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Note: Inspired by all of the crap going on in Congress.

Chapter 2 – Can't Buy Me Love

Alfred felt like continuously slamming his head against his desk. As he had to so often, he suppressed the urge to run into Congress and slam some heads together until the Republicans and Democrats got the message to suck things up and work together. Seriously, how old are they supposed to be? Yet they act like freaking 5 year olds. He sighed.

It seemed that most of his problems at the moment stemmed from money. Yao was bugging his about his debt, the entire country was freaking out about the debt, and Congress couldn't stop arguing about the budget so now everything was just going to crap. He groaned.

He looked up at his clock on the wall. It was already past 8. Might as well go home… Alfred gathered up the mounds of paperwork that he would undoubtedly be working on until after midnight. But still, it was for his people, so at least he would suck it up and do his job.

Alfred drove back to his house and noticed a car already parked outside. Immediately, his entire mood brightened. He quickly parked and ran inside. "Iggy!"

Arthur looked up from his embroidery as he sat in an armchair in Alfred's living room. He looked at the clock. "It's fairly late. What were you doing at the office at this hour?"

Alfred ignored his question. Instead, he threw down his briefcase and hugged his boyfriend tightly. "Iggy! It's so good to see you!"

Arthur blushed. "Yes, it's good to see you too, you git. But, seriously, what took you so long?"

"Eh… Just stuff." He gave Arthur a quick kiss and went towards the kitchen.

"But you just got home! Let me cook." Arthur tried to insist.

Alfred looked him right in the eye. "Sorry, I'm not prepared to die just yet, Iggy." He deadpanned.

Arthur pouted. "My name is Arthur, not Iggy." He mumbled.

Alfred gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I love you, even if you can't cook."

Arthur blushed and pouted at the same time. "You used to love my cooking."

"That was before you left me alone and I found out what cooking really was." Alfred joked as he quickly made some scrambled eggs and toast.

They ate quickly and Alfred turned on the TV while they cuddled on the couch.

"So, are you going tell me what's wrong?" Arthur finally asked.

Alfred sighed. "Y'know, I really hate money sometime."


"Yeah, I mean, everyone is totally freaking out about it. Yao keeps on bugging me about the debt. Congress won't get along enough to solve anything about money or otherwise." Alfred pouted just about it. "But it's not like it's all that."

"Yeah. It's not that wonderful." Arthur made sure not to look Alfred in the eye.

"Uh-huh. Like I really believe that from you, Mr. Pirate." Alfred snorted, knowing full well that Arthur once took great lengths to get treasure and money. Spain still has a tendency to shout swear words at Artie about how greedy he is. Alfred thought.

"Well," Arthur coughed nervously. "I left that behind a long time ago. After all, I'm a gentleman."

"Right." Alfred snickered. Suddenly, he sat up. "Hey, Iggy, you love me even though my country's basically broke now, right?"

Arthur looked at him, aghast. "Of course, I do, you bloody git! Do you really I care about that sort of thing?!"

Alfred smiled. "Then it's alright. And," he leaned in close, "This is totally a Beatles moment."

"Huh?" Arthur was confused for a moment before he remembered the reference. "Oh, you're seriously going through with that?"

"Of course, Artie!" Alfred looked momentarily shocked that Arthur hadn't taken his epiphany seriously. "And see, this is totally an example of what I was talking about." He pulled Arthur close to him. "Haven't you ever heard the song Can't Buy Me Love?"

"Of course, I've heard the bloody song! I always listen to my own music!" Arthur quickly said. "But why is this a Beatles moment for that song?"

"Don't' you get it? It doesn't matter if I don't have much money as long as I've got you! Because all of the money in world could not have given you to me, only you could give yourself." It made perfect sense to Alfred at least. He watched with glee as Arthur turned as red as a cherry. Or as red as one of Spain's tomatoes. He mused as he kissed him on the cheek.

"Well, I guess you do have a very good point." Arthur admitted. "But are you going to continually bring up the Beatles whenever there's a 'moment' as you put it?" He looked like he wasn't exactly pleased with that prospect.

Alfred raised his eyebrows. "Are you turning down my offer to praise your music and culture?" He asked in mock surprise.

Arthur looked away from him, embarrassed. "No, you can praise me as much as you want."

"Well, I will." Alfred turned towards the TV, glad that that was settled. "Still, please don't ask me for anything expensive, because I really can't afford it."

"I don't really need anything." Arthur said, avoiding Alfred's look by staring at the TV. "After all, that song applies to me, too." He felt a blush come across his face as he admitted it.

Alfred smiled as he wrapped an arm around Arthur. "Yep, this is one thing that money can't bring us." He paused. "And maybe later, I'll show you some other things money can't buy."

Arthur frowned. "I think you can buy that sort of thing."

Alfred tilted his head as he considered the statement. "I guess," he admitted, "but you can't buy the love that I'll put into it."

Arthur smiled. "Well, that's certainly true."

"Yeah…" Alfred sighed as he thought of work the next day. "Now if only I could get Congress to see that the best things in life are the ones you can't buy…"

Author's Note: Seriously, there are times when I just want to march into Congress and lecture them like they're 5 years olds. I know toddlers that act better than them. Sorry for the political rant, but no matter who's fault it is (which is actually a combination of both), I wish Congress would just do their freaking jobs.