Chapter 6:

Day 10: Continued

I just got off the phone with Home depot. A man will be by in about 2 hours to replace my window. Thank god, I have the money to fix it this time and not have to spend endless weeks looking at a wood covered window. I hate having to explain to which ever Sup shows up what happened to my house. While I am thankful to have money to fix it, it still greatly saddens me, knowing where the money came from to fix it.

I start to think back to the last time my window was broken by a supernatural. It was broken by Mickey the abusive and over possessive vampire that Tara was seeing. Tara was afraid of him and asked for my help to finally get away from him. So of course, I called Eric and asked for his help. He agreed to help me in trade for telling him what happened between us when he was cursed.

He came over and I told him about Tara's problem. She did not want to be with Mickey and had never wanted to be with him to begin with. Franklin, the vampire she was dating got tired of her and traded her to Mickey, without even asking her. Mickey was overly controlling and was taking over her life. He treated her so badly, that she was afraid of him.

Eric simply nodded, letting me know that he understood the problem. Then picked up his cell phone and called Mickey's maker Salome. All he had to do was explain to her, that her child was staying with an unwilling human in his area. She apologized for any problems her child had caused and called him to her with a Makers call.

To say Mickey was unhappy about this was a gross understatement.

Instead of going directly to his maker like Salome ordered, he decided to take a detour to get revenge. He deduced it must have been Eric and I who ratted him out to his maker.

I had just finished telling Eric about our time together, when suddenly I heard glass shatter and he was hit in the head with a large rock. He was out like a light. Mickey was standing at the broken window, in the rain holding Tara hostage, threating her and taunting me.

Mickey's plan was to incapacitate Eric, so he could lure me out of the house in trade for Tara. He wanted to punish me for interfering. Let's just say that things did not turn out the way Mickey planned. Eric was able to bite my wrist, out of Mickey's view and heal. He was then able to save Tara, without putting me in danger.

Once Mickey was dealt with, Eric called Bill over to get supplies to board up my window. I know one thing. I will certainly never allow Bill in my house again, even to fix a window or anything else for me. Since Eric felt that manual labor is beneath him. The man did not even know how to correctly use a broom, for Gods sake! I smile at the memory of Eric holding that broom and dust pan, looking at it as if it was some kind of complex technical device that was beyond his comprehension to operate.

Well, I am glad anyway, that I am at least able to call someone to fix it. I have enough problems on the table at the moment and don't need to deal with a broken window as well.

I call grey hound and get a bus ticket for Octavia and have it waiting for her in New Orleans for her to pick up tomorrow. She should be arriving here around 11:30 tomorrow.

I head to the guest room, to prepare it for Octavia's arrival. Plus cleaning has the added benefit of taking my mind off things and to escape things, if only for a short time. I have been thinking so hard today, I fill like my head might explode. So I think it is ok to allow myself a distraction for a little while. Besides I will be useless, if I burn myself out, over thinking things. So I put fresh bedding on her bed, dust and vacuum. Then I put some fresh towels in her bathroom. As well as put her favorite soap and shampoo in the shower.

Just when I finish, I hear a knock on the front door.

Considering all the danger in my life right now, I know to check with my telepathy before approaching the door. I lower my shields, to see who it is and what their intentions are. It was just the man from Home depot, here to replace my window.

"If I get this done quickly I should still be able to make my daughter's school show tonight. This looks like any easy enough job. I should be in and out in about 30 minutes."

Since he checks out ok in my head, I answer the door and let him in. He really does have my window replaced in under thirty minutes, just like he thought. I give him a large tip and thank him for getting it done so quickly. Lord knows, this house is hard enough to keep cool in the summer. Forget having a broken window for the cool are to escape through.

With the window now fix, I feel free to start thinking on other things. I start going over what I need accomplish tomorrow, before picking up Octavia, from the bus station. Which leads me to the thought, I had earlier, about my car. The last thing I need right now, is to break down on the side of the road. It's time for me to replace the Malibu, Tara gave me for a dollar. That car was never really the same after I ran over the dead Queens child. But it was worth it to save Eric and Sam. Unfornatly I ended up saving the Felipe as well. I wish I would have staked him while I had the chance. Even with Tray fixing my car, it still acts a little funny sometimes. I need a new car and I need it pronto.

But what kind of car should I get? I never thought of myself as a sports car type of girl. Besides, sports cars are well known for having really small trunks. Which would a problem for me when I take my food shopping trips or packing it with supplies if I go on the run. Then there's the issue of their being room for only two people. So that means little room for friends, which could be a problem. Especially, if I need to get a group of people out of dodge quickly. Plus sports cars get horrible gas mileage and are overly flashy. I would end up getting all different kinds of unwanted attention in a sports car. So no. No, sports car for me.

A hybrid would be nice. They are good on gas, which makes them ecofriendly. But they tend to lack power, which would be a problem if I was being chased. They are also a bit too small. I don't think Eric could even fit into one… When I get him back... Plus I don't think a hybrid would handle Bon tomp's dirt roads and pot holes well. Lord knows this town has a lot of potholes, even with the road crew constantly working to fix them.

So maybe a sports utility? It is higher up, so it should be able to handle all kinds of terrain. Sports utility's usually have plenty of power and get decent gas mileage. Plus it has lots of room. I think Eric would have no problem fitting in to one. It's a popular vehicle, so it won't stick out like a sore thumb, if I need to make a run for it in the future. So I think it would be a good choice. But I would want it to be American made. I definitely want to support American jobs and stock market, if I am going to be spending such a large chunk of money.

So I decide to spend my afternoon by going the Ford Dealer ship, in Shreveport. I luckily arrive with any problems from Molly the Malibu and start to wander around the parking lot. I notice a bunch of sales man running towards me, trying to get to me first. It must be a really slow day for them, if they are all racing over here, like they are going to win some kind of prize. Even more so, when you consider that I pulled in to the parking lot, driving a 10 year old car.

So I stand there and wait patiently for the first sales man to reach me. It will take them a bit to get to me, since they are running roughly the distance of a football field.

I decide to look at the cars around me while I wait. When suddenly… I spotted it…. My new car. It was almost as if the clouds parted just for me and allowed a single beam of light to shine down on it, like a spot light. It was as if God himself was signaling to me, which one I should buy. The car in question was a blood red Ford Escape, with a moon roof. The color reminds me of Eric and his blood red corvette. I think he would have really liked this car. I sigh to myself, thinking how happy Eric would be about me getting rid of the "rust bucket" as he calls it. It saddens me that he is not here, to share this experience this with me. It's not every day a girl buys her first new car. He might have been more excited than I am. That man loved cars.

So I decide, then and there, that car is the one I want to buy. Finally, an out of breath sales man reaches me and looks back at the other sales men with a look of triumph on his face.

"Howty, My name is Marty. Have you found a car you like little lady or are you just looking today?" He says putting out his hand for a shake.

"Hello Marty, My name is Sookie. Sookie Stackhouse."

"I really hope that she plans to buy a car today, I really need the sale. Or else I don't know how I will make the mortgage payment next week. Plus Carla just grew out of another pair of shoes. Boy, let me tell you, that girl of mine is just shooting up." I hear from his head.

"Nice to meet you, Sookie. What type of car are you looking for today?"

"I really like that Blood Red Ford Escape over there. Could I take it for a quick test drive?"

"Sure, no problem. We will need to go in the office and fill out a bit of paper work. Then I can get the keys and off we go."

So we head in to the office. He makes a copy of my driver's license and insurance card. Then he leaves the room to get the keys. Before I know it we are cruising down the road.

The car drives like a dream. The belts don't make an awful screeching noise when I start the car. The brakes don't feel like a sponge or that they are going to fall off when I stop. Which reminds me of the time my brakes fell off on Old Yellow and I relive the memory of that day.

I was driving back from Shreveport. I had made a little extra cash working at Merlottes that week and my church dress had defiantly seen better days. The seams were starting to wear thin and rip apart so it was time to buy a new dress. So I drove to Shreveport to the Dress barn. I had just finished dress shopping and was heading home.

When a deer darted out into the road and was blinded by my headlights. It just stood there, not moving, as my car got closer and closer to it. I slam on the brakes and I felt something snap. The brakes on one side of the car engage and the other side does not. This causes my car to spin and slide sideways towards the deer. Desperate to stop I turn the steering wheel to straight out the car, then throw the transmission in neutral, while pulling the emergency brake. I slide to a stop, just narrowly miss the deer, by a few mere inches. The deer looks at me for a moment, as if I am crazy for driving on the road, in such a manner, before taking off into the woods at top speed. After taking a few deep cleansing breaths and Thanking God I was still alive, I call my brother to come and get me. It took us climbing and digging through 6 junk yards, before we found the screw we needed to fix the brakes. It is amazing how one little part can so greatly affect the whole vehicle.

I decide that I need to pay attention to driving and put the car through the motions, to see how well I like it.

The steering wheel doesn't pull hard to the right and its shocks don't bottom out, when going over a speed bump. So this car is definitely much better car than my old Malibu. The rear view mirror isn't falling off and the side mirror is not held in place by duct tape. Not to mention, I don't have to keep the heat on full blast year round, just to keep the car from overheating! I used to have to do that with my first car Old Yellow.

This car even has cruise control! I have never had a car with this before! It sounds neat, but I don't think I would ever use it. It makes me feel kinda nervous, not being in full control of the vehicle. I don't like the idea of the car taking over any part of the driving.

There is even a screen in the center of the dash with GPS, which also controls the radio. It has actual nobs to control the stereo. Instead of a pair of pliers that Jason clamp on there, when the nob crack from age and fell off.

This car has lots of things that looks really neat, even though, I have no idea how to use most of it. I don't even own a smart phone. I only have the Blackberry that Eric had bought me. Marty tells me, they have classes once a week to teach you how to use all the features.

To say I am sold on this car, is a huge understatement.

We pull back into the dealer ship and exit the car.

"I'll take it." I say with confidence.

"Well let's go to my office to handle the paper work.

We fill out paper work and going over all the costs. Then we come to the part on the trade in value. With a serious but regrettable look, the sale man tells me, that they can only offer me $500.00 for my car in trade. I quickly peek into his mind to see if it is true.

I hope this is not a deal breaker for her. I really need this sale. But that car she drove in… it is only fit for the junk yard as scrap. I will have to let her know this gently. I don't want to anger her and lose this sale.

I know Eric would just love to hear that. He would smirk at me and give me a "you see" look. Eric just loves hearing he is right. He has been telling me for years to scrap my car. Even though the man is being honest, I can't help but feel slightly insulted by his trade in offer and not to mention, it seems wasteful to me to just scrap it. So I decided then and there to give my old car to Holly. It is not the greatest car in the world, but it still runs. It could be a God send for someone like her without a working car. She walks to work each day. Any car is better than walking.

I inform the sales man I will be keeping my car and quickly finish the paper work. They will be delivering the car to my house tomorrow at 10 am. So that should leave me with plenty of time to pick up Octavia, as log as the delivery man is on time.

That chore done, I drive back to the house, feeling like I at least accomplished something today. It has been a long day and I am sure tomorrow will be even longer. So I shower, eat and then head to bed. I set my alarm. Hopefully tomorrow Octavia and I can come up with a plan to get Eric back.

Day 11:

I wake up to the sound of my alarm going off. I need to get up and get my day started. I head to the kitchen and make some breakfast. I eat, then quickly clean up the kitchen. Just then I heard a knock on the door.

I check with my head and see it is the Ford delivery man. He is here to deliver my new car. I answer the door.

"Hello Miss. I am here to deliver a car to a… Ms Stackhouse."

"Yes, thats is me."

He checks my id, to make sure I am indeed who I say am, before handing me the keys and wishing me a good day. I step out on the porch and rush down the stairs , while simultaneously pushing the clicker remote. I run to the car and open the door, taking it all in and making sure they brought me the right car. I look around and everything looks as it should. So I move all my belongings from Molly the Malibu to my new Ford Focus. I am going to have to think of a name for it. Maybe, Freddy the Ford Focus?

With that accomplished I go in the house and call my insurance agent to add my new car to my insurance. Then I grab my purse to head out to pick up Octavia.

The drive was as pleasant as it could be. I definitely need to read the manual when I get some time.

I arrive with plenty of time to find a parking spot and find out where her bus will being parking after it arrives. I find a nice bench and sit down in the sun to wait. She should be here any minute now.

I see a large bus turn the corner and pull up to where I am waiting. Slowly everyone disembarks the bus. Finally, when there were only a few people left on the bus, I see Octavia emerge from the cabin and walk down the steps.

"Octavia! I am so glad to see you!" I run up to her and grab her into a large hug the second her feet are safely on the ground. I let out a little sob. She reminds me so much of my Gran, with her strong female presence.

"I am glad to see you as well child." She says as she rubs my back in comfort.

"Well let's get your bags. It seems, I am holding up traffic and creating a scene." Octavia chuckles.

"It is alright child. You are currently facing a lot of challenges. It is perfectly normal to seek the comfort of a hug from a friend. There is no need to feel ashamed."

I nod in agreeance. I don't think I could speak more than a few words right now, without losing it and breaking down. So instead I help her gather her luggage and show her to my new car.