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Zaven breathed out slowly, watching the rock skip across the ocean water. It was headed toward the Titan Tower, nothing but a smudge on the horizon. In front of her the setting sun stained the water blood red.

I need to figure out a way to get the Bird Imposter to admit who his master is. Crime was on the rise in Jump City, for reasons unknown. It wasn't because of her; she hadn't been there for the past three weeks. Gizmo and Mammoth were still trying to find their way out of her haunted house. Raven and Jinx were…somewhere. She wasn't sure where but so long as her sister was happy then things were good.

Torture would be good if I knew he didn't push himself to the limit and then some. The demoness shook her head. There had to be another way, some way to make the Titans to realize their leader wasn't who he seemed. Why do I care so much? Oh yah because he's doing jack shit to stop a serial kid killer, a pedophile kidnapping every child that crosses his path, and a slut who's been dumping her kids at the orphanage! Kids truly were her weakness. Zaven shook her head. In the time she had been on Earth a heavy truth had been dumped on her shoulders. People here only cared for kids because they were the next generation. America was the worst. They felt so bad for the kids of other countries that they failed to see the suffering of their own. Damn do-gooders.

"How hard you thinking? I can smell smoke," a female voice asked. The red head scowled and pulled the cigarette from her lips. The blonde that had come up at her side rolled her eyes. "Why do you even smoke? Oh wait, forget I asked."

"Are you sure getting stuck in stone didn't make you dumb?" the demoness grumbled. Terra flinched a little and scowled.

"Are you sure that the haunted house was the only part of you Hell when you sent Gizmo and Mammoth?"

"I am not getting into this again." Terra rolled her eyes again and flicked a stone out over the water again. It jumped off an incoming wave, going a fair distance before hitting the side of another wave. "Ha! I'm not the only one who crashes into waves!" The blonde threw another stone, watching it bounce along peacefully and without hitting a wave. "You made it do that didn't you?"

"Yep!" Zaven sighed and blew the smoke out of her lungs. If it wasn't for the fact she was a demoness she wouldn't even be doing this. The sheer simplistic movement of smoking reminded the red head of meditation. You breathe the smoke in, you hold it, and then breath out. Simple and it helped clear her mind.

"Tell me again why you're staying with me?" she asked. Terra grimaced again and turned to look at their cave in the cliff. The small beach underneath their feet only appeared when low tide was at its lowest.

"You're helping me control my powers again," she explained for what seemed to be the millionth time. "And besides, you still owe me for stealing my knowledge."

"I made a copy of it and left you with the original geez." The two had this argument often. It usually annoyed their other campmate Schatten but as he was busy…shadowing Robin they could argue as much as they wanted. Zaven scowled at the twinkling stars. She hated sending her friend out to watch the Traffic Light but as he was the only one who could go unnoticed…

"Are you missing someone?" Terra implied with a grin. Orange eyes turned to glare at her. "Awe! Zaven and Schatten sitting in a tree, K-I-S-Hey!" Zaven fell over laughing. Terra glared at her from where she had pushed into the water. "Oh you're on!" Terra's power had changed to control over ice and in turn water. But she still with the name Terra because the name she had used before belonged to a girl without powers. And there really wasn't any good names for ice beside Ice Girl and really that wasn't any good.

"I hate water!" Zaven snarled, now soaked to the bone. Terra smirked from where she stood on a patch of ice. Orange eyes narrowed as the demoness growled low. With a powerful kick she launched herself at the blonde and they both fell into the ocean.

From where he sat in a tree Kid Wykkyd shook his head. The two girls below were always fighting in the water it seemed; even the Zaven hated it as she claimed. He had tried to figure that one out but then the demoness had threatened to send him to her Hell. Needless to say the once villain decided that girls would be girls, even if they were a half crazed demon and a water controlling teen.

Complete with Schatten this odd mix of kids were trying to figure out the sudden rise of crime in Jump City and what happened to the real Robin. After three months they hadn't really gotten far and thus decided to expand the search. In the morning they would head out again to a new area, looking for clues. Only Schatten every stayed out overnight, given he was only a shadow. His job was the most important though. Figuring out who the Bird Imposter was.