Title : Mercury Dragon

Act: 1

Act 1 title: The Memories

CHAPTER ONE: Memories Return

Quote: Memories are eternal things. Amnesia is simply a lock... which needs a key. Anonymous

It was the nightmare… that repeated each night. It was full of death, betrayal, cryptic words and sadness. There was blood all over the ground. He was holding a bloody sword. He stood over the dead body of a soldier...

Then, it happened.

"No. No… please…" The girl wept.

"Please don't leave me alone... please..."

That feminine voice came again. It was a familiar voice.

Draco stared.

He stared as a girl… knelt, crying. By some strange instinct, He knew that she was a princess. She had a prince's dead body in her arms. The prince's hair was black. His eyes were open, blue and vacant. Then, he muttered something and he closed his eyes.

Draco gulped. He knew one thing. That girl's prince was dead.

"No… This… can't be… Please! Wake up. Please…Endymion...No. Don't... don't do this to me! You can't die...Please! Wake up! Oh no! Wake up!please... This... this can't be happening!" The girl whispered.

She had blonde hair, done into two buns and two ponytails. pearls were in her hair. She wore a pearl bracelet. She had blue eyes, so sad... so pained and full of extreme grief. He gasped silently. He was helpless. Then, he watched as the blonde killed herself. It was horrifying. She stabbed herself and blood splattered onto the cold marble ground. It also stained the girl's dress as she succumbed to death. He could feel that he was running toward her.

Then, the scene changed.

He was on a hill, in his body, yet not. He viewed the same blonde princess who had killed herself. She was alive and further away, with the company of four girls, dressed in orange, red, green and blue. As he saw this, a blue dragon was speaking to him. Strangely, he was not surprised that it spoke to him. He looked at it and listened. "You are the dragon, the keeper of the gate. When the souls are forsaken, you must revive the old ways, the message of love and justice. You must keep to the motto of wisdom and water. You must awaken…"

Then, one of the four girls ran towards him. Who was she? After two seconds, the name came to him. She was Sailor Mercury.

"Brother!" She was yelling.

He felt overwhelmed. He had a few flashes of memory running in his head now. It whirled... Princess Serenity, Endymion, Sailor Pluto, Saturn, Mars, Venus Zoisite, Kunzite, Nephrite, Jadeite, four amazon warriors, Sailor Mercury and other names and faces. He also saw a lot of soldiers, and maids and villagers... and a flash of blood...

There was a cruel and cold voice. It was eerie.

"The White Moon will fall, be reborn and suffer… then, she will gain power to either rule or destroy…"

He gulped. It all sent a chill down his spine. It gave Draco a sense of foreboding. Then, it all faded as Sailor Mercury ran up to him. He stared at her. Then, he heard blood splattering and a scream. She looked grimly at him.

"What is it sister?" He heard himself speak.

"The war has begun. The end is beginning. The Silver Millennium, the age of the planets is ending. My life will end soon."

"What? What can I do?" He heard himself exclaim and ask.

"Hermes! Save the future! Make the sacrifice and bring forth the new era! Be the messenger and be strong! Remember the rite! Remember to make a sacrifice! Remember your beloved Earth!"

She spoke and was impaled by a guy with dirty blonde hair, done up in a ponytail and he wore a general-like suit.

"No! Zoisite? How can you do this? She's your lover! I will not let you kill her! Mercury Icicle Spear!" He created an icy spear, which looked like an icicle and soared over the general...

But as it did so, He...Hermes, was stabbed.

He heard a girl scream. He saw red hair and a green and blue uniform.

"No! Hermes! Earth Tectonic shock!"

He heard a masculine scream and a girl… Sailor Sun, he thought…

"Hermes! Live! Please... come back... no...no...No!"

As she screamed, a vision of blood came again and he tasted despair blood and death. As his world darkened, she was heard screaming in misery...

In the dungeons of Hogwarts, a fourteen year old Draco Malfoy rose up from his bed, back straight, and eyes forehead was dotted with sweat. He was awoke with a gasp. He took several deep was nearly the end of the year and he wanted to relax. But that... his dream was so vivid. It was like living. it was as real as life. He sat up and pondered his dream...

"What was that all about? A nightmare... or a strange memory?"

Draco whispered, as he took a cotton handkerchief and wiped his sweaty forehead. He sighed. He got off his bed. He recalled one of his memories… of an old magical spell…

He had learnt this from his parents. This spell was used to summon a person from any time, any place. However, there was a cost. The cost was that time could be warped or the person casting the spell could have uncontrollable powers.

To Draco, the costs were outweighed by the benefits. He had to know if his dream was real."This… is the only way…" He muttered and looked around the room to see if anyone was awake.

Luckily for him, nobody , to his eyes, everyone looked like they were lost in sleep.

This was forbidden magic. Not dark, not white... but forbidden... because it invoked several unfathomable powers and it could lead to the caster's death...

Draco then focused his power and muttered.

"Alright… This is my chance. Ego voco Pluto, domina nauta miles vicis…"

A faint dark grey glow emanated from his wand. Then, it faded and she appeared. But it was not her physical body. It was... a duplicate version of her. She stood in front of him with crimson eyes of sadness and mystery. Her green hair was long and smooth. There was a bun on her head. She was Sailor Pluto Draco could sense that she had not left her post. This... what he was seeing, it was a complicated illusion.

Draco blinked in shock. She did exist!That meant that... he had regained his past life's memories? He pondered.

"Ah… Draco Malfoy...Prince Hermes…I am glad to see you, finally." She spoke calmly and in a unearthly tone.

"This has to be a dream…" Draco mumbled.

He was in slight denial. He knew that it was real, but his mind was still thinking it was all a dream.

"No, this is no dream, Prince Hermes of Mercury. You can find out by viewing the past…"

"Would it be like… viewing a penseive?" Draco asked.

Sailor Pluto shook her head.

"No… it is deeper than that… the past is."

Draco suddenly understood. Sailor Pluto was going to break a taboo... or was she?

"Time travel…" He whispered. It was the answer to his mental question, he knew it.

Sailor Pluto nodded.

"Yes, but there are two rules. No interference and no killing."

Draco nodded. No, she had kept the taboo safe but slightly broken. He would only be a silent witness. He did not want to create a paradox. When he was a child, he was told many stories. He could recall one now…

His father had told him of a story in which a wizard doomed himself because his younger counterpart killed himself…

No, he would not interfere or kill…

"So, there is only one way to find out? Is this the only way?"

The mysterious Sailor soldier nodded and spoke "Yes."

"I see. I will… go." Draco spoke slowly.

Sailor Pluto then murmured…

"Dark Dome open."

Draco knew that the illusion was not saying those words. He knew that the real one was saying those three words.

Two beautifully ornate doors appeared.

Draco stepped in. Sailor Pluto stepped in next. Then, the doors were closed. Unknown to him, a Slytherin was awake. That Slytherin was Blaise Zabini. Blaise stared wide-eyed in disbelief and awe as the doors disappeared from sight.

"Bloody hell... what the?Draco? " Blaise mumbled and pondered. He stared at where the doors had been.

What was Draco doing?

Blaise got out of bed and wondered. Then, he gulped.

What if Draco was doing something stupid? Blaise sighed .What was he supposed to do now?

Should he tell someone or be silent?

Author Notes

The use of a cloth handkerchief is occasionally considered old-fashioned or unhygienic, or both, in some parts of the world, mainly due to the popularization of disposable paper handkerchiefs and the fact that they are stored in a pocket or a purse after being used. However, they are a potentially more environment-conscious choice, as cloth handkerchiefs are reusable. ( info from Wikipedia)

But I guess the Malfoy family would use them, as they are a Wizarding, pureblood family that is old, noble and has traditions that come from olden days. So hence... the inclusion of a handkerchief.

Extra note: Blaise is sometimes a female in other Harry potter fan fictions, but according to the books and J.K.R, he is male. So, there.


Ego voco Pluto, domina nauta miles vicis!=I call Pluto, lady sailor soldier of time!

I used latin, because most, if not all of the spells in Harry Potter, are based on that language.

Regarding Powers:

Dark Dome Close was an attack in the manga. Sailor Pluto closed the Space-Time Door from a distance, using the Garnet Rod.

Dark Dome open does the opposite of that. It opens the Space- Time Door.

there are three taboos that Sailor Pluto can't break in the manga... first is time travel, leaving her post and stopping time.

Here, she has to break the first one for the sake of this plot. She will be punished... but... how, I am unsure yet.

Important: This is based on Sailor Moon manga and the Harry Potter Books.