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Chapter 4

"Why did Petty Officer Simmons have missile launch codes?" Ziva asked.

"Find out." Gibbs said, and then he left the lab to go inform Director Vance.

The team split up to find something to do with this new piece of information.

Abby grabbed a chair and sat down. Her head was spinning. She had gotten a little too animated while explaining her findings to the team. Her headache was turning into a migraine. After sitting for a few minutes, she finally got up and started to run the DNA that Ducky sent to her. But before she could, Abby felt a wave of nausea hit her and she rushed to one of her biohazard bins and emptied the contents of her stomach.

Gibbs looked into the eye scanner to gain entrance into MTAC. Once inside, he spotted Director Vance sitting in the front row of chairs. He sat in the chair next to him.

"Can I help you Gibbs?" Vance asked without looking up from a file he was reading.

"The case just took a dangerous turn Leon."

Vance nodded his head for Gibbs to continue.

"The dead petty officer had missile launch codes."

This got Vance's attention and he looked up from his file, giving Gibbs a mean glare. "How the hell did he get his hands on those?"

Gibbs shrugged. "Don't know. Abby found traces of blood on the documents, so he put up a fight to get em'."

"You know what this means don't you? This is a breach of national security. I'm high prioritizing this investigation. Your team is not to work on anything else but this case." Vance closed the file he was reading and tossed it to the seat next to him. "Are you going to stay while I brief SecNav and the Department of Defense?"

Gibbs stood up. "Nah, don't like to get involved in the politics."

As soon as Gibbs left, Vance ordered the technicians to put the Secretary of the Navy onto the big screen.

Yasmeen walked into the motel room with a bag of groceries.

"Sahaar mo pe khayr" (Good morning) She said as she walked into the room. She saw her brother sprawled out on the couch with an unidentified woman laying on his chest. Yasmeen grabbed an apple from the bag and threw it at her brother, waking him up.

"Jahvid, daa tseshay di?" (Jahvid, what is this?)

Jahvid voice was groggy. "Hegheh genay za oketeh tera shpa" (She is a girl I meet last night.) "She locked her keys out of her car, so I helped her. Hegha tera meneneh okereh very much." (She thanked me very much.)

Yasmeen looked at her brother in disgust. "Stop mixing your languages. You will speak English or our native tongue Pashto." Yasmeen looked to the woman. Women were her brother's weakness. "Do not do anything to jeopardize this mission. She has to go."

Jahvid pushed the still sleeping female off him. He stood up and yawned. Then he walked over to the table in the corner. Reaching under it, he grabbed his gun and screwed on the silencer. After getting rid of the body, he sat at the table with his sister.

"So, what is for breakfast?"

Daniel lay on the couch looking through Ziva's Mossad file. She was more skilled than he thought. She ranked among the top officers when she was in the Israel Defense Force. She set and broke countless records held by the most prestigious operatives. And she was Mossad's most valuable asset. To say he was impressed would be an understatement. This would be more of a challenge than he thought.

He grabbed his cell phone and sent Ziva a text message.

He needed her to be focused on him. The more he captivated her mind, the easier he would be able to influence her.

Cannot stop thinking about you.

Ziva smiled as she read the text from Daniel. She couldn't stop thinking about him too. The connection between them was strong and she was intrigued by him.

Tony stared at her from across the bullpen. He saw her smile and he couldn't help thinking that it was one of the most beautiful things he ever saw. Unfortunately the nagging pit in his stomach reminded him that she wasn't smiling because of him, but because of another guy.

Before Ziva could reply to Daniel's message, another one came through.

Hey ninja, get back to work.

Ziva looked up at Tony and rolled her eyes. "How about we both get back to work?"

"Good idea Ziva." Gibbs said as he walked in with another cup of coffee. "What do we got?"

McGee hung up his desk phone. "Boss, I found the car. A green Chevy was abandoned on the side of a road a few miles away from the crime scene. A towing company picked it up."

"Go check it out. Take DiNozzo with you." Gibbs said.

McGee smirked as Tony looked insulted.

"Uh boss, I think you mean take McGee with me. He's the sidekick."

"Did you find anything that can help with this case?" Gibbs asked.

"Umm…well, not yet but-"

"Then you will go with McGee."

"Boss, I-" Tony quickly shut his mouth when he received the patented Gibbs glare. "Let's go Probie." He put extra emphasis on the word. "And I'm driving."

After Tony and McGee came back with nothing and hours of not getting a break in the case, Gibbs sent his team home.

McGee headed down to Abby's lab to give her a ride home. As he approached the lab, he noticed how quiet it was. He walked in and saw Abby in the ballistics part of the lab. She had her head down at her desk.

"Abbs, are you okay?" He asked as he rubbed her back.

"I'm just a little tired." She told him, her head still down.

Tim gently lifted her to look face to face. Abby forced a smile but inside she was feeling miserable.

"Maybe you should stay with me tonight so I can take care of you."

Abby was about to turn down his request but she looked into his hopeful eyes. She decided that maybe all she needed was a good night's sleep wrapped in his arms.

"Okay Timmy, let's go home."

Beep! Beep!

Daniel reached for his phone. He had a text message.


Daniel quickly made his way into the Intelligence room.

Officer Hadar appeared on the screen.

"Shalom Daniel."

"Shalom Officer Hadar."

"We have located our targets. They were spotted at a motel in Virginia."

A picture of Jahvid and Yasmeen appeared on the screen and Daniel gave a sadistic smirk with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

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