"I'll miss you all," I sigh pulling Toph, Sokka, Aang, Suki and Zuko into a hug.

"You'll see us again soon," Aang informs me quietly as he wraps one arm around me and the other around Sokka who stands on his other side.

"Yeah and you have Iroh and Zuko here with you," Sokka adds smiling at me fondly.

"And don't forget Rewah," Zuko says with a small almost nonexistent smile.

"Never forget Rewah," I agree, with my own small smile as we all step back reluctantly.

They all wave as Appa slowly rises, leaving me without most of my best friends.

"They'll be back before you know it," Zuko tells me, a hand resting on my shoulder as he stands behind me watching our friends leave.

I only nod before together we head toward the room we had taken over as team Avatar's.


"Zuko, I think I know where your Mother is," Iroh informs, walking into the study, later that night as Zuko and I sit opposite each other, a book in his hands, Rewah in mine.

"Where," Zuko asks sitting up straight, me mirroring his movements.

"She's just outside a small earth bending village," Iroh says pulling out a map and placing it at the desk.

Standing we both hurry over and stand by uncle excitement and hope hanging in the air.

The next hour is spent organizing everything and by the time we're done I'm already half asleep so with a chuckle Zuko picks me up, Uncle Iroh taking Rewah and together they carry us to my room.

"Night Katara," Zuko whispers in my ear, placing a soft kiss to my forehead before leaving.


"The ship will be here by lunch," Uncle Iroh informs me and Zuko as we sit at the breakfast table early the next morning.

"I packed last night," Zuko says after swallowing a bite of sausage.

"As did I," Uncle Iroh says before they both turn to me.

"I'm going to do it after breakfast," I say smiling at them as Rewah coo's from his seat beside me.

"Would you like some help," Zuko asks me as we leave the room only half an hour later.

"Yes please," I smile at my friend as we walk in a comfortable silence toward my room.

"Could you put some of Rewah's clothes in here," I ask Zuko as I chuck a small duffle bag at him.

He nod's as I start to place some of my own belongings in a bigger bag, humming a tune my mother had taught me when I was a child.

By the time I'm done Zuko has finished and is lying on my bed playing with Rewah.

I smile thinking back to a time Zuko wouldn't even look in my direction without a slight grimace. He's come so far.

"We'll arrive on land around noon tomorrow but then from there there's another half a days walk till we reach the village," Uncle Iroh says, the one that always knows what's going on.

We, Zuko and I both, only nod before we go back to looking out over the waves but before long it grows dark signaling time to go in and spend time with the men on the ship like has been asked of us.

Rewah sits on his granpop's lap (Uncle Iroh) when we walk in, all of the other men spread out around the long table.

There's two seats beside Uncle that me and Zuko take quickly, ignoring the looks many of the men are giving me.

"Your pretty," a man from a little down the table slurs at me, his cup clutched tightly in his hand.

"Thank you," I reply flatly.

"Your of marriageable age aren't ya," another man asks to which I nod uncomfortably.

All of the men all lean forward slightly.

"I'm single," the same man as before states as his eyes run over my whole body.

"And who says I am," I state noting with confusion Zuko stiffening beside me.

"Are you," A red haired man old enough to be my Father asks.

"No," I tell them making a few chuckle.

"I like her she's amusing," I hear one of them whisper to his friends kindly.

Smiling at him I turn to Zuko and engage him in conversation if only to hide from all of the men.