Chapter 1

Toronto Canada:

Time: 20:56

It was a quiet, and cold night in the town of Toronto. The snow was falling slowly that night, no need to worry about being snowed in, the snow was just decoration that night. The night was moving on and people around the town were beginning to get ready for bed, and just watching television. Well, most people. Cutting the silence clean in half was the bickering of two familiar felines making their way to their apartment.

"I can't believe you lost the receipt and didn't even tell me!" The pink cat exclaimed as she and her friend walked down the dark sidewalk. Any onlookers would be able to tell that she was barely able to resist her desire to turn his face into mush.

"How was I supposed to know we needed it to pick up our pre-order? Can't they just take our word for it or something?" He asked. Aeris decided to not justify his stupidity with a true answer and chose to angrily growl at him instead. "Hey, calm down, it'll be there in the morning. It's not that big of a deal. I mean really, are you on your period or something?"

'That's it. That was the last straw.' Aeris decided. You could practically see a vein in her forehead throb, and hear her teeth grind together as she raised her fist and reared back for one of the strongest punches she had ever given to the little grey idiot.

Leo's eyes grew huge when he saw his friend rear back for the punch. Acting on instinct and experience, he quickly dropped into a fetal position to protect his vitals and just laid on the ground as he whimpered in fear.

Aeris saw his reaction, and for the first time seemed to actually take notice of the effect her actions had on her friend. She could only stare at her friend as he shook in fear of the impending pain he had coming. 'Is this how he always sees me? Do I always resort to violence? What kind of friend have I become?' She wondered. With much effort she lowered her fist, and took a couple of deep breaths before speaking. "It was just a mistake. We'll just bring our reward cards tomorrow. We should have done that in the first place." She said as calmly as she could.

"I'M SORRY AERIS! I'LL FIND IT- Wait, what?" Leo said as the fact that he wasn't in excruciating pain dawned on him. He looked up from his position on the ground to see Aeris turned slightly away from him. Her fist was at her side, it was shaking from the obvious effort she was making to not hit him. He stood up and looked at her face. She was definitely still angry, but there was also a little bit of sadness and regret mixed in with the anger. Leo tried to make some sense out of it, but his meager IQ tripped him up again, he decided to ask Pantsman about it later. "Ok… Well, I guess we should get home before we freeze to death then." He said with confusion clear in his voice.

'Why was he so confused by me being nice? Am I really that bad? I- I need to stop before I really hurt him. I don't want to become my grandmother and end up hurting everyone I know.' She decided as they made their way to the apartment.

(Author's note: Her grandmother will not make an appearance in the story, I just needed some one for Aeris to realize that she was becoming that person and I figured an evil grandmother would work.)

They walked the rest of the way in silence. Leo, not wanting to make up for the punch he didn't receive, decided he would just keep his stupid mouth shut and plastered a grin on his face. Aeris just walked with the a look of sadness and new determination on her face.

They walked up the flight of stairs to their apartment and Aeris to the side as she waited for Leo to unlock the door. She sat and thought of all the ways she must have mistreated her friend in anger. 'How has he even stayed with me for so long? Surely he could have found a roommate that won't beat him to a pulp every time he even burns the toast. Why does he put up with me?' She wondered in her head. She looked up and realized it had been a good five minutes and that they were still outside their apartment. "Leo, why isn't the door open yet?"

Leo was panicking. He patted down his pants, jacket fur, everywhere. But he still couldn't find the key. Fearing she might get angrier if he didn't tell her he prepared for the worst and answered her question. "Um… I might have lost the key." He stammered out.

"Are you telling me that we are locked out of our own f***ing apartment because you LOST THE KEY?" She yelled at him, temporarily forgetting her promise to be nicer to him. "Um… maybe?" Leo squeaked out as he began to cower again. "How could you lose the damned key?" She yelled again. She was trying very hard not to beat his face in. "Well, it may not be so much that I lost the key, in fact it's more along the lines of me forgetting to even get the k-" Leo was cut of by Aeris' shout. "SHUT UP! I DON'T CARE!" She yelled as she punched the door in a last ditch attempt to take out her frustration out with out hurting him.

The door swung open with a quiet click as her fist made impact. They stared at it for a good two minutes before Aeris broke the silence. "You forgot to lock the door? Hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars of gaming equipment and items, and YOU JUT LEFT THE DOOR UNLOCKED?" The question turned into a deafening yell. "How can you be so irresponsible? You are a complete and total moron."

"But, we were in a hurry an-" He was cut off once again by her yell of frustration. "I don't care, just shut up. I am going to my room. Don't even dare talking to me until you learn to be responsible." And with that she made her way to her room and slammed the door shut.

Leo's ears drooped as he processed what she said. 'Moron! Why are you so stupid Leo? She's right. I am just a moron and totally irresponsible.' He said as a pit formed in his stomach. 'No wonder she hates me.' He thought. He looked around the room and started to check the house. 'Better check and see if anything was stolen. That's a good start any way.'

Aeris' room:

"Arghhh! How am I supposed to be nicer to him when he is a complete moron and child?!" She yelled as she flopped onto her bed. "He just makes me so mad sometimes. I just want to punch that stupid smile off his face when he does something like that." She said to herself. She laid in her bed and tried to think of ways to divert or stop her anger problems. She was looking around her room when she noticed a bottle of pills sitting on her dresser. Curious, she got up and walked to the dresser to examine the bottle. "Super anger management pills. Guaranteed to make you as sweet as a baby or your money back." She read aloud. 'That's right, these things fell out of Johnny evil guy's pockets when I beat him up to get Leo's money back.' She remembered as she twisted the lid off. "Guess they can't hurt." She said, and with a shrug she swallowed the recommended dosage of two pills.

She stood there for a good five minutes before she could feel them working. "Whoa… These REALLY mellow you out, I feel so calm." She said as a numbness came over her body. She stumbled to her bed as her head began to feel lighter. "Wow, getting kinda sleepy." She said as she fell into bed. She was asleep before her head hit the pillow.

An hour and a half later:

"Hey Aeris! I found the receipt! And I made us some hot chocolate!" He yelled as he knocked on her door. He hoped his discovery and his peace offering was enough to at least lighten her anger against him. He knocked some more and waited for a minute. 'That's odd. She usually at least yells at me for disturbing her.' He thought to himself. After a few more knocks and a little waiting he began to grow worried. "I hope she is ok." He said to himself. He steeled himself for the possibly suicidal action he was about to commit. "Aeris? I am coming in." He yelled as he opened the door slowly.

He looked around the room and was surprised at the lack of her presence. "Aeris?" He called. No answer. He looked around the room, the only sign that she had been there was her clothes lying on her bed. "She must have gone to take a shower." He said. "Better not get here when she gets back." He decided as he set her mug of hot chocolate on her desk. He turned to leave the room when he was stopped by a noise. It sounded like a squeak. He turned around and looked for the noise. After a minute of searching with no results, he turned to leave the room. Then he heard it again. He looked around and noticed that clothes on Aeris' bed seemed to be moving. He sat his mug on the desk and moved the clothes off of the squirming object. "What. The. Actual. F***." Leo said aloud as he stared down at the pink furred, white-bellied kitten looking at him with big eyes.

The kitten appeared to have just woken up and was old enough to talk. "Umm… Who are you?" He asked nervously, he was terrified of the answer he was sure he was going to get. She rubbed her eyes and looked up at him with her huge blue eyes. "My name ith Aerith." She said quietly, and with a bit of shyness in her voice, she had some difficulty pronouncing the 'S'es. He stood and stared at her for a few minutes before he asked his next question. "And how old are you?" She screwed up her face in concentration and then answered. "I just turned four." She answered.

Leo could only stare at her, and it was starting to make the four year old uncomfortable. After another minute he recovered.

"I am so screwed."

End chapter 1.