There had been peace once. It seemed so long ago now. This village Konohagakure had been created as a sign of good faith, a sign of alliance. But that had all fallen apart years ago. She wonders some days who broke the treaty first? Senju or Uchiha?

Now the village that was once a sign of peace is split in three sides, The Senju, The Uchiha, and those who refuse to take a side. The Senju's alliances are made up of the Nara and Inuzuka's, while the Uchiha's lie with the Hyuga's and the Yamanaka's. She knew that most of the village refused to take a side. They just wanted the clans to get along. In the years since the relationship had crumbled the forming of their teams had changed.

Now you had one Senju Alliance, one Uchiha and one neutral. Though Sakura wasn't sure the others had noticed this. Her clan the Senju's were viewed so highly she didn't understand, the Uchiha's didn't seem wrong to her, but she was taught not to trust them. Her life was mapped out already, she was 12, and they had picked her future husband and all. No Sakura had no control of her life, and so she sat idly awaiting her assignment to a genin team.

She didn't know who she would get, usually there was one girl to a team, so she wouldn't get Ino, or Hinata as her Uchiha side member. To be honest she didn't know what to expect at all. Twirling a strand of pink hair around her finger she was brought back to reality by the knock at her door. The academy had disbanded long ago, while we still saw other children we weren't able to sit in the classes together due to fighting between alliances. She heard her great-Aunt Tsunade open the door, listening carefully she tensed. This could be it. The team she was assigned to.

"Sakura come here!" running down the stairs she stopped and bowed in front of the man at the door Iruka. "Hello, Iruka-sensei!" "Hello Sakura." Her green eyes searched his face for anything, any sign, any hint of what was to come. His face was blank, dead, broken off. "I'm here to inform you that you've been made a genin, your to be on a team with Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto, your teacher will be Hatake Kakashi. All teams will be meeting at the academy tomorrow at noon." With a smile he turned to Tsunade, forgetting her and she retreated.

Uchiha Sasuke...the Uchiha Heir, as she was the Senju Heir. She knew the previous heir Uchiha Itachi had rejected his place, he disliked the fighting and wars. It was a small comfort that Uzumaki Naruto would be there as well, he was the Kyuubi container she knew that, but he was her friend, and a possible Heir to his clan. But the teacher Hatake Kakashi, she knew nothing of him, he must be completely impartial. Oh well she supposed, tomorrow would be a new day, the true start of her career as a Kunoichi.

Sakura was a girl who spent her life in her thoughts. When she was younger, children still took classes together, the academy had already been disbanded but they still took basic classes on the arts of being Kunoichi and Shinobi, some separated by gender, some by age. Due to her position in the clan, unlike the Uchiha she was not flaunted, she was called by the surname of Haruno, her mothers maiden name.

In one hour, she would be around all of those that she had once known. Not as Haruno Sakura, but as Senju Sakura, as the Heiress of the Senju's, teammate of Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto, and due to last minute changes Sai. She had heard Lady Tsunade, and Danzo arguing last night, that Sasuke couldn't be trusted with her at this age, and Naruto was to head strong, no they had argued, Tsunade on the boys side, Danzo against them, until a comprise was reached. She knew a normal twelve year old, going on thirteen year old wouldn't hear this. But growing up alone? Yeah she heard everything.

Looking around her room she sighed, she was ready to go. She was early, but that was incredibly normal. Looking in her mirror she nodded, red dress, Haruno insignia on the back, Senju insignia on each shoulder, long pink hair, tied up with her forehead protector. Yeah she was ready, she was sure of it.

"Sakura! Hurry your going to be late!" Her mothers voice cut through her thoughts and she sighed confused. "I'm going!" "Good! Drop something off at the Yamanaka's before you go?" Oh that's how she was going to be late. The Yamanaka may not side with us, but it didn't mean we weren't friendly with each other. Grabbing the package from her mother the rosette set out for the Yamanaka's figuring she'd grab their daughter on the way.

Ino...Ino Yamanaka, Sakura's ex-best friend who would only learn of her Senju blood today. Sakura's mind was certainly stuck in the complexities which would come. Even if Ino and her were no longer friends, she didn't want her to feel betrayed. "Oi! Pig! My mom wanted to give this to yours!" the smaller girl shouted out throwing the box her mom had handed her to the girl and watching her place it inside the house before shouting out she was gone.

-_Sakura's POV_-

"Forehead. Why do you have Senju symbols on, I thought you supported the Uchiha's?" "I never said that." "Yeah well Sasuke-kun will never like you now." "Grow up Ino! As if he'd ever like you!" this was our banter, Ino still believing I held feelings for the Uchiha Heir, and myself not denying it, not denying the fact that the boy who had ended our friendship was no longer a matter to me.

Our race to the old academy building was formality. When we got inside I raced to the free seat next to Sasuke, Ino sat behind me giving me dirty looks while I stuck my tongue out. Sasuke shot me a look that said 'get the fuck away from me' I just smiled happily at him, scanning the room to see who all made it. Naruto had waltzed into the room late causing a lot of stir.

"Teme." "Dobe." I was yanked out of my thoughts by Sasuke's and Naruto's voices next to me. Frowning slightly I stared, Naruto was sitting up on the desk, the girls were now surrounding them other than Hinata Hyuga, I knew I was supposed to play the part, reprimand my friend for glaring at the Uchiha but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Instead I found my eyes drifting to Sai, the boy who had been placed with us, pulling out his seat behind Naruto.

Just one wrong move had everything in a tail spin. Sai's elbow hit the unbalanced Naruto, knocking him forward, his and Sasuke's mouths were both open, ready to spit out some retort, and my laughter was ringing through the room at the now kissing boys. This was to good, and it was going to make our team relationship just so great. The boys broke away hurling curse words while Sai's confused eyes found mine. Shaking my head I looked over to see Naruto next to me. "Smooth." "Shut up Sakura." "Shouldn't someone who just lost their first kiss be happy?" Sasuke just glared at me, while Naruto tried to hide under the desk.

"Hello...Class." Everyone's attention, mine included was drawn towards Iruka, when had he gotten here? "I'm here to announce your teams." Everyone nodded, this was the only reason they were here. Only Uchiha's and Senju's generally learned their teams a head of time. I went back to watching the class, not paying attention to the rest. I knew my cue to listen.

My team was already sitting in a row, excluding our teacher and Sai of course. "Team 7 is made up of, Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, Senju Sakura, and Sai, your teacher will be Hatake Kakashi." My eyes trailed over watching the shock flash across everyone but Naruto, Sai and...Sasuke's faces. Ignoring the cries of who is she and who is he, I turned to Sasuke. "When did you realize?" "You have their symbols on you." Blinking slowly I remembered. I dawned the Senju and Haruno insingia's today. Not just the Haruno. "Oh."

All the other squad assignments flew by with no real surprise. Ino was with Shikamaru and Choji, Hinata with Kiba and Shino, and so on. The other faces all blended together for me. No one had ever stood out, I didn't even notice what team Ame was in. I did notice how ever, Karin Uzumaki, Naruto's cousin, was placed with Suigetsu Hozuki and Jugo. That made sense Suigetsu was taken in by the Uchiha's while Jugo was by the Senju's.

It's kinda short, and really not much I know . sorry this is my first actual fic, so please be kind. Constructive criticism very much welcome, out right flames not so much.