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We settle on Ursa's couch nervously, me more than Iroh and Zuko. Hugging my son to me I look at Zuko who's started our tale, going through the time we spent helping in the war effort, and by the time he's gotten to the part where we were captured I've almost gotten used to being in the cottage, Zuko's long-time missing Mother only a few feet from me.

"Katara was in the same cell as me," Zuko states looking at me then at Rewah who's oblivious to everything around him in a way only small children can do.

"We'd been there for only a few hours when one of the guards walked in. He'd forgotten I was there. He just came in and looked at Katara who was sitting against a wall trying to sleep, and he walked over, leaned down and kissed her. He'd only gotten his pants down half way when I knocked him out from the back," Zuko continues, stopping only to grab my hand tightly.

"The door had been left open, so we ran, we didn't stop until the building had been behind us for over fifteen minutes. We were still so far from the others so we had to stop and rest, it was then Katara asked me to…" Zuko stops, looking at me.

"To be my first. I didn't want someone like that guard to take it from me, so I gave it to one of my best friends. And that's how we got Rewah," I finish smiling slightly at Zuko who grins back before grabbing our son from me and passing him to Ursa.

"Re, this is your Grandma," he says.

"I have a Grandson," Ursa breathes looking down at Rewah who stares up at her with Golden eyes.

"I'm not happy about how things happened, but I understand why you did it. I'm sure you probably got enough from everyone else so I won't say a thing," Ursa says looking at us both.

I nod. "Everywhere I went I used to get sour looks, not only was I young but I was pregnant with a 'bastard' child. Where we were staying for that time I was pregnant everyone knew everyone," I say as Zuko squeezes my hand in comfort.

"It must have been hard," Ursa sympathizes.

"It was but I wouldn't change anything for the world."

"Well would anyone like lunch," Ursa asks standing up and giving Rewah to Zuko, when the rest of our journey has been told.

"I'll help," I say standing up as well.

She gives me a smile before leading me toward the kitchen.

"What did your parents think of what happened with you and Zuko," Ursa asks as we cook a meet soup.

"My dad was angry at first, until he heard why," I say.

"And what about your mum."

"She died when I and my brother were young; the fire nation had come looking for the last water bender in my tribe. My Mom gave up her life for me," I say casually trying not to tear up. It had happened so long ago, but it still hurt, obviously.

"I'm so sorry Katara," Ursa says giving me a sad smile.

"Thank you," I reply.

"So what's going on with you and my son," Ursa questions raising an eyebrow at me.

"We're just friends," I state ignoring her piercing gaze.

"You love him don't you," she guess'.

"Yeah," I sigh softly. "He doesn't feel anything for me though."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," she says as she goes to put in a piece of rabbit.

"Zuko doesn't like rabbit," I tell her just before it disappears into the pot.

"Since when?" she questions in surprise.

"We were traveling and a friend of ours messed it up a bit when it was her turn cooking. All of us, the cook, Toph included can't go near rabbit without gagging."

"Is Toph the blind girl?" Ursa asks, discarding the rabbit.

"Yes, she decided she'd try and learn to cook," I say with a laugh.

"I can't wait to meet all of Zuko's friends," his Mother says smiling.

"They'll love you," I assure her quickly, something that receives a smile from the older woman.

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