Grim was patrolling the halls of the castle ready to shoot anyone. Well, the enemy at least. Along the way he was able to score a few kills, but they were either scouts or just some random bystander. He gets confused whether someone should die or not sometimes. He got some men to join the Confederacy as well.

It's been quiet for a while. Not a lot of people must have joined the battle so far, but he must stay on his guard or ells.

Reaching the main hall of the castle, he heard two noises coming from around the corner. He lowered his rifle and pulled out his revolvers. Slowly, he walked towards the corner, and readied himself for anything. As he nears the entrance of the main hall, he started to run to give himself a jumpstart.

Once he entered the man hall, he aimed his revolver to his right and left and shot two bulled each. Oddly enough, there was nobody sanding there. It was nothing more than his imagination, or so he thought. Out of nowhere, somebody fell on top of him, knocking his head off and sending it down the grand staircase a few feet in front of him. "Ow. Oof. Dang it. MotherFoo-." He said as he tumbled down the flight of stairs.

As he mumbled on the ground, the attacker said, "Oh! It's just you Grim. I thought you Mandy. You both weight about the same." His voice was familiar, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it, as to who he is. "Dad, are you okay? That was a nasty fall." Grim heard his son, Grim Junior, saying. The next thing he knows, Junior was picking up his head (which is embarrassing for him).

"I'm fine! Now, put my head back where it belongs, before I…!" Grim saw, from his son's hands, that the attacker was none other than Daniel. "What do you mean I weight the same amount as my wife?" Daniel shrugged and stuck out his tongue and answered, "Well, you are a male skeleton, Mandy is a female human. Do the math." He cocked his head to the side and directed his to look upward. "Despite her, uh, excess flesh." He added referring to Mandy's bust and rear end.

"Then, explain Minnie." Junior joked, making the other two males laugh. Little did he know, Minnie was right behind him. "Explain what about me, brother dear?" Now he knows. Next thing he knows, Minnie used her rifle to knock his head off.

Junior screamed as he flew passed Daniels head. Daniel took a small glance at his friend as hit the wall behind him. "If he had hit me in the face, and if I was still mortal, would I have died?" Minnie walked up the stairs, with her step fathers head in her hands, and replied, "Indeed." "Why do I have to be immortal?"

The preacher/soldier picked up the skull of his friend and held him up is a Shakespearian manner. "I feel like reciting Hamlet, but I've only known you for a day so I can't be an ass to you yet." Junior wasn't sure if he should be happy right now or annoyed for the future.

Daniel placed the skull back to where it's supposed to be and allowed Junior to get back up on his feet. "I have the weirdest taste in girls." He said as he got up. "You don't have weird taste in girls, girls are just strange." Daniel reassured his brother. "And yet, we're stupid enough to chase after them."

Junior chuckled at his brother's comment. And so the continued the battle.

Mandy was sitting in front of the computer designing Adams gun to his specifications. She could not believe she was doing this. How did Mandy, queen of the underworld, end up designing a gun, that she doesn't think is going to work, for a priest whom she abandoned years ago during a battle he and his brother (that Mandy also abandoned) started for absolutely no reason. And now he's crying on the sofa.

".. and then he laughed when I told him my parents were unemployed! When I told him I couldn't buy a Play Station 4 because we have conserve our money, he replied with, "I don't give a damn!". This is why I hate people!" he said, sniffing with a choke in his voice. She wasn't really listening to the priest, but whatever it is she didn't care. "Uh huh."

Adam could tell she wasn't listening by the way she answered. He sat up and looked at the woman in front of him. He swallowed and wiped away his tears.

A: "Mandy, you are a prostitute from hell."

M: "Mmhmm"

A: "You are the ugliest monster to come from under neat Satan's bed."

M: "Whatever you say."

A: "If I had a rope with me, I would hogtie, grope you, molest you and rape you right now!"

M: "Then why don't you come over here and do it?"

The boy's heart suddenly stop and sank. He had no idea what to do. Except, maybe, die. Hey, there's an idea. He walked over to Mandy and handed his revolver over to her. He walked back to the couch. "Shoot away." Bam! Without a warning, he fell back with his black blood painting the walls. "It's a good thing those bullets only paralyze the enemy. Too bad it still hurts." He sat up on the ground and looked over to Mandy and apologized. "Sorry." "Whatever."

He stood up and went by her side and wrapped his arms around her neck. "Really, I am." "If you don't let go right now, I will do all those things to you." And with that, the boy let go. "Sorry."

He looked at the computer screen and sees Mandy's work. He has no idea how she did it, but it looks perfect. "I have no idea what you have done, but I love it!" "Move farther away." And with that he stepped aside. Adam looked at the 3D image and asked, "What program is this? Daniel once told me of an idea for a program like this." Mandy leaned back on the chair and replied. "It's something Junior came up with in his spare time. His concept was, 'A program with every element in it at our disposal.' I honestly thought it was stupid, but with some improvements to the program, he was able to make this. A program where we can test concepts, theories, designs, and more, in the safety of your own home."

"Yep. That's the same thing Daniel told me. Only, with other things, like paint, lacquer, wood stains and so on. It took me a while to understand it. Still, I was impressed. All I can come up with are these guns." Said Adam. He moved back to the sofa and laid back. Before he can even think about grabbing his rifle, someone busted out of the roof and came down in the middle of the room. From the smoke cloud came three shots. They all missed, but it did get them to get on their feet, weapons in hand, ready for anything. Except that it was Mimi that came out of the smoke cloud.

Adam lowered his rifle with annoyance, and Mandy kept aiming her rifle at her with annoyance. Mimi looked around and saw the two people she just shot at. She didn't mind shooting at Adam, but shooting Mandy? That's just suicidal. She holstered her two revolvers and stood up. She just shrugged.

"Mimi, look at who you're aiming at before shooting! This isn't the US army. Despite the uniforms we're wearing." Said the boy, with tears in his eyes. He wiped the tears away and walked to the door. "It's not safe for us all to be in the same room. It'll be like shooting fish in a barrel. At least two of us have to leave and split up." Mandy got up and agreed with him. "It's best if we all leave."

Adam opened the door and peered out. Once he was certain that there was nobody outside, opened the door completely. "Alright. Mimi, I want you to.. Where'd she go?" He looked around and saw she crawled back into the air vent. "Okay? Mandy, you're a good shot. Why don't you snipe some of the enemy?" Before he knew it, she was already gone. He sighed and started to walk his own way. "I hate my life."

Things where not looking good for the other party. When they were about to split up, they were attacked by a platoon of Unions. Minnie got away, Grim was holding them off, and Junior was going in a hand to hand fight. Sort of, they're fighting with bayonets, and Junior is kind of out matched. To compare, try imagining a lemon trying to fight a dinosaur. And guess who the lemon was.

Junior was blocking as many of the attacks as he could, but that only resulted in him losing a few limbs. God, how he hated when that happens. It was embarrassing for him. It would be embarrassing for and skeleton to just fall apart from the simplest hit. "Oh, come on!"

"You've been a torn in my side for some time now, time to release some of the built up anger!" As the soldier brings his blade down, a bullet came your of nowhere and hit him in the head, causing him to 'die' and fall on top of Junior… which caused his bones to come apart, as well. "Are you kidding me?!"

His eye holes look up to see his sister reloading her rifle. She gave him smug smirk on her face. "This is going to be a long battle."