It'd been a few weeks since team 7 had been assigned. In those weeks Sasuke had learned that Sakura was annoying, Naruto was an idiot, and Sai was a freak. Oh wait hadn't he known all of this since they were grouped together? The little waif of a Senju still hadn't impressed him, the Uzumaki was challenging, more so than he'd like to admit, and the black haired kid Sai still hadn't shown any form of a personality.

They had finished several missions now, basically easy and menial work but at least they got something. He would be lying if Sasuke said he didn't want something more challenging, but with Sai holding back, Naruto being an idiot, the pervert Kakashi, and the weakling he'd end up doing everything. But no that stupid loud mouth had to demand they got a better mission and so here he was stuck with the group of them walking with some bridge builder while Naruto blabbered on.

"Dobe...shut up." after twenty minutes of incessant chatter Sasuke had had enough. "What did you say?!" "Shut up, I'm tired of hearing you talk about nothing!" He watched in a a large amount of amusement as Naruto stopped to flip him off and stick out his tongue. "Wow, your mature." "Screw you!" "Again with the maturity." "Yeah well!" "Naruto, Sasuke enough. Your making us look bad in front of the client."

No...the idiot couldn't have just shut up after that, he had to get the waif and freak started. Sasuke was going to have the worst headache he'd ever had after this, Sakura was going on about Gods know what, and Naruto was grinning like he'd won the lottery while Sai was trying to understand nicknames, how Tuzuna stayed with them he didn't know. Sasuke himself was half a second away from taking a kunai and stabbing the dobe, but that would make the Uzumaki's side with the Senju's, and as much as the kid got under his skin he couldn't risk that.

A deep steady breath was brought through his lungs with the hope of calming his nerves. He really needed to control his irritation but it was like the people who assigned him to these people wanted to bother him, was it because it he was an Uchiha? No they weren't that corrupted against the least he hoped not.

Sasuke's mind was preoccupied with the state of Konoha, the lack of the treaty, how the Senju's had betrayed Madara, all of this rung in his ears, causing him to jump when the idiot suddenly threw a Kunai. "Ha! Got you!" "It's a rabbit Naruto..." Sasuke watched in annoyance and amusement as the Senju whelp and the Uzumaki idiot conversed, while his eyes scanned the perimeter, no one seemed to be coming, no thanks to the idiots.

"Dead last should stay shut up." Smirking slightly, the raven haired male watched as the blonde started to snap only for Kakashi's head tilted slightly, not enough to alarm anyone. But in a flash before they realized it, he was bound in chains and two men stood before them. "What the hell?" Kakashi's annoyed voice snapped them out of their frozen states. "What happened?" Naruto was the next to speak followe by Sakura as Sasuke stood in shock. "Huh?!" "Heh one down." a growling voice left one of the men before a splatter of blood was all that was left. They were behind Naruto before anyone could move. "Two down." The other, less growl like voice spoke. Sasuke was the first to react, up in the air, kunai and shurikens slipped out of his holster. His movements were quick and descive, catching the chain with his weapons and jumping down on the weird claws both males had. He had them pinned, shoving them back he jumped off just as the chains broke.

Instantly, one of the two males went for Naruto while the other headed for the client. Sasuke, though he'd never admit it was surprised by the annoying welp and the dead last idiots resolve, Naruto went to protect himself as she jumped in front of the client. Sai watched them all eagerly, this wasn't his particular specialty and had been told to stay back in fights countless times.

Before anyone could register it, Sasuke was in front of Sakura, back to her, arms opened and wide, preparing for the blow, when Kakashi suddenly appeared grabbing the men. "Naruto, I'm sorry I didn't jump in and save you immediately. Because of me you were injured, though I didn't think you would freeze like that. Anyway nice job Sasuke, Sakura and Sai you too."

Plainly smirking Sasuke's attention went to Naruto, while Sai made ink snakes to hold the chuunin. "Hey, you alright..Scaredy Cat?" Not missing the look of annoyance on Naruto's face, Sasuke's ears attentively listened to Kakashi. "Naruto, Sasuke, save it for later. Their claws are soaked in poison. We have to remove it quickly. We have to open the wound and release the poisoned blood from your body. So don't move much, or the poison will spread." Turning slowly, Sasuke's mind raced, shit Naruto was seriously hurt.

"Tazuna-san..." "What is it?" "I need to talk to you." for the first time since their introductions Sasuke heard that dangerous voice again. "These look like Hidden Mist Chuunins, these shinobi's are known to continue fighting no matter what." At this point Sasuke tuned out. Granted he should be listening he just couldn't. Though he quickly tuned back in when he heard the annoying whelp suggest quitting He was surprised, though not to much when Naruto slammed the Kunai into his poisoned hand.

"Naruto! What are you doing?!" "I swear it on this pain in my left hand...I won't lose to Sasuke..With this kunai I'll protect the old man. We're continuing on the mission!" Smirking Sasuke nodded. "Hell yeah." the glimpse of emotion from both boys was all Kakashi needed to see. "Well, that's fine and all, and its good that you're releasing the poisin but..anymore and well, you'll die from lack of blood seriously." Kakashi's visible eye gave them the feeling he was smiling at them.

Tuning back out Sasuke ignored the theatrics as Sai walked up to him. "Ne, Sasuke-kun...are you giving out nicknames now?" "Huh?" "Well you called Naruto-kun scaredy cat, and you always call Sakura-chan Annoying, so I thought you were handing out nicknames. I read it's a good way to make friends, so from now I have a nicknames for you all too." Raising an eyebrow Sasuke looked at him. "Oookay, what?" "Well, Naruto-kun is now dickless-" "Hey! Sai what the hell?!" "-Sakura-chan is now ugly." "...Sai..." even Sasuke shuddered from the menace as she proceeded to hit Sai around the head. "-ow! ow! And Sasuke-kun is gay-," "What the hell did you just say?!" "-since I know a lot of girls like him and he never notices them, and he kissed dickless."

Sasuke was done with the conversation, allowing Sakura to abuse Sai more. Though as he walked he had to admit to himself, no one on this team was so bad. He'd rather be stuck with them at this point, Sakura could have held her own maybe, Naruto did, Sai...well he was Sai and he did what he had to. Maybe they wouldn't be so bad.

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