for what we really are! We're not among the livin' and so we cannot die, but neither are we dead!" Barbossa yanked Elizabeth around to face him. "For too long I've been parched of thirst, and unable to quench it! Too long I've been starving to death, and haven't died!" At this point, Elizabeth was backing up from the shadows and into the moonlight. "I feel nothin'! Not the wind on my face nor the spray of the sea!" Barbossa reached a hand out toward the woman's flesh. "Nor the warmth of a woman's flesh..." he whispered this last part as Elizabeth gasped at Barbossa's hand becoming skeletal once it touched the moonlight.

Barbossa finally entered the full light of the moon to show Elizabeth his whole cursed form. "You'd best start believin' in ghost stories, Miss Turner. You're in one!"

The young woman watched as Barbossa bit off the top of a rum bottle and started to chug it. But since he had no stomach, the liquid merely poured down the man's spine and ribcages onto the ship's deck. Freaked out, Elizabeth ran right back into the captain's stateroom. Barbossa threw the glass into the wall before slamming the doors behind Elizabeth and locking her inside. He turned to laugh humorously at his men, who all laughed with him.

"What're ya lookin' at?! Back to work!" he then yelled as his crew.

The Interceptor - Deck

It was daytime now, and the Interceptor was on a course toward the Isla de Muerte island, which is where Jack had told Cody, Bridgette, Lindsay, Noah and Will that Barbossa would going to return the pirate medallion, which they now knew was called Aztec gold, that they had stolen from Elizabeth. An island that apparently couldn't be found by anyone except for those who know where it is. Luckily for Cody, Jack happened to be one of those men.

It turned out that Cody's team had missed a few things before landing in Port Royal. Such as Jack saving Elizabeth earlier in the day from drowning which was how he found out about her having the medallion, and Jack and Will having their first swordfight which Jack bragged about winning.

"You cheated." accused Will.

"Pirate." Jack pointed out dryly.

Jack even revealed that Will had broken him out of jail out of pity, right before the Black Pearl's attack on the fortress. Now that Cody was brought up to speed, he found out why Barbossa's crew was cursed. The piece of Aztec gold Elizabeth had was one of eight-hundred and eighty-two pieces that had a curse placed upon it, which Barbossa didn't know about. So now he's sailing all around looking for the pieces that he traded away to undo the curse placed upon him and his men. When Noah asked Jack how he knew all of this, he changed the subject.

Their goal was set, reach the Isla de Muerte, rescue Elizabeth, and hopefully stop Barbossa. As well as stop whatever Heather was up to.

Cody couldn't contain his excitement as he bounced all around the deck, looking out over the sea to the horizon beyond. "I can't believe I'm actually sailing on a real pirate ship! If I hadn't been to so many worlds before this one, I'd say I must be dreaming! But I'm not!"

Cody's three guardians watched their leader bound around excitedly with various emotions. Noah and Lindsay snickered in amusement while Bridgette just smiled at how happy her crush looked.

"Like a kid in a candy store." said Bridgette.

"And that's even funnier considering it's Cody." pointed out Noah, remembering just how much Cody loves candy.

"He's so cute right now." cooed Lindsay, which almost made Bridgette recoil jealously. Cody then ran over to his guardians.

"Okay, this is officially the best day of my life!" he happily shouted.

"Just wait 'til you have your first kiss Cody." joked Noah. "This will pale in comparison to that."

"But weren't YOU Cody's first kiss, Noah?" Lindsay asked the bookworm innocently.

"FOR THE LAST TIME! THAT WAS AN ACCIDENT!" This made the other three teens laugh hysterically.

Will and Jack smiled down at the four teens enjoying themselves from up at the helm. Jack steered while Will sharpened his sword. After he was done, Will sheathed his sword. It was then that he finally decided to get to the bottom of something.

"When I was a lad living in England, my mother raised me by herself." Will explained to Jack. "After she died I came out here looking for my father."

Although Jack didn't show it, he was slightly nervous. "Is that so?" he replied as he steered the Interceptor.

"My father. Will Turner. Before we boarded it was only after you learned my name that you agreed to help. Since that's what I wanted I didn't press the matter." Will continued as he stood next to Jack, who looked more and more nervous as the young Turner spoke. "I'm not a simpleton Jack. You knew my father." It wasn't a question, but a fact.

Captain Jack finally sighed before calling over to Cody. "Master Cody!" The tech geek rushed up the steps to where they were. "Take the helm for me."

Cody's eyes lit up. "Aye-aye Captain!" he exclaimed before running over to take the wheel. This made Jack smile genuinely before turning to face Will seriously.

"I knew him." he confirmed. "One of the few who knew him as William Turner. Everyone else just called him Bootstrap, or Bootstrap Bill."

"Bootstrap?" said a confused Will. By this time Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay had joined Cody over at the helm.

"Enjoying yourself there, Cody?" Bridgette giggled.

"Yes. Yes I am!" said a happy Cody.

"Keep 'er straight Master Cody, we don't wish to go off from our current course." Jack called over to them.

"Aye Captain!"

"We'll make sure he doesn't get too giddy." said an amused Noah.

Jack turned back to Will and dropped a bombshell on everyone. "He was a good man, and a good pirate." This made Will's heart stop and eyes widen. "I swear you look just like him."

Cody's team looked nervously between Jack and Will, the latter whom looked like he was seething. "That's not true! He was a merchant sailor, a good respectible man who obeyed the law!" Will said angrily.

"He was a bloody pirate and a Scallywag." Jack retorted shortly. Will drew his sword and pointed at Jack's turned head.

"Will, what're you doing? Stop!" panicked Lindsay, but Will barely heard her.

"My father was NOT a pirate!"

Jack wasn't fazed though. "Put it away son. It's not worth you getting beat again."

"Oh yeah, that'll calm him down." Noah said sarcastically.

"You didn't beat me." Will retorted. "You ignored the rules of engagement in a fair fight to kill you."

"Well that's not much incentive for me to fight fair then is it?" replied Jack with a slight grin. Before anything else could happen, Bridgette summoned her trident and thrust it in between the two men. Jack was shocked by the weapon. Where did she even get that?

"We really don't have time for this you two!" said the frustrated surfer girl. "Whatever happened between you happened, and no matter who your father was Will, we have to work together to save Elizabeth and stop Barbossa right now! That's what's most important. Now shake hands."

Jack and Will looked at each other in surprise at the girl's tone, before they rolled their eyes and shook hands and putting aside their differences for now. Will walked down the steps to get some more work done whilst Jack approached the end of the stern to watch Cody steer the Interceptor.

"So how do you know Will's father?" Cody asked Jack. Noah, Bridgette and Lindsay looked curious as well. Jack frowned, as he was not a fan of revealing too much about his past. But considering the situation he was now in, what with he, Barbossa and the son of William Turner now being intertwined in this adventure, Jack supposed it was alright to tell these kids what led to all of this, especially since they volunteered to help.

"Young Turner's father and I once sailed under the same ship as Barbossa." he revealed, shocking the teens. "The Black Pearl. And I used to be her captain."

"You were captain of the Black Pearl?" Cody asked.

"With Barbossa as part of your crew?" Bridgette added.

"Aye." Jack continued. "Barbossa was me first mate and Bootstrap Bill me second. We all went after the Aztec Gold on Isla de Muerte, until Barbossa decided to betray me. He led a mutiny, and then marooned me on an island with not but a pistol with a single shot."

"And... why just a pistol?" Noah asked cautiously.

Jack looked at the teens with an uncharacteristically serious gaze. "Imagine, if you would. A man marooned on an island, starving and their mind being burned from the sun's heat over multiple weeks. A pistol with one shot, which can't be used for hunting or to be rescued. What do you think that pistol would be used for?"

The teens gulped. This world was much darker than any of the previous ones they've visited.

"But I lived, and I escaped. Then I found out what became of me crew under the command of Barbossa. Cursed, unable to eat or drink, or even die. And my second mate, Bootstrap Bill..." Jack paused. This was a particularly bad moment of his life.

"What happened to him?" Cody whispered.

Jack finally responded. "Killed him, they did. They strapped a cannon to old Bootstrap's bootstraps, and sent him down to Davy Jones' Locker." The captain pulled out his pistol. "This is the same pistol left to me when I was marooned. To this day, ten years later. I've yet to fire the one shot in it. And I won't until I see that traitorious scum Barbossa's curse lift and I can shoot it into his heart. After that, I'll be takin' my ship back."

It got quiet for a few minutes after that. Neither Cody, Bridgette, Noah or Lindsay knew what to say. Lindsay herself had tears falling down her face, so Noah held her shoulder comfortably. Cody and Bridgette looked at each other anxiously, while Jack finally seemed to be calming down from telling his story.

"I'm sorry Captain." was all Cody could respond with, which seemed to satisfy Jack.

"Well, no matter." replied Jack. "You seem to have knack for steering a ship Cody."

"Oh, thank you sir." said Cody, glad the tension from earlier was going away.

"Therefore, I think I've decided." Jack grinned down at the keyblade master. "Until this journey is over, I believe I'll make you my new first mate."

Cody's jaw dropped. "Really? You mean it?"

"Course. Someone with your enthusiasm for adventure will make a fine first mate." Jack grinned at Cody. "Now then. Keep her steady Master Cody!" The captain ordered while looking at his compass, which didn't point north. "We're catching up!"

"Aye-aye, Cap'n!" Cody said in the best pirate accent he could, which made his guardians roll their eyes.

Little did anyone realize, that Will had hid himself underneath the helm's spot by the cabin doors. He had overheard everything that Jack had just explained to Cody, Bridgette, Lindsay and Noah. The man wasn't sure what to believe at this point, all he knew was that Bridgette was right. He needed to put all of his focus into saving Elizabeth.

Isla de Muerta - Rock Face

By the time the Interceptor crew had reached their destination, it was nighttime.

"Land hooooo!" hollared Lindsay from the bow.

Cody, Bridgette and Noah ran over to the white mage's spot to gaze at a giant, rocky island. There wasn't a single plant amongst the island's surface, and a dense fog covered the surrounding area. They could barely make out the rock face where they could park their ship. It was then that Cody spotted the Black Pearl docked inside a small bay, and further in he could see an opening that led into the island.

"Black Pearl off the starboard side, Captain!" Bridgette called out to Jack over at the helm.

"Aye, that'd be it lads and lasses!" The captain responded. "Isla de Muerta!"

"So we've found it." said Cody as Jack positioned the Interceptor next to a rocky path that led toward the mouth of the bay's cave. After parking the ship facing the sea, just in case they needed to make a quick getaway, Jack and Will joined the teens to look at the Black Pearl.

"So there's your ship." Cody said as Jack dropped the plank and walked off the Interceptor. Will, Cody, Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay followed suit.

"There it is indeed." replied Jack before he and Will turned to face Cody's team. "You lads and lasses wait here. Young Turner and I will rescue the lady."

This left Cody confused. "Wait, what? Don't you want our help?"

"You will be helping. By guarding the ship, o' course." Jack grinned. "It's a task given only to the bravest of pirates."

Noah raised an eyebrow. He didn't believe that story for one second. But before he could point this out, Cody had already replied. "Alright. You're the captain."

"Good man! Guard her well." Jack turned to Will. "Shall we?" Will only nodded. He wished Cody's team well before following after Jack toward the cave at the end of the path.

"Well, that sucks." Bridgette moaned with her arms crossed.

"He's up to something." Noah told them. "I think Jack was just trying to fast-talk us to keep us here."

"But why?" Lindsay wondered. "What's he planning?"

Cody just sighed in disappointment. He had just been made Jack Sparrow's first mate and he was just standing here guarding the ship. After almost an hour of waiting, Cody finally wondered. "What's taking them so long?"

"I don't know, but if Heather's here than the Heartless have to be around here somewhere too." replied Bridgette.

"Oh no, you don't think they ran into them do you?" Lindsay asked fearfully.

"Only one way to find out." Cody finally said as he looked toward the cave in the distance. "Let's go see." Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay didn't need anymore convincing as they followed after their leader down the path toward the mouth of the island.

Isla de Muerta - Treasure Heap

Jack and Will had been traversing the dark caves for so long that Will was afraid that they were lost. He had been following Jack this whole time since he had been here before, and he was worried that the ten year abscence from this place had made him forget where to go.

Suddenly though, Will heard the faint sounds a cheers. Jack gasped as he led Will up a tunnel that ended with a stone wall. Luckily the wall had a small opening that allowed Jack to see though to the other side. After grinning, he quietly motioned for Will to join him. Will joined Jack and looked into the next area, and he couldn't believe what he saw.

They saw a huge hollow, filled to the brim with heaps and heaps of treasure. Dozens of treasure chests filled with a vast variety of gold coins and chalices, jewels, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and the lot. The ground itself was covered with coins from various different nations, and Will could see a single pool of water in the corner of the cave, as well as a single tunnel that led it's way into this very hollow. In the center of everything though was a massive stone chest, and even from here Jack and Will could see that it was filled to the brim with the cursed Aztec gold.

And standing next to the chest was Barbossa and Elizabeth, who had her hands tied together. And surrounding them, cheering wildly, were all of the remaining members of Barbossa's crew.

"Elizabeth." whispered a worried Will.

Even Barbossa was excited as he gave a speech to his men. "Gentleman, our time has come! Our salvation is nigh!" at this the crew cheered even louder. "And here it is!" he brushed his hand along the Aztec gold in the chest. "The cursed treasure of Cortez himself! Every last piece that went astray we have found!" he the held up the last piece of gold he got from Elizabeth. "Save for this!" The crew cheered once again. "And now, the blood will be repaid to free us from this curse forever!" The crew gave one last cheer as Jack and Will watched on.

Isla de Muerta - Cave Mouth

"I'm surprised we haven't run into any enemies yet." Cody pointed out as they reach the cave entrance at last.

"Don't jinx it dude." Noah spat. "There's no wood for us to knock on here."

As if on cue, a group of Heartless appeared out of nowhere. Two Soldiers, two Cannon Guns, and two new Heartless that were rather bizzare looking. They're heads were large compared to their torsos, and their long arms stuck out from the sides of their heads. The head and torso looked like your standard Heartless, but hey had huge cone-shaped hats on their heads, and their arms were aquamarine.

"Way to go, Cody." said a frustrated Noah.

"Hehe, Sorry." Cody apologized before his team summoned their weapons.

Cody ran to fight the new Tornado Steps. One dashed over, spinning like a top as a windy vortex swirled around it. Cody dodged out of the way before swinging his keyblade at the second Tornado Step, which was defeated after several hits. By the time the other Heartless had stopped spinning, Bridgette had sent it into the air with her geyser. She then jumped into the air to finish it off.

Noah and Lindsay worked together to take out the Cannon Guns, which just left two Soldiers, which Cody and Bridgette easily dispatched of.

"Yaaaay we totally won!" Lindsay celebrated.

The sound of clapping suddenly came from the shadows. Cody's team turned toward the next tunnel to see a shadowy figure approaching them.

"Well done." came the taunting voice of Heather as she slowly stepped into the light. She was smirking. "I have to say you losers are really starting to impress me with how far you've come." she stopped clapping and put a hand on her hip.

Cody, Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay glared at the queen bee and most hated contestant of Total Drama Island. "So you finally decided to come to us, huh?" growled Bridgette as she brandished her trident.

"What can I say, I'm curious now." Heather began to walk around the cave. "The last time we saw each other, I easily kicked two of yours' butts, and the other two were having a hard time teaming up to beat me."

"What's your point Heather?" Cody retorted. "Of course we've gotten stronger after all the stuff we've been doing. It's only natural to grow stronger after gaining more experience. Now why're you here?"

Heather stopped walking and grinned wickedly at the keyblade master. "I was told that this world's keyhole was somewhere on this island, but since it's a place that can't be found except by those who already know where it is, it meant that I needed to make an alliance with that loser captain so that he could bring me here. Lucky I did too, cause I found out that the chest containing that cursed gold is also the keyhole to this world."

"You've gotta be kidding!" yelled Noah.

"Fraid not No-It-All. Not that they can tell. Since those pirates led me here, I've decided to be nice for once and let them perform their little curse-lifting ritual. But once their done and they leave, I'll use the keyhole to flood this world with Heartless."

Cody growled and got into defensive position. "Not if we stop you both!" Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay followed suit as they got ready for battle. Heather smirked before disappearing in a flash.

She reappeared behind Lindsay, who was ready for her this time. "Reflega!" she spun around as her enhanced reflect barrier blocked Heather's kick from striking her.

"Wow Lindsiot. You really are getting smarter." she taunted before dodging Noah's Thundara spell. The queen bee dashed over and gave Noah a roundhouse kick to the face before throwing him at Lindsay, who was shocked enough to drop her spell. Noah crashed into Lindsay as the two landed in the ocean off to the side.

"Not good enough though."

"No! Cody I have to go after them before the current takes them out to sea!" Bridgette informed Cody as she dashed over to the water.

"Got it!" Cody replied.

"Like I'm gonna let you!" Heather yelled as she dashed toward Bridgette. Cody however, appeared right in front of the queen bee and blocked her punch. Heather was actually surprised by the geek's speed. Maybe this fight would actually be a bit of challenge. "Wanna fight me for real this time, Geek?"

"You bet!" Cody snapped back as he pushed Heather away, allowing Bridgette to dive into the sea to rescue Noah and Lindsay. "I said I was gonna bring everyone back to our world, and that includes you."

"How? Our world is gone, remember!"

"I know that! But we're working on trying to bring it back in a way that doesn't involve working with Maleficent, or destroying more worlds, or kidnapping princesses! speaking of which, where's Jasmine? I know it was you guys who took her from Agrabah!"

Heather smirked as she charged forward. "Beat me and maybe I'll tell you!"

"Fine!" Cody yelled as he used Strike Raid and threw his keyblade at the queen bee multiple times. She dodged them all this time though.

"Like I'll fall for that again!" Heather replied as she disappeared to give Cody a hard punch to the gut. She followed up with a roundhouse kick to his face that sent him flying toward a stalagmite. After crashing into it, Heather dashed over and threw another volley of punches into his torso before backing off to see Cody cough up some blood.

"Hurts doesn't it?" Heather asked cruelly. "This is what it's like when I don't hold back. Congratulations nerd, I acknowledged your development finally, and chose to go full out this time." Cody tried to swing his keyblade, but Heather used one arm to pin both wrists up against the stalagmite, and then she kneed him in the gut painfully so that he didn't feel the urge to kick. "Don't interrupt me next time! Now like I was saying, it was a little bit more fun for me this time. I'll give you that." she smirked right in Cody's face. "But it's still not good enough. You still need to get a lot stronger if you wanna beat me." Heather leaned forward to whisper into the geek's right ear.

"And not just me, but Weird Goth Girl," Cody gasped as Heather mentioned Gwen "and Party Boy too. And you know what else, Duncan are Courtney are even stronger than the three of us. So if I can beat you, then there's no way you'll be able to beat those two. That must burn you up inside huh? That the girl you like most of all went for a scumbag like Duncan over you."

Cody smirked, much to Heather's surprise, and found the strength to visciously kick his former Screaming Gopher teammate away from him and land in the center of the cave. On her end, Heather held her stomach as she actaully felt pain from the geek's attack. She looked up at him with wide eyes.

"I came to terms with that some time ago." Cody declared as he readied the keyblade. "I will never win Gwen's heart, and don't want to anymore. But know this Heather. I will get stronger. Strong enough to beat you, Courtney, Duncan, Geoff and even Gwen if I have to! I'm going to save our world and you guys, and stop Maleficent once and for all!"

Heather smirked, not for a moment taking Cody seriously. "I doubt it. But I'd love to see you try!" she stated with finality before disappearing into a dark portal.

Cody made his weapon vanish before messaging his sore mid-section. He then ran over to the other side of the cave to see Bridgette climbing up from the sea with Noah and Lindsay, both of which were soaked, but unharmed.

"Awww, and I thought I was gonna be able to stay away from swimming in the ocean." complained Lindsay as she noticed Cody covered in bruises. "Oh my gosh, Cody are you alright?" the white mage summoed her star wand and began to heal Cody.

"Yeah, I'm fine." replied Cody as he felt all of his bruises and pain disappear.

"Where'd Queen Bee go?" asked Noah.

"She left."

"Of course she did." Bridgette sighed in frustration before looking at Cody with guilt. "Sorry I left you to fight on your own, Cody."

"Don't be." Cody reassured the surfer girl. "Noah and Lindsay needed your help. Besides, I actually did pretty good against her."

This made Bridgette chuckle. Even if he was lying, he was at least lying to make her feel better. After everyone had been healed, they looked over to see two people running toward them. As they drew closer, they saw one of them was Will, while the other was, not Jack, but a woman Will's age. This must be Elizabeth.

"Quick, they're after us!" Will yelled toward his friends.

This wasn't good, since this cave was mostly dark, then the moonlight outside wouldn't reveal the pirates' cursed and weakened forms. They need to hurry and retreat back to the Interceptor before they found their current positions.

"The ship's this way!" Cody informed Elizabeth as he led her, Will and his guardians out of the cave toward the bay outside.

Isla de Muerta - Rock Face

Cody, Noah, Bridgette and Lindsay stood panting with Will and Elizabeth on the Interceptor's deck. They were fairly certain that they hadn't been followed on their way back. After regaining their breath, Cody looked up to smile at the beautiful woman before them.

"You must be Elizabeth. I'm Cody, and these are my friends Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay."

Elizabeth smiled. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintences."

It was then that Bridgette hastily asked. "Wait, what happened to Jack, Will?"

Will looked down feeling slightly guilty. Elizabeth then inquired "Jack? Jack Sparrow?" she frowned as she remembered the pirate who tricked her back at Port Royal.

After a moment, Will spoke. "Well..."

Isla de Muerta - Treasure Heap (Earlier)

"And now, the blood will be repaid to free us from this curse forever!" The crew gave one last cheer as Jack and Will watched on. Barbossa then pulled out a knife and used it to cut Elizabeth's bonds free. Will couldn't watch anymore. "Jack! Now!"

"No, not yet!" Jack spat as he grabbed Will to avoid being seen. "We wait for the oppurtune moment." Jack ran down the tunnel toward the next part of his plan.

Will followed after Jack. "And when is that?" Will asked. "When it's of greatest profit to you?" This outburst actually made Jack stop and his eyes go buggy. Luckily Will couldn't see this, so Jack turned around to face the young man.

"Can I ask you something?" Jack approached Will. "Have I ever given you a reason not to trust me?" Will looked at him with an 'Are you kidding me' sort of look before Jack finished. "Now please, stay here... and try not to do anything... stupid." The captain then ran down the tunnel, leaving Will behind.

Or so he thought.

As Jack reached the edge of the tunnel to where he could sneak around the pirates to get behind Barbossa, he suddenly felt something painfully crack against his head. There stood Will, holding an oar which he just used to knock Jack out. "I'm sorry Jack. But I will not be your leverage." he stated before tossing the oar away, and sneaking down the way that Jack was about to go down.

While all of this was going on, Barbossa had used the knife to give Elizabeth a shallow cut on her palm before placing the Aztec gold upon her bloody hand. He then forced her fist closed, turned it around and made her drop the coin into the chest with it's eight-hundred and eighty-one identical pieces.

"Begun by blood... by blood undone..." said the evil captain finally.

Time seemed to move slowly as the medallion fell ontop of the rest. once it did though, Barbossa dropped the knife, extended his arms out and closed his eyes, as he waited for the curse that had plagued him and his crew for a decade to finally, finally, be undone.

... and waited... and waited... and waited...

At least a full minute had passed, and Barbossa didn't feel any different. He couldn't understand. He had done everything right. So why? He saw the blood-soaked medallion in the chest and picked it up. He inspected the blood on it before realization came to him. He spun around and grabbed Elizabeth roughly by the elbows.

"You! Maid! Your father! What was his name?!" Barbossa furiously demanded. "Was your father William Turner?!"

Elizabeth just smirked. "No!" she said triumphantly. It was then that Barbossa realized that he had been had, and he angrily slapped the woman in the face, sending her sliding down the treasure pile next to the pool of water. Barbossa had dropped the medallion next to her in the process.

As pandemonium had engulfed the pirates, Will had snuck up behind the scene and stirred Elizabeth awake. She was shocked to see him there, but he held a finger to his lips to signal her to stay silent, which she agreed to. As Will helped her to her feet, she grabbed the piece of Aztec gold next to her. The two started the process of sneaking past the pirates to escape while they argued amongst themselves. They had just got to the entrance when they heard one of the pirates shout "I say we spill all her blood, just in case!"

Barbossa was angry enough to listen to such a suggestion. He looked behind him to see that, to his horror, Elizabeth was no longer there, and neither was the medallion. "No..." he panicked quietly before turning to his men. "The medallion! She's takin' it! After them, ya ingrates!"

Isla de Muerta - Rock Face

"So you just knocked Jack out and left him there?!" hollared Cody in shock.

Will nodded. "I had to. I'm sorry, Cody. But Jack is no fairy-tale pirate. The real ones aren't to be trusted." Cody's shoulders slumped in sadness. Damn it, and he had just become a first mate too.

"I know that's gotta be disappointing, Cody. But we need to get out of here." Bridgette talked sense. "We've rescued Elizabeth, so we have to hurry up and leave before Barbossa knows we're here."

"But what about the keyhole?" Lindsay reminded. "Didn't Heather say that the chest was this world's keyhole?"

"We'll figure that out later." said Noah. "Let's just hurry and go."

Cody smacked his face with both hands so he could refocus on what needed to be done. "Alright, Will take care of Elizabeth, we'll get us ready to make way."

Will chuckled. "Aye... Captain Cody." he said as he took Elizabeth to get her wound mended.

Cody's eyes were shining once again. "Captain Cody?" Noah rolled his eyes as he pushed Cody forward to help them get ready to shove off.

Little did they realize that they were being watched from on top of the rock face by Heather, who was looking down on them with a cheshire cat grin.

"Looks like I better tell Barbossa about this."

The Interceptor - Hold

Cody, Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay had gotten the Interceptor ready in relatively short time, so they headed out almost immediately. The Interceptor was now sailing for Port Royal, and in the ship's hold, Elizabeth sat on a crate, while Will bandaged up the hand that Barbossa had cut.

"So." Will began awkwardly. "Is it ture that you gave Barbossa my name instead of yours?"

"Yes." Elizabeth answered honestly.

"Why choose my name?"

"Because. I had thought they were after me cause I was the governor's daughter. So I wanted to use a fake name to try and negotiate my release. Your name was just the first one that came to mind." Elizabeth suddenly pulled out the piece of Aztec gold that she had stolen from Isla de Muerta. She showed it to Will, whose eyes widened in recognation. "It's yours." she said sadly, as she handed it to him. "From that day we found you drifting at sea."

Will was almost brought to tears gazing at the medallion. "After all this time... I'd thought I lost it. It was a gift from my father. He had... sent it to me." he turned back to Elizabeth, and then asked almost angrily. "Why did you take it?"

Elizabeth did her best not to cry as she answered. "Because I was afraid of what my father's men would've done to you if they knew you were a pirate... That would have been awful."

Will's heart sank at her answer. He stood up and walked a little ways away to think things over. Elizabeth's story, his past with him waking up after being rescued, Jack's story about his father, and his father's gift to him being a piece of the cursed Aztec gold. It all fit together, which could only mean one thing...

"It wasn't your blood they needed..." Will spoke in barely a whisper. "It was my father's blood... my blood..." he clenched his fist holding the medallion and looked down in shame. "The blood of a pirate..."

Elizabeth couldn't hold back her tears any longer as she ran over to pull Will into a hug. "I'm so sorry Will. Please forgive me." Will couldn't be angry at Elizabeth even if he wanted to, not even when he was feeling like this. So he held the woman he loved closely, if for no other reason than to make her feel better.

He secretly began a plan that would hopefully save her. As well as his new friends Cody, Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay.

The Black Pearl - Deck

Little did the occupants of the Interceptor know that Heather's tip off allowed the Black Pearl to track them down much sooner than they had anticipated, and Barbossa was slowly but surely closing in on them. In the meantime though, the cursed captain was busy staring at an old friend of his that they had found unconscious in the tunnels of Isla de Muerta. And that old friend of his was tied up to the Pearl's center mast. Heather and the rest of Barbossa's crew stood around staring at their former captain: Jack Sparrow.

"How in the blazes did you get off that island, Jack?" Barbossa asked with genuine curiosity.

Jack just smirked as he answered. "When you marooned me on that godforsaken spit of land, sailed away with my ship, and left me with but a pistol with a single shot you forgot one very important thing mate..." Barbossa raised an eyebrow. "I'm Captain Jack Sparrow."

Barbossa almost chuckled. "Ar, well I won't be makin' that mistake again." he declared right in front of Jack's face.

"Then what's say you to puttin' the past behind us, untying these ropes and letting me negotiate the return of your medallion, eh?" Jack tried to barter, even if he felt really guilty making a deal behind his new first mate's back. "What say you to that?"

Barbossa scoffed. "Seein' how the Black Pearl's mine now Jack, lettin' ya go just doesn't seem to fall in my interests."

Jack glared daggers at his traitorous former first mate. "Odd, I'm not actually concerned with YOUR INTEREST!" he yelled furiously. "Now give me back the Pearl!"

Barbossa laughed evilly before walking away from his former captain. "Lock him in the brig!" he ordered. Before he walked into his cabin, one of the pirates on the upper deck called out.

"Interceptor straight ahead!"

Barbossa and Heather approached the Pearl's railing and gazed out into the night, where they could see Cody's Navy ship about a half mile away.

"What do we do now, Captain?" Heather asked Barbossa.

"Whaddya think, lass?" replied Barbossa, grinning wickedly. "Ready the guns men. It's time to take our salvation back!" the crew cheered wildly. Before Jack was taken down below, he started to formulate a plan.

How's that for a dramatic middle chapter? I have to say I really enjoyed writing this part of the story, if for no other reason than that whole confrontation with Cody and Heather. There's even a little foreshadowing to Cody's future battles against certain characters during this part. Let me know if you enjoyed that part, or any other part of this chapter. I'd love to hear about.

Also I don't know why, but there's something about Cody being Jack Sparrow's first mate that I find very endearing. Which was why I added that to this story. Hopefully I'm writing Jack well enough despite some of the liberties I'm taking with the story. Again, let me know what you thought. And I'll see you guys in the third and final part of Cody, Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay's adventure in Port Royal.