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Chapter Two:

Pikachu felt his anger grow as he ran along the beat down path. How dare they come back? Had they not learnt their lesson when he beat their asses a few years back? As most could tell, Pikachu wasn't having the best of days, but then again, when wasn't it bad. He hadn't had a single good day ever since he died.

Today was only particularly worse because Team Rocket had decided to break into Professor Oak's laboratory. They had supposedly stolen some important documents the professor had collected on the newly 'evolved' pokemon.

But to be honest (and to his shame), Pikachu didn't really care about that. No, he was angrier about the fact that they had returned. After what they'd done to him, to everyone, it was a miracle they had the nerve to step back into Pallet.

As he looked ahead, he zoned in on the tell tale black of the Rocket uniform. There they were. He narrowed his eyes. It was strange; they weren't even trying to run away anymore. Did they doubt his ability to catch up? However, when he got closer, Pikachu noticed a person, mostly likely a boy from his height and body structure, obstructing their way.

Pikachu couldn't get a better look as the boy was partially obscured by the rocket grunts, but it didn't matter. Whoever he was, he was an idiot. What sane person would get in the way of Team Rocket? Over the years, their weaponry to his disbelief, had evolved to be one of the best and most dangerous out there. As people no longer had pokemon to fight their battles for them, Team Rocket got free range in a lot of the regions.

Only members of the Pokemon League along with the region police force ever tried to stop them now. Unsurprisingly, when he finally reached the scene, the boy seemed to be cornered with the grunts closing in. Before the situation got out of control, he cut in front of them.

"How dare you bastards set foot back here after what you did," he growled, practically shooting bullet into the grunts with his glare. To his pleasure, he saw a few of them squirm.

"Shit," one of them muttered. Yes, shit indeed. That grunt obviously knew how this would end. Badly for them and great for him. Damn Pikachu really needed an outlet for his slowly pent up frustrations.

For a few seconds, no one moved. Pikachu wanted to let them make the first move. And move they did as one of the braver (or stupider) grunts shouted.

"Who cares if he's one of them, we can still take him!"

As the grunts stepped forward with their rods, Pikachu couldn't help but let out a chuckle. Seriously, they thought they could stop him with that?

"An electric rod," he said, the mocking tone evident in his voice. "Who do you think you're dealing with?"

With that being said, he promptly went in for the kill. Pikachu swiftly and easily dodged any of their attacks before coating his hand with electricity and sending out a few powered jabs of his own. The beating was brutal and the grunts seemed to realize that too, as to his horror, he heard them aim for the kid.

He hadn't left yet? Idiotic or not, he would not allow them to hurt an innocent passerby. Knocking the grunt in front of him away, Pikachu leapt at the boy and tackled him to the ground, ensuring he was protected from any attacks. Unfortunately, that was exactly what the grunts wanted and they used his momentary distraction to release a smoke bomb, covering both his vision and smell.

Pikachu knew it was over. By the time the smoke cleared, they would be long gone. He couldn't stop them nor did he retrieve the documents. Pushing himself off the boy, Pikachu started to make his way back to Pallet before the smoke even completely cleared.

He didn't get far until he heard a loud shout.


It was the idiotic boy who didn't know when his presence was unnecessary. Ignoring his shouts, Pikachu continued to make his way back to Pallet.


Pikachu refused to reply, maybe that way; the boy would leave him alone. He obviously wasn't in a good mood. The grunts had gotten away and a majority of the fault fell on him. He was the last person Pikachu wanted to talk to, even if all he wanted to do was thank him.


Pikachu suddenly felt a hand grab his shoulder and pull him to a stop. He shrugged it off and continued on.


That was the last straw. The idiot was getting annoying and he wasn't going to put up with it any longer.



Pikachu didn't even notice he had left his sentence unfinished. The face he saw when he turned around left him speechless. Black hair, tan skin earned from years of exposure to the sun on journeys and brown eyes that were always full of life; it was him it was Ash! Pikachu was sure of it, but still he had to ask.

"I-is th-that r-really you Ash?"

Pikachu mentally face-palmed. The question had come out unsteady and his growing bubble of hope was poorly hidden.

"Well, yeah I'm Ash Ketchum. But sorry, I don't know who-"

Pikachu didn't leave time for him to complete his sentence. The moment the confirmation had left his lips; he lunged at the boy and gave him a bone-crushing hug. He didn't even notice the rogue tears that had started to leak from his eyes. All he knew was this was Ash, and to be honest, that was all that mattered to him.

"Its really you. You're really alive."

Ash felt himself panic. What was going on? Who was this boy and why was he hugging him? Before things got any weirder, he gave the boy a rough shove.


The boy seemed puzzled at first, his face scrunching up in confusion. However, it wasn't long before he sorted out his thoughts and his face lit up with understanding.

"Right. You probably don't recognise me in this form." He said. "I mean, that happened before the evolution.

What in Arceus was he talking about? Ash was really starting to regret his decision in choosing this kid to get answers from, even if he had saved him. It was obvious he belonged in the Looney bin.

"Its me. Pikachu!"

Little blonde boy say what now?

"I know it might sound crazy, but you have to trust me. Its Pikachu." He continued.

Okay, this was getting out of hand. He interrupted the boy before he could ramble on any longer.

"Um, you're not Pikachu. This is Pikachu."

With that said, he lowered his arms and revealed his Pikachu to the crazy boy.

Pikachu felt his eyes widen when he saw the pokemon in front of him. How was that possible? An actual Pikachu! It had been years since anyone had seen a real, ORIGINAL pokemon. But here one was now, comfortably tucked within his trainer's arms.

The situation was quickly getting out of hand and could potentially turn dangerous. Was this person really Ash? What if this was all trick? But last time he checked, nothing, not even Team Rocket's inventions, could bring back the dead. He had to be Ash, and in a way, the Pikachu was proof.

Stopping his mind from spiraling any further, he turned to face Ash.

"You need to come with me. Professor Oak can help you."

And he can also explain what in Arceus is going on, but he kept that thought to himself.

At the mention of the renowned scientist, Ash's face lit up and the caution he had previously displayed disappeared.


Pikachu smiled. He really had missed that voice.

When they arrived at the laboratory, Professor Oak nearly fainted at the sight of Ash.

Grabbing his arm, the professor politely asked Ash to excuse them for a few seconds before pulling him to a corner.

"What in science's name is going on Pikachu? T-that can't possibly be who I think it is." He hesitated at the mention of Ash; even after all these years it was still hard for many of them to talk about him.

Pikachu sighed.

"I was hoping you could explain professor."

He narrowed his eyes.

"Then Pikachu, have you considered that this may be a trap?"

"I contemplated on that too," replied Pikachu, a thoughtful look in his eyes. "But that was until I saw that."

He pointed to the Pikachu lying in Ash's arm. The professor nearly fainted a second time that day.

"A-a-a P-pokemon!" he exclaimed, voice filled with a mixture of shock, disbelief and excitement. However, his bubble was quickly burst when he saw the condition it was in.

"A badly injured pokemon, please give me a moment Pikachu." He said, turning his back to him.

"I think I have some old healing machines somewhere around here, and don't worry, I'll ask Ash what's going on."

Pikachu nodded in relief and stepped aside to allow the professor to do his job.

"A-ash, my boy, let me help you with that Pikachu!"

"Really, THANKS professor! I can always count on you."

As the professor got around in helping Ash, Pikachu quietly left the room. He let out a small sigh as he gently leant against one of the walls. Today had certainly been strange, but definitely not bad.

A small smile made its way to his face as he heard Ash's voice through the walls, most likely explaining his circumstances to the professor. The smile quickly fell however, when he remember the incident that took Ash away from everyone in the first place.

How long had it been?

Apparently not long enough as his memory of it was as clear as day. It was almost as if it had happened yesterday.


Pikachu felt the adrenaline rush through his body as they continued their chase of Team Rocket. The criminal organisation had rudely interrupted the party thrown in honour of their victory at Unova, so he was itching for some revenge.

He didn't have to wait too long though as they quickly cornered the Rockets. To his surprise, standing with Jessie, James and Meowth in the clearing was none other than the leader himself, Giovanni.

The man and his trainer exchanged a few words, with him growling whenever he felt a threatening air from the man. It was when they took out the big ray gun that he leapt into action. From what he saw, they were really trying to kill Ash this time, and he would never allow that to happen to his best friend.

The first few minutes were just Jessie and him exchanging a few blows. She would shoot out a beam from her machine at Ash and he would retaliate with his own thunder. He heard Ash shout out encouragements from behind him while Giovanni shrieked at his minion's incompetence.

His attacks were affecting Jessie pretty badly and it wasn't long before she turned to face her boss in panic.

"Who do I shoot at?"

For a moment, all the man did was stand in silence. When he opened his mouth to speak, Pikachu prepared himself to jump in front of Ash. It was obvious they were going to aim for him. However, his confidence was quickly crushed when Giovanni yelled out his next order.

"Go for that damn Pikachu."

His blood ran cold. He didn't have enough time to dodge nor could he angle himself for a successful counterattack. He saw the beam head his direction and he closed his eyes in defeat.

Was this it?

After all those promises of becoming the best, all the adventures and training he underwent, this was it. To make it worse, he was going to die by the hand of Team Rocket. For a while, he lay curled in a ball, hidden from the terror that was his end.

He was quickly snapped out of his paralysed state of mind though, when he heard an all too familiar voice scream in absolute agony.

ASH! He couldn't have.

To his horror, he was right. The idiot had jumped in front of the attack.

"ASH!" he cried, a mix of despair, anger and fear embedded in his voice.

From the corner of his eye, he saw Giovanni begin to head back to the Team Rocket air balloon, all while smirking. That bastard. He knew Ash would do that. That he would intercept the attack if they aimed for his pokemon.

"The boy is dead, no pokemon can survive that machine, let alone a child. We accomplished what we came for. Move out."

"Yes sir," the Rocket Trio chorused, saluting their boss.

Pikachu didn't even bat an eyelid at the escaping Team Rocket. They no longer mattered; all that mattered was Ash, his friend.

"Ash," he gave his trainer a hesitant shake. "Come on, wake up."

He didn't move.

"Come on, they're getting away. This isn't funny Ash."

His shaking got rougher as the boy showed no signs of waking up.

"Ash, wake up, please." He desperately pleaded as traitorous tears began to leak from his eyes. This wasn't supposed to happen. This was NEVER supposed to happen. Ash was his pillar, the shield that keep everyone safe and standing when things felt hopeless.

He was supposed to get up, give him a hug and tell him everything was okay, just like he did every other time something dangerous happened.

For goodness sake, the boy stood against legendaries, he couldn't die now. And speaking of legendaries wasn't Ash the chosen one? Where were the legendaries now? Where was Lugia, Mew or Arceus?

Ash had saved them countless of times, shouldn't they be here now to save him, their chosen one?

Dark clouds began to form above his head as he continued to try and wake his trainer. His tears were now flowing freely. Rain began to pour, engulfing anything and everything. It was almost as if the heavens itself were crying.

For the next hour, Pikachu lay curled up next to Ash crying. He could no longer deny reality, his trainer was dead, and along with him, his will to live died too.

When Gary finally stumbled into the clearing, his Blastoise close behind, his legs nearly buckled at the sight before him. There, in the middle of the field, was Ash. He was on the ground, covered in mud. Blood stained the whole back of his shirt. Pikachu lay curled next to his head.

No, it couldn't be.

"OH MY GOD ASH!" The rival hurriedly ran to his friend's aid, but was stopped in his tracks just as quickly when Pikachu suddenly stood up, growling. His cheeks sparked with electricity. Gary sighed in relief. At least Pikachu was okay.

He immediately signaled for Blastoise to stand down when it began to prepare its pumps in retaliation.

"Hey, Pikachu. It's me, Gary." He gently whispered to the already delusional Pokemon. Getting onto his knees, he began to creep closer.

"You have to let me through. We need to take Ash back. W-we can save him."

He cursed internally when he realised he had stuttered. He was Gary Oaks for Arceus' sake; he was unnerved by nothing. But as he stayed kneeled in the rain, attempting to calm a delirious Pikachu, Gary knew he couldn't bring himself to speak (lie) confidently.

Ash, his rival, his childhood friend, was dead. No matter how much he denied it, the facts were right in front of his face. The boy's eyes were lifeless and his body was covered in blood. All they could do now was give him a proper burial, and maybe hunt down Team Rocket to make them pay.

Pikachu recognised the voice.


Even though the boy wasn't his favourite person, he was strong and reliable. He could help Ash. Pikachu quickly stepped aside to let him through.

On the day of Ash's funeral, it rained just as hard as it did when he died.

Pikachu himself could only stare quietly as everyone paid their respects. Many notable and famous trainers and leaders from all regions had made their way to Pallet to attend the funeral. It was obvious Ash had impacted on the lives of many people since the small cemetery was crowded.

Throughout the week, everyone had tried to comfort him. They kept reminding him it wasn't his fault. They were LIARS. It was his fault that Ash had died. If he had been quicker, his instincts sharper, Ash wouldn't have had to take the attack for him. He would still be alive.

Pikachu let out a few sobs as they lowered the casket into the ground. Bulbasaur shot him a sad look as Squirtle gave him a firm but comforting pat on the back.

"It wasn't your fault."

There they go again.

"Apparently, you're the only ones who think that," he replied bitterly, glancing at the crowd of Pokemon on the other side.

Bulbasaur followed his gaze and sighed.

"They're confused and heartbroken. Whatever they say now, they don't mean it. Just give them time."

When news reached Ash's other pokemon that he was dead, everything fell into chaos. The younger or more emotional of his pokemon, such as Bayleef and Gible immediately burst into tears. Others such as Bulbasaur and Squirtle were frozen in shock, not even attempting to get things in order.

The worst reaction from the bunch though, definitely came from Charizard. The lizard didn't hesitate in showing his anger and grief with a few flamethrowers. When that wasn't enough, he turned to glare at Pikachu.

"What were yoU DOING THE WHOLE TIME?" he started out in a murmur but by the end of his sentence, he was roaring.



Pikachu tried to defend himself, but the guilt that ate its way into his heart prevented him from doing so.



By now, the whole ranch was watching the confrontation, some in fear, others in doubt. It seemed Charizard's words had really hit home for a few of them. He saw Sceptile's eyes widen in uncertainty before setting themselves back. The grass pokemon refused to look in the eye from then on.

"He always chose you." He whispered. "Even though he told us it wasn't true, you were always his favourite. He trusted you the most."

His eyes narrowed and his voice hardened.

"But apparently that trust was misplaced because you let him DIE."

Pikachu felt his own eyes narrow and his cheeks began to spark. Even if it were his fault, even if he felt like the worst scumbag in existence, he wouldn't let Charizard insult the bonds he had with Ash.

"What, jealous he pretty much abandoned you at a valley while he took everyone else on his journey," Pikachu snarkily and impulsively replied.

He heard a few gasps from the other pokemon; abandonment was a touchy subject for quite a lot of them, and his remark definitely wasn't earning him any brownie points in their eyes. Charizard let out a low growl.

"Say that again you rat!"

Bulbasaur finally decided to step in. Quite bold considering the fact Charizard's type advantage could quickly send him to the Pokemon Centre should he choose to get violent.

"Come guys. This is getting out of hand. Charizard, we don't even know the whole story."

Charizard snorted.

"Really? What that Professor told us is enough for me."

And just like that Charizard stormed off, not before shooting him another dirty glare, which Pikachu returned just as harshly. After his departure, the ranch was left in a deathly silence.

"Come on people. Lets not stare, makes things awkward."

Squirtle had always been the best at diffusing tense situations. One by one, the pokemon began to scatter. A few of them shot him quick glances but he chose to ignore them. When they all cleared out, Pikachu let his shoulders slump. As if things could get any worse.

"Well, are you going to tell us what happened or are you going to stand there and mope?"

Ever since the incident, most of the others had avoided him. To his relief, Bulbasaur and Squirtle stuck firmly by his side.


As the funeral ended, everyone hesitantly made their way back to Pallet town. The rain was heavy and they couldn't risk staying any longer, lest they got sick.

"You coming?" asked Bulbasaur.

Pikachu shook his head.

"I-I just need some time."

"We'll cover for you." Squirtle replied. The two slowly left to follow the others.

Pikachu didn't know how long he stood there for. He didn't even notice the rain had stopped until someone from his side let out a sad sigh. Pikachu nearly shocked them out of surprise. How had they managed to sneak up on him? Pokemon were more sensitive to their surroundings than humans, for him to approach the grave without Pikachu noticing was strange…and suspicious.

"He was an amazing person wasn't he? The man asked solemnly. The way he spoke, the way he stood, it was almost as if he had known Ash personally. Like he was extremely close to his trainer. Pikachu merely nodded. He couldn't recognise the man.

He wore a cloak that covered his whole body. The only part that was exposed was his head.

He had quite a delicate looking face for a male. His hair was a light gray colour, almost white and was pulled into a low ponytail that hung down his back. His eyes were a bright crimson.

Yep, he definitely didn't recognise that man.

"Who in Arceus are you?" he muttered to himself. It was a huge surprise when the man let out a small chuckle. What was so funny?

"Of course you wouldn't recognise me in this form. But trust me, we've met before. I mean no harm; your trainer has helped my children and i greatly. I merely wish to pay my respects."

Pikachu slowly nodded. Even though he could not remember who this man was, the way he spoke was so calming and his aura radiated kindness. Wait, HOW HAD HE UNDERSTOOD HIM?

"You shouldn't be so surprised Pikachu, you have met others who could understand Pokemon."

Well, he did have a point.

The man let out another sad sigh. "He was so young, how could it end like this?"

"I thought he would have…"

Pikachu glared holes into the ground. It had been alone time since he had last thought like this but…

"It's cause they're stronger than us. The humans I mean."

The man turned to face him as he looked back at the gravestone.

"Because they're stronger than us, they can do whatever they want, hurt whoever they want. Because we're Pokemon, we'll always be considered below them. But half of the things they do, build, create wouldn't even be possible without the help of us Pokemon." he cried angrily.

It's not everyone, but a lot of them treat us as if we were tools, emotionless weapons used only for one purpose, for crushing others. We have emotions too. We have our own lives, our own beliefs, why should we have to suffer serving them, hurting others?" Pikachu spat out.

"So you think it's because they don't consider you equals that you are condemned to serve. And that they can continue to get away with hurting others." The man asked, curious but without judgement.

"With their technology, they have us bowing at their feet. You don't see them capturing any other humans. Our kind has so much power, and yet some are forced to work under scum. Hell, even our legendaries don't stand a chance; I've seen many get chained down as hard as it is to believe."

At the mention of legendaries, the man's eyes narrowed for a split second and his face flashed with anger, but just as quickly, it settled into a calm expression. Pikachu almost believed he had imagined it.

"So if pokemon were their equals, if they were similar to humans, you believe the world would suffer less."

Pikachu knew what he was saying was partially wrong, yes some humans were bad, but not all were. However, anger and grief clouded his mind, he just wanted to express his frustrations and this kind man was actually listening.

"Yes…I do."

"…I see."

"It has been nice talking to you Pikachu. Hopefully we shall meet again, but under different conditions."

"What. WAIT!"

Pikachu turned around to stop him, but the man was already gone. Not a trace of his existence was left. It was almost as if he never existed. Was he so messed up he needed to imagine his own friend?

After a few more hours at Ash's grave, Pikachu returned to Pallet Town to settle down for the night. To his surprise, when he woke up the next morning, he was no longer a small, mouse-like Pokemon. Instead, like all pokemon he was soon to discover, he was a human. It was only the ears and tails that shattered the image.


Pikachu felt his eyes widen in shock.

That man, could he possibly be…

Now that he thought of it, it was only after his talk with this man that all Pokemon underwent this mind-blowing transformation.

Pikachu cursed himself for his carelessness. Was he the reason Pokemon were no longer themselves, but human? His refusal to look back into his past had cost him such valuable information.

Before Pikachu could chastise himself any longer, Professor Oak opened the door and called him in.

"Pikachu, you better come listen to this!"

"ANOTHER DIMENSION!" Pikachu exclaimed, all while staring at Ash in wonder. It seemed the surprises just kept coming today.

"Yes, despite how unbelievable it sounds. It was the only conclusion I could come up with. The explosion from Team Rocket's machine mixed with Pikachu's thunder must have somehow conjured enough energy to open up a portal and send him here.

Pikachu felt himself stiffen at the mention of Team Rocket and machine.

Did that mean Ash had only been a hair's inch away from facing his ultimate demise.

He's not your Ash a traitorous voice in his mind whispered.

His shoulder slumped, that's right. This wasn't his Ash. This Ash was different; he had his own friends, his own life and memories. Heck, he even had his own version of Pikachu. An actual pokemon, not some hybrid freak like him.

"But Professor, how will I get home. The others are probably really worried about me."

Professor Oak shot Ash a tentative look.

"To be truthful, this is the first time something like this has ever happened. I don't have any idea what to do."

Ash's mouth slowly formed a frown. A few minutes passed as he stood in silence. Eventually he let out a short sigh before shooting the Professor a determined look of his own.

"Guess we'll have to go find someone who knows then."

Pikachu began to frown himself. From what he heard, this Ash lead a completely different life to his own Ash. It would not be safe to allow him to wander around alone with no knowledge of the region. The world here had changed greatly since the evolution. Pokeballs no longer worked on Pokemon.

They now roamed free, unrestricted. Some of them even kept their savage or violent natures and were known to attack any passerby if they weren't careful. Of course not all Pokemon were like this. Most lead quite the normal lifestyle, no longer worried about being taken away or caught. He himself was a prime example of this.

Also, as he mentioned before, Team Rocket and a few criminal organisations had access to a majority of the regions. They were ruthless and only the police force could stand in their way now. Ash didn't have a hope in hell if he were to go out as he was now.

Apparently, Professor Oak shared the same train of thought to him.

"Ash my boy, this world is… is different to yours. You can't go out as you are now. Maybe you can wait for Gary to come back from his research trip, or at least for someone to accompany you.

Ash frowned yet again, obviously disappointed at the professor's disapproval.

I'll go." Pikachu hesitantly spoke up.

"What?" Both Ash and the Professor chorused.

"I'll come with you," he repeated, this time all doubt gone from his voice. "This world is different from the one you know, you won't make it far by yourself."

He internally punched himself. That came out a lot harsher than it meant too. Now Ash probably hated him.

However instead of whining or yelling like he had expected, Ash merely let out a chuckle and scratched the back of his head, embarrassed.

"I could always count on you, Pikachu, even when it's a completely different dimension and you probably don't even know me."

His eyes widened and he quickly turned away, a smile creeping its way onto his face.

Even though it wasn't exactly his Ash, he was still in some ways Ash. His kindness for one was exactly the same as his counterpart. So even though he wasn't the one he grew up with, Pikachu would still protect him with his life. This was his chance at redemption.

He wouldn't let Ash die a second time, not over his dead body. Besides, even though it was strange, it was a way for him to be with his trainer once again.

"So does anyone actually have any idea on how to get me home?"

Ash's question snapped him from his pondering and he gave a quick shrug of the shoulder. Even though he had promised to help, it didn't mean he knew where to start.

"I guess we're going unplanned as always huh Pikachu?"

"Pika-Pika," his pokemon cried in response, nodding its head.

Pikachu nearly fell forward. He was actually about to reply to that.

We're going to have to do something about the names, he thought

There weren't too many Pikachu in Pallet Town, so everyone just addressed him as well, Pikachu.


Pikachu turned to face Professor Oak. The man had his hand at his chin, deep in thought. Pikachu smirked; this usually meant he had an idea, or at least some information that could help them.

The professor looked up, hesitance obvious in his old but wise gaze.

"Professor," Ash called out. "Do you know someone who can help?"

Professor Oak sighed.

"It's not exactly the most reliable source, but it's probably the best chance we have at getting you home. Considering the fact that all Pokemon turned human, we can guess this Pokemon is human too, travelling and blending in as many others have done."

Pikachu raised an eyebrow, who could he possibly talking about. Ash too looked just as clueless as him.

"Who is it professor," he cut in before the man could ramble on any further.

Professor Oak looked up and directly into his eyes.

"Palkia…the Spatial Pokemon."

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