Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians—it belongs to solely Rick Riordan.


Prologue/Fake Chapter One


If you asked me what my name was, depending on who you were, you'd get a different answer every time.

Sage Williams.

Charlotte Davidson.

Olivia Monroe

Alexandra Charmaine.

All the same person.

All me. Multiple identities in one. A new one every week. A new home every month.

It's quite a harsh life to live, but I wouldn't ask for a different one. This is the way I have to live, and I've accepted it as a part of me. I've never doubted who I am or what I do, and it's not the time to, either.

You may ask: how did you get into this cruel situation?

My answer? It was by choice. But why would I choose this life, amongst all the others? I had the prerogative to choose how I wanted to live, how I could start over, and this is the one I chose.

One involving creating myself over and over again. One where I could do what I wanted without worrying too deeply about the consequences or faults it would put under my name. One where my abilities are put to the test, every single time.

I work for an elite division called Olympia as an undercover agent, where I, amongst other seemingly ordinary people, work to take down those who have crossed the line entirely too far. We are the best of the best, and have all worked hard for what we have.

So what is my name?

Annabeth, Annabeth Chase.

It's a name I haven't gone by in years.

It's a name buried underneath layers of soot and ash and fragments of my past.

It's a name you should remember.