Hey guys sorry for the late update, and thanks for all the support from my followers. Soo without further ado here is Chapter 8 for ya.

"Aaron! Aaron wake up!" Rapunzel shook Aaron until he was basically falling off of his bed.

"Rapunzel?" Aaron groggily asked trying to open his sleepy eyes.

"Aaron we have to get ready! We have to get so much done. First we need to scrub everything down and then we need to get the guest rooms ready. Wait, do we have enough guest rooms? Last time I saw her she was living with those –"

"W-wait, who's coming?" Aaron asked confused.

"Oh, well you see Cousin Raven is coming over, she'll be here soon. I'm not sure how soon but it should be pretty soon. The situation did seem kind of urgent –"

"Hold on, why is she coming over again?"

"Well Cousin Raven's friend that is a boy's mother was taken. I told them that you might be of some assistance." Rapunzel told her boyfriend excitedly.

"How would I know where his mother is? And how and when exactly was this conversation with your cousin?" he asked while standing up and straightening his clothes.

"Oh well, she contacted me last night in a dream!" She told him smiling her bright smile. At times it seems to Aaron that the sun is trapped inside her and when she smiles it brightens up the room. For a moment he got lost in that smile.

When Rapunzel shook him again he woke out of his daze, "Wait, what?"

"You were frozen! Aaron, are you okay?" Rapunzel asked worried.

He laughed, "Yes, I'm fine, what were you saying again? You talked to her in a dream? Rapunzel, do you hear yourself?"

"Yes, I do hear myself, which is kind of how the talking thing works, Aaron. Can you hear yourself?!"

"Yes, what I mean is, a dream? Really? How could she have contacted you in a dream?"

"Well Cousin Raven has special powers, I think she called herself an Empath," Rapunzel told him like he should already know this.

"So your cousin is a witch!"

"No! Raven is much kinder, and she isn't evil."

"Well as far as my father told me, the only way to have powers is to have a contract with the devil," Aaron said looking at her suspiciously.

"Ok, I'll tell you but you can't judge her, deal?"

Aaron gave Rapunzel a long, hard look and finally decided he could trust her, "Ok, deal."

"Raven's dad is Trigon, her –"


"Yes, Trigon," she said looking disappointed at him.

"Sorry.. continue."

"Her mom is a human. She has lived all her life with people saying she's evil so when she gets here I expect you to be on your best behavior." He took a few minutes to digest everything.

"Ok, you said something about cleaning up?"

"Yes, everything is going exactly as planned," the Old Man laughed a vicious laugh.

"Ok does everyone have what they need?" Happy asked. That morning everyone got their things together to travel to Starfire's house. After Snow had contacted her everyone agreed that going there would be a good start to finding Rumpelstiltskin.

"Well I'm still hungry but ya I guess," Forrest said grumpily. He was to sleeping in real late so I couldn't blame him.

"We'll get you something to eat lad, now quit yer yapping. I've had enough of your voice whining about food all morning," Grumpy yelled at him.

"Ok guys calm down, let's get on the road. I would like to get there before sundown," Snow grabbed her backpack and walked out of the room slamming the door.

"Think we should have let everyone sleep in? Seems like no one around here is a morning person," Happy laughed. And with that they all grabbed their things and headed out to Rapunzel's house.

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