Just another Normal Day

By: KittyIchigo1

Disclaimer: I do not own ANY of the Fruit Basket characters. I only own my own.

Hello! I have started another fan fic! Although, I will still be doing 'You Don't Belong In a Fruits Basket!', rest assured, but this one is just something that's been on my mind a bit, and just *SWOOSH* typed it down. So, I hope you enjoy this story…and…yeah

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Oh, hi! You might be asking; "What the hell?" or "This is stupid. I'm gonna find something else to read."

OR, "What am I doing with my life?"

Oh! I know the answer to these questions!

Well, this isn't the right part. You just saw a bit of the future. How lucky are you? To answer the question what are you doing with your life, I don't even know. NEXT QUESTION!

I bet you're asking yourself 'Why is this story called Just a normal day?'

Well that's easy.

It's cause it is.

I mean, seriously, my life is just CRAZY!

Like, I remember my first steps. Ahh yes, a meteor fell out the sky, nearly as big as a baseball stadium, and nearly landed on me, of course, since I just started walking, I was able to get out just in time. Wasn't I cute? My little face, completely oblivious to my mother's horror stricken face as I could have nearly died. Yet, I laughed so cutely!

OH, OH! And what about that time when I was seven, and I wished that it could stop raining, and rain actual candy!

And it actually did. Maybe it was a coincidence. But, eh. All the other kids were stuffing their faces. I was doing the same thing. I didn't have time to ponder.

Gasp. And this one is my favorite one!

On my 11th birthday, I was orphaned. I already lost my dad when I was 9. I went to school still anyway. So, yeah, you might be wondering how that works, but I Was under watch of the government. Anyway, I never thought really thought about it, I mean, I was just like any other parentless child. Why should the government care if I lost my parents or not? I was always under constant watch from the government. Never knew why, never thought much of it.

I mean, my mom was the best thing in the world! She was my mom and dad.

But of course, all good things must come to an end. I didn't cry through my mother's funeral. I was too strong for that.

ANYWAY, BACK TO MY LITTLE STORY! So anyway, 15th birthday, I got a call from the government. I was doing a pretty good job with my life. I mean, I got good grades in school, I had a job. Just perfect.

But the government wasn't the one who called me, oh no.


( I dunno if Japan has FBI, but, in my story, THEY DO. *respect*)

It's not like I killed the governor. So, I ignored it.

THE NEXT DAY, THEY BARGED INTO MY APARTMENT! I mean, I JUST PAINTED THAT DOOR! They had guns and everything! Then the big tall one said; "Ma'm, you are under arrest, this is the FBI, please put your hands where we can see them."

Being stubborn, I put my hands on my hips. Then pointed at the door. Then, started screaming like a mad woman. "YOU FREAKING BROKE MY DOOR! I JUST PAINTED THAT AFTER THE STUPID NEIGHBOR WITH A RAT LITERALLY CHEWED ALL THE PAINT OFF. YOU STUPID FBI ARE GONNA PAY FOR TH-"

And oh joy.

They shot their STUPID GUN AT ME!

I was so scared that I ducked with reflexes I didn't even know I had.

But, of course, when the times was needed to use them again, it went back to my normal human instincts.

Fate loved to screw with me.

They shot some sleeping dart into my arm, and I passed out. While being half conscious, I saw them drag me into a dark car.

This is where I; Tohru Honda start the story.

Oh joy.

"Wow. Impressive place you got here." I said oh-so-funnily. You know those guards, where they stand so still, that they look like dolls? Yeah, I was in a STUPID room full of STUPID guards. I mean, seriously, they had freaking GUNS in their hands. It was Men In Black all over again!

One of them had orange hair and was following my every move. "What are you lookin' at?" I said, obviously annoyed by the fact that they were following my every move, and I couldn't do anything about it.

Darn FBI.

The door swung open to reveal a man in a tuxedo. I jumped up, and he jumped back. I was grinning stupidly. "I KNEW IT! THIS IS MEN IN BLACK!"

The guards heavy glare silenced me, and I sat down in the middle of the floor. Looking exceptionally calm. Ya see, ever since I was small, I had ADHD. For some odd reason the FBI knew this.

"If I killed someone, then I just want to say, that I didn't do it." I just noticed that the other guard had purple hair… interesting.

"No. We need to talk to you about something very important." I grumbled profanities under my breath. OBVIOUSLY, SOME RANDOM PEOPLE BARGE INTO YOUR HOUSE, DRAG YOU INTO A CAR, AND SPEED YOU SOMEWHERE. THEN YOU WAKE UP WITH SOME PEOPLE WATCHING YOUR EVERY MOVE.


"Let's just get the idea that I didn't kill ANYONE!" I mumbled. The two guards then walked beside me, and picked me up by my arms. Deciding that I'd been too much of a good girl, I decided to throw a tantrum.

And when they picked me up, I stayed on the ground. The purple haired one looked at me. "You look like a girl…" Whoops! Did that come from me?! Nooo…

The purple one didn't glare or anything, just giving me a 'light' tug, and pushing me inside the office. Where me and the black tux person were all alone…

"Now Tohru, we are going to talk about your mother and father-" the moment he said that, I stood up, and started to walk near the door. But some INVISIBLE FORCE STOPPED ME!

Oh, did I mention that really, really weird things happen to me? Like, for real?

So, I just walked back. The old man's face looked serious. So I tried to sit down. But sitting down for who knows how long. It does tend to put thoughts in my head. Very, very, bad thoughts…

Like, breaking that picture…

Or that vase…

Or the man's neck…

Or the stupid guards that were staring at me…

Yes, many many bad thoughts.

"Now, Ms. Honda. Japan's leaders have been talking about you for a great deal of time." I rolled my eyes. The sweet talk? This should be interesting.

"Now, we must talk about your mother…"

"Yea, yeah. She's dead. She died in a car accident. The past is the past. What the hell do you want me for? I'm not my mom. I'm Tohru Honda. If you hadn't notice with those old man eyes the difference." The man made no move to look angry. Rather, he looked happy.

"My dear, sweet girl. Would you like to know some secrets?"

Oh boy. Secrets hidden from me since birth. Joy.

"Your mother…well…"

"Please, don't beat around the bush, and just say it like an old man that you are.

"Your mother wasn't killed. She was murdered. By your father."

I blinked once. Then twice. "Oooh. I get it. This is some cliché movie that your making right? Wait, let me guess this one…hmm…this is from…MAD FATHER! That game, right?" the old man's wrinkled face wrinkled even more as he sighed.

"No Tohru. You are the military secret weapon."


"Mhmm. That's nice." I said sarcastically, pretending to check out my nails. "If you're done old man, I have a life to get back to-"

"Your life is changed after today. From today, you will be heading out, looking for your father." I looked at him with pity. "Aww, does da milatawy not know that Tohwu's dada died? AWW, YOU WUYS ARE SO WUTE!"

The old man sighed. "No Tohru. Let me put it as boring as I can for you."

ADHD is starting up.

"And Tohru, I am very serious."

I looked up at him.

"Tohru, your mother was killed by your father, because she knew too much about his plans. Your father is making other beings, nearly similar to human beings, because he wants to be the ruler of them. He is planning to wipe out the human race, and replace them with his creations."

"That's kinda hard to believe. How do I know that you're not lying?"

He whispered something into the phone, and two girls suddenly burst into the room.

"TOHRU!" they both yelled. I stood up quickly, staring at them with complete shock. "H-Hana? U-Uo?" they all hugged, and the dude in the tux coughed.

"Can you believe this? I mean, this guy is telling me that mom was murdered, and my dad is crazy building some aliens. I mean, can you believe the crap this old man is spewing from his mouth?"

The girls looked at her. Their eyes softening. I gasped. For the first time, I actually felt serious. "N-No way…"

The girls nodded. "Guys, come on…stop pulling my leg. This isn't funny." They said nothing, but looked at the tux guy. "Can we talk to her in private please?" the man nodded, giving them their space by walking out the door. (FINALLY!)

"Tohru…we couldn't tell you this because of strict orders from the government. This is your destiny. Haven't you always wondered why you were born with ADHD, yet you could sit in one place when the time was needed?" I nodded. Taking in the facts.

The man in the tux burst back into the room, with a huge smile on his face. My face turned pale. Those two guards…they are coming over here…closer…closer…

"These are your protectors! Handpicked by your mom you know." The two boys, who couldn't have been an age older than me smiled.

It was to much.

And I did what ANY girl in this kinda situation WOULD do.

I fainted.

Most of them are gonna be OOC. DEAL WIT IT. *RESPECT SIGN*

HELLO! I'm just making this story for fun, something to do when I'm not writing YDBIAFB. SO LONG LETERS. Anyway, I am really going to enjoy this. I kinda thought of this while watching Pewdiepie play Mad Father, and Misao. So, yeah, I'm gonna make it like that.

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