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~~Moonlight Sonata~~


"Moonlight Sonata?"

It was a bright afternoon, and Damon was concentrating on the blonde standing next to her baby girl across the street. Stefan's voice made him turn back and focus on the topic he and Kayla were discussing.

"So, she has decided to play 'Moonlight Sonata' for the concert. I told her it's a difficult one, but she's adamant about it. Do you think she picked an appropriate piece?" Kayla looked expectantly at Stefan, and then Damon. The cute girl was Elena's new best friend, and was talking about her little sister.

"Sonata No. 14 by Beethoven, true, that's a tough one," Stefan replied back, looking towards the kids playing in front of them. "But if she nails it properly, yes, it would be a great a pick."

"I think that is exactly why she wants to play it; it's a tough selection with the huge possibility of her stealing the show," Kayla said and shrugged a little, beaming with pride for the promising musician she'd been taking care of since their mother died.

"Let her then. She seems to be confident enough."

"Well, the thing is-"

Kayla said a lot more things, but only two words were echoing inside Damon's head.

Moonlight Sonata.

The two words had brought him back to Fell's Church, fifty years earlier, when it was far more exciting to be there. Instead of the park where he was sitting with Stefan and Kayla, he was then standing in the old music room of Robert E. Lee High School, where a seventeen year old girl with fiery red hair was playing piano. Her eyes were closed, but Damon knew that behind the closed lids, those large brown, innocent eyes were pooling with tears.It was a late evening.

"Moonlight Sonata!" he exclaimed when she finished playing the last note, "I didn't know that you played piano!" He failed to hide the amazement in his tone. "None of your friends told me."

The red haired girl had slowly opened her eyes, and then she widened them in shock. A tiny droplet of a tear glided down her flushed cheek, and she unconsciously wiped it away.

"Um . . . they do know about my lessons," she replied hesitantly, watching him come nearer to her seat.

"And do they know how beautifully you play it?" he hummed sexily in her ear. She averted her admiring gaze from his profile and started blushing profusely, the way her body was accustomed to reacting to his closeness.

"By the way, why are you alone here at this time of the evening, when no one else is here to accompany you?" he asked in his very seductive way, as he walked past her. "Waiting for some crazy werewolf to attack you?"

"And you to save me I guess," she replied in a dreamy state.

He stopped, wondering if his hearing senses were weakening with time, although it was an utterly impossible idea for an immortal being like him. He looked at her face to corroborate if what he thought she said was really what she meant to say, and found it had turned redder.

"I mean, you have always saved me," she shrugged, trying to make up for the comment that slipped out of her mouth without her knowing.

Damon kept staring at her. He listened to the unsteady thump in her chest that was quickening with every second that passed. He watched her forehead glisten with small beads of perspiration, indicating her inelegance of handling the awkwardness of the moment. He watched the petite seventeen year old girl intently, and listened to the time ticking, as if mocking the two souls facing each other.




"Let's get you home," he said abruptly and left the room with haste.

"Stefan, can you come over here for a moment?" Elena waved to them and he was back to the present day, where Stefan was still wasting his time with that Kayla girl. Elena was busy with some kids.

"Hey Kay, can you excuse me for a moment?"

"Sure. She needs you I guess."

"Thanks. I'll be back in a moment," Stefan left, throwing a hint at Damon to spend some of his precious time with the girl.

Damon felt the girl observing him. He thought of something sarcastic to say to Stefan, but the next moment he decided to abort the comment.

A soft smile reverberating in his cognizance stopped him.

"So what do you do?" Kayla asked him with a warm smile.

"I'm a student at NYU. Came here to take a break and spend some time with my brother and his girlfriend," he said calmly.

"You know, they are too sweet. It's been just a couple of months and we are almost like best buddies."

"So you were speaking of your sister . . . she really loves music?" he cautiously tried to get friendly.

"Yeah, you know the tune I was talking about - Moonlight Sonata - is her favorite."

Suddenly he was back in his memories, driving the red-haired girl back to her home.

"This sonata, you love it too, don't you?" she asked breathlessly.

"You just found a secret of mine," he glanced at her with a smile, then returned his sight to the road. He took a left turn, the highway headed to the south of the town where her home was located.

She giggled, "Someday I will find out all of your secrets."

"Someday I will tell you all my secrets, Red," he replied back, in a deep and serious voice.

She looked at him, and he heard her heart miss a beat. He didn't watch her this time, avoiding another awkward moment. He hated to be caught off guard in front of this little girl. He sensed her large brown eyes were staring at him again, and he believed her cheeks were turning red.

It was the same feeling of embarrassment, he supposed, which made her look out of the window at the never ending series of trees and deserted grounds. The mild evening breeze teased her curls; he got a whiff of the soft fragrance of her body. She smelled like wild flowers.

He hoped this moment would go on forever; he would drive his car until the end of the time and she would be seated beside him. The smell of her embarrassed affection would permeate the air, and they would drive towards a destination. They say the journey is more important, and even more beautiful, than the destination itself. With such company, Damon was certain his journey would be a memorable one.

But there are some things that even a powerful vampire such as himself can't do.

"Good night, Red," he said, breaking the dizzying silence.

"Good night, Damon," she replied in a low voice, without looking at him. He was very much aware of the reason she was hiding her face.

"You're coming, right?" Kayla's voice reminded him of the place he was actually sitting.


"I asked if you could come to the concert this evening. Izzy would be happy to see you."

Damon took a short breath and said, "I would love to, but right now I have some important work to be done. Do you mind if I take off?"

"Of course not. See you at the concert."

Damon almost ran away from the park, leaving the girl behind. Kayla watched him leaving in his Black Ferrari, and sighed.

He was driving very slowly. The roads of Fell's Church were looking more colorful in the evening. These roads were different when they used to hang out together in this small town. The town itself had changed a lot. He drove across the new localities, past the new hospital, and stopped behind the one and only high school it had.

Robert E. Lee High School had completed almost 100 glorious years and now it was quite famous too. Students from other schools are taking transfers here for its rich curriculum and well organized infrastructure. He parked his car in an empty corner, and planned to spend some quiet time alone. He wondered if the students shaping their futures inside knew what a mess once started at this school when some troublesome students grouped up with two vampire brothers.

He smirked, thinking of the first night he met Elena, and another night a couple of months earlier when he saved his little Red Bird from some notorious werewolves.

The old music department had turned into a music institute, which conducted training sessions for the new and upcoming talents of the town. He heard some of the kids practicing piano fundamentals. He rested himself on a low bench near the music room.

This place had witnessed a lot of his life. One of the worst nights he ever had was here. That night he came to get rid of the fire that was burning inside his head, his mind and his heart. He was disappointed, brokenhearted, and mad at everyone he knew.

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