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Ravens gift

"Thoughts in Ravens gift"

-Paul POV-




"If you bite someone do they become like you?" Raven

"No" Jake

"Well then I rest my case," Raven

It was silent for a section before Jared broke it, "how so?"

When she looked at him she had an 'are you serious' look on her face.

"You joking right?" but then it occurred to her he was serious, "Real werewolves are forced to change on a full moon, when they change they are mindless monsters who have no morels and are ruled by bloodlust, they cant remember jack shit about what they did when they were wolfed out and when they change back they are drained practically to the point of death of energy, also the only way for someone to be like them is for them to have been bitten by a werewolf when they were wolfed out; witch is why the werewolf population usually stays at a pretty steady number because just being bitten is VERY unlikely, you should consider yourself lucky if you have a quick death. That is why I corrected you when you said that you were werewolves, because you aren't, you are not true children of the moon just shifters who happen to shift into a wolf."

After she finished the room was silent…




-Raven POV-

I can't believe they think they are werewolves I mean really! How could you think that just because you turn into a wolf it makes you a werewolf thats like saying just because someone hasn't slept in a while they are a vampire. Do they even know how much of an insult that is to themselves.

The room stayed silent for several minutes and it was starting to get on my nerves but before I could say anything one of the guys, Uh what is his name, Jim?-Jerry?-Joseph?-Justin?- Jared! Said somthing "So…um, now that we have clarified that, how did she kind of guess that we were were- I mean um shifters?" putting stress on the words kind of and directing the question to Sam.

"Well she-" Sam started but I cut him off

"has a name as well as a voice and is perfectly capable of answering the question herself," I said stepping back into what Felix likes to call my 'Bitchy Raven' personna

Everyone in the room's attention suddenly shifted from Sam to me. "Um sorry, I didn't mean it like that I just, well. How did you kind of guess we were we-shifters?" Jared asked

let's see should i tell them straight out or should I screw with them a bit first, hmm, decisions, decisions "I just know shit." I told them great now I sound like that Whitlock guy I met in Texas.

"You just know shit? Well that explains everything now doesn't it? She just knows shit. that is your explanation?" the other one that's name starts with a J said um, Jacob

"Well that's it in a nutshell ya." I said with a smirk. Before Jacob could say anything back someone else did

"How do you 'just know shit'?" Paul asked

Fine spoil my fun "I touch you and I know shit about your life," I responded with look in his direction the way he was looking at me made me feel so special and loved and I felt so safe I could so many emotions in his eyes and I wanted to just get lost in them. I have never felt like this never lov-Hold your shit right there you were not just thinking that! what the hell you don't get all lovey dovey about some guy you barely know and you definitely do NOT say the L-word; what the hell Raven!

"Like what kind of stuff?" Emily asked

Wow I actually forgot she was in the room for a second. How the hell do I answer this? "I depends on the person."

"Can you do one of us? Just so we can see how it works" Embry asked

I'm not a fuckin' science experiment "sure," I said, "Who wants' to give it a go?"

"I would,"-


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