Somewhere deep not to deep and little to the left in the underworld at Reaper castle: Mimi, Junior and Minnie are exploring the castle (yes Mimi came too live with them). UUUHHHGGGRRRRR WE ARE STILL LOST! Screamed JR at the top of his lungs. Minnie came by his side and said the next few words calmly. Calm thy self brother. HOW CAN I! He screamed at his sister/girlfriend with his arms in the air (yes they are in luv XD). Just then they noticed that Mimi was standing in front of a medium sized doudle door's with an odd marking on it (picture part at the top). All tree of them where looking up at the door. Suddenly they herd voice calling at them. Young master, mistress,guest Mimi you shouldn't wander of in the castle like that, its dangerous! The tree turned around to
see lord pain running towards them with Grim and Mandy walking behind him. After seeing this Mimi turned back to the door. Greetings mother, father and lord pain. Minnie said with a calm voice. You tree are in so trouble. Said Grim and Mandy simultaneously. Of course. Said JR giving him self a face , dad what behind this door. He asked. Behind this is the freedom of your of your two long lost brothers. Said Grim and Mandy simultaneously (again) then looking at each other with a confused look. We gotta stop doing that. Said Mandy looking back at the tree. What dust thou mean? Asked Minnie. Well you see you two have twin brothers that that have bin banished to live as humans at the Dutch island of Aruba. The only way they can come back is if someone opens the door. Said Grim. Why were they banished? Asked JR. The power they had was to great but by now they know about everything... and i think its about time its opened. Said Mandy with a strait face. Are yeh sure about Mandy. And she anserd with a flat tone. Yes. Well lets open this puppy up. JR said not releising Mimi was alredy pulling on the door that it is alredy open.
-Aruba,San Nicolaas,EPB,class M06-

Two young boys with purple eyes,orengbrown hair, a fair tan and sharp theat stud up sudenly during the lesson whering priest robes saying: The door has bin open. The teacher said: Adam, Daniel sinta awo (Adam, Daniel sit down now)! The two boys egnord her and forward true the tables like ghosts into a portal leaving noting behind but a pool of black bood in the form of the mark that was on the door.