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Bonus Chapter - A Pirate's Life

The Interceptor - Deck

Will and Elizabeth had returned to the deck, and while the former was operating the helm, the latter was close by scanning the darkness around the Interceptor watching for any enemy movements. It had been some time since they, Cody and his guardians had left Isla de Muerta to return Elizabeth to Port Royal, and they could only hope everything went smoothly on their way there.

"I don't like that we left without at least sealing the keyhole." Cody muttered with his arms crossed.

Noah sighed. "I get it dude, but it would've been just us four against about two dozen cursed pirates. We wouldn't have stood a chance."

"Maybe we can borrow a ship of our own and go back to lock it." Bridgette suggested. "If Barbossa leaves the island to look for us, there won't be anyone there and we could try again."

"Ooooh I like that idea." Lindsay agreed. "We wouldn't have to do as much fighting if we did that."

Cody nodded. "I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Right now, let's try to make it back to Port Royal without Barbossa knowing about-" he tried to finish before Elizabeth screamed.

"Will, LOOK!"

The alarm in Elizabeth's tone made the four teens' hearts drop as they ran up to the ship's stern and looked out across the sea with Will and her. To their horror, they saw the outline of a ship with black sails rapidly approaching them.

"Oh no! They caught up already?!" cried a shocked Lindsay.

"Crap, what now?" moaned Noah.

Cody tried to remain calm as he thought about their predicament. "I wonder what Jack would do?"

"I'm not sure." Will replied. "The only thing I could suggest is that... he'd run for it." The six young adults looked back toward the Black Pearl to see it getting ever closer.

"Sounds good to me!" yelled Cody, Bridgette, Noah, Lindsay and Elizabeth all at once. It was then that they heard a bang in the distance.

Something had crashed into the Interceptor with so much force that it sent everyone crashing to the ground. Cody caught Lindsay before she crashed into the wall, Noah and Bridgette both crashed into each other while Will had unfortunately been knocked overboard. "WILL!" screamed Elizabeth as she looked over the side of the ship to search for her friend.

Cody was beginning to regain his barrings. He could feel someone's weight leaning against him, and he could've sworn his left hand was grasping something soft and pillowy. It was then that he heard Lindsay moan groggily. "Oooh, is something grabbing me?" The keyblade master's eyes widened as he looked down at his hand. His face immediately blushed upon realizing that he was holding onto Lindsay's right breast. He gasped in a panic and let go of her right away before she realized what he had done.

Luckily for him, Bridgette and Noah were too busy laying on the Interceptor's deck with their hands covering their heads to notice what had just transpired. Before Cody could help Lindsay up, Noah shouted "Everyone hit the deck!" making the keyblade wielder and white mage copy him and the surfer girl before another cannonball slammed into the ship.

It was then that Cody had noticed that Will had dropped the medallion before falling overboard. He got up, crotched down to avoid any potential attacks and picked up the Aztec gold. He stood up and frowned toward the approaching Black Pearl. "We don't have a choice, we're just gonna have to fight!"

"Are you crazy?!" Noah snapped as Bridgette and Lindsay stood up and nodded. The bookworm rolled his eyes and got up too. "Did I even need to ask?" he moaned.

"Elizabeth! I know you're worried about Will, but you need to go hide." Cody exclaimed as he manuvered the Interceptor to turn around a hundred-eighty degrees. "Noah, Bridgette, Lindsay! Load the cannons!"

"Aye Captain!" cried Cody's guardians immediately as they each ran to a cannon on the port side.

"You all be careful!" warned Elizabeth as she ran to find somewhere safe to hide.

"Cannons are loaded Cody!" Bridgette called over from the center cannon while Lindsay stood to her left and Noah her right. Each of them held a flint right next to their cannon's ignition.

"Alright, wait for my signal!" The Interceptor and Black Pearl were about parallel to each other, and from his spot at the helm, Cody could see over twenty pirates, plus Barbossa on the Pearl's deck. A few were manning their own cannons. "Once you fire your guns, be sure to take cover!"

A moment later both Cody and Barbossa screamed. "FIRRRRRE!"

Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay lit their guns together in one motion. Each cannon had multiple shots loaded into them, and all three fired at the same time. Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay all dived onto the deck before any enemy shots flew at them. But luckily a shot from each of the cannons struck near one of the others on the Black Pearl, knocking the pirates operating them away or into the sea. Barbossa stood fast as his men dived out of the way.

The Black Pearl - Brig

Meanwhile inside the Black Pearl's brig, Captain Jack Sparrow watched through a peephole carved into the wooden back wall of his cell. He heard the cannon shots from the Interceptor flying toward the Pearl, and to his horror, one shot was flying straight for him.

"Oh bugger!" yelled Jack as he dove to the ground before a cannoball crashed into the wall and blowing a good-sized hole in it. Once Jack regained his composure he screamed out furiously.


Then he heard a metallic creaking noise and turned around to see, to his shock, that the cannonball had blown his cell door apart. His eyes widened as he saw the door dangling on merely a hinge and an open way for him to leave. Jack Sparrow smiled as he got up and left immediately.

"How convenient."

The Interceptor - Deck

On Cody's end, they had run out of ammo for the cannons. Their ship suffered some damage, but luckily they hadn't been sunk. He looked over at the Black Pearl to see most of Barbossa's crew draw their weapons as they held ropes from the ship's mast. At this point, Cody knew that they were getting ready to board their ship.

"Get ready to fight guys!" Cody yelled as he summoned his keyblade and joined Noah, Lindsay and Bridgette on the deck.

"Right!" Bridgette replied as she, Noah and Lindsay summoned their respective weapons.

"We have to guard the medallion, the ship, and Elizabeth!" Cody gave instructions as Barbossa's skeletal crew swung over and landed on the Interceptor. They gave loud battle cries as they charged. "The moon's out, so they can't hide their weak forms this time! So let's take out as many as we can! Now charge!"

Cody dashed forward and ducked one pirate who had jumped at him. He raised his keyblade up to trade sword blows with another. After getting past his defenses, he started wailing on the pirate with the keyblade for a little bit whilst avoiding the attacks of a few other pirates around him. After killing the first enemy, Cody focused on taking care of the other three.

Bridgette had thrust forward her trident several times into her own enemy before he was defeated. An ax-wielding pirate tried to get the jump on her but she spun around and thwacked him across the face, knocking him over board. The surfer girl then turned to fire six aquaspheres in succession which knocked a few more pirates off the Interceptor's side.

During the chaos a few Cannon Gun Heartless had appeared to give aid to the cursed pirates by bombarding Cody's team with falling cannonballs. After stunning three pirates around him with Thundara, Noah ran over to fire volleys of Fira and Blizzara spells at the Heartless until he destroyed them. While he was distracted though the stunned pirates' shock had worn off, so they charged after the bookworm.

Noah merely smirked though as Lindsay appeared before him to shout "Reflega!" the pirates crashed into Lindsay's shield and Noah manuevered around to finish them off with another volley of magic attacks.

Barbossa stood aboard his ship watching in amazement as these four kids fought off his whole crew. "What kinda kids are these, Heather?" he asked the asian girl next to him.

Heather glared daggers at Cody knocking away more foes. "They're the annoying and frustrating kind, sir." she answered with clenched teeth.

Barbossa rolled his eyes as he looked over toward the bow of the ship and saw a familiar looking woman crouched behind a crate watching the battle in awe. He grinned evilly before walking away, formulating a plan.

As this was going on, Jack Sparrow had snuck by the remaining crewmembers and approached a rope swing near the helm. He grabbed the rope and set his sights on a certain target.

Cody and Bridgette were now standing back-to-back surrounded by six pirates. The two teens turned to each other and grinned. As their enemies charged, Cody and Bridgette rapidly blocked every attack that came their way before the tech geek ducked, allowing the surfer girl to spin around like a twister, firing aquaspheres in every direction and knocking the six pirates away, where they either burst into dust or fell overboard. After she stopped spinning, Bridgette struck a pose holding her trident behind her back. Cody couldn't but help but blush.

"Yep. I'm definitely in love." he thought, dreamily staring at his blonde surfer guardian.

"Wooohooo! Go Bridgey, go!" Lindsay cheered, unaware that a knife-wielding pirate was charging at her with his weapon pointed forward.

"LINDSAY WATCH OUT!" screamed Bridgette in terror.

As Lindsay turned to see the pirate charging at her. A man had suddenly swung in and grabbed the pirate by the arm, making him to turn to him.

"That's not very nice." tutted Jack Sparrow as he pulled his sword out. Lindsay took the chance to kick the pirate overboard.

"Jack! You're alive!" Cody exclaimed as he, Bridgette and Noah ran over to greet the captian.

"Course I am!" Jack said confidently as he and the four teens turned to face another handful of skeleton pirates. "I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, after all." Lindsay took the chance to heal everyone's injuries before the pirates charged after them. Cody's team got ready to fight.

"Stop right there, ya' Sea Rats!"

The pirates stopped instantly at the voice of their captain. Cody and Jack looked up toward the Interceptor's bow to see Captain Barbossa, in skeletal form, holding Elizabeth hostage with a gun pointed at her torso. "Elizabeth!" cried a terrified Lindsay as Barbossa escorted her down the steps and past the members of his crew before stopping in front of Jack, Cody, Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay.

"You bastard!" Cody sneered, making Barbossa frown.

"I'm sorry Cody, Bridgette, Noah, Lindsay." Elizabeth apologized sadly. Cody suddenly realized that the surviving pirates had surrounded his team.

"I congratulate you four kids on givin' me an impressive show to watch!" Barbossa said as he grinned wickedly. "But I'll be havin' back that medallion now, unless you wish for this slippery wench to have a hole in her head." Barbossa pointed the pistol at Elizabeth's head for added incentive.

Cody's heart began to race as he brought out the piece of Aztec gold from his pocket. He sighed, and was about to walk over and give it to Barbossa until a familiar voice shouted.

"Barbossa!" everyone turned to see Will, alive and well, standing on top of the ship's railing pointing a pistol at the evil Captain Barbossa. "She goes free!"

"Will" cried a happy Elizabeth and Cody in unison.

Barbossa merely laughed. "Go ahead boy, shoot! We can't die."

To Cody's surprise though, Will smirked. "You can't..." he then pointed his pistol at his own neck. "... but I can!"

"Will NO!" Elizabeth panicked.

"I was afraid of that." whispered Jack to himself.

"My name is Will Turner!" informed the young man, making Barbossa and his crew gasp in disbelief. "My father was Bootstrap Bill Turner! His blood runs in my veins! Now on my word do as I say, or I will pull this trigger and be lost to Davy Jones' Locker."

Barbossa frowned. There was no way he could refuse. "Name your terms Mr. Turner..."

"Elizabeth goes free!" Will yelled without hesitation. "As well as Cody, Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay!" The four junior heroes turned to see if Barbossa would except these terms.

"Anythin' else?"

Will couldn't see it, but Jack was pointing at himself enthusiastically. Hoping that he would negotiate his release as well. "I want you to leave. Now! Only on those terms will I accompany you back to Isla de Muerta!" Jack's face fell in disappointment. Cody and Bridgette didn't like the idea of Will going alone with Barbossa, but they weren't really in any position to negotiate.

Barbossa bowed unexpectedly. "Agreed... leave we shall..." Elizabeth slowly walked from next to Barbossa to stand behind Cody, as the pirates surrounding them all made their way back onto the Black Pearl. Cody breathed a sigh of relief... at least until he realized that he could just make out a wicked smirk on Barbossa's face.

The cursed man revealed this smile to the others before proclaiming "... but the Heartless stays!"

Before Will could do anything, Heather had appeared out of nowhere behind the man and delievered a chop to the back of his neck. After cackling victoriously, the queen bee ran with the unconscious Will over her shoulder back to the Black Pearl, and to Cody's horror, he saw her holding the medallion in one of her fists. The geek looked in disbelief at his empty hand. When had she swiped it from him?

"No!" Elizabeth screamed.

"You lying bastard, Barbossa!" Cody swore at the laughing captain as he ran over toward his ship. He, Jack, Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay intended to run after him until something huge materialized before them.

It was a giant Heartless, at least ten feet tall. It was also legless, so it hovered a few feet off the ground. It's head was pink and ressembled a human skull, with a strange pink and black crest across the top that almost looked like a headress, yellow lifeless eyes, and thin, swirl-shaped protrusions sticking out like ears. It's long pink neck, shoulders and torso were hidden under a blue steel garment with the Heartless crest in the center, and its arms were long with black wristguards adorning them. By far the Heartless' most distinguished feature though was the weapon it carried. An anchor-shaped blade connected to a pole almost as long as itself and ending with a heart-shaped ring. The Heartless hung it between two fingers, allowing the blade to swing like a pendulum.

"What in the name of Captain Morgan is that?" asked a stunned Jack Sparrow.

"A Heartless!" Bridgette responded. "Get ready!"

"Elizabeth go hide!" Cody hollared at the woman, who nodded and ran into the Interceptor's Hold. The Grim Reaper swung it's blade as it glared down at it's enemies with lifeless eyes. It let out a high-pitched roar before vanishing in a gust of wind.

Cody's eyes widened. "Move!" he and the others dodged right as the Reaper, who had teleported behind them, slammed it's weapon down onto the spot where they had just stood only a second before. Once Cody had righted himself, he ran over to unleash a volley of keyblade swings onto the Heartless. Bridgette later jumped up to join in on the attacks while Noah shot fireballs from a distance.

The Grim Reaper blocked the next set attacks and swung it's scythe, knocking Cody and Bridgette away. This allowed Jack to jump up from behind and slice at the Grim Reaper with his own sword attacks. While the Heartless was distacted by Jack, Cody and Bridgette nodded to each other and ran over together to help. Soon, Cody, Bridgette and Jack were working together to wail on the giant Heartless.

It vanished again, and appeared behind Cody. But before it could slice him, Lindsay ran over to block the attack with her reflect barrier. Noah took advantage with another round of magic spells.

"Is it just me, or is this thing kind of easy?" taunted Noah with a smirk.

Not appreciating the black mage's taunt. The Grim Reaper gave another shriek before lifting it's weapon above it's head and blowing Cody, Bridgette and Jack away from it. Cody crashed into Noah, while Lindsay, Bridgette and Jack were scattered across the Interceptor.

"Thanks for jinxing it, Noah." Cody joked.

"Oh shut up." retorted Noah as he and Cody returned to their feet.

The Grim Reaper rushed forward with it's weapon raised, but Jack ran in between the two nerds and blocked the Heartless' swing. "Hello Beastie." he greeted with a smirk before shoving it back slightly. With it's guard down Noah fired another Blizzara spell that actually froze the Heartless' torso solid, making it unable to move.

"Master Cody! Shall we finish it?"

"Aye-aye Captain!" exclaimed Cody as the the two ran at the disabled Grim Reaper.

Bridgette used a powerful level two geyser to send the Heartless up into the air. Cody and Jack ran in opposite directions before jumping at the falling Heartless boss. Jack readied his cutlass, while Cody's keyblade glowed slightly. The captain and first mate swung their blades at the same time, slicing the Grim Reaper in two diagnal directions. Cody and Jack landed on the deck as the ice surrounding the Heartless shattered. The Grim Reaper gave another piercing shriek before being cut into four pieces and exploding in a dark mist. Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay watched as a giant pink heart flew up into the sky from the spot where the Hearless died.

"Alright Cody and Captain!" Noah cheered uncharacteristically.

"Cody, that was so awesome!" Bridgette congratulated as she ran ove to Cody and hugged him.

Cody's face flushed as he shyly returned the hug. "Eh, it was nothing."

Jack however ran over to the edge of the ship to see that the Black Pearl was almost out of sight. "This is the second time I've had to watch that man sail away with my ship." he growled to himself. "But I'll be havin' her back soon enough."

Elizabeth came out from inside the Hold and looked around. "Is that thing gone?" Cody, Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay turned to see her. The tech geek flashed a thumbs up which made the older woman smile.

"We need to hurry and make way!" Jack called out to the teens and Elizabeth. "Before they get to far ahead!"

Bridgette frowned up at Jack. "No offense Jack, but after Barbossa tricked us like that, I'm not sure I plan on trusting anymore pirates."

Cody looked down sadly. "Yeah, I have to agree."

Much to their surprise, Jack wasn't didn't seem offended. "You'll find that's actually a wise policy, lads." He told them with a grin before he approached the helm. "Now then, set the sails! And raise the anchor!"

Cody and Bridgette sighed as they followed Jack's instructions alongside Lindsay and Noah, deciding to put aside their mistrust for now. They needed to hurry and save Will. After only a few minutes, the Interceptor sailed on in the direction of Isla de Muerta and the Black Pearl.

Isla de Muerta - Rock Face

It was still nighttime by the time the Interceptor made port at the same rock face from earlier. As Cody's team, Jack and Elizabeth departed the ship, they could see the Black Pearl once again anchored in the center of the bay.

"You stay with ship, lass!" Jack demanded Elizabeth, who looked angry at the notion.

"I'll do no such thing after all Will has done to come rescue me! He could die in there!"

"Dear William will be fine, trust me."

Elizabeth, and even Cody, Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay looked at Jack incredulously. "Really, even after that "Not trusting pirates is a wise policy" stuff you talked about earlier?" Noah said dryly.

"Noah's right Jack, I'm not a fool!" Elizabeth agreed with the black mage.

Cody looked at Bridgette, who nodded. "Then trust us instead." Cody said to Elizabeth.

"Yeah, don't you worry Eliza." Lindsay assured, even though she got Elizabeth's name wrong. "The four of us will bring Will back safely. We promise!"

"She might have more faith in us if you could say her name right." groaned Noah with an eyeroll.

"Oopsie, sorry." chuckled an embarrassed Lindsay. "But I'm starting to remember more names than normally do."

Elizabeth giggled slightly. "Thank you, Cody, Lindsay, Bridgette and Noah." Jack merely rolled his eyes as he walked down the stone path toward the island's cave.

"We'll be back." Bridgette reassured the young woman as she and the other three ran after Captain Jack.

Isla de Muerta - Treasure Heap

After sailing back without any trouble, Barbossa stood once again in front of the cursed Aztec gold chest as the remaining members of his crew, which had been drastically reduced after the last battle with that key-carrying boy's crew, stood around the treasure heap cheering madly. They were beyond excited as they would soon no longer be cursed men. Barbossa held the medallion in his fist once again as Will stood next to him, arms binded in rope.

"Now, let's be tryin' this again." said an exasperated Barbossa. "The last of the Aztec treasure has been returned." the captain pointed his knife at the face of Will. "And now, the blood will be repaid to free us from this curse forever!" After motioning a slit-throat with the knife, he turned to his crew and added for good measure. "This time for sure!"

The ten or so pirates cheered their heads off as Barbossa approached Will with the intent to slit the man's throat. But before he could even lift the knife, he heard someone shout.

"Ahoy! Treasure me Hearties!" came the mocking voice of Noah as he, Cody, Bridgette, Lindsay and Jack stood at the entrance to the cave with their weapons drawn and smirks on their faces. They had had to do a lot of fighting with the Heartless before arriving here, but they had finally made it, and just in time.

"Jack! Cody!" Will yelled with relief as Barbossa and his men stared at the five newcomers flabberghasted. "Where's Elizabeth, is she-?"

"She's safe Will. Don't worry about a thing." Cody assured. Will breathed a thankful sigh.

On his end, Barbossa couldn't believe his eyes. "It's not possible." he whispered in shock.

"Not probable." said Lindsay, ignoring Noah's quip about her actually saying something quite clever. "We're alive, we're here, and we're pirates."

Jack stepped forward with one arm on his hip before striking a pose. "Captain Jack Sparrow!"

Cody imitated Jack. "First Mate Cody!"



The other four looked toward a hesitant Noah, who finally sighed and imitated them. "Noah too, I guess." he said without nearly as much enthusiasm.

Barbossa was seething with fury now. "So ya' wanna play pirate eh?" he drew his sword. "Ye be best savin' the playactin' for the nursery! After them boys!" His crew charged after Cody's team with their weapons drawn.

Jack ducked through all of the pirates and rushed toward his former first mate. Will took this chance to dive down the mound of treasure out of the way to safety. Barbossa swung his blade at Jack, who had blocked it. Looking back up, Will could've sworn he had seen Jack sneak something out from the chest above. Jack and Barbossa proceeded to have a duel for the ages as Cody, Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay fought off the ten remaining crew members of Barbossa's crew.

The only bad part was that this cave only had patches of visable moonlight from outside shining through the ceiling. So Cody's group needed to be strategic about where they fought their enemies. After several minutes of fighting, they had managed to dwindle the enemies numbers down to five. Cody fought two at once, while Bridgette fought one, Noah and Lindsay fought another, and Will, who had freed himself from his bonds by using a sword from one of the fallen, took on the remaining one.

The whole time this went on, Jack and Barbossa clashed blades with each other. They ducked each other's swings, spun around to try and slash the other, threw kicks when they could, but neither could get the upper hand on the other.

After another ten minutes, Will, Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay had defeated their respective pirates. This only left one last Barbossa crew member fighting against Cody in a patch of moonlight. Keyblade clashed with cutlass as the large and imposing pirate tried desperately to kill this brown-haired boy. Eventually, he swung visciously downward.

Cody smirked and dodged before kicking the weapon away. The pirate's eyes widened as Cody's keyblade began to glow. The teen jumped into the air before thrusting it down across the pirate's chest.

"No fair." he spoke his last breath before breaking apart into dust. Cody's team had done it. They had defeated all of Barbossa's crew.

"Ha! Who's playacting now!" Cody yelled victoriously as his three guardians and Will all ran over to him.

"Easy there tiger." warned Noah.

"Thank you Cody." said Will gratefully.

"Sure thing." replied Cody with a wink before the sounds of clanking metal came to their ears.

"Over there!" Bridgette exclaimed, pointing over to where Jack and Barbossa were continuing their duel.

The two pirates stood on a stone ramp with some moonlight shining down behind Jack. They kept up their attacks for a couple of minutes before Lindsay tried to cheer Jack on, only for Bridgette to cover her mouth. "No don't! He needs to concentrate right now. He is fighting someone who can't be killed with just his sword."

As much as Cody wanted to, he couldn't intervene here. This was Jack's fight, and the geek knew that. And so did Bridgette, Lindsay, Noah and Will too. They were also sure that Jack had a plan up his sleeve.

Eventually Barbossa kicked Jack to the ground. As Jack glared hatefully up at Barbossa, the latter sheathed his sword and said matter-of-factly. "You can't beat me, Jack!"

Jack took this chance to jump to his feet, and plunged his sword into the chest of Barbossa. The evil captain just rolled his eyes, before removing the sword from his chest and, to the disbelief of Cody, stab Jack in the heart.

"NOOOOOOO!" Cody cried in horror as Jack's eyes bulged. Will, Noah, Bridgette and Lindsay just stood dumbfounded at what had just happened. Jack lost?

Jack meanwhile wasn't looking too good as he staggered backward. "You're a fool, Jack Sparrow!" taunted Barbossa victoriously as Jack struggled backward more and more until he had stepped into the patch of moonlight behind him.

Only for Jack's entire body to become skeletal.

Barbossa, Will, Cody, Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay stared in shock at seeing Jack in a cursed form. They were speechless. What the hell was going on? Captain Jack Sparrow meanwhile had raised his arm up to inspect the bones he now had instead of skin. "That's interesting..." he said matter-of-factly. He then smirked a toothy grin as he brought out the piece of Aztec gold that he had stolen from the chest. He played with the coin with his fingers for a few seconds before saying to Barbossa. "I couldn't resist, mate."

Will grinned. "Jack..." He had been right when he thought Jack had snuck something from the chest earlier.

Barbossa was now enraged. "Show yourself now Heather!" he called out to the cave. "The tide has changed! Where are ya, ya blasted girl?!"

"Yeah yeah, I hear you!" Heather suddenly appeared by the cave's entrance. She whistled loudly before leaving this place through a portal of darkness behind her. "Guess I've got no more reason to stay here." she said to herself as she realized that her plan had been foiled.

"Heather wait!" Cody shouted after her, but she had gone. It was then that he saw something big and green crawl down from the dark ceiling above.

"What the heck!" exclaimed Bridgette.

It was another Heartless, and this one ressembled a big green lizard. It had long green arms that were covered by silver gauntlets and ended with claws, long spiky ridges going down it's back, yellow eyes and a huge mouth with a long sticky tongue. It's lower half was blue, with two stubs sticking out instead of feet, and it's long tail ended with what appeared to be a lanturn.

The Illuminator jumped from wall to wall before landing on the rocks right behind Barbossa. The evil captain began to laugh manically as the Illuminator's eyes glowed brightly. Cody, Bridgette, Noah, Lindsay, Jack and Will readied their weapons.

The Heartless made it's move as an aura of darkness it shone from it's lanturn tail. Then to Cody's shock the room became covered in total darkness. They could now only see a few feet in front of them.

"Everyone stick together!" Cody warned as Jack had joined the others to form a circle around each other so they could watch each other's blind spots.

Barbossa took advantage of the situation and charged from the darkness at Bridgette. "Whoa!" she screamed in fright, only just barely blocking the pirate's strike with her trident. Before she could retaliate though, Barbossa had jumped back into the darkness. "That was way too close."

"He's not gonna play fair by the looks of it." Will stated as he blocked Barbossa's next surprise attack.

"It is six one two if we're being fair." Jack pointed out.

"Damn! That Heartless' darkness has blocked out the moonlight too!" Noah informed everyone. "So even if we counterattack, we won't be able to hurt him!"

"So we're gonna need to take out that Heartless before we can fight Barbossa." said Cody.

"But how, I can't see anything." Lindsay pointed out. "Where could that lizard thingy be?"

"I must admit, ya lads are good at defendin'." the voice of Barbossa called from the darkness. "But I wonder how long ye can keep it up before me blade strikes straight and true."

Cody scanned the surroundings while making sure to stop Barbossa's sneak attacks. It took a few minutes, and by this point his team had been pretty beaten up, but Cody suddenly spotted two yellow dots above them on the ceiling. "Noah! Shoot a fireball above us!"

"What!" replied the black mage.

"Just do it!"

"Fine! Fira!" Noah yelled as he shot a Fira spell up into the darkness. His aim was true, and the fireball had struck the Illuminator right in the back. It gave a painful cry as it fell from the ceiling. The affect was instantaneous. The dark fog it had created lifted instantly and moonlight had returned to the cave. The fire spell had broken apart a large hole in the ceiling as well, shining even more moonlight down on the battlefield. The Illuminator was struggling to get up from the ground as a surprised Barbossa looked up into the large hole in the cave's ceiling. He was bathed in the light of the moon, leaving his skeletal form visable for Cody's team.

"Take him now!" Jack ordered to his crew as he, Cody and Bridgette charged after Barbossa and Noah, Lindsay and Will ran over to finish off the lizard Heartless.

"Thundara!" Noah unleashed the spell on top of the Illuminator, who twiched in pain on the cave's floor. Lindsay and Will jumped into the air and swung their staff and sword down atop the weakened Heartless. It burst into black mist on impact.

Will fell down from exhaustion, making Lindsay worried. "Will, are you okay?" she asked.

"Don't worry about me." Will assured the sweet girl. "You and Noah should go help fight Barbossa. I'll just rest here."

Noah nodded. "Alright. If you're sure. Let's go Lindsay." he and the white mage ran over to help Cody, Bridgette and Jack.

Will smiled until something shined in the corner of his eye. He looked down into the shallow pond next to him, and to his shock, saw a piece of Aztec gold connected to a chain. He immediately recognized it as the one his father had given him. Barbossa must've dropped it without realizing when he was doing all of those sneak attacks. Will began to concoct a plan.

"I'll blast ya to bits!" Barbossa yelled hatefully as he threw several tiny bombs at Cody, Bridgette and Jack. The trio dodged before the bombs exploded. Cody looked up to see the skeletal Barbossa swing his sword in his direction. Jack blocked the swing, so Cody countered with a kick to the pirate's midsection which sent him reeling. By this time, Noah and Lindsay had run over to provide support.

Barbossa dodge rolled out of the way and charged after Lindsay, who immediately summoned her Reflect barrier. The pirate's sword struck the shield, but he used own momentum to swing his left arm hard past Lindsay's defenses and struck her painfully in the face, knocking her out cold into a stash of treasure.

"Lindsay!" cried Cody, Bridgette and Noah together.

Barbossa laughed cruelly as he brought out his revolver. "Let's see ya block this now!" he yelled before firing his pistol wildly. Cody tackled Bridgette behind another stash of gold before she was shot, while Noah jumped behind a rock and Jack jumped over near Will.

"Jack, I've got it!" WIll whispered to Jack, whose eyes bulged when he saw the medallion in his hand.

"Hold onto that and gimme five minutes!" Jack exclaimed as he rushed from his hiding spot to charge after Barbossa, who was reloading his pistol. Before he could shoot it however, Noah shot a Blizzard spell into his hand which knocked the gun away and into the corner of the cave.

"Blast it!" Barbossa cried as Cody and Bridgette ran over to take advantage of this distraction. They unleashed several blows onto the cursed captain, with keyblade and trident mixing well with each other. Barbossa roared furiously as he swiped his sword, making them back off.

"Enjoy a piece o' this!" Barbossa laughed as swung wildly at Bridgette, who was only just able to dodge five of his attacks. She tripped up though before the last attack, making Barbossa grin as he swung forward to finish the surfer girl off.

"Oh no you don't!" Cody roard as he came out of nowhere and stomped down on Barbossa's sword, pinning it to the cave floor. Barbossa's eyes widened as Cody performed a backflip kick right into the captain's face. "Let's finish this Bridge!"

"Got it!" she replied loudly.

Jack Sparrow took a moment to smile at the two teens before putting his next plan into motion. Lindsay had finally woken up and ran over to see if Jack was injured when, to her shock, he used his cutlass to slice into his own hand.

"Jack, what're you doing!" she cried.

"No worries, Lindsay. It's all part of the plan." he replied as he clenched the cut fist that held his own piece of Aztec gold. After soaking the coin with his own blood, he threw it to the waiting Will, who successfully caught it, but not without tumbling into a pile of treasure, making Jack and Noah wince.

"That'll hurt in the morning." Noah cringed.

"Well spoke, mate." Jack agreed as Lindsay used her cure spell on Jack's cut to heal it. The three stood by and watched Cody and Bridgette unleash a powerful combination attack.

While Barbossa was still stunned from Cody's couterattack, Bridgette pushed him into the air with a geyser that stunned him even more. Cody jumped into the air and performed Sonic Blade, dashing right through Barbossa with his keyblade six times, before unleashing one last powerful swing that sent the evil pirate crashing into a corner of the cave where moonlight did not shine.

Cody landed back on the ground before looking over to see Barbossa slowly getting to his feet. He staggered slightly, and he felt pretty bruised from that last attack. The captain had also returned to his human form since he wasn't standing in any moonlight. He glared hatefully at the brown-haired geeky teen for what he had done to him. He roared furiously before drawing his pistol in the blink of an eye.

"Curse you, ya Scurrvy Dog!" Barbossa cursed at a wide-eyed Cody before pulling the trigger of his pistol.

"CODY!" screamed Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay as they ran to protect their leader.

A single gunshot rang out in the cave...

But not from Barbossa's gun...

Barbossa turned to his right to see Jack Sparrow, in human form, pointing his smoking pistol right at him. Cody, Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay all stood speechless. Jack finally did it. He had fired his gun. Far from looking worried though, Barbossa smirked. "Ten years you carry that pistol, and now you waste your shot." he almost laughed.

"He didn't waste it!" Will suddenly spoke from next to the chest. Barbossa turned swiftly to see Will holding a knife in his right hand while clenching something in his left, looking down at him victoriously. Barbossa's heart stopped as he saw Will drop both the medallion Jack had and his, both covered in blood, into the chest with the other eight-hundred and eighty pieces. All pieces of the Aztec gold had returned to the chest at last.

Captain Barbossa realized too late that he was starting to feel again. He also realized that his body was beginning to feel cold as he slowly turned to stare at Jack with wide eyes, who just stared back with a frown. Barbossa slowly opened up his jacket and saw blood pouring from the shot to his heart. He looked back up at Jack again with a sad smile. He was finally free of the curse. He could feel again, but he was losing that feeling faster and faster as his body started to fail.

"I feel..." Barbossa whispered softly. "...cold..."

Captain Barbossa spoke his final words as he collapsed onto the treasure cave floor. Dead. But also, finally free.

Jack Sparrow put his sword and gun away as he slowly approached the body of his former first mate. He leaned down and with two fingers, closed Barbossa's lifeless eyes shut. "Rest easy mate." he whispered mournfully.

Cody, Bridgette, Lindsay and Noah looked at each other feeling speechless. Surprised by what had just happened, but also by Jack showing the one who betrayed him some compassion. Maybe there had been a stronger connection between the two in the past that resurfaced after everything was over and done with. As strange as it might sound, in spite of everything he had done, Cody felt some pity for Barbossa.

"Cody look." Bridgette pointed over to the Aztec gold chest. Cody turned to see something glowing in the chest's center. After the light faded, a keyhole was left in it's place. Cody pointed his keyblade at the chest, and the familiar light shined at the blade's tip before firing a beam right into the keyhole. As the keyhole glowed brightly, a locking sound was faintly heard. A minute later, the entire chest of Aztec gold vanished in a bright light with Port Royal's keyhole.

"And now, no one will ever be cursed by this power again." Cody stated with a smile.

Isla de Muerta - Rock Face

It took some time but the six heroes had made it out of the caves and back to the rock face. "What now, Jack?" Will asked curiously.

"Whatever I want, now that the Pearl is mine again." Jack answered simply. He, Will and Cody's team turned to look at the fabled black-sailed ship moored in the bay. Now that Barbossa and his entire crew was dead, Jack was free to repossess his prized ship. He could go to Tortuga and find a crew to his liking, and this time he'll pick ones who won't mutiny against him.

"That she is..." Will sighed before smiling at the pirate. "Thank you, Jack." he extended his hand only for Jack to recoil and cover his head.

"Uhh, what're you doing?" Cody asked Jack.

"I didn't want you hittin' me again mate!" exclaimed Jack to Will, who looked rather embarrassed.

"Right... sorry about that." he apologized. Cody, Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay snickered.

"WILL!" cried the voice of Elizabeth as she ran in their direction. Will grinned at seeing the woman he loved safe and sound. Elizabeth practically jumped into the man's arms as everyone around them watched. "I was so worried about you!" she said with relief.

"I'm alright, Elizabeth. We both are." Will comforted her. Then to the shock of Cody, Bridgette, Noah and Lindsay, Will brought Elizabeth in for a passionate kiss. Jack however didn't know how to react.

"Awwww!" Lindsay and Bridgette both cooed at the love being displayed in front of them.

"What a truly revolting sight." whispered Jack in disgust.

Will and Elizabeth finally broke apart before hugging again, and when that was over, Elizabeth turned to face the others. "Thank you Cody, Bridgette, Noah, Lindsay, and thank you Jack."

"Hey Jack." Cody approached the new captain of the Black Pearl. "Good luck. And thanks for letting me be your temporary first mate." he extended his hand, and this time Jack didn't recoil. Though he did look at the geek with confusion.

"Sorry say that again?" Jack asked.

Now Cody was confused. "Um, didn't you say that I would be your first mate until this whole thing was over?"

"Also, what about the Interceptor?" Will asked as everyone turned to look at the ship that they had borrowed without permission. "We should probably get that back to Port Royal as soon as possible."

Jack looked at everyone like they were silly. "Exactly. This pirate is feeling in a generous mood after getting his ship back. So what's say we split our lot between the Pearl and Interceptor and sail that ship back to it's proper port, aye?"

"Wow, that's surprisingly kind of you Jack." Elizabeth complimented.

"Enjoy it while lasts cause I will not be doing it again." Jack told them with a grimace, making everybody laugh. "Now then, Master Cody! Get us ready to make way! We've a long way back to Port Royal!" Jack ordered.

Cody was speechless for a moment, but then his eyes lit up with excitement. "Aye-aye Captain!" he saluted before running down the path.

"Hey wait, Cody! Don't we have to leave now?" Noah called after the tech geek.

"Aww come on Noah." said a smiling Bridgette. "Let's let him have one more adventure as a pirate before we have to leave."

"Yeah, playing pirate has been pretty fun." Lindsay agreed. "I'm good with one more trip!"

Jack, Will and Elizabeth stood watching the teens enthusiasm with amused glances. "I can't believe that I'm actually going to miss Cody when he leaves." Jack admitted out loud. "He'd of made a fine first mate."

After dividing up the crews for both the Black Pearl and Interceptor and getting ready, both ships were off, on course for Port Royal. Cody was really going to miss this world in spite of all the craziness that happened here. He got to live a childhood dream, and what made it better, was that he was able to live it with an incredible group of friends. He would cherish his time here for as long as he lived.

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