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"What you're doing is dangerous Leah," Sam said as he walked into the kitchen. Leah was helping Emily put away dishes. Emily glanced between the two wolves frantically, knowing her cousin was about to light into Sam. Leah slowly placed the kitchen towel on the counter and turned to face her ex-boyfriend.

"What are you talking about Uley," Leah asked, tilting her head to the side.

Sam sighed and sat at the kitchen table. "You know what I'm talking about."

"Ohhhh I see. Fuck you Sam," Leah spat and stomped out of the kitchen. She could hear Sam following behind her.

"Are you really sleeping with him," Sam asked, grabbing Leah's arm and forcing her to turn around.

"Let me go." Leah yanked her arm away and continued walking towards the living room.


"Uley don't touch me or I'll kick your tongue down your throat. Why are you so worried about what I'm doing anyway? You have a pregnant wife in there, worry about her," Leah spat, turning on her heel.

Sue Clearwater shook her head as her daughter spat obscenities under her breath. "I wish you two could just get along for five minutes."

"Ha! Like that'll happen," Jared added. Leah slapped Jared in the back of his head and grabbed the to-go plate that she fixed for herself.

"I'm going home. See you all later," Leah announced.

Like every other night, Leah left her window cracked for her Alpha. She knew she had to put a stop to this soon before someone got hurt. It was a bad idea from the start and she knew that but it was so hard to resist someone like Jacob. Not only was he very attractive but it was something about him that made him so warm and easy to talk to. Leah had figured that out when she joined his pack. Before then he was that annoying boy pining after a girl who wanted nothing to do with him romantically. Leah could remember the times she teased him about chasing after Bella and how he would shoot her down with some remark about Sam imprinting on Emily. It hurt Leah to the core but she just shook his insults off and threw one right back at him. After joining his pack, Leah and Jacob began to form a friendship. Jacob opened up to Leah about his love for Bella while Leah told him about how her and Sam's sudden breakup has scarred her. It was the first time Leah had talked to anyone about the situation and Jacob seemed to really listen to what she had to say. As time went on, the friendship began to take a turn for something a little more. Soft caresses turned into hand holding, kisses on the cheek turned into kisses on the lips and play fighting turned into waking up to each other the next morning. Their relationship had blossomed so much over the last few years but Leah knew she had to end it. There was no way she could experience what she had experienced with Sam. Sam was right. What they were doing was so dangerous. Someone was going to get hurt in the end and Leah had a bad feeling it would be her.

Leah took off her clothes and threw on an old pair of sweat pants and a tattered shirt. She pulled her hair in a messy bun and popped Mulan into her DVD player. Leah always had a fascination with Disney movies, which many people didn't know. Jacob found out about her fascination one night when he walked in on her crying while watching Lion King. Leah made him promise that he wouldn't mention that moment to anyone or she would seriously injure him.

"Mulan again," Jacob asked as he closed her window. She hadn't even realized he had climbed in.

"It's my favorite one," Leah replied, not taking her eyes of the TV. Jacob turned her bedroom light off and snuggled up to her in her bed. "What's wrong with you?" Leah asked, noticing the crease between Jacob's brows.

"I got into it with Sam," Jacob responded. "As usual he thinks he can have his cake and eat it too."

"What'd he say this time?"

"Something about breaking my neck if I hurt you. I think he forgets I'm the true Alpha which makes me faster, stronger and sexier than him any day." Jacob winked. Leah shook her head at the last part of his statement. Well Jacob did have a better body than Sam, although Sam didn't have a wimpy body either. "And my Beta is sexier than his too."

"Well duh," Leah replied, ruffling Jacob's hair. Jacob grabbed her hand and put it to his lips. "You're really sweet when you wanna be."

"Huh? I'm always nice to you," Jacob lied.

Leah pursed her lips. "Don't even tell that lie. Remember what you did to me the other day?"

Jacob squinted his eyes as he tried to recall. "Oh yea. Sorry." Jacob smiled mischievously.

"Yea you pushed me face first in that muddy puddle," Leah added.

"But I made it up to you as always right," Jacob asked, biting Leah's ear causing her to shriek. "Shhhh your mom and Seth were heading home when I left. I don't know if they made it yet." Jacob planted small kisses down Leah's neck.

"Jake…stop…Jake let's watch the movie first," Leah pleaded as Jacob rolled on top of her, planting big, sloppy kisses along her chest. "Would you stop?" Leah giggled.

"Awww come on Lee. You've seen Mulan a million times," Jacob replied, reaching under Leah's shirt. She had to admit she was still pissed about her mother interrupting them earlier. Jacob lifted Leah off the bed and unclasped her bra.

"Look at you doing what I taught you oh so long ago," Leah laughed. Jacob's first time with her was amusing and it was something he didn't like to be reminded off. He couldn't figure out how to get her bra unclasped and compared the clasp to a Rubik's cube. He fumbled with the condom too and Leah had to help him get that on. Jacob really got pissed off when he didn't stick her in the right hole on his first try. It was a complete disaster but now Jacob was a pro thanks to Leah and the internet.

"Shut up," Jacob replied. He pushed Leah's legs open with one of his and eased his way in between them. "Why the hell did you put these on?" Jacob asked, referring to Leah's sweatpants. Leah started to pull them down but Jacob caught her hands. "I got'em." Leah smiled as Jacob slowly pulled her sweatpants down, revealing her boy shorts. "Really Leah?" Leah laughed loudly at Jacob's irritation but quickly covered her mouth to stifle her laughter.

"You don't like my shorts," Leah cooed. Jacob rolled his eyes and pulled Leah's pants off.

"They're slightly annoying. You knew I was coming over, why would you leave them on," Jacob asked, resting his hands on both sides of Leah, pinning her to the bed with his weight. She moaned as buried his face in her neck.

"Well you're still fully clothed and you haven't even finished undressing me," Leah responded. Jacob smirked and slid his hand down her side. His fingers slowly slid into her underwear and grazed her center.

"Shhhh." Jacob covered Leah's mouth. He pulled at her shorts and yanked them off, ripping them in half. "I hope you didn't want those." Jacob whispered as he tore Leah's shirt open with his other hand.

"Fuck Jake, I actually do like some of my clothes," Leah complained. "Ahhh!" Leah moaned as Jacob inserted two fingers inside of her.

"If you don't keep quiet, I'm gonna have to leave you hanging," Jacob chuckled.

"You could've warned me asshole," Leah whimpered, trying to stifle another moan. Jacob pressed his lips to Leah's, roughly pushing his tongue into her mouth. He pulled away and pulled his shirt over his head. Leah traced the outline of his abs with her fingers tips as he unbuttoned his pants. Jacob threw his pants to the side and Leah pulled his lips back down to hers. She grazed his bottom lip with her tongue before forcing it through Jacob's lips. This kiss wasn't like many of their other ones, which were rough. This kiss was soft and slow, both of them savoring every moment like it was their last. Leah thought back to earlier that night, when she kept telling herself that she had to end this before it turned bad. It was going to be hard for her to tell Jacob that they couldn't continue whatever this was they had. Leah's thoughts were interrupted by the warmth that entered her core.

"Sorry," Jacob apologized.

"For what," Leah asked not thinking Jacob noticed her jumping.

"You jumped. Must have meant I hurt you," Jacob replied, pecking her lips softly.

"Nope," Leah lied.

"Mmmhhhhmmm." Jacob continued to move slowly in and out of Leah. Her moans grew louder, even when he kept shushing her.

"Jake," Leah moaned his ear. She gripped his back with her nails, trying to leave her mark on him. Her breath hitched as she felt herself coming close.

"Shit Lee." Jacob's thrusted into her harder. Leah savored the last few moments, tracing Jacob's face, not taking any kiss for granted. If she was going to end it tonight, she at least wanted to remember this last time. She was the first to finish, followed by Jacob a few minutes later. He collapsed on top of her.

"You've gotten really good at this," Leah said after a few minutes of silence.

"Hmmm." Leah caressed Jacob's back as he snuggled into her neck. After a few minutes he rolled off of her and pulled her into his chest. "What's on your mind?" Jacob asked.

"Nothing, just tired," Leah replied.

"Leah I know you by now. What's wrong," Jacob asked again.

"Nothing. Why does something have to be wrong with me because I'm quiet," Leah asked, pulling the covers closer.

"What's wrong?" Jacob wasn't going to lay off.

"Ugh. I…I don't know if we can keep doing this Jacob," Leah blurted out.

Jacob pulled Leah's face up so he could get a good look at her. "Doing what?"

"This. Someone's gonna get hurt and I don't want that for either of us," Leah replied, picking at her nails.

Jacob grabbed her hands. "Why do you think that?"


"Fuck imprinting," Jacob snapped. "You can't keep living your life around imprinting Lee. You'll never be happy."

"We can't keep pretending that it couldn't happen though," Leah argued.

"So you're willing to give up something good because you're afraid I'll imprint. Imprinting is pretty rare and I would have probably imprinted by now. Plus when am I ever around new girls?"

Leah sighed. Jacob did have a point. He was always with the pack and rarely saw new people unless they ventured outside of La Push, which wasn't often. "Why do you have to be such a smart ass?"

"You're just mad because I'm right," Jacob smiled and pinched Leah's cheek.

"Still doesn't take away from the fact that it couldn't happen Jake. We can't just keep pretending like it wouldn't."

"What about if you imprinted," Jacob asked.

"I can't. I'm infertile."

"You diagnosed yourself, you don't know that," Jacob replied.

"I don't have a period anymore."

"Okay, okay, you don't have to say the word," Jacob huffed. "But for real Lee, I will try my best to not hurt you. If I do you get to kick my ass. I will let you."

"You wouldn't have to let me because I would just do it," Leah responded.

"Sure, sure."

Leah laid her head on Jacob's chest. Leah was afraid but she felt a little better after talking with Jacob about their situation. Although that fear would take a while to get over, Leah figured she could give them a try. At least if it didn't work she would know she invested herself in them. Plus she would be allowed to kick his ass. Leah smiled at the thought of throwing Jacob around her yard.


Jacob answered her with a light snore. He was always the first to fall asleep. Leah pulled the comforter over him, closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Leah and Jacob were awakened by the smell of breakfast cooking downstairs. Jacob quickly began to put his clothes on and threw Leah some sweats and a shirt from her drawers. He was about to climb out the window when Leah caught his arm.

"Stay for breakfast," Leah said, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"But your mom-" Jacob snaked his arms around Leah's waist.

"Come on before Seth eats everything," Leah replied, grabbing Jacob's hand and pulling him out of the room.

Leah and Jacob ran down the steps to the kitchen.

"Good morning mom," Leah said as they entered the kitchen. "Can my boyfriend join us for breakfast?"

Jacob's eyes widened and a smiled spread across his face.

Sue paused at the stove and Seth spit out his orange juice. "Yea sure Lee." Sue smiled. "Seth, clean that juice up."

Leah popped Seth in the back of the head and took her place at the table.

"When did this happen," Sue asked, cracking another egg in the skillet.

"It's been this way for a while now actually," Leah said, placing her hand on Jacob's leg under the table.

"Oh really? Hmmm I knew something was up. Just don't knock my daughter up Jake," Sue warned.

"Mooooooom," Seth whined.

"Oh shush Seth, that's how you were made," Leah teased.

"Come on Lee, images please," Seth replied.

"Oh I won't Mrs. Clearwater," Jacob answered.

"Good because I'll have to hurt you," Sue shook the spatula at Jacob.

Of course no one ever wanted Sue Clearwater pissed off.

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