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"I never understood the point of these things," Leah said, grabbing another cup of sherbet punch. It was probably her fifth cup already and she was wishing it had alcohol in it to ease her nerves.

The whole pack plus some of the family was at Emily's baby shower in the Uley backyard. Leah never understood the point of these things. Maybe Leah was just bitter and couldn't get over the fact that her cousin was having a baby by her ex-boyfriend. Maybe. The whole pack and family was gathered around Emily as she opened gifts. Leah stood away from everyone, devouring cups of sherbet punch while they all gushed over Emily's growing belly and gifts.

"Why aren't you over there with everyone else," Jacob asked, joining Leah at the table. He grabbed his own cup of sherbet punch, throwing his head back as he dumped the contents into his mouth. "Being anti-social?"

"I just hate these things," Leah replied, grabbing another cup. Jacob grabbed her hand and pushed it away from the table.

"You've had too many. Save some for the kiddos." Jacob pulled the cup from Leah's hand and set it back on the table. Claire and Taylor ran up to the table. Taylor was Paul and Rachel's three year old daughter.

"Can I have some punch pwease," Taylor asked tugging on Jacob's jeans.

"Sure. You want some too Claire," Jacob asked, handing Taylor a cup of punch.

"Yes please," Claire replied, batting her eyelashes at Jacob. Jacob chuckled and handed a cup to Claire. The two girls said thank you and ran off towards Emily.

"I don't think Quil would be happy with you stealing his imprint," Leah said.

"And I don't think you would be very happy about it either. Now would you," Jacob asked, placing a hand on Leah's waist and pulling her closer to him.

"Jake," Leah murmured, pulling out of his grasp.

Leah and Jacob had grown closer when they broke away from Sam's pack. What started off as a friendship was now blossoming into something more, if Leah would let it. Her constant fear of being hurt again is what kept their relationship stagnant. Every time Jacob felt like he was getting somewhere with her, she shut him out, putting up a wall that was impossible for him to break down.

Leah looked up at Jacob through her thick eyelashes. She grabbed another cup of punch, guzzled it down and walked towards the back door of the house. Jacob wasn't going to follow her but quickly changed his mind.

"Why do you keep doing that," Jacob asks once he finds Leah in the kitchen. She opens a bag of potato chips and stares back at Jacob with a blank expression on her face. Jacob hates that he can never read her emotions, read what she's thinking. The only time she seems to open up is when he's fucking her in the wee hours of the morning. Jacob was growing tired of only having a sexual relationship with his Beta, he wanted something more and he was sure Leah did too.

"Doing what," Leah asked. Jacob glared at Leah, slowly walking towards her and forcing her back against the counter. Leah smirked at him, causing his blood to boil in all the wrong places. He knew what she was doing. She played this game with him all the time, knowing what it would lead to. "Doing what Jake?" Leah laughed as Jacob tickled her sides. "Stop….oh my god…Jake… stop!"

"Sounds like a porno in here," Paul said, walking through the back door. Jacob quickly stepped back from Leah and she straightened her shirt. "You two could at least get a room." Paul winked before taking a long sip from the milk carton.

"That's disgusting," Leah gagged as Paul took another swig of milk.

"Not as disgusting as you and Jacob about to fuck in Sam's kitchen. What are you two doing in here anyway," Paul asked.

"That's none of your business," Jacob snapped. Paul smirked and went back outside to join the pack.

"He's so annoying." Leah glared at the closed back door. Leah and Paul never got along, even when we were younger. Like the rest of the pack, Paul had the biggest crush on Leah but she would never give him the time of day. One day Paul decided he wanted to kiss Leah and she pushed him in the sandbox on the playground. Paul cried because he thought he was going to lose all of his hair because of the sand. He was so humiliated that day and ever since then his goal was to make Leah's life a living hell.

"I know right. Want to get out of here and have some real fun," Jacob asked, wiggling his eyebrows. Leah took the hint and grabbed his hand. Leah and Jacob didn't even bother to tell anyone they were leaving.

"My house or your's," Jacob asked, gripping the steering wheel tightly. His hormones were raging and Leah's long, toned legs resting on his dash weren't helping his appetite.

"Mine," Leah replied quickly. Jacob turned down the street that led to the Clearwater home. "Think they'll notice we're gone?"

"Who cares," Jacob shrugged. He picked up speed when Leah placed her hand on his upper thigh. "Leah." Jacob warned, earning a chuckle from Leah.

"Awww Jakey poo doesn't like my game?"

"You're asking for it Clearwater." Jacob sharply turned the last corner and pulled up in the Clearwater's drive-way. He quickly got out of the car and moved to the passenger side. He ripped the door open and yanked a smiling Leah Clearwater out.

"Geez, you don't have to be so rough," Leah huffed. "Ahhh!" Leah screamed as Jacob lifted her off the ground and threw her over his shoulder.

"I thought you liked it rough," Jacob said, smacking Leah on her backside.

"Put me down Jacob," Leah squealed. Jacob placed her on the ground and she sprinted to the front door, unlocking it and running inside. Jacob chased her up the stairs to her room as Leah laughed loudly. Jacob caught her by her waist and led her into her bedroom. As soon as the bedroom door was shut, Jacob pushed Leah roughly against the wall and pressed his lips to hers. The kiss was violent, desperate and would surely result in bruises on their lips. Leah pushed her tongue roughly in her Alpha's mouth, attempting to take control of the kiss. Jacob broke away from the kiss and pulled Leah's shirt over her head. "So much for taking it slow." Leah said as Jacob pressed his lips to hers once again. Leah's legs locked around his waist as he walked back towards her bed.

"Have we ever," Jacob replied, his breath tickling Leah's nose.

"Dammit Jake," Leah gasped as Jacob bit her neck roughly. Leah could smell her own arousal and she knew he could smell her too. Jacob buried his tongue between Leah's breast, nipping, sucking, touching. Leah gripped the back of Jacob's head, kneading her fingers through his cropped hair.

"Leah!" Sue Clearwater called from the bottom of the steps.

"Fuck," Leah groaned pushing Jacob off of her. Leah could hear her mother stomping up the steps. "Where's my shirt?"

Jacob threw her a shirt from her one of her open drawers before Sue burst through the door. "Leah Elaine Clearwater why would you…what are you doing in here?" Sue turned her attention toward Jacob who was attempting to hide behind the closet door. No one wanted to come in contact with an angry Sue Clearwater. She was a scary as Leah when she got mad. "I know you two weren't doing what I think you were!"

"Mom you can't just come busting in my room like that," Leah replied, hiding her face in her hands.

"You don't tell me what to do young lady! How dare you leave your cousin's baby shower to screw Jacob Black. And Jacob wait until I tell your father. You two should be ashamed of yourselves," Sue yelled.

"Moooooom," Leah groaned.

"Don't mom me! You two better get back to that party," Sue continued. She shook her head as she left the room mumbling something about 'hormonal wolves'.

"That was super embarrassing." Leah covered her face as she fell back down to her bed.

"We can finish where we left off and then head back to the party," Jacob replied, moving back to the bed.

"You two better not even think of continuing whatever you were doing," Sue yelled.

"I'm starting to wonder if your mom is a wolf since she has bionic hearing," Jacob chuckled.

"No it's just a mother thing. Let's go before she throws a fit."

"Where did you two disappear off to," Embry asked as the pair entered the Uley residence.

"Leah forgot to turn off the coffee pot at home," Jacob replied bluntly. Leah shook her head at Jacob's ill attempt at lying. He was always a horrible liar when it came to their whereabouts when they disappeared for long periods of time. Leah really didn't feel like being at the baby shower now. Her mother completely ruined her moment at getting some from her Alpha. Now she was horny and hungry. Not a good combination for Leah at the moment.

"Yea Jacob was adding some cream to Leah's coffee," Paul chimed in. Leah and Jacob growled at Paul as Sam growled at Jacob.

"Ewwwwww," Seth moaned, covering his ears.

"Shut up Paul, you're just mad Rachel hasn't been giving it up to you since Taylor was born," Leah shot back.

"I always knew you were nailing Leah, you two aren't good at hiding your sex hair," Quil added, earning a high-five from Jared and Embry.

"Shut the hell up Quil!" Jacob and Leah yelled in unison.

"Aww they even say the same thing at the same time," Jared cooed. The room erupted in laughter as Jacob and Leah glared at their pack members. Sam just sat in the corner with his arms crossed and his lips set in a straight line.

I know, I know you all probably hate me for skipping out on the sex scene. But there are two parts to this so maybe Leah will get her some from her Alpha. This idea came to me dream form. This is the second dream I've had about our Alpha and Beta this week! Hopefully I can dream up the next chapter so I can deliver you some lemony goodness. I've never actually written a lemon before so this will be my first try. I'm a little nervous but I think I'll do fine *bites nails*. Thanks for reading in advance!