Ruthless and Reckless

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Author's Note: So, this idea just came to me and I've really wanted to write a story on NCIS for a long time and I finally got an idea. And I don't speak Hebrew, so correct me if I'm wrong. All of the Hebrew words I use are from research on Google.

Summary: A new guy shows up in Ziva's life and everything changes. Tony's jealousy reaches an all-time high. Secrets are revealed. Lies lead to broken promises. Betrayal becomes natural. And Hurt is inevitable. Will Ziva and Tony be able to survive?

Chapter 1

"Eli, we are trying our best. They always seem to elude us." Amit Hadar was trying to explain to his boss why Mossad still hadn't captured two Iranian assassins that posed a huge threat to their organization and to Israel.

"Are you admitting defeat?!" Eli asked indignantly.

"No Director, I am just saying that we need more time to plan ahead."

"We have chased these two for months! I believe I have been more than generous with the time I have allotted. They have spilled the blood of one of our greatest operatives!" Eli was furious.

"Ezekiel Jacobs was an honorable officer." Hadar agreed.

"And every day that we do not have them in custody, Ezekiel's death is in vain!"

Hadar's cell phone began to ring. "Slicha" (Sorry) He immediately apologizes.

"Eh." Eli waves him away, granting him permission to answer.

After ending his call, Hadar approached Eli again. "Sir, we have tracked the Iranians. Their current location is America."

Eli's wheels were turning in his mind as he thought of ways he could dispose of them on American soil.

"Who will we send?" Hadar asked.

After thinking for a little while longer he said, "Get me Daniel Jacobs."

The knock on the door was strong and confident. Eli knew he had picked the best man for the job.

"Baruch haba." (Welcome) He told him to enter.

"Shalom, Director David."

"Shalom, Daniel. Have a seat."

Daniel Jacobs was a twenty-something year old soldier in the Israel Defense Force. He was groomed since birth to protect his country. With his training, skills, and family background, Daniel was quickly on his way to becoming a Mossad officer.

"First of all, I offer my sincerest condolences for your brother Ezekiel. He was one of the best."

"Thank you Director." Daniel responded in a professional tone in respect of being in the director's presence.

"I have a mission for you." Eli informed him.

Daniel was honored.

"Our Intel has informed us of the jiffa (garbage/filth) that claimed Ezekiel's life. I requested you personally because I know that with your motivation, this mission will be thoroughly completed."

Daniel was already thinking of ways to annihilate the people responsible for taking away his family.

"Daniel." Eli called for his attention. "You are blood thirsty and that is good. But, you will have to control your emotions. You will have to pace yourself through this mission."

Daniel looked confused.

"Let me clarify, you will not kill until you have my say so. Understood?"

"Understood." After a few moments of silence, Daniel asked, "how am I supposed to pace myself?"

"To guarantee efficiency, you will have to blend in, act casual. My daughter Ziva works for NCIS. I want you to get acquainted with her, thus blending in and not raising suspicion. Do not get confused. You will focus on the task at hand, and Ziva will be your cover. You are to keep this up until you receive my word."

Daniel soaked in everything Director David was telling him. He was silently prioritizing in his mind.

"I suspect you've heard about Michael Rivkin?"

"Yes sir."

Almost everyone heard about the story of how Rivkin was killed by a jealous NCIS agent. Daniel felt apprehensive about meeting Ziva because she worked at NCIS. He assumed her co-workers would prove to be troublesome, but he would cross that bridge when he got to it. Basically, he was being sent on a job similar to Michael Rivkin's.

"I assume that you will have more success than your predecessor." It wasn't a question; it was more of a demand.

"Yes sir!"

Director David and Daniel stayed in the office going over more of the mission. He would start his travel to America the following day.

It had been a slow day at NCIS. The team didn't have a case, so they all sat at their desks, doing paperwork. Ziva and McGee enjoyed the peace and quiet as they worked. Tony, however, felt that it was too quiet and he was bored, even though he had a ton of work that needed tending to. So, he passed the time by throwing paper balls into McGee's trash can. Occasionally he would miss and the paper ball would end up smacking McGee in the head. After a while Tony started purposefully aiming at McGee to see if he could bank it off of his head and into the trash can.
McGee ignored him and read a message he got in his email. It was from Ziva.

Tony is so juvenile.

He looked up at her and saw that she was waiting for his response. He smiled and started typing, as another paper ball popped him on the nose.

You would think he would know better for a person his age.

Ziva chuckled, but quickly stopped when Tony looked her way.

We joke a lot about that but he has never told us his age. How old do you think he is?

McGee replied: He's got to be in his mid 40's. Half of the movie references he makes are movies way before my time. I bet Abby knows how old he is.

Ziva replied back: Laughing Out Wild. His incessant movie references are a pain in the chest.

McGee didn't correct her. It felt kind of nice that he wasn't the one being talked about.

While they continued to chat, they didn't notice that Tony stopped throwing paper balls. He knew something was going on between his partners and he made it his mission to figure out what.

"I'll be back." Tony said then he went to the break room. He came back into the bullpen with a bag of pretzels. McGee was looking in his desk for something and Ziva wasn't paying him any attention. He quietly walked behind her desk and began to read her computer screen. When McGee looked up from his desk, Tony walked from behind Ziva.

"Did you read enough?" She asked him.

Darn Ninja skills! He thought to himself. He decided to play hurt.

"First of all, I am deeply offended that you guys don't appreciate my movie trivia. I mean where else can you get an exciting movie review from a handsome face like this?" He smoothly caressed his face.

"Second, McCyberBully, I am only slightly older than Ziva." He lied as he head slapped McGee. Tony walked to where Ziva was and leaned over the front of her desk.

"And the term is 'pain in the neck', not pain in the... His eyes dropped to her chest and he smiled stupidly.

"Do you want to feel pain in your chest?" She asked him. Before he could respond, she punched him in his chest.

"Ow!" He yelped as he backed away, rubbing his chest.

McGee laughed.

"It's not funny Probie. And Ziva, it's not Laughing Out Wild, it's Laughing Out Loud."

"Why would you laugh out loud? That is rude." Ziva said.

"Who the hell laughs out wild?" Tony asked.

Just then, Gibbs walked through, carrying his cup of coffee.

"They will Dinozzo once I slap you to Italy." Gibbs threatened.

McGee and Ziva both laughed a bit.


"..Back to work. On it boss." Tony said, finishing Gibbs sentence. He went to his desk and actually started doing work.

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