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"Limbo? What the hell do you mean by that?" Zaven let the fire around her fists go out. The newcomer sighed and rubbed her forehead.

"In every realm I have travelled to Heaven and Hell are different but share the same fundamental values. Heaven is the place where those who are pure and good end up while Hell is where those who are tainted and bad end up. Limbo is the place in between."

"Uh duh. Tell me something I don't know," Zaven scoffed, folding her arms across her chest. The brunette across the clearing glared at her. "Look you offer me a chance to control Limbo but I'm a demoness so I can't. I have to control my own Hell."

"Which you have yet to fully create. That puts you in a unique position."

"Let me guess. A chance to control Limbo?"

"Correct. Across all worlds Limbo holds the same value and same appearance. Those who simply lived out their lives continue to do so in the afterlife. After about a thousand years they are reborn and get the chance to make something of themselves to achieve either Heaven or Hell."

"So say I join up with your little charade. What's the pros and cons?" Zaven had no intention of becoming the controller of Limbo. She had her own hell to create and fill with…people who harmed kids in any way, shape, or form.

"Pros and cons? Well first you're completely untouchable for a hundred years. No one, not even a half-demon or demi-god, can kill you." The red head blinked in shock. The brunette's eyes glittered. "That caught your attention. Also, for a chance to get out early, the people of Limbo can become part of the military and provide you with an army should you ever need one. They also can't be killed by normal means." An army would probably help in the finally confrontation with Slade. "About the only bad thing is sometimes you get people who just weren't bad enough to make to Hell or just weren't good enough to make it to Heaven who complain all the time."

"You're the current master of Limbo then?" Zaven asked, dropping her arms. The brunette smiled tightly again.

"No. I was the first master. Why in the gods they chose me I'll never understand but since then I've been tasked with finding all masters of Limbo. There can be no two people from the same realm in a hundred years time span."

"So who was the last Limbo master from this world?"

"No one Zaven. You would be the first." The red head felt the world spin. No one else from this universe had been made a master of Limbo? What set her apart from everyone else in the world?

"Who the hell are you exactly?" the young demoness finally asked. The first master frowned as she turned to the stars.

"I have many names, not all of which I like. Most call me Necromancer." Zaven could hear the capitalization of the word but didn't understand it. "Think over my offer for a while. When you reach your decision I will know." And with that the mysterious girl disappeared by simply fading out.

Zaven sighed and pulled the forgotten cigarette from her lips. Just her luck she was offered something like this. What if she took the job? Could she still call Schatten up or was she going to lose the ability for a hundred years? The demoness frowned at the way her heart clenched at the thought.

"Why the hell do I have to continue searching places other than Jump?!" Terra's angry voice knocked the red head out of her musings. Without realizing it she had trekked back to the cave and ducked inside. "I can look with the boys!"

"No you can't. Slade knows who you are Terra."

"He knows Kid too!"

"But Kid can teleport away and make it seem like he was only a figment of the man's imagination. He is clinically insane so it should not be too hard for that cause to be considered." Terra huffed and stormed away. The red head shook her head and turned back outside.

"Are you trying to piss her off purposely or just trying to protect her?" Schatten's raspy voice asked. Zaven smiled and unconsciously leaned into his embrace.

"Honestly neither. I just want this…war to end and putting Slade on a higher guard won't help at all." The shadow ghost hummed and rested his chin on top of the demoness' head. "Mmmm this is…different from how you usually act. What's up?"

"Perhaps I'm just deprived of your presence that I must make up for it by doing something like this?" Zaven laughed and pressed herself deeper into the shadow ghost. Before this was something he had only done when she was beating herself up for being forced to a kid her age or younger. Now it was more relaxed and she could actually enjoy the embrace.

"Hey Schatten?"


"What do you think of Limbo?"

"Limbo? That's an interesting topic. What brought this on?"

"Some girl claiming to be the first master of Limbo came to me just after everyone left and offered me the chance to control the blasted place."

"Are you sure that it's not a hoax?"

"Nah she has magical abilities," Zaven replied, shaking her head. The fading teleportation had been a sure sign of that. "And plus she smiled like old Blood Sane had. Carried the same scent too." The scent was that of blood, old and new mixed together.

"So you think the girl is a vampire?"

"At least partly. She was visibly more sane around me than Blood Sane had been." Because the lives she had taken with her bare hands Zaven carried around a thick scent of blood herself. The old vampire had pretty much gone stir crazy and almost became a stalker to the girl after the two crossed paths. That was until she jumped into a pit of lava knowing the molten rock wouldn't hurt her a single bit.

"So now you're wondering if you can actually control Limbo?" Schatten concluded softly. The demoness in his arms nodded. "It could certainly be useful to have an army against Slade."

"Yah I thought about that. But what if I lose the abilities that I have now?" The red head unconsciously pulled herself closer to her friend. Schatten smiled to himself. "I…I don't think I…can stand losing you Schatten. I mean…you've been with me…forever." Blushing she looked down at her feet and nervously scuffed the ground.

"You won't lose me Zaven," the shadow ghost promised softly. "Even if one day we are separated I will always be here." He gently laid his hand over where the girl's heart would be. Confused and a little frightened she grasped his hand in her own tightly.

"Well let's hope that day never comes Schatten," she whispered back, looking into his eyes. The ghost smiled and nodded. Relieved the demoness snuggled closer to him. Mentally she mused over the exchange. Was she actually truly falling in love with her friend?