I am terribly apologize for my lack of updates, I'm truly am but life gets in the way so yea... Anyways, after thinking thoroughly, I really liked this story to be set after Drizzt's many years of adventures with so many he have met. Yes, I DID NOT read the new books of the series but a girl can try, right? So maybe I'll be a lot off form the many stories you read but I'm willing to give it a shot so without any further ado, enjoy the new and edited story of The Strange Encounter...ENJOY!


The Visitor

Within the darkness of the night, the bright white moon glows lustfully over the dark forest below as a black figure stood on a hill overlooking the eerie scenery before him and what a scenery it is. The large black forest, while the moon's rays caress softly down before him to see the thick leafy roof of each tree, it gave the forest the needed haunting feel to it. In the distance, dark hill tops from where he stood and a few jagged teeth of mountains further on the horizon of this scenery which result many to shiver at the sight.

Below the horizon is the line of the same large forest and within a few patches of open canopies is towns or villages spread apart from each other with bright torches or candle light burning brightly below as they mimic the white clusters of stars surrounding the moon in the dark sky. The sight appear to be ominous for those who are foreign to these parts of the region, add on to the eerie soundless air with the occasional distant cricket and whispering breeze.

The figure stood about six foot or more in his black cloak that slightly flutters in the breeze and a broad-brimmed hat that sat firmly on his head. The air is cool tonight and it felt just right and he knows he will find his target very soon. He needs to or there might be some trouble back home. He sighs which almost match the sound of the breeze. Other than that, it is a tranquil night.

How annoying..., he thought irritably. He searches high and low and still could not find no trace of his target. This land is corrupting his senses. He has no idea where to go and what to do if this continues on like this. He sighs again but now it sounded more human with a grunt. Can this day be any more tiring?

; My my, are we impatient?; A thought with an otherworldly voice that had an echoing texture to it that popped into his preoccupied head and it sounded a bit irritated as he was. The figure turns slightly to his left to look over his left shoulder at his companion or comrade that traveled with him.

"Oh quite that. Just because you can read thoughts does not grant you permission to read mine," the figure slightly growls over his shoulder. His voice is cloaked in deep rich, velvet in a slight baritone tone which can swoon both sexes into putty in his hands. He could persuade anyone to his whim but he hardly cared enough to try.

His companion is not totally affected by his voice as he grunts at him.

"Of course, why would I do such a thing?" His companion replied sarcastically and light tease, in hopes to lighten the man's mood.

The figure in black cloak rolls his dark eyes under his hat. "Yes, why indeed," he mutters then look back to the scenery before him.

His companion sighs behind him as he replies back softly, "Do not worry… Once this is over, we can return home and relax."

The figure in black did not respond except with a soft non communicative noise at the back of his throat and just continue to watch the scene in silence. His companion then left him be and went quiet as well in what seem like deeply concentrating on something of what, the dark figure never knows.

They stayed like that for a few moments as the other companion concentrates hard and the other watches his surroundings. He observes every little detail he can find in the dark night and listens to every little sound the night emanates, even though it's soft. He sighs once again but with a slight groan. He hated waiting. He stood for another moment in this cool night until his companion behind him made a small sound that sounded like a light gasp. He turns to him.

"Did you found it?" He asked with some eagerness in his voice. His companion behind did not blame him. He wants to retrieve the item and return home as soon as possible, after all, they have charges waiting back at home but that still annoys him.

"Patience, my child," he answered sternly. "I know how much you want to return home as fast as possible but you must remember to be patient." The cloaked figure rolls his eyes again. His companion did not bother either look or care at the matter before continue speaking, "I found the item we seek. It's faint but I can feel it. It's somewhere around this area to my knowledge. We must quickly find it and return it where it rightfully belongs." The cloaked figure nodded.

"Where exactly is it?" He asked.

His companion stood on his four furry limbs then trotted by the cloaked figure's feet at his left. His eyes glowed beautifully in the night as they stare into the dark scenery. His eye are the color of the sun but with a golden-amber with green-yellow ring around the pupils. They gleamed with anticipation and great intelligence. He gazes straight and beyond the mountains before him then blinked once. Images of a carriage with men riding horses surrounding the carriage and inside was a young man or noble wearing fine jewelry and clothing, clutching tightly on a small chest on his lap. The young noble seemed to more paranoid than any noble as they travel at night knowing there will be thieves among the darkness, that is why he had so many guards surrounding him. Of course he would but he has no idea that a certain thief is watching his every movement right now. He Watches as the group travel further down the gravel road towards the closest town near them.

The golden eyed companion blinked once again and the image then is gone from his sight. He then lifts his furry angular head slightly up and pointed with his nose. "In that direction. About two to three miles from here. There is a group traveling to a town that is quite well known to us with a nobleman holding our prize," he indicated. "But be careful, there are many guards surrounding our treasure so we must be discreet and quick." The cloaked figure beside him made a short hmph in the back of his throat and nodded.

"That doesn't sound too bad. At least we'll get some entertainment along the way," he said with a hint of cheerful tone in his voice. "It seems that young nobleman is expecting company." Then he looks down at his companion by his feet and smiled mischievously on his pale lips. "Well, let's not keep him waiting." The cloaked figure held his left arm out to his side as his companion leaps onto it with grace then place himself comfortably on the crook of the cloaked figure's neck.

With his furry friend safely snugged on his left shoulder, the cloaked figure leaps with grace and strength from the hill he was standing on to the ground below. He somehow didn't hit any branches of the trees as he fell along in silence then land in ease only making the grass below him slight rustle under his weight. Now finally set on the ground, he runs like the wind but no sound escaped him with each great strides into the dark forest, making the breeze take any sound away from him as his feet impact the ground. He thought about to use his second companion to help him fly across but he takes the scenic route instead, enjoying the feel of his strong legs. It might a few days to reach their target but he did not mind since he quite enjoy running.

No one, not even the night creatures noticed him as he darts on by in soundlessly. He then blends into the dark before finally disappearing into the shadows towards his goal with a mischievous smile etched on his pale face.