Hey guys. I just got finished reading Fioleefan's story with Fiona as a princess and Marshall as a thief. LOVED IT! Figured I'd try my hands at something like that. Wish me luck. Btw I'm not making gumball gay like fioleefan did. Totally hate the idea of Marshall and gumball having a thing.

There was once a princess. She was also the general. She believed she had everything she ever wanted in life. All except her father, king Joshua. He let her fight dragons from harming the kingdom but that was the closest thing She got to adventure. He made sure she never left the kingdom walls. He was too worried for her safety.

"Dad come on! Prince Bubba needs my help in the Candise kingdom." She needed begged. The Candise kingdom was being attacked again by the queen of the icetalion kingdom. The queen wanted to combine the two kingdoms together but Bubba wasn't willing to do that unless he met the right person. And he most certainly didn't want to with her.

"No! You're too young to leave the kingdom and to stay away from boys." Joshua demanded.

"Urg. Dad I'm seventeen. I'm old enough to take care of myself. Besides, Bubba is just a friend. And friends help friends." The princess protested.

"No Fiona. I'll have the kingdom warriors go help but you are staying put." He yelled.

Fiona knew she couldn't win this type of battle when every other she always won. So She groaned angrily and stomped to her room which was not in the tallest room of the castle like most princesses. For some reason king Joshua was worried the tower would fall and kill her so he placed her on the second floor of the castle. Her room was much different than any other princess bedroom. The walls were painted blue, there were swords mounted on the wall, a bookshelf full of war strategies, history of past wars, and other war books, a common bed, and a window overlooking the kingdom. If Fiona looked far enough she could see the hills and part of the Candise kingdom(Or candy kingdom as She called it). When she stormed up to her bedroom she took one of her favorite swords off the wall, and started swinging it around in frustration until it finally got stuck in the wall with surrounding scratches of recent outbursts. When she was done She huffed over to the window, got on her knees and watched as the guards ran to the candy kingdom in the Crystal clear night. She rested her cheek in her hand as her elbow rested on the window sill. Fiona's cat, cake jumped on the windowsill gesturing her to go outside. "I seriously would go cake. But dad won't let me. I know he's caring for my safety but he just needs to know i can take care of myself." Fiona said getting up with her back to cake.

"Sounds like someone needs a little recklessness in their life." Said a voice from the window. Fiona was so startled that she jumped, accidentally bumped into the bookshelf, and ended up piled on by her books. She pushed a book off to see a boy climbing from the ivy into her room.

"Who are you? And why are you here?" Fiona asked pushing the books off of her standing up.

"names Marshall Lee. Marshall for short. I was just visiting the kingdom when i heard a certain damsel in distress complain about her father." Marshall said leaning against the wall.

"I'm not a damsel in distress. I'm the general of this kingdom and-" Fiona was interrupted by the king wanting to come in.

"Fiona can we talk?" He asked from outside in the hallway.

"crap hide!" Fiona whispered. She pushed her and Marshall into the closet to hide from her father. Right when she closed the door her bedroom door opened. Her closet was a small one so She was pretty cramped up against him.

"Fiona you in here?" King Joshua asked. "Hmm. Must have gone target practicing to clear her head. I'll go check there. Why is my princess So much like her mother?" He asked walking out.

"Your not only the general. You're also the princess of the kingdom." Marshall whispered.

Fiona nodded still cramped up against Marshall. She finally decided to leave the closet. "Now what about you?" Fiona asked.

"I don't really belong to any kingdom. I was once the king of the dark lands but i let my sister take it over. Too much dark for me. So i just roam around from kingdom to kingdom." Marshall explained. "But sometimes i stay in one spot longer than others because some restaurants hire me to play music."

"Oh you play an instrument?" Fiona asked. She always loved music.

"Yea i play base guitar and sing." he said showing his guitar that was slung behind him. It was a guitar you wouldn't normally see.

"awesome. Look sorry about my dad. And shoving you in my closet." The princess apologized.

"it's cool. It was better than the cold night outside."

Fiona blushed imagining her and him in the closet. Suddenly cake scratched Marshall's leg in anger and protection.

"Ow What the heck?" Marshall yelled sitting on Fiona's bed rubbing his wound.

"Cake! No! We don't scratch strangers." Fiona said picking cake up. "Sorry about that. She usually never does this."

"It's cool. I've been in worse. Look I'd better go before your father comes and catches me. Maybe I'll see you around sometime." Marshall said jumping out the window.

Fiona blushed watching him leave. She looked down to see a guitar pick with a red music note on it. She picked it up, put it on her nightstand, and went to sleep yet still thinking about the mysterious boy.

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