Another in my Dean/Harry series that I haven't been writing on lately mainly because I've been needing to update my unfinished long stories. This is probably the most serious one, with the least amount of "comedy"(I know, I know, I suck at that) or sex. It's also the shortest.

I don't own anything.


The decision came in the middle of the night, when he couldn't sleep. Dean was sleeping. Harry could still feel the ache from what they'd done earlier, and he was analyzing his decision to come back here.

He'd met up with Dean, after their first, several times. He knew all about Dean's job now, and, at first, it had really only been a fling. A distraction. But Harry wasn't so sure that was all it was anymore.

Dean had confided in him something personal the other day, something that Harry wasn't expecting. Something about his father…and his brother.

"What was that?" Harry stared at Dean, wide eyed after the man had played the voice message for him.

"My dad and something else. He's been missing. I need to find him."

"How are you going to do that?"

"I thought I'd ask for some help."

Then had come the explanation about Sam and about how Dean's family worked. Harry had been entranced. He'd liked Dean, sure, but he hadn't truly realized just how much until Dean had explained all that. He hadn't realized how much he valued Dean until then.

And this had started out with him just wanting a bit of fun. He had only meant it to be a one night stand.

Harry had started to think in ways that he shouldn't. He was thinking those things now, as he watched Dean sleep. Dean was on his stomach, nothing covering him but a sheet, head turned towards Harry.

There was still a bit of a smile on Dean's face, even in sleep and Harry found that he liked that too. He found that he wanted to see it more. He found that he didn't want this to be his last meeting with the hunter.

He hated his job. He hated his fame. He hated the way that the ministry still liked to use his fame while he was working for them on cases. He liked his life in that moment, though. He liked it when he could forget all that when Dean was looking at him like he was the only person in the world. He liked being able to watch the other man sleep.

He'd thought about quitting a hundred times since he'd joined the aurors but had simply never found a big enough reason to. But, he thought as he turned to snuggle closer to Dean and the man automatically put an arm around him even in sleep, maybe he could find it here.

In the end, he couldn't think of it as giving up. All he could think of was what he might be gaining.