hey guys I just couldn't get this idea out of my head for weeks so here ya go

I own nothing from the rio or halo characters they all go to their awsome owners

my creations will be bolded out when they appear for the first few times

also this might be a two part duo not sure yet but enjoy

Blu was out with jewel while their three kids where at Nico and Pedro's hollow blu was secretly being on the look out for any other birds that might ave been wanting to start a fight over jewel or try to get cozy with jewel was taking a bath in a small water fall singing in her crystal clear like voice singing a song she just heard over the radio at linda's house and she insisted on listening to it over and over again blu sighed a relaxed sigh which seemed like the first one all day as he listened to his mate sing lincoln park "new divide" and didn't notice the rustling to his right and just sat and relaxed but soon he noticed and slowly but surely walked over to source of the noise and was filled with anger at the sight of a hyacinth macaw peeping at his mate in the shower and during mating season blu lunged at the macaw and(flipped the bird) out of his hiding place onto the small shore of the lake and tried to pin the hyacinth but the macaw was alot stronger than blu and thew blu off of him and pinned blu down but did scratch or even peck at what he did was worse as he continued he just kept staring at jewel which angered blu even more, even though blu couldnt,t fight to well he stilled tried to get out from the peep after about three minutes of trying to scream or do something to alert jewel to the sneak blu was out of breath and nearly lost the rest of his precious air as he gasped at what was coming straight at the duo and stayed deathly still as the bush master slithered onto the small hyacinth noticed the spix macaw wasn't struggling anymore and looked down at the pathetic excuse for a mate as he saw the spix macaw or at least used to be spix macaw was white under his feet after wondering about the male he looked back to see the female step out of the shower and in utter shock she just stared looking scared for her life and like the male stood deathly still as he was about to step over to her he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder and screamed at what he saw,fangs...snake fangs and was even more scared at being thrown on the ground by the male spix macaw and screamed for help from him or his mate but before he could call for them they flew away at top speed not caring at all for the "dead bird".

Blu was still shaken that he almost died that day and was back sitting in his hollow shivering and jewel having her wings wrapped around a Shaky voice he said "I couldn't defend you...even against other fed."Jewel knew it to be true but also knew that he hadn't been trained to fight and had a bad reputation of winning 2 out of every 8 fights which every one knows is pretty was slowly coming out of what he said was shock jewel blu started coming back to his normal self she hugged him and said she would never leave him life or death and thanked him for protecting her privacy as best he could but all blu did was nod his head in a way as of saying anytime.


Captain james was on board his flag ship the purge (yes I love that name its so pure) watching as his ship was approaching the worm hole to another dimension where the "spix macaw spieces was still he was sure because he caught radio waves from inside the worm hole and they had sent tons of probes out from the different ships that passed around the area captain James thought to himself the ships smart A.I. cato came up on his mini projector to give his usual hourly report "sir we are ready to go through the worm hole the tanks are ready all the deck guns are out and all pilots and machines alike are ready to fly"said cato briskly and with that he disappeared to check all the details making sure every thing was perfect up to the asking of the species reps or ambassadors of the species a male and a female or their blood samples so they could clone them ,thank god they nearly perfected cloning."Cato...""yes sir?""set a coarse for the worm hole ready every one and thing that we may need or want""all ready done sir"said the A.I., "crew members prepare to go through the hole" as all the bridge crew strapped in captain james came on the intercom "all crew strap yourselves in and prepare for rapid depature".And with that the captain sat down in his command chair and prepared himself to go through the worm hole, just then cato came on the mini holopad in the command chair "sir we are ago for entering the worm hole".Said the A.I..And with that the fleet went thought the slip space portal to the different dimension.

sorry this was so short but its only a test to see if this story makes it