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Chapter 3: Family Reunited

Daja's POV:

They had put us in a windowless room, the three of us. Briar had been taken away almost immediately. I was worried about him. He had always been stubborn, and I knew that when men in power captured people, they broke headstrong people like him. Fighting them would only result in bruises and hurts.

Which was why I gave in pretty easily. I made myself out to be the poor defenseless innocent little girl that they expected me to be. When people wanted to see something, it was easy to trick them into actually seeing that in a person. Not like they treated us like people. To say the least, they treated us like a weapon. Like someone else's weapon, ready to detonate at the slightest impact, a caged animal ready to fight. Like a boom stone.

So when they tied me to a chair and asked where I came from, I brought tears to my eyes and lied through my teeth. I said that I came from a broken world and that I had fallen asleep and woken up here, that my family was dead (though that was the truth, I just didn't tell them that I had a new one), and that I had woken up with three complete strangers, that I had no information about, and that we had bonded quickly due to the extreme circumstances.

The tears were too easy. All I had to think of was when I woke up on the raft in the ocean, alone. Or when I was in the fire and thought that I would die. Or especially when we all thought that Rosethorn was going to die, and when she died, when we thought that we had lost Briar along with her. Those tears were just too, too easy to bring forth. I almost wished that my life had been normal.


The hardest part was keeping our relationship and our magic a secret. More than ever I wanted to reach out my mind to see if I could sense Briar anywhere nearby. But I didn't know if they'd be able to tell. They had such advancements in metal workings; I didn't know what their advancements in magic were.

Their knowledge scared me. I admitted that right away. I was actually terrified. When we had first appeared, and they fired the thin metal weapons at us and other scared people, it shocked me. I had felt the mechanics that propelled the small metal ball out at such a high speed. I had felt the metal balls rip right through people to leave gaping holes that spewed blood and life out onto the dry ground. I admit that I broke down.

That was the worst part. That I fell to pieces. Because I couldn't carry on, we were caught. My brother and sisters refused to leave me, and a slowed them down. Because of me the soldiers caught up, tied us up, and took us to this building under the earth. Because of me they had taken Briar away and we hadn't seen him since.

Because of me, we were all doomed.

Briar's POV:

The waiting was the hardest. Being stuck there, lying helpless, and not being able to help when it was my sisters' lives at stake. Knowing that at any moment, their lives could be ending and that I would have no way of knowing because of my drained magic. Knowing that the only way to find out would be the spoken word of one of the returning soldiers, the good soldiers, that one of them hadn't made it. If the soldiers came back at all.

So I lay there, in too much pain to fidget, but too worried to lay still. Through gritted teeth, I moved my fingers about, tapping them against the cold metal of the ship, the only part of me that I could easily move. And even that small movement hurt.

Daja's POV:

I stared at the ceiling of the room that we were in. I could feel flames rising in the building, a wave of heat slowly moving towards us. I wished I had magic left. It had all deserted me long ago. When they hurt me, I had instinctively flung it outward in a futile attempt to save myself from the pain. But it did nothing. Well, the metal instruments flew around slightly, but not much else. So now I was left magic-less, powerless, vulnerable.

And now we would burn to death. I knew that Sandry and Tris felt it too. Sandry was quietly weeping, huddled in a ball. It scared me, this new Sandry. The old Sandry would never have succumbed to fear like this. She was scared of one thing and one thing only: darkness. When there was no darkness, she could put on her noble persona, and nothing would be able to stop her.

They must have done something to her, the strange kaqs, to make her like this. What they had done, I had no idea. We weren't speaking mentally; we had no energy to do so. We had all drained ourselves of our powers when they had tortured us. It was instinct. To be in so much pain, and to have no power to stop it, it was horrible. We panicked. We wasted our magic. And now we were nothing.

Tris wasn't much better, but she wasn't as bad as Sandry was. She had cuts and scrapes all over her, and she held herself gingerly as a result. But the independent and fierce look on her face hadn't diminished. She still held her fiery spirit within her. And even though her face was pinched with fear and pain, she still looked like the old Tris. The Tris that was horribly stubborn and hard-headed.

And now we were all going to die. We were going to burn to death and die with each others' screams ringing in our ears. It would be the end of us, and I was terrified of that.

We would leave Briar alone to this nightmare. I'm sorry Briar, I thought, I'm sorry to leave you. I know what it feels to be alone.

Gale's POV:

The boy, Briar, was lying flat on his back on the soft padding, but even then I could see that he was in pain. He was silently crying, tears and snot streaming down his face. And somehow, I didn't think that the tears were because of the pain.

I walked over to him, and when I entered his vision, he flinched.

"Hey, it's okay. I'm not gonna hurt you."

"…" He let out a strangled sob that tore at the heart-strings that I had left. Not many people could do that. I reserved by kinder side for my family and Katniss, and… Well, there had been someone else, but she was gone now. That this small boy could reach me so fast! It was strange. I was used to being the hard-hearted one, bottling up my emotions to deal with the problems at hand.

"My sisters. They back?" The choked whisper reached my ears.

"… not yet."

He returned to staring at the ceiling and crying. I stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do to comfort this hurting boy.

Tris's POV:

I could feel the heat from the flames, and I knew Daja could too. It seemed awfully ironic that Daja would die in her own element. I really wished that we had our magic still. It would make life so much easier. Ha. Life, like we still had one.

We were all broken, all of us in different ways. As soon as we had stepped foot here, we were doomed.

We were hopelessly outmatched. Their knowledge was far superior to ours, and they were able to do so much more by it. It almost made one wish that we had that knowledge back in Emelan, but not totally. The people here seemed so much more ruthless. On the flashing screens, there had been replays of something that had seemed very important. It was almost like gladiators, only much worse. There had been children, our age and older, fighting to the death while the people cheered them on. It was barbaric.

And they seemed to have no problem with torturing us. I had heard Sandry's and Daja's screams, and it still haunted me. We had all been in rooms close to each other, and while that was comforting, that we knew that we were all alive, I just wished I hadn't seen that things that I had seen.

I wish that I could erase the sight of men in white dragging Sandry's unconscious body into her cell, and throwing her down like a sack of flour. I wish I hadn't seen the whip lashes on Daja's back, and Sandry as her eyes rolled back into her head as she had a seizure because of the chemicals they injected into her.

One thing that I wish I could see was Briar. I had been the one to touch his mind last, and that last contact scared me. Briar had been utterly terrified, and had been having flashbacks to the days of when he was the street rat called Roach. The fear rolled off of him in waves, and the fear had been catching. When the guards had come for me, Briar's fear had transferred to me, and I had braced myself for the worst.

I think that Briar's fear had saved my sanity. Because I knew that Briar had been terrified, I knew that this place was not friendly towards us. I was somewhat ready for what the torturers threw at me. I was able to prepare myself. Briar had saved me.

But now my sanity would not save me. I was too weak to run from the razing inferno of flames, and I knew that Daja and Sandry definitely weren't. This horrid place would become our grave.

"Daja, the fire, can you tell how close it is?" I yelled over the roar of the flames.

"No. I can't sense anything." Daja screamed back, wiping her dripping nose.

She was crying. I knew I was too. No matter how much you prepared for death, it was still terrifying. Even though we had endured so much, we were still scared to die.

"I love you, Daja. Sandry." I whispered.

Sandry sniffled and curled tighter into a ball.

"…I love you too." Daja said.

Bogg's POV:

I stood around the corner from the Briar and Gale, speaking into my walkie-talkie. I didn't want to let the boy hear what was said. It wasn't that I didn't trust him; it was just that I didn't want to hurt him anymore if there was bad news.

I knew that some of the soldiers that were on the mission didn't trust him, but I did. The pain and emotion in his eyes were real, the haunted look that he had could not be faked. I had seen it before in starving children and wounded soldiers alike.

"Did you find them yet?" I said.

Static came through the speakers, along with Ivory's voice. "Not yet sir, but we can keep looking…. There's one problem, though."

"What?" I growled.

"There's a major fire storm building. It's not from us; the Capitol must have set it. To destroy the evidence and smoke us out, most like. What should we do, sir? The children are probably dead, and if not, they will be soon."

"We can't give up. Three children are trapped; it's our duty to bring them out safely. Or would you like to be the one who tells the boy that his sisters are gone?"

"No, sir."

Sandry's POV:

I lay huddled in a ball. The bad people had injected something into me that brought up the images of my dead parents and my trader nursemaid. Their dead faces loomed out at me from the shadows of the room. Their pockmarked skin rotted in front of me, and the smell was sickening. I threw up and cried for them and from the pain.

When their skeletons reached for me I shrank back against the wall, clutching my knees to my chest. I sobbed harder. They looked hideous, not the loving people that I had known, a ghastly and gruesome apparition come to haunt me. The bleached bones practically glowed against the darkness that threatened to consume us all. I cried out from the sheer hopelessness of it all.

The wall throbbed against my back. And closer and closer and closer the darkness came to swallow me whole. It was relentless. It was never-ending. And it watched, and waited, and came ever closer.

When the wall started to throb again, I whimpered and curled tighter into myself. I didn't want the darkness to come back. But after a while I realized that it wasn't the wall itself. Heavy objects thudded in unison outside the room.

I gasped, seeing the world collapse in on itself. That couldn't be happening right now, could it? Could the world collapse?

Colours and images danced underneath my eyelids, taunting me with promises of safety and home, and then ripping it away with images of carnage and destruction. And ever present, the darkness returned.

This time it came in the shape of a monster, pointed canines glistening with saliva, and eyes beady and hungry. Its jowls dripped with blood and gore and its tongue radiated a fiery red. When I shrunk away from it, trying to make myself small and invisible, it roared.

The sound was like the forest fires that we had faced, and the angry crowds that threatened to mob us during the plague. The blast of hot breath that hit me sent me gagging; it carried the smell of my dead parents. In the face of such a fearsome creature, I broke.

I let out a scream, high and continuous. I wailed in fear and sadness and grief and pain, and prepared myself for death.

Daja's POV:

When Sandry started to scream, I almost lost it. She was staring wide eyed into space, terrified of nothing. I didn't know what was wrong with her. She had gone mad.

"Sandry, Saati, what is wrong? Please stop!" I begged to her, but my pleas fell on deaf ears.

I let out a sob from the hopelessness of it all. We were all going to burn to death. Sandry had lost herself, and both Tris and I were too weak to run from the approaching blaze.

"No, this can't be it. It just can't," I whispered as I leaned against the wall heavily. I heard the crackle of the flames, and felt the heat of the inferno through the walls. It wouldn't be long before the fire burned through the cage we were in to burn us alive. It was the end.

But wait. I heard pounding on the other side. Footsteps. And voices. There were people out there. Maybe they could help us. Maybe our case wasn't so lost after all!

"Hey, help! Can anyone hear me? Help!" I yelled with all my might.

Tris, catching on, added her screams to mine. I pounded on the wall weakly and hoarsely cried out with her. I didn't know how long we screamed for, but eventually someone started to hit at the door from the outside.

"Hello in there. Are you still alive?" Came a woman's voice.

"Yes, yes we are! Help!" I answered.

"Hey, you two, help me break this door down! I found the children!"

The thuds increased and grew louder. I didn't have time to wonder what the woman had meant when she said that she had found us, 'cause the door flew off its hinges and almost took out Sandry, who did not notice.

Soldiers rushed in through the gap and grabbed us. I screamed both from pain and fear, for this seemed so similar to when the other soldiers had grabbed us and taken us here. And my scrapes and wounds were aggravated by their rough handling. I knew that there was no time to waste, the fire was absorbing the fresh oxygen from our room and growing in size and anger, but it still hurt. A lot.

I didn't struggle too much, wherever they were taking us was infinitely better than being burnt alive.

Bogg's POV:

I still stood in the alcove, too nervous and on edge to go back to the kid. I didn't want to miss any news, and I certainly did not want to answer my walkie talkie while in the same room as him, what if he heard about his siblings.

"You hear anything yet?" Gale said, coming around the corner.

I jolted at the sudden noise, but then relaxed. "Nothing. I just wish that they would find something. Any piece of information would be better than this, this silence!"

"I'm sure we'll hear something soon. We have to. It won't be long until this place comes down on top of us."

"How's, uh, Briar doing?" I stumbled over my words.

"Still the same physical condition, I guess. I don't want to try to treat him and end up shifting something vital. Who knows what internal injuries he's gotten?"

"And mentally?" I prompted. His mind mattered too. If not for his sake, but for the rebellion. The information that he might have could benefit our cause greatly and could put us one step closer to a peace.

"He's not so good. He was crying and talking in another language before, repeatedly. He didn't seem to notice me, even when I tried to snap him out of it. He's unconscious now; he exhausted himself with the crying." Gale paused for a moment. "What happens to him if he finds out his sisters are gone? How do you think he'll take it? He'll recover, right?"

I just sighed. I sometimes hated being the commander. Everyone looked up to you and expected you to be the voice of reason. They expected you to deliver the bad news even when you were trying to deny it yourself.

"I just- I don't know."

Tris's POV:

I leaned against one of the soldier's backs. He was so warm and soft. After sleeping on damp, cold stone for who knows how long, even his hard armour was a relief. We were on the run from the fire, which was steadily advancing behind us. I didn't know if anyone could outrun a fire of that size and speed, much less a group of exhausted and sweating soldiers carrying three injured children.

The leader of the group, 'Ivory' she said her name was, was screaming into a small black box in her hand.

"I found them, the children. Alive but in critical condition. Ready the hovercraft, I repeat, ready the hovercraft. The fire is right behind us. It's gonna be close, and then there's the matter of evading the anti-aircraft."

Garbled voices shouting back at her out of the box, but I was just too tired to be anything but remotely interested.

Briar's POV:

When Gale and the silver-haired man rushed back into the mouth of the metal monster, I braced myself for the worst. But no news of lost siblings reached my ears. Instead, the elder of the two started to push blinking lights on a metal table, while Gale started to strap me down.

I weakly tried to struggle, straps were bad. They meant that pain was coming. The bad men had always strapped me to a table before starting to hurt me. I would have run away from the horrible metal instruments otherwise. Was Gale going to start hurting me, was this their plan? Lull me into a false sense of security, and then see what my reaction to being tortured by my rescuer was?

"Relax. We're getting out of here. I just don't want you to be thrown around and injure yourself. The ride can get pretty bumpy at the higher altitudes."

Wait. Higher altitudes? Getting out of here? What?

"But- but, my siblings?" I stuttered. This is it, I told myself, this is where he tells me that they're gone.

"They're on their way. They should be here any minute now." He busied himself with adjusting my arm, the broken one, so that it lay more comfortably against the clean sheets.

I hissed in pain. "What do you mean? A-about higher altitudes?" I stuttered through the pain.

"We're flying out of here, to a safe place."


As I tried to adjust to the fact that the metal monster flew, the soldiers, the good ones, rushed through the doors with the girls. I yelled out and started to cry, I was just so happy to see them alive. They were fine, alive, we were still together. None of us had left.

Daja's POV:

I saw Briar. He was looking at me and smiling, his relief plain on his face. It was the best sight that I had seen in quite a while. I let out a small noise of happiness, the only sound I could make with my damaged voice. We were together again, all was right again. My mistake had not cost Briar his life. We were one, and always would be.

Gale's POV:

I saw the four children smiling at each other, their eyes flicking over each other, reassuring that they were all still alive and in one piece. I knew that I had done right. I had fixed a mess that the Capitol had created, and I had saved lives.

But I knew that the battle was far from over. I could hear the anti-aircraft guns being rotated into place, and the orders of soldiers being yelled out above us. We still had to make it out of the Capitol alive, with all our passengers safe. It would be a bumpy ride ahead of us.

Tris's POV:

When I saw Daja smiling, I knew that all was right again. Sandry was unconscious, and hopefully these men could help her get better and back to the old Sandry that we all knew so well. We were leaving this horrid place, and no matter where we were headed, we were reunited. That was all that mattered.

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