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I understand. Now, if everyone will excuse me, I have an appointment to keep. I will be back by ten o'clock with more potions. With that, Severus' turned away and excused himself.

Setsuna blinked. She was shocked by his words and choked on her tea. She clicked her fingers and the mess went away. She quickly regained her composure. She knew that something was troubling him. He seemed to be on the edge of a crucial decision.

The green-haired lady spoke. So, Severus, I guess you came here because you need answers.

Severus looked grim. He spoke, "Yes, Setsuna. You don't need to guess my purpose in being here. I need answers. I have several questions." He spoke.

"Have you heard of a wand being sentient? Have you heard of it speaking of a person as a master?"

Setsuna's eyes widened for a moment. She stared at him, very contemplatively. There was a calculating look in her eyes. She wondered. Should she tell him the truth or would he be unable to cope with the truth?

"I see. You are quite perceptive."

she nodded grimly. "Are you sure you want to know the truth?

Could I talk to you in private?"

What do you mean by private? I thought that this is your home? Isn't it Unplottable and under a Fidelius?

Sometimes portraits are too talkative. Secret Keepers can betray people. Where we will talk, there will be no one to hear our conversation.

What I am about to tell you must be kept secret forever, until the right time comes. Until the right time comes… what did she mean by that? When would that be?

I know that you are wondering about the phrase… the right time. The truth is… I can only tell you the answer to that after you have listened to what I say. Please do not interrupt me. You are about to hear a true story that is considered to be part of ancient myths and legends."

"Alright, I will listen. I will not interrupt you. Now say what you have to say." Severus sat down in one of the armchairs and looked at Setsuna.

Setsuna spoke, " In prehistoric times,

When Setsuna mentioned that Sailor Saturn was a girl who wielded a weapon that could destroy the world, Severus paled slightly. He gulped subtly as the words planted a very disturbing image in his mind.

So Severus. That's all of the truth… well, that's the gist of It." she finished.

I do no understand one thing. If the Moon Princess, the prince and her sailor soldier guardians were reborn by the power of the Silver Crystal, then, were the enemies also reborn too?

Yes and no. Beryl and the four generals were killed but the crystal deemed them worthy of a second chance and thus made them reborn. Metallia is a being of dark energies. She was sealed away. I suspect that she will be unsealed by one of our ancient reborn foes.

Sealed away? Severus pondered. What did that mean?

"So, the right time would be when the Moon Princess reveals herself. I will also note that Sailor Venus is a decoy."

He looked into her eyes and let out a deep breath. Severus nodded. "I see."

I will grant you a boon. Do you understand the need for secrecy? Do you have any other questions?

He blinked in utter confusion. One of his eyebrows rose.

"What do you mean by they have great potential? Furthermore, what was the boon that you granted?" He questioned her.

"You will learn soon enough. The boon you were granted isn't something that you need to worry about at this moment. However, You shouldn't be disappointed when you discover what it is. It will benefit you greatly in the upcoming months."

Woman, you have too many secrets. Severus remarked.

I keep them for a reason. You will learn all of them when the time comes.

Severus frowned deeply. He was still perplexed but he knew better than to ask now.

He spoke, "I see. Will I see you at Hogwarts this year?"

Setsuna blinked at that question. Whatever did he mean? Upon seeing Sestina's confused face, Severus knew.

"I see. The headmaster has not sent you the letter yet. I hope you accept the offer."

Setsuna blinked. "Ah… so now it is your turn to confuse me?" she asked playfully.

Severus smirked.

He left her home. Then, he walked to a deserted alley and apparated away.

As soon as the man who had called himself the Elder Wand entered Harry's head, He saw what Harry, his master, was being afflicted with. The sight of the affliction enraged the man. He didn't want his master to suffer from this!

He focused his powers into the palms of his hands and released the gathered powers at the affliction, which he beheld as an indescribable horror.

Meanwhile, in a deep part of Harry's mind….

The feeling was a warm pulse of something positive. Harry was now certain. But what was it? Why did it feel so full of love, protection and happiness? Harry wondered and hesitated for a second, before approaching the warmth.

"I will not disappoint you again, master."

Harry looked confused. He asked, " What do you mean?"

Outside, A purple aura surrounded Harry. A strange symbol was on his forehead. After five minutes, it dissipated. A few seconds after that occurred, Harry let out a gasp. As he did so, the ominous aura had finally dispersed.

How are his life signs?

You should have a look, yourself. I am uncertain but it looks like he is improving.

Ron was worried. Harry still looked pale. "When will he wake up? " Ginny asked.

Saeko sighed and answered, "His vitals are improving steadily. Based on my scans the possibility of his awakening should happen within the next two weeks. He might wake up earlier. It depends on his will."

Where is Severus?

He left. He said that he had to see an acquaintance urgently.

Darien decided to add some words. "He did say that he would return by ten o'clock, if that reassures you, Dumbledore."

I see.

Her daughter was a pale, sickly little girl who didn't seem to be doing too well. She was hunched over in her bed and was coughing violently.

"Mother… will I ever get better?" Hotaru asked softly. There was a tiny, sad smile on her face. She looked so wistful. "Do I…" Hotaru started to ask a question and paused. Hotaru tried to phrase her thoughts. " Must… must I suffer… forever?"

Keiko grabbed her daughter's hands. She stared at her daughter worriedly. How could she answer such questions?


canon spells/ stuff

fidelius charm


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Chapter 19: Going to Hogwarts


It was the night before she was to enter Hogwarts.

Serenity was in her room and she silently wished that she could go to Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. But… a tradition by the Malfoys stated that she had to aim for either Ravenclaw or Slytherin. If she did not enter those two houses, by the formal words of their agreement, The Ministry Of Magic would take her back.

To go and be a legal ward to the Ministry Of Magic would be to enter a life of utter hell.

She sighed softly and looked up, unhappily at the sky. It was terrible. Why did she have to be stuck in this situation?

She looked at the Moon. She had been doing that daily. She gazed at the moonlight and took her wand. A resolute look entered her eyes. She knew her decision. For the sake of her duty and loved ones, she would enter a house she hated. Then she clasped her hands together, as if to say a prayer. She closed her eyes. "Mother, please…" She whispered.

"In my past life, I was lazy but brave. But… I was not sly or ambitious or intelligent. So… please…please grant me the ambition or cleverness to enter either one of those two houses…" She pleaded with her mother.

"She took it." Harry spoke cautiously.

Hermione was staring at Ginny and Harry suspiciously.

What did they have to hide?

Title: Magical Moon and Inexplicable Intricacies

Act: 1, Act 1 title: Recollection

Chapter 3: Terra, Amor et Pulchritudo


Random chance plays a huge part in everybody's life.
Gary Gygax

Two days later, it was night.

In Diagon Alley, a masked man who wore a tuxedo was stealing gems from a jewelry store. A sapphire-eyed twelve-year-old blonde girl with a red hair bow and red mask was angry. A crescent moon was on her forehead. Her choker was white and had a crescent moon on it. She had a red and blue collar. Her skirt had the same colors as her collar. She wore a mostly blue and red sailor outfit, with blue and strangely strappy high heels chased him at a strangely swift speed. A white cat with green eyes followed her.

She wore a midriff shirt with shoulder-armor, quarter-length sleeves, and broad stripes of red and blue color. She ran with an effortless ease not seen in most fourteen year old girls. On her chest was a red bow with an orange gem. Her gloves were smooth and had stripes of golden-orange on them. He smirked at her and she frowned deeply. She hated that he was getting away!

She ran after him and chased him, yelling... " I am sailor V, the soldier of Justice! Stop right there, thief!" He did not stop and he smirked even more.

Sailor V asked a wary question. "Artemis, where is he? Can you see him?"

"Mina… I… I don't see him!"

"why are you doing this? People have to make an honest living! Return the jewels now!"

"Never! One of them could be the real thing!"

"The real thing? What?"

"Oh, you don't know? I must find the silver crystal. It holds a legendary power. It also will help me regain my memories..."

Artemis looked anxious when he heard those words, but when he was about to pounce, the strange suited and masked man was gone.

Artemis heard the sound of a rose falling to the ground. Artemis stared as the rose's stem was embedded in the ground. Artemis felt a tinge of familiarity.

Who was that man?

"I will get you no matter what reasons you have for being a thief!"

"You will have to catch me first, V! Ha-ha!" He teased her and getting irritated, she hurled an attack at him, yelling… " Crescent Boomerang!" She hurled her compact at him as he ran away. There was a huge flash of orange light and the man laughed again. He laughed at her and yelled, "I told you! You can't catch me!"

Then, the man vanished. The compact returned to the girl's hand and she let out an angry growl. "Tsk. He got away!" She grumbled, unhappily.

"Perhaps it was a random chance that you heard his words."

"Perhaps, but we must still take precautions. The future of the galaxy is at stake." Artemis spoke looking utterly wary.

"Why? I still don't understand. Please tell me what is so important about the crystal."

"All I can remember is that it is a crystal that can destroy a star or planet. It has that much power."

Sailor V gasped and looked horrified at the recent revelation, development and fact. There was such a destructive thing on earth? She did not want to believe it but ever since she was a student at a wizarding boarding school named Hogwarts and ever since Artemis gave her the compact and her powers, she found out that she had to believe in anything farfetched. She asked, "What can I do?"

"You must remember all of your past in order to understand. Then, you can increase your power. You will also understand that you are holding back. Do you understand?"

Sailor V blinked. She was holding back?

"Not really. Except that I must prevent that… crystal from falling into the wrong hands. As for my memory … how can I do that? There was no answer.

It was done for her, the princess. It is done in the line of duty. You must be prepared to kill.

The truth is, even if it's in the line of duty, no child should be killing anyone.

It is a harsh world, my child. I understand your feelings. I was once a sailor guardian soldier* as well. We are child soldiers. We are warriors. We are chosen. You must harden yourself so that you can protect her.

I understand.

A voice spoke to her mind. It was from that compact… Sailor V knew it. Her alter ego, Minako Aino… knew it. She never voiced her thoughts to Artemis, she felt disturbed enough … that a crystal capable of destroying a star or planet was out there… somewhere on this planet… waiting to be used.

"Don't ignore me. Do you not remember me at all? You have nothing to lose. Regain your memories soon…" it was a melodious yet somber voice.

Sailor V nodded and winced. She resisted the urge to let out a peculiar cruel, hysterical laugh. she then sighed and spoke; I have some flashbacks, but… nothing concrete. It is more like disturbing images and snippets of conversation, of which… I can't say here. Artemis, let's go home."


Sailor V pursed her lips for a few seconds. Then, grim determination was on her face. "Hush. Call me V. Furthermore; I don't want to discuss it here. This place is too public. Let us leave now."

"Fine, V, we will go. Aurors are coming anyway now. So, let's leave."

Sailor V and Artemis then rapidly left the scene by doing the following actions: Artemis ran away and kept to the shadows. Sailor V did it by running up a wall and hopping on the rooftops of the shops in Diagon Alley.

Three minutes passed. Aurors were dispatched to the section in Diagon Alley but the only thing they would hear of was of a white cat( nobody saw its face or eyes), a strange blonde girl who let out a bizarrely powerful yet orange and yellow attack and a madman in a tuxedo and mask.

Author's notes:

Here's Venus, Artemis and Tuxedo mask!-They appear earlier… there will be ramifications.

Sailor Venus information was taken by reading my own sailor Venus manga and also these sites: wikimoon, sailor moon wikia and Wikipedia

Also: it is strange for a twelve year old to be ruing around as a heroine in strappy high heels, right? This is an AU, remember!

In the manga, Mamoru/ Darien stole jewels in the first parts of the manga. So yeah! Jewel thief Mamoru/ Darien is canon!( also… the law will be complicated with him later… owing to certain plot things…)

I think that in Sailor Moon and Harry Potter, the wands have minds or wills of their own.

This is an idea slightly inspired by Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, which has intelligent devices( which I think are the equivalent of magical items that are technological and all have intelligence…)

Quotes that slightly support my theory are here:

From Harry Potter Wikia

A wand is a quasi-sentient magical instrument through which a witch or wizard channels his or her magical powers, and thereby centralising the effects for more complex results.

(Note the word Quasi-Sentient)

Harry potter

"You talk about wands like they've got feelings," said Harry, "like they can think for themselves." "The wand chooses the wizard," said Ollivander. "That much has always been clear…" - pages 493-494, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

From Sailor Moon Manga

The moon kaleidoscopes are the only weapons/items in sailormoon that seem to have souls/ intellect or... some kind of weird consciousness in the manga...

uh... the quotes are taken from volume 8,Act 39: Dream 1, Eclipse Dream
Pages 217 and 218

Page 217:
Helios says: Because of your powerful feelings and strength, those crystal kaleidoscopes are beginning to gain souls of their own. That is because both kaleidoscopes desires strong bonds with you right from the start.
Page 218:
The weapons speak.
Sailor moon's Kaleidoscope: I am Moon Kaleidoscope!
Sailor chibi Moon's Kaleidoscope: And I am chibi Moon Kaleidoscope!
Chibimoon or usagi says this ( er, SM me… who said it? the buns are not shown and chibimoon looks like usagi...) : the weapons have a will of their own?!
Moon Kaleidoscope speaks: Now, please shout the following!
Chibi Moon Kaleiscope speaks: Call out, " moon gorgeous meditation!

upon further reading, I also discovered that Sailor Mercury's harp has a will too. But the others don't really seem to have talking or…weapons with wills...

Except in this case, only the brooch ( like V's compact) will talk. As for the rest of the characters… we shall see, ok?

Most of this chapter and some Author notes were formerly from chapter 11.( it is a small fraction of the former chapter 11)

About me using the term sailor guardian soldier…

senshi means fighter, warrior, combatant, or soldier.( I checked in paper dictionaries and Google)( please note that in reference to the live-action series and the re-release of the manga, the same kanji was translated as "Guardian." Source: wikimoon dot org

Note: occasionally, I will use Japanese in this fan fiction. If you do not like that, press the back button now.

Note: Some characters will have their canon names, some won't. But there will be explanations. If you want to ask questions, go ahead!

This Minako has not had her last encounter with Kaitou Ace yet. Hence, as you can see, due to those circumstances… it is understandable that she experiences some puzzlement and confusion. She lacks clarity due to not having memories of her past life.

Also: Minako is afraid of letting people know her true identity and so she told Artemis not to call her that name.

Note: I will be using names from the DIC version as some characters have a different backstory than the canon. OK?

Also: expect the unexpected!


Terra= earth
Amor = love
Pulchritudo= beauty

So, the title means earth, love and beauty

AN: Yeah... that's all of my jumbled ideas for now.