I still don't own a thing. Happy easter!
Chapter 3-easter
Dear Squee,
Thanks for your help on day. Who knew nail bunny would become friends with you so quickly? He's quiet excited to have you over again. Speaking of which, would you like to come over latter and help me watch some easter bunnies? There were five but Doughboy kind of got mad at one of them. Maybe you could keep one! Happy easter Squee-gee!

Dear Todd,
That's to bad you couldn't come to the demon parade. It was certainty exciting. Father lead the parade through the streets of the underworld. Anyway, would you care to stop by for an easter brunch at are house. Were having soul toast!
Your friend,

Dear Tak,
We're having a picnic in the park and i was...that is to say i was...um, wondering if you would like to join us. As a FRIEND. Not that i don't like you or anything! Um, well anyway...happy easter! Heh heh...
Next chapter up on next holiday. Happy easter people!