Happy late valentines day! Just a random little poem letter thing to celebrate the holiday. I don't own JTHM,Squee or invader zim.
Dear Devi,
This letter is written to you to once again apologize for my little episode a few months ago. I don't normally try to kill people i like. I hope you can forgive me. You have made me truly happy. Nothing has ever done that for me. Until i met you i thought my life was, in a word, miserable. Miserable. That word doesn't began to describe my existence... Well lets not dwell on the past. For the first time ever, i wasn't laughing over someones death or the misery of the miserable beings in this world. I was happy. Because of you. Your a wonderful person and you understand me to some extent. It's rare to find people like you in the world, yet you walked into my life. I really do care about you Devi...but, i can't be with you. I would only cause you trouble. I have to feed the blood wall now. Hey, blood is red and red is a valentines day color. Happy valentines day Devi. And sorry for trying to kill you a few months ago. Goodbye.

PART 2 (friendship)
Dear Pepito,
I'm not sure what to say because i never really new you could write valentines for friends. Do you even celebrate valentines? It's one of the few holidays that aren't scary. It's about cards and candy. Mr. Scary neighbor man said he's going to apologize to this girl for trying to kill her or something...that scares me. I don't like Mr. Scary neighbor man at all. What do you think? He said he met your dad once. Is that true? Oh no! The dust mites are attacking! SQUEE! Help Schmee!

PART 3 (G.A.G.F- gaz& gir friendship and Z.A.G.R- zim and gaz romance.)
Hi There!
It's meeeeee! I was watchin da tv's when i's saw a commercial about candy! I's got sum! You wont's it to!? You gotta catch meee! Heeeheeeheehee! Oh yeah...I wuv's you lots Gazzy! That's why i made's you this perty card! Master don't know about but don't tell him cuz he like you to! Don't tellz no body i told's you though. Master gets all mad and turn's all red and greenz when i says stuff about it. He scared Mary will find out and overprotectz you and stuff. I'm bored now so i gonna go play in a tub full of waffles and pudding...masters phone numberz at the bottom of the page. BYE GAZZY! Happy valintine'z days!

It was short but i hope you all enjoyed. Happy valentines day! Virtual candy for everyone!