Invader butterfree- sorry about lack of updates on saving nny. There will be more but for right now this is a quick fathers day one shot that's dedicated to dads. I own nothing. (sorry Squee's out of character.)
Dear Mr. Scary neighbor man,
You scare me and i think your a little creepy but today's dad's day and there was only one person i wonted to thank today. So t-thank you for at least trying to be a role model in my life. What i'm trying to say is...thanks for being my friend. Happy fathers

Dear colonial,
Don't think just because Al and i thought to write you a letter today that this means anything. All we wonted to do was say thanks for your help in the past. Don't think of this as a fathers day card because it isn't! I'm not small either so stop calling me that! Anyway...thanks for everything. I guess.
Ed and Al

Hey masta!
I waz talkin to mr. Piggy and he said moose heard of a earth holiday! I writin to celebrate it todayz! It's called parent unit day! So thanx for all's yer help! You's the best eva masta. Wont ma waffles? I mades them fer you? Happy parent unit days!

Dear Yami,
Thanks for being there to help me and i'm glad i could be there at Battle city to help you save the world. What i'm trying to say is that you've always been like a father to me and i couldn't have done half the things I've done without your support and encouragement. Thanks for being there when i needed you.
Enjoy and happy fathers day!