Author's Note: Please note, I am using languages of other countries (both old and new) for my story because Sin is form different region so I want to make him as foreign as possible. So for those who are reading, I hope I did not offend you, I do apologize for that. You're language is unique and beautiful that I had to try it. Leave a review please! With that, enjoy!

The Battle of the Twin Blades

The Visitor

The cat's golden-amber eyes widens, his body stiffen as his little heart beats with anticipation while the young girl reaches under the seat towards his way. He didn't know what to do besides disappear but that will acquire him to use his magic which will alert other magic users in this world of his presence and he doesn't need more on his plate.

As the white silver gloved hand reached far enough to touch him, he had no choice but to react which is tightening his ears flat on his small angular head and growled a warning to the gloved hand.

The young Lady who noticed the cat's presence flinched at the sudden growl under the seat. Her two guards and guardian looked at her oddly as she gazes further under the seat.

The guardian in red and silver robes reacted first with a hint of distaste in his deep voice, "Young Lady, what in Gods name are you doing?!"

She didn't respond nor even heard his voice as she tries to get a better look on their intruder with her head placed slightly above the carpeted floor. Her eyes catches two bright yellowish-green orbs staring back at her from the dark; they glared at her as if warning her not to come near. Oh! She thought in shock of their sudden appearance then relaxed when she realize what they belong to.

"My Lady, please rise from the filthy carpet at once!" Her guardian nagged. "You can't afford to soil your clothes!"

She rolled her eyes as his constant nagging but obliged and went to her knees. She looked at the three men who are staring at her in questioning. She shrugged her small shoulders.

"I found a cat under the seat," she said with great interest in her clear, gentle voice. Her pale blue eyes sparkle with delight and curiosity that they almost appear to be silver.

The men in the carriage looked at her as if she gone insane. The man in the red and silver robes shook his head which made the hood fall even further over his face, he noticed and quickly pulled the hood back on top of his head that revealed his well trimmed black bearded face and piercing green eyes that seemed to glow under the shadowing of the hood.

"Now now, my Lady," he said gently with a small chuckle in his voice. "You know very well that there is no animal within this carriage because it is well sealed from the any outside intruders." Until now, of course, the cat thought smugly with a mental snicker. "Nothing small nor big can invade this carriage while we're in here," the man in the red robes try to convince her.

She stood her ground or more kneeling as she stared hard at him with those powerful pale blue eyes then she crossed her arms on her small chest and made a huff sound from her throat, acting like a child being told that they're wrong. But then for all the cat knows, she still could be by her appearance.

The cat almost gave her applause for her bravo but right now he needs to get out and fast before he gets discovered fully. He does not want to be somebody's pet.

The thief on top of them regain his balance when the carriage did then hide the small chest into folds of his black tunic before looking for the cat with great concern. When he hears voices stirring within the carriage, he knows instantly the group inside woke up from the sudden bump from earlier. Shit! Now what? He thought with frustration. He has to find a way for the cat to escape without being noticed but how? He rubs his chin with his left hand till he caught a loud crack sound just behind him. He turns and slowly smiles mischievously.

Behind him is the carriage driver, snapping at the two large white stallions with the flick of the reins. The driver wears a black cloak that is tightly closed about his thin frame and a broad brimmed beige hat that is closely similar to the thief's but it's tattered and worn out from many use over the years. The driver does not have any knowledge that he's being watched or being stalked as the thief slowly crawl towards him with that mischievously glee on his face, eyes now glow violently violet.

"But there is a cat under there!" The young Lady insists while still have her arms crossed over her chest. Her guardian in red and silver robes shook his head while the two guards chuckled at this endearing yet amusing scene.

The guardian groans warily. "Enough of this argument. We've been doing this ever since you were a babe."

"But you seem to quite enjoy it," one of the guards, which is the leading officer of this small group, said with a chuckle. The younger guard laughs at that statement. The guardian in red and silver robes send him a leer of warning but the other guardian only laughs. Once again, the man in robes sighed but with more frustration than weary.

"I will ignore that," the man in red and silver robes replies with some spite in his voice.

The thief crawls behind the driver carefully and quietly as possible until he kneels right behind the oblivious driver. Thief mentally chuckled. I haven't done this in a while, thought the thief as he reaches towards the hood of the black cloak about the driver's shoulders.

The guardian then looks at his young Lady who is still on the dirty carpet floor in her white clothes.

"Please return to your seat, my Lady," he said with some distaste returning back into his voice. "You don't know if the carriage will-"

But before he could finish, the thief grabs the hood of cloak which pulled the driver back with little chance to get out a yelp of surprise. The thief then wraps it around driver's' head which covers and crushes the hat he wears. The thief then reaches for the reins before they fall and yanks them back, causing the horses gave out a neigh of shock and surprise, stabbing their hoven feet into the ground which makes the carriage stop instantly with a loud rattle, flinging the driver halfway out of his seat.

Everyone in the carriage never have to react; the man in the red and silver robes launches from his seat then collides with older guard who tumbles from his seat as well when the carraige rocks young Lady in white flew forward but is caught by the young guard within his arms before she could further injuring herself. The cat under the seat is slightly thrust forward from his hiding place with a loud yowl of surprise then quickly hides back under the seat before anyone takes note of his presence as the carriage settles back. All look around in bewilderment.

The guards surrounding the carriage rein in their horses to a stop and watches in shock as the carriage halt so suddenly, tipping slightly forward before settling back down. They turn to the driver, ready to discriminate the man for endangering their lady and question for his sudden stop when they took note of his peculiar position; haphazardly off his seat, half way falling out of it, with his cloak wrap tightly around his head he frantically tries to remove it while his screams muffled through the fabric.

Two guards instantly hops off their mounts and dash towards the helpless driver whose seem to have a problem getting the fabric off to breathe. Each took hold of his arms and set him down on the ground before one of them aids by loosening the fabric enough for the man to furiously yank it off his head, causing the broad hat to fly off. The driver's face burn red from not only trying to get fresh air through the thick fabric but also from anger at someone who would do such an act. He glares furiously at each guard around him with those dark eyes that seem to glow powerful amber in the night.

"A'right, who done this? Who had done this to me head?!" He screamed with outrage.

All guards suddenly are a bit taken back by the accusations and anger from the driver but they cannot blame him for it.

The door of the carriage bangs open fiercely as four, well mainly three, flustered occupants hopping out with a confused and dazed lady within their circle. The young guard gracefully helps his young Lady from the carriage to stood near the other guardians which the two are sizing the driver.

"What in Gods heavens were you thinking?!" Snarls the red and silver robed guardian. "Do you know you have easily harmed our Lady without a thought? How could you be so careless?!"

The driver glares back at the robed guardian before barking, "I wouldn't have if I weren't blinded by me hood! Someone came up on me and blinded me sight with me cloak! I don't know who did it but I know I didn't do it."

All were a little disgruntled about the man's story but then there aren't any strong winds blowing as well they ride in a slow pace so how could the man's cloak be wrapped tightly around his head? The question was left unanswered as the red and silver robed guardian shakes his head.

"Really? You expect me to believe in such nonsense?" He scoffed.

The driver leered at him more. "Believe wha' ye believe," he replies in an undertone voice. "But I know someone was behind me when it happen'd and I want to know who!"

While they bicker with each other, no one even give a black lithe catlike form stealthily crawling out from the carriage a second glance before it trots away from sight. Not one guard notices him, not even their mounts as they stand there baffled by the story and what they witnessed. He trots as far as he could from the guards until he sense more than heard the thief near by.

The thief rides out the whole event before leaping off the carriage and stand near the edge of the forest, waiting for his companion to appear. When he sees the black creature trotting towards his way, he instantly meets the cat halfway.

;What took ya? ; The thief thought with a slight chuckle. His hands are placed firmly on his hips as he stares down at the cat. The cat gaze back with a glare that shimmers his yellowish-green eyes into bright amber before they dull again to yellow as if weary of hearing the thief's smug thought.

;Do not start now; The cat thought back with annoyance. ;You were not there when I was trapped and have nowhere to escape but under the seats. One of them was close to find me but miraculously, the carriage stopped with a sudden halt which send them and me flying; Then the cat eyes the thief a little more. ;I do not know rather I should thank you or pummel you for nearly killing me;

Thief only gives a lopsided smile before bending down at his knees to the cat's level. The cat took the invitation and climbs on the thief's arms which the cloak of invisibly covered the feline instantly then small creature stretches himself about the thief's shoulders.

Suddenly the red and silver robed guardian stops in mid sentence of his rant towards the driver and turns around to look beyond the young Lady and the line of guards at the edge of the group. Staring beyond the edge he feels or sense a tiny bit of magic near which caused him to frown.

His young Lady furrows her small brows. "Blyth?" She calls out.

He ignores her as his attention is solely towards near edge of the forest not far from dubbed Blyth begins to chant an old hum of his ancestors with a low and deep musical tone in his voice,

"Come forth the Spirits of this land

And reveal to me the truly lies beneath

the cloak of darkness."

The air softly hums, alerting others around Blyth as is it weaves about him before lunging forward towards the direction that called to his attention, close to a form a golden-green tendrils dancing gracefully through the night.

The young Lady and the two guards understands the necessity of that chant and turns to that direction as well, if a bit startled. The guards at their sides held tightly to the hilts of their swords, ready for battle that's about to come while the older gentleman on the carriage fidgets with fear, not too keen to be caught up in a battle.

Further down the road, the cat suddenly felt magic stir through the air causing the fur to stand on its end which alerted the thief simultaneously. He turns to the source which is the man in red and silver robes.

"A wizard?" The thief asked more to himself than to the cat on his shoulders.

The cat growled. "It would appears so. Sin, move now," the cat ordered which Sin, the thief, obliged.

He leaps to the right further away from the weaving golden-green tendrils of this cast but it seems the tendrils are being manipulated by robed wizard because they change direction, as if following him. Sin clicks his tongue against his teeth. Fuck! He swore in his head as he slides further away as far as he can from the tendrils reach while the cat hisses and growls the dizzying dance.

Suddenly the clouds above slowly dissipate, revealing black sky with white dots and the bright moon in which it send bright white rays upon the land with dancing shadows. One in particular belongs to the moving thief. All noticed the only moving shadow on the gravel floor. The young lady gasps and older gentleman on the carriage points towards the thief's way.

"Look! Sorcery!" He yells which the rest nods in agreement.

"Yes, it appears our little fiend is under a cloaking spell which no one can see him physically, at least until light sheds the truth," Blyth indicates, still manipulating his magic.

"That must be the thief who stole my precious treasure," the young Lady said with distress in her small voice.

The leader of the group nods and shouts, "Archers! To arms!" All soldiers pull out their bows and arrows and strung them back, aiming at the invisible thief, using the moon's rays to follow the thief's movement. "Aim!"

The cat's ears swurves at the drawing of strings from where they are and give a frustrated growl. ;Sin!;

"I know!" The thief screams back then quickly ease his running, ducking under the tendrils before taking off down the road once more.

This is a perfect opportunity for armed armored men.

"Release!" On command all arrows is sent flying overhead in a large ark before came raining down. Each arrow lands just a few feet before Sin and his companion, making a small barrier that blocked their way, as if stating this is far as they could go.

Sin stops minutes before any of the still few falling arrows lands and stared in awe of how many could have been fetal. Sin lets out an impressed whistle before gazing over his shoulder at their captors. Several men return their bows back in place on their saddles and dismount with swords drawn. Each sword gleams lusciously with anticipation as they march closer to the thief even though they could not see him.

Sin rolls his eyes, as does the cat. They cannot see the thief at all except for the shadow on the ground and they yet expect Sin to be easily captured like any mortal? How ignorant could you achieve?

As the soldiers drew near, the cat let out a exasperated sigh before turning to Sin.

"Let us go before they make fools of themselves," the cat said warily but notice Sin is not moving, in fact, he isn't even aware to him or their surroundings. Sin appears to be staring off into another world where the cat never could reach even if he tried. The cat gazes at the absent minded look on Sin then the now surrounding guards with drawn swords and back again. Sin's black eyes seem to fade into the shadowing of that broad hat, as if in a trance.

The cat begins to grow concern. "Sin?" He calls out to the young thief but no anvil. Sin did not acknowledge his presence, still standing still, eyes unfocused.

The guards grew closer, swords straight as if to see which one of them can find the physical body first before capturing him. The cat then fidgets with concern towards the swords closing in and looks at Sin with a desperate plea in his yellowish-green but golden-amber eyes.

;Sin?! ; He thought within Sin's head. Still nothing finding it odd and distressful, knowing full well Sin would at least react to that which cause the cat's fear and panic to grow.

The swords draw closer and closer until the cat couldn't take it anymore and risk revealing himself to the guards and to many magic users.

"SIN!" He screams sending a spine tingling sensation through Sin's nerves which resulted Sin flinching, jumping from where he stands with a quick intake of air. Sin then shakes his head, awaken from a dream or trance then glance around a sort of daze.

Around them all guards and including the man and red and silver robes heard the disembodied shout that the cat released but he and only he felt the sudden surge of magic coursing through his veins, thanks of course being a wizard.

All looked taken back by the scream and gaze at each other with uncertainty if one of them shouted which of course none did.

Sin quickly regains his consciousness and looks around him once more before he crossed his arms, each hand clench a hilt of a sword then pulls them from their sheaths. A ringing tone sings into the night air that caught the surrounding guards attention to the center of their circle, all in one quick fluid motion. The cat looks at Sin with wide eyes.

;Siiinnnn, what are you doing? ; The cat asks cautiously, already dreading the answer that was about to come as he sees a suspicious gleam in Sin's dark eyes that shines bright violet.

With one single magical phrase, the cloak of invisibility dissolves, revealing both Sin the cat to apprehensive eyes.

Each guard jolts back of the sudden appearance the thief in black clothing holding twin black swords in his hands out and ready. The armed soldiers quickly recovers then advance forward, weapons drawn before charging forward.

Sin smiles smugly before crouching down to the ground, his right ankle twists to spin him on the palm of his booted right foot while his left leg shot out which propel him to increase his spin. As he does this, he arms shot up with the twin black swords that hit and disarmed any soldier that stands within the striking distance of him.

Each soldier let out a yelp of surprise as their swords are launched from their grasp as well to Sin's sudden attack but Sin is not quite finished. Sin then cease spinning with the heel of his boot and hop back onto his feet with such grace that it is mistaken for a Surface Elf.

Those who still had swords then lurches forward, aiming their blades at Sin's way while others take the advantage of Sin being distracted from those in front of him.

Sin grins as he side steps from their strikes, swirling and twirling on his heels, using that momentum to subdue each soldier to the ground by clocking them near their temples with the hilts of his twin swords. A few times Sin's twin blades grazed or clash with one or two swords then as fast as lightning he would suppress them with the blunt of his twin hilts.

One by one, each soldier crumble to the ground before they could reach for a dagger or their bows with a metallic thud. They may have been wearing helms but even that seem in vain since the thief spots the weak points to filtrate.

The cat did everything in his power to grip tightly on as Sin danced while growling or howling for Sin to stop. Sin could not hear or did not care what the cat wants as he side steps, slide and hops from one soldier to the next until the last one collapses to the ground. Sin then pauses and stands before the rest of the group with his black swords set ready, crossing just inches from his face as he gaze through the blades.

The cat helplessly grips Sin's shoulders while trying to gather his bearings.

The rest of the group stood in awe and fear as they watch how skillful and powerful this one person is before them. They could not comprehend what they just witnessed even though it happened in a dizzying blur for any human to follow. The thief expressed such fluid grace and skill in his dance as he disarmed every soldier then planted them unconscious to the ground, each groaning in response. Now there he stands with his twin black swords that gleam maliciously in the white rays of the moon, holding them before his face with his dark eyes looking between the swords that seemed to be glowing suspiciously bright violet or even lavender.

"Did..did you just...?" One of the guards speaks first in a shaken voice. "He-he beat them all in one blow!"

All did not reply to him but they mentally agreed with him. This thief was no regular thief at all but a monster. Blyth only scoffed and stepped forward.

"He must be casting some type of spell that made him appear to be faster and stronger than any human," he tries to explain even though he too is thoroughly shaken himself after seeing that display.

The young Lady notice this and instantly concerned for her guardian. The robed guardian inhales deeply and begins to chant again which caught the now a very dizzy cat's attention. The cat flicks his ears towards the chanting and finally regain his bearings.

"Sin, we must go now!" He calls out desperately which shockingly Sin nods in response. This astounds the cat since earlier Sin was in some type of trance. The cat wonders why but thought better of it. Sin then crosses his arms again and slide each sword back into their sheaths in one quick fluid motion with a soft click. Knowing that they are safely secure in their sheaths, he turns then leaps over the barrier of arrows like a bounding deer before landing squarely on his feet and continue on further down the road.

You will not escape that easily, Blyth thought then thrusts his arms forward and with a single phrase send a wall of blue and violet flames towards the thief. The wall of flames flies harmlessly over the unconscious soldiers and the vegetation, nipping at Sin's back. Sin feels the heat licking at his back as the light from the flames casts his shadow, dancing before him while growing bigger every second.

The cat sees this and concentrates as he glares at the walls of blue and violet flames with bright golden-amber eyes.

"Scaipedh!(1) " The cat commands, his voice booms across the land, so powerful as it echos.

The robed man felt that power and watches in stun awe as his flames is quickly quenched and died into the cool air of the night along with thief. All stood in awe and wonder of where the thief had disappeared.

Sin and the cat dashes further away from their so called captors' sight as they make a hard turn to the right. They have what they came for, now they must get away before something else-

"SIN, DUCK!" The cat yells.

Sin gratefully follows and instantly buckled to his knees then slid on the gravel floor just as a sword came swinging into view, inches from his nose as he skidded under the blade. His hat came clean off his head which reveals his dark raven black hair that is tied into a tail at the base of his skull. Once out of reach of the blade, Sin quickly hops onto his left foot and pushes himself back to his feet, using that momentum to turn to gaze at his new assailant in a matter of seconds.

Standing before them was a figure cloaked in dark forest green with the hood dawned over, shadowing half of the face, giving Sin only the view of their lower jaw. The matching color scheme seems to fade on his tunic and leggings, boots that reach to his below his knees, a chain mail over his clothes about his shoulders and the fabric appears to have seen better years but still holds up quite well. The hooded figure points a curved sword towards Sin, standing from the short distance between them. The figure, which Sin instantly took note, has an male appearance who stood about about a foot or maybe inches below Sin's chin since the thief stands about six foot. Sin also notices the assailant studying him or observing his black attire that makes Sin smirk.

Like what you see? He thought slyly.

The assailant notices and kept the curved sword pointed towards him then speaks in a calm tone, "Who are you and what have you stolen from those people?"

"Be careful, Sin," the cat warns softly into Sin's ear.

Sin just smirks even wider before answering. "That you have anything worth to trade?"


What did this thief stole from those people? Drizzt thought while keeping an eye on the thief in black but using his infrared spectrum to gaze thief before him. He is not so sure what is worth fighting for from the heat vision but he will try to aid anyone in need if he can.

Both standing there, eyeing each other for a while till Drizzt's keen elven ears catches whispering near the thief's general direction. Drizzt glances high and low for the owner and found nothing but a cat that perches comfortably but steadily on the thief's shoulders. This catches Drizzt's attention. What is the use of a cat? Drizzt wondered. Is it use for small crevices that even the thief can't slip through? Used for helping escape the impossible? There is something strange and odd about that cat and not just by how well trained to stay perched on the thief's shoulder since felines are notorious creatures to never take orders from anyone but themselves. It's just those bright yellowish-green eyes seems to glow with great intelligence and wisdom like Drizzt's Guenhwyvar. Drizzt didn't dwell on that for long as he and the thief hears the running of booted feet and armor heading their way. Thief turns to the gathering of the guards in silver armor and sends a swore under his breath which Drizzt hears quite clearly.

One of the guards, who seems to be the leader of this group thanks to his more elaborated cloak with silver trimmings and armor, notices Drizzt keeping the thief at bay and gives him an approval nod then pull out his sword. The rest follow in pursuit, leaving a metal ringing in the air as if soft war cry. The thief only smirks smugly at the sad attempt. Drizzt understands not to take this person lightly.

"Thank you, stranger but we'll take it from here," the Leader of the guards said as he steps forward to the thief's direction. Drizzt opens his mouth to protest but the thief interrupts.

"Really? After I took down half of your soldiers in minor of seconds, you really think you could take me on again?" The thief taunts. "Come to think of it, how are your soldiers?"

The leader only glares at the thief but says nothing. The thief receives that as a reply and sends a crooked smile in return.

Drizzt knows that glare the leader is emanating off quite well, it consists with many generals having short tempers, especially ones who are not fond of being the butt of the joke about their commanding over their soldiers. Drizzt knew that this leader will attack head on without a care to defeat and destroy this thief for insulting him thus aiding the thief's escape. He must grasp of this situation before it gets out of hand. Drizzt steps between the armored leader and the thief with his scimitar pointed and ready.

"Let me take care of this, sir," Drizzt with a firm tone that tells the leader of the soldiers not to argue with him further. The Leader was about to give Drizzt a hard glare but glance down at his attire and instantly respects the ranger's wishes. The Leader takes a side step but stands ready to aid in anyway he can. Drizzt appreciate the courtesy gesture with a nod and with one swift movement held out his other scimitar before him with its twin. He received these from his last travel before coming here, getting close to just end his warrior title but he is quite glad he did not rid of them yet.

The thief sees the stance and smiles, seems rather eager to cross swords.

Suddenly Drizzt hears that whispering again and the thief seem to hear it too because he nods as if replying to it. Where is that whispering coming from? Drizzt wondered but those thoughts must wait when the thief moved.

The thief crosses his arms and each hand clench a hilt of a sword then pulls them out, sending a ringing tone in the night air. Drizzt posed ready with his two scimitars grip tightly in his hands. Drizzt scrutinize the twin swords; the length is about the same as the thief's arms, black metal that gleamed with delight within the moon's rays as if happy to be released from their sheaths, the smooth sheen of the handcrafted black metal seems otherworldly to Drizzt, a type of metal that he never seen before, sensing something strange or wrong about those swords that he cannot place his elven finger on it.

Now both regarding one another, waiting for the later to move. Drizzt does not mind this, he can easily wait for the grass to grow in the tundras up north if he wants to.

That whispering makes its presence yet again and again Drizzt tries to pinpoint it's location but finds nothing. This baffled if not made Drizzt antsy, hoping it's not some type of wizard casting a spell.

The thief gives a curtly nod before advancing towards Drizzt with great speed and grace that Drizzt barely see him coming. Drizzt quickly reacts, sinking both heels of his booted feet to the grovel ground as the thief's twin black swords connect with Drizzt's scimitars. They with such immense force that it nearly knocked Drizzt off his feet, emanating a loud metal on metal rang throughout night, displaying some sparks. But he stand his ground with a grunt and forcibly pushes back at the thief's sudden attack. The armored men stiffens at the sound.

Attacking head on...why would a stealthy thief commit that? Drizz thought in wonder but understands immediately as the thief suddenly buckles to his knees and shot his left out in one swift motion, swinging at Drizzt's legs. Drizzt response by jumping a few feet before the leg could make contact but then, using the momentum, the thief swung his left leg around making him spin faster and shooting the same limb up towards Drizzt's face. Drizzt almost didn't catch it but he sees the oncoming leg at the last minute and blocks it with his crossed forearms as a shield. The leg makes contact with more force than the impact of the twin swords, causing Drizzt to grunt in from the quick sting, sending him to the ground but Drizzt instinctively regain his balance and stands on his feet once again.

However Drizzt did not have time to recover as the thief return with revenge but with his right leg the swinging the opposite resulting the thief to spin on the heel of his foot once more before sending it down towards Drizzt's right shoulder. Drizzt blocked it too with his crossed arms and felt the strong impact of the leg hitting his arms, digging his heels deeper into the dirt.

Drizzt grunts again from bright sting then thrusts them apart, propelling the right leg from him before thrusting out his left arm with a scimitar in hand towards the thief's way with a graceful swing while the right arm follows closely behind.

Apparently the thief foresaw this as he leans away from the first swing of the scimitar, arching his back to land on the palms of his hands with the twin swords clutched tightly by only his thumbs as they touched the ground. Standing on his hands for a only a second then curled his body away from the second swing from the twin weapon and land on his feet. The thief did this a few more times before landing a few feet away from Drizzt with his twin black swords raised before his face, horizontal to each other. This gives Drizzt time to breath and recalculate his strategy against the skillful thief. Even the armored men are amazed how Drizzt kept up with the criminal.

I see, he uses the two attacks as a diversion before the real attack on the third on..., Drizzt thought, impressed on the skills this human holds but he kept that to himself. Then Drizzt glance at the cat once more, stunned to see it still there. He wonders but shakes his head, ignoring it for a moment. He then nods to himself when an idea came into mind that might work in his favor. Alright, now it is my turn.

With that he advances towards the thief quick and swift before even the thief could realize then swung his right scimitar then his left, twisting his wrists while his feet dances below. A drow's balance is always absolute, without it, it means the end of you and Drizzt can thank that fact to his many encounters from his past.

The thief watches as he blocks one scimitar, observing the other and did the impossible that it even astounds Drizzt himself. The thief mimic Drizzt's swift movements with his own flare as he dances left then right with his black twin swords gleaming in the moonlight, creating stars whenever Drizzt's scimitars and twin black swords made contact. The sound of ringing metal upon metal sang into the night as both the thief and Drizzt dance their death dance together like graceful lovers in a ball. Drizzt never seen a human with such speed besides Artemis Entreri or Montolio and he was blind! This one, this thief has speed, agility and grace that can put an elf into shame. It was quite impressive to have an human close to his speed and strength but none more was impressed of this display than the armored guards who are watching the spectacle from afar, in no rush to be caught in the crossfires.

The thief glides left then buckle again into a crouch and thrusts out his left leg which spins him on the balls of his foot under Drizzt's vision. Drizzt leaps back and returns with two of his scimitars in in reply but the thief counter attack with a backwards leap of his own but remains ground level. The thief then lands on his hands with his twin swords still in his grasp, curls up to bring in his knees to his chest and thrusts his legs out like a kicking mule.

Drizzt blinks this action at the last minute and leans back to have those feet grazed him by a hair but nearly miss the thief's left twin black sword flying towards him. Drizzt grits his teeth. Too fast! Did not have enough time to move as it impact to his right ribs but only the flat side of the blade touching. Drizzt let out a yelp sudden pain before spinning on his right heel then swings his right scimitar making contact with the thief's black blade. A clang rings into the night causing another flash of sparks to fly before they too fade.

The thief leaps back to his feet as Drizzt side steps far from the his opponent, checking what damage the blade left. Both breathing heavily and sweat from their little dance which both find this exhilarating. Drizzt breaths heavily as does the thief before him who seems to be breathing more evenly compared to Drizzt. He only hit me with the back of his blade...why? Drizzt ponders as he straighten himself which the thief copies. Why would he do that? He had me right where he wants but then held back at the last minute? Is he toying with me? Then Drizzt gives the black cat on the thief's shoulders a final look and stunned in awe. And how is that cat still on his shoulders? It should have fallen off or hidden in the forest by now, Drizzt thought with amazement of the small creature that seem to cling tightly on the black fabric of the thief's clothes. What kind of creature is it? But suddenly the the thief gazes to the side as if listening to something. This in turn catches Drizzt's ears as the whispering appears again but a bit louder than usual. There's that whispering again. Where is it coming from?


Sin softly pants and a few sweat beads appear on his forehead from his earlier dance with opponent for what it seemed about an hour or more. But who knows? Sin loved it! He finally has an worthy opponent to praise about. This creature moves and glide like no other and is very joyful about it. Sin knows this person is not human that he can tell by his agile swift movements but does not know what race. But Sin didn't mind and didn't care, as long as he enjoys it. However his enjoyment or fun is cut short.

"Sin, we do not have time to play right now. We have to leave at once," the cat whispers urgently to him. Sin was about to argue but the cat cut in a dark tone, "Do not cause me force you. We have what we wanted so let us leave, now."

Sin sighs with great deflation as no further argument come to mind. With one swift fluid motion he crosses his arms and slide each sword back into their sheaths again. The ranger watches with a slight tilt of his head in question. Sin shakes his head with hands raised in a form of surrender.

"As much as I want to stay and play with you a bit longer, I have go. Places to go, people to see. You understand..," Sin said in his slight arrogant tone. "I have what I wanted so I'll be going now." The thief turns from the cloaked stranger with one final smirk on his face. "Till we meet again~" And with that Sin turns from his opponent to leave, at least he was about to til an arrow came flying in, nearly graze him near his right cheek which made the black cat yowl in surprise of the appearance of the flying projectile. It lands just inches away from his feet with a thwung sound, even the cloaked figure jumps at its sudden appearance. He turns to find his earlier assailants, his dark eyes glaring at them coldly.

Five well armed men hold their arrows docked back and ready to shot if he made any other sudden movements. The Leader of this group hold his sword up, ready to command his soldiers to shoot without delay.

"You are not going anywhere," the Leader calls out in his loud deep voice. "You have stolen was is sacred to our young Lady and we want it returned at once or we'll fight for it."

Sin only rolls his dark eyes in plain irritation. These men just do not know when to quit do they? He thought, almost sneering. The cat can understand his frustration as much as anybody but they really don't have time for this.

;Sin, just ignore them and leave. We cannot dwaddle any further; The cat thought to him which he responds with a nod, turning away.

The Leader grits his teeth and drops his sword wielding arm without a word of command which all arrows are sent flying into the air towards their unsuspected target.

Sin sighs exasperatedly. I guess they really do have a death wish..., Sin thought wearily and in a blink of an eye he twists, swinging his right leg up and contacting with each arrow head on with a swift kick causing them ricocheted back towards their original point, landing inches from the archers and armored Leader. All gazed in stunned awe as every ammunition is sent back their way which of course they react by having shields in place, though no impact happened as the arrows imbedded themselves into the ground just inches away.

Sin only smirks and was about to place his foot back down on the ground till he stiffen. He did not see or even sense the ranger upon him with those twin curved swords, even the cat's astonished.

His dark eyes go wide and he reacts at the last minute. With all his strength on his left leg, he hops backwards away from those curved blades but one of them knick his tunic, ripping a hole. Sin watches in stunned amazement and horror as their prize they been searching for topples out and on to the gravel floor. Sin couldn't stop his momentum because the ranger is advancing with those curved blades. He grits his teeth and keeps gaining distance between him and the cloaked ranger.

Shit! Our prize fell out of my tunic! Dammit! He thought with anger and vexation.

;Worry about that later; Thought the black cat. ;Let us leave now and come again on the right time. Besides, I sense their wizard coming to aid them and we know where to find it anyways;

Sin nods to that fact and reaches for his now revealed black stone that is chained about his neck.

"Shadow, shield me," Sin commands in a soft whisper.

The ranger must of heard of him because he paused in his tracks and by good timing. The shadow under Sin's feet suddenly bulge and bubbles before forming into a black mist about him. A few let startled yelps and jump back, cautious of its sudden appearance. Sin took this opportunity to touch the black diamond about his neck which made him invisible to the eye and disappear into the dark forest, leaving confused and dazed pursuers behind as the mist settles and fades away, leaving no evidence of his existence.

1) Scaipedh - means "cease" or "stop". It's another language that I made up with Irish words I looked up. There might be other languages of today I might mix in.