AN: So since i didn't really get 20 "wedding" sayings, i figured I'd count them all by two. So here's the wedding of now king Marshall Lee and queen Fiona.

Today was the wedding of Marshall and Fiona. Marshall stood there at the altar nervous and anxious as ever. King Joshua stood at the other end of the room, standing next to the door, waiting for Fiona to come and take his arm.

All of a sudden the bridal march started and Fiona slowly walked into the room. Her hair curled like an eagle in mid takeoff. Her dress had lace shoulder straps and the rest of the dress swirled around her body like a blanket, all snug. She took her father's arm and walked down the long aisle as everyone in the kingdom stood and watched. Fiona could see the little poor girl she gave her cloak to, her loving maid, even Bubba was there smiling most of all.

When she looked down, and saw Cake with a light pink ribbon around her neck walk in front of her carrying a basket in her mouth. Swinging it back and forth softly with flower petals flying out. She then looked up and was speechless to see Marshall the most. She saw him with a nervous, giddy, proud, and just happy smile, his hair so clean and neat. He wore a midnight blue suit, classic white dress shirt, a dark red bow tie, and a scarlet red rose in his jacket pocket.

Once Fiona got to the altar, her father let her go and she felt like she was about to fall over from nervousness. She turned to Marshall and he took her hands. He couldn't seem to get rid of the smile he had. And yet he didn't want to.

The priest talked for a while, and it took all of Marshall's strength to not just kiss her right then and there. He jumped a little when it was time for the vows.

"Marshall Lee Abadeer, former king of the Dark Lands, do you, take Princess Fiona, to be your loving wife and queen and take the role as King? To love her every minute, of everyday, and never say otherwise? To care for her and protect her with all you have?" The priest asked.

"I do." Marshall replied. "I promise until the day i die." Marshall added.

"Princess Fiona, do you take Marshall Lee to be your loving husband and king and take the role as queen? To love him every minute of everyday, and never say otherwise? To care for him and protect him with all you have?" The priest asked.

"I do." Fiona replied nervously and excitedly.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Kingdom and the Dark Lands, i give you the new king and queen, King Marshall Lee and Queen Fiona. You may kiss the bride your majesty." The priest announced.

Marshall didn't wait a second after he gave him permission. He immediately took Fiona by the waist and kissed her like his life depended on it and held her close. Fiona was surprised a little but quickly melted into the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck closing her eyes.

They could hear the cheers coming from the two kingdoms, but they felt like they were in their own little bubble of love.

Once their kiss was over, Marshall swiftly, but gently, picked her up bridal style and carried her down the aisle surrounded by the sounds of claps and cheers.

He looked her in the eyes and whispered, "I can't believe i just married the most beautiful princess in the world. You're all mine, and no one will ever take you away from me."

"And i can't believe i just married the most amazing man in the world. I'll always be yours, and that's a fact." Fiona replied. They shared another kiss just before leaving the church.

It was official. Fiona became queen and took back her place as general. Marshall became king and continued to play music in the kingdom and gave up traveling. They ruled the kingdom with peace and understanding. Fiona and Marshall adopted the poor homeless child and named her, Margaret, after Fiona's mother. And every afternoon, Marshall would sit on the balcony watching his wife train the soldiers, killed dragons, and kept the kingdom safe. He'd have his head resting in his hand with his elbow on the railing and wouldn't take his eyes off her. Just watching her made him feel warm inside.

"You're daddy may have traveled, Margaret, but he's found a place to call home. And he's never leaving." Marshall said to his daughter as she played with Cake behind him. Everything he ever wanted was behind him and down on the ground thinking about him.

AN: i just want to thank you guys so much for sticking with me in my story. Without you this story would have never ended and gone as far as it did. I wish i could hug you all. *BIG BEAR HUG* I love you all so much i think I'm going to cry. :')