Raven is Sam's half sister that he never knew about. She has had a different life then one day after something happens, she is forced to move in with her half brother. How will this go? How will the pack take having to hide the secret from someone who lives in Sam's house? And what happened in her past that makes her try and avoid the topic?Ok I am so sorry about my terrible summery. Story is way better then summery PROMISE, Just give it like two chapters I am really bad at staring stories. I own Nothing Except my ideas; also I get ideas from places then don't remember where I get them from so if it sounds familiar then it probably is. This is my first Twilight fan fiction so constructive criticism is welcome.



Ok quick little description. Raven is 6 feet 4 inches tall has jet-black hair and dark brown eyes that have little bit of silver in them. She has a thing for combat boots and jackets. Also there is something special about her, other then the fact that her half brother is a werewolf, when she touches someone skin to skin contact she sees their past and feels like she is going threw it but only bit's and pieces at a time and she usually only sees the pain and anger; she is also good at not letting her mask slip because she is capable of still being contuse of what is going on around her but the main sign is the fact that her eyes glaze over just slightly with a deep blood red, and she has several other secrets but one big one you should be able to figure out by next chapter if not by this one and ya, the rest you should find out in the story please send me a review ant any time if you have any questions.

-Sam POV-

Jared and I had just gotten done with patrol and were walking up to my house. I could smell Emily's muffins from the tree line and my stomach was growling and I could hear Jared's.

"Man I can smell Emily's cooking, do you think anyone is there yet?" Jared asked as we got to the porch.

"Please Jared we are always here!" someone shouted from the kitchen.

When I walked in I immediately found Emily and gave her a quick kiss before devouring three muffins. I was watching Jared, Embry, and Jake talk about something and Paul stuffing his face with muffins, so basically it was a normal morning. When the phone rang Emily answered I didn't think anything of it until she called my name.

"Sam, Sam the phone is for you," She said

"Who is it?" I asked as I walked over, she just shrugged her shoulders and handed me the phone.


"Is this Samuel Uley?"

"Yes, who is this?" who do I know that would call me Samuel?

"This is Bertha Hall from the Seattle Foster Care (AN I don't know if that is a real place) calling in regards to your sister,"

Sister? I don't have a sister. "I think you have the wrong person I am afraid I don't have a sister," By now the pack is quiet listening in on the phone call.

"No I have the correct person you father was Joshua Uley?"


"Well then you just made my job easier I will be dropping of the bra- your sister this afternoon seeing how you are the only living family she has you have been put in charge of her. I will see you around noon Mr. Uley good day." Then she just hung up.

Sister? I have a sister? Holly shit I have a sister!?

"What was that about Sam?" Emily asked

"I have a sister, and she will be here around noon"

"That's great! I will get the guest bedroom set up for her. This is amazing I can't wait to meet her…" I could hear Emily talking in the background but I was still trying to rap my head around the fact that I had a sisters and she was coming to live with me.

-Time skip—11:56

-Raven POV-

I just get back to the foster home when I am loaded up in a car and told that they found my brother Samuel Uley and that I would be going to live with him starting today. I have been taking care of myself for years why do I suddenly need to go and live with some one I don't even know; and worse then that one of his children. When we pas a welcome to La Push sign I am elbowed in the ribs.

"Hey Raven wake up. We are almost to your brothers house" Bertha says

"Half brother, he is my half brother," I correct her

"Listen missy I don't care if he is your 5 cousin twice removed, just as long as you are related and he gets you out of my hair he can be a god dam monkey for all I care," she says looking at me with disgust.

I WAS out of your hair and with people that were cool but someone just had to keep looking and found out that I had a half brother.

We pulled in to a gravel driveway and Bertha put the car in park in front of a nice little house and five huge male clones step out the door. Uh great we have clones of the female fantasy, how much worse can this day get? As I step out of the car and grab my bags and looked at the clones standing on the porch well better get introductions out of the way.

"Which one of you clones is Samuel Uley?" I ask, the look of shock on all of their faces is just perfect it almost made me smile, almost.

"Raven, be polite. I am sorry for her she is just a bit stubborn with new people, now who is Samuel?" Bertha says sending a glare my way. I was being polite, if I wasn't my word choice would have been much more… colorful.

"That would be me" the one standing by closes to us says. Bertha intradoses her self and tell Samuel if he has any questions to call, but then makes some lame excuse for having to leave and drives off.

"Well you know who I am let me introduce you to everyone else, this is…" Sam starts

"I don't care. I don't like you and I could give a shit about whom you hang out with. I had a nice set up in Italy but you just had to go and fuck it all up, so now I am here and I am sorry if I am coming off rude, well no actually I could give a shit if you think I am rude but I just want to put my stuff away, go for a run. So Samuel, are you going to show me were I will be staying or should I just pick a room?" I say cutting him off when I am done with my little speech I look over the clones looking each and everyone in the eye but when I get to the last one my eyes lock on his. It is like my world shifted and this clone standing in front of me is the most important thing there is. Wow what is going on I just want to curl up in his arms and… Hold on there Raven you don't get attached, ever, for all you know he could be just like Joshua just act like this didn't happen.

"Oh uh right your room is up stairs the last one in the hall way, and call me Sam. Here let me help you with your bags," the Sam says and points inside, "and you know a young lady really shouldn't talk like that you."

"Listen Samuel if you don't like the way I talk, then don't fucking listen, ok? I don't need you to give me lessens on what is appropriate to say and what isn't" I threw and unneeded curse in there just to prove my point. "Also it's a back pack and a duffle bag trust me I got it." I say walking in to the house and up to my new room.