"Little girl, would you care for one of my apples?" said the elderly man.

"Oh, I'm good," said the girl with the raven black hair.

"Please just one bite. I tried a new harvest this year and I wanted someone to tell me if they thought my crop has a good flavor," the old man smiled a pleasant smile that the girl just couldn't say no to. So the small man handed her the apple, and she took a small, delicate bite. All of the sudden the girl felt her head spinning and a pain in her gut. She clutched her stomach as she fell to the ground.

"Well that's enough of that pesky beast," said the elder as he transformed into a handsome man with a devilish grin in his early 50's, but looked 30.

"M-m-m-m-my King?" asked the girl confused.

"What deary?" the Evil King asked.

"Why.. ugh.. why are you doing this.. ugh.. to.. me?" the pale girl asked.

"Oh sweetheart you knew this would come at some point, that's why you hid here with the dwarves."

"I only came here to get away from that woodsman who was trying to kill me! Wait.. ugh.. did you send him after me?"

"So the girl does have a brain! And yes I did, you should be dead soon so goodbye, Snow White," the Evil King walked away laughing like a mad man.

I felt cold, dark. I couldn't see anything. I could only feel coldness. Then I felt the familiar hands of my friends lifting me, could hear their cries, feel their tears for they thought I would never awaken. I felt myself be put on a soft bed, and then I couldn't hear anything. Do they think I'm dead!? Are they going to bury me! I started to freak out until I came to my senses. I could still breathe, still slightly hear voices, and could still feel the sun on my skin. So where am I?

I'm cold again, no fresh air. I think it is night now for there is no sun soaking in my pores. I have been slipping in and out of consciousness. Man this soo boring! Am I going to be like this forever?! Omg this is going to suck! And then I heard the most beautiful music, right away I knew it was Happy playing his violin. Then I heard the beautiful harmony of two instruments as Bashful silently and slowly joined in on the flute. Finally all the dwarves joined in, Sleepy playing the Saxophone, Grumpy playing the Trumpet, Sneezy playing the Clarinet, Dopey playing percussion, and finally Doc singing a low soft song.

Snow White the beauty

The one with Raven black hair

With her white skin

She is perfect

The wooorld misses her deearly

The wooorld misses her

The dwaaarfs miss her..

Suddenly the music stopped and I heard the cries of my dearest friends who gave me a home, clothed me, and fed me ( I mean sort of, you take what you can get ). All I wanted to do was break out of my still body, give them all warm hug, and teach the Evil King a lesson. But unfortunately that isn't possible!

"Is there any way to save her?" Happy cried.

"We've been over this Happy! The fairies could only save her from dyeing. So now she is trapped eternally in her body, hopefully unconscious," yelled Grumpy.

I heard a silent whisper from one of the dwarfs as Dopey piped up saying, "Hey Bashful was just saying what about true loves kiss?!"

It was silent for a moment, and then Doc announced, "It's the only way to save her."