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Fire crackled in the dark adobe dwelling. It cast shadows on the wall and illuminated a scruffy, black haired man. The man sat facing a wooden door. He occasionally looked out the window at the cool Egyptian night sky. Just then the door banged open and a tan skinned child around the age of six burst in. He had spikey white hair with two spikes on top looking like devil horns and red eyes. He was snickering madly as he closed the door behind him. The smirking child's face turned to fear as the man started to get up. Fire crackled from the fire.

"Where have you been!"The man said garbing the boy by his hair.

"Hey let go!"The boy shrieked batting at the mans hands.

"What were you doing?!"The man snapped shaking the poor child around.

"Nothing! I wasn't doing anything! ahhhh!"The child shrieked.

"You were thieving again! Weren't you!"The man gave the boy a hard shake "You know the pharaohs guards are roaming around! Your risking the entire family with your antics!".

"I wasn't thieving!"The child cried out.

"Just like your mother."The man muttered dropping the kid "both of you were to risky. One day you'll end up like her.".

The child narrowed his red eyes at him and snapped "What happened to mom was an accident! How dare you insult her!".

The man wheeled on him and slapped him. The boy fell to the floor by the fire rubbing his stinging face. He glared daggers at the man.
"mom would have wonted me to help provide for this family."The child said.

"Your being to risky. You'll be caught and then we'll all be caught. Your putting everyone in danger Bakura!" The man said.

Bakura ran over to the corner where his bed was and buried himself under the covers. He cried. He didn't mean to be a thief. His mom wouldn't wont this. He had to steal because his family was struggling. He didn't wont this. His only family left was his father. But, his father didn't care about him. He only cared that he got caught because the pharaoh would hunt him down and capture him and his father. Then his father would be in trouble. The boy cried himself to sleep in the fire lit corner. He knew things wouldn't get any better. And how right he was.

Twelve years latter-

"Get him!" A voice called out "Thief! Thief! He's raided the palace.".

The white haired eighteen year old rushed down a side ally panting. He was carrying a brown sack over his shoulder.

"Were did he go?!"A palace guard shouted.

The teen, Bakura, grinned as he continued running. He had ditched them again! He skidded around a corner and dipped under a canvased cellar door. Inside, a dark musty room was hidden. It had a dirt packed floor. Bakura went over to a group of old wooden barrels stacked in a corner and pushed one aside. Under it was a loose piece of dirt. He lifted it up and placed the sack in the hole and covered it back up. Foot steps pounded by outside the hideout and Bakura held his breath. They passed by. He slid the barrel into place and headed over to the dirt packed wall and slid a section of it over. It revealed a smaller chamber in witch he entered. The room was a small and had dirt packed walls. He slid the dirt back into place and grinned maliciously. Tonight he would ensure his revenge on the pharaoh! That wretched Pharaoh had taken everything from him. Eight years ago the Pharaohs soldiers had come to the small so called "thief village" he lived at. They ravaged it and burned it down to the ground in search of counterfeit. They had taken everything. He was the only survivor of the village. He had sworn revenge on the culprit that had been behind the attack. The Pharaoh. That wrenched Pharaoh! He would seal the pharaohs soul in his millennium item. He was going to use the millennium ring he had just stolen from the palace to do this. It contained shadow magic. He waited for night to fall.

Line break-
Bakura silently crept past the guards with the sack. He slipped up the stairs and into the kings study. The door clicked shut behind him. The pharaoh who was crouched over an important papyrus document whipped around to see the blood red eyes of the thief king glaring at him. He glared back as he stood to face him.

"What are you doing in the palace thief?"Pharaoh said glaring with so much hatred at his enemy that if it was anyone besides Bakura they would probably drop dead.

"Revenge."Bakura glared back at him with equal hatred.

He opened the sack and pulled out the millennium ring. Pharaoh gasped in horror and shock. Bakaura put the ring around his neck and laughed as it glowed with power.

"What are you doing!"Pharaoh cried out "You don't know the evil shadow magic that millennium ring holds.".

Bakura laughed as he commanded the shadows with his new found power. The puzzle around Pharaohs neck lit up.

"My revenge Pharaoh, trapping your soul in that puzzle forever!"Bakura laughed.

"Stop! You don't know what your doing? Why?"Pharaoh said fear evident on his face.

"Your soldiers invaded my home. They burned the small village were we lived. You killed everyone."Bakura snapped at him.

No statement had ever had so much malice and hate put into it. Pharaoh was speechless as his soul was sucked out of his body and transferred to the labyrinth of his puzzle. His form clasped on the floor, soulless. Bakura laughed but his laugh soon turned to a fearful gasp. The millennium ring glowed as he closed his eyes. A brilliant glow lit the room up and then retreated into the ring. Bakura's now soulless form stood till a minute before clasping. The plan had worked but the ring had backfired on him as well. His soul was now trapped in the ring for eternity.
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