Campione DxD – the Godslaying Devil

Chapter 1 Campione X Devil

Excerpt from the Italian mage Alberto Ricardo's Book, Demon King, 19th Century

...To those who accomplished this formidable feat, I grant them the title of Campione – Godslayer – .

Among all virtuous readers, some will probably believe that I over-exaggerate with that title and frown, while others will think that I am making undue fuss over it.

However, I want to emphasize it, once again.

Campione – Godslayer – is the supreme ruler.

Since he can kill a celestial being, he can therefore call on the highly divine powers held by the gods.

Campione – Godslayer – is a lord.

Since the power to kill a deity is in their hands, they therefore have the power to dominate the mortals on Earth.

Campione – Godslayer – is a devil.

Therefore of the entire humanity living on earth, those who have the power to oppose them do not exist!

It has been two years since Kusanagi Godou became a Campione. In those two years he has finally accepted that he has a harem and that he no longer denies that he has feelings for each of them.

He has experienced many extraordinary events on the span of two years after his revival as a Campione.

He realized that he has inherited his grandfather's skills on attracting women, although he knows it he cannot control his charms unlike his grandfather who is intentionally charming women.

Kusanagi Godou having defeated Verethragna the second time has finally gained complete control on all of his forms divine authority and all of the limitations and conditions on each forms has been removed.

He also gained the authority of [The Sea] from Melqart after he defeated him from their rematch. And he finally discovered the blessing that Athena gave him. She gave him the divine equipment [Aegis].

With all this events that has happened in Kusanagi Godou's life you would think that his life would not get more get complicated. His life would be more complicated because of a jealous [Heretic Goddess] Aphrodite. Who fell in love with Godou when she spent her time with Godou. After she used her authority to make Godou fall in love with her with nothing restraining Godou's charm he used all of the skills that he inherited from his grandfather on Aphrodite. But her authority was broken by Erica, Yuri, Liliana, and Ena when they once again reminded their promise and love to Godou.

Enraged and jealous that her authority has been broken she attacked Godou's lovers, but is stopped by Godou himself. Thinking that Godou betrayed her (even if she used her authority to make him fall in love with her) she decided to escape. But before she escaped she proclaimed that if she can't have Godou's love them none of them can have it either.


In the middle of a forest you could see an unconscious male teenager with black hair lying in the ground. This young man is Kusanagi Godou is a 3rd year at Jounan Academy he is also the 7th Campione.

The teen opens his eyes showing his brown pupils. Waking up from his unconsciousness he stood up and observed his surroundings. Not recognizing his current location he tried to recall the events that happened before he woke up.

"Where did Aprodite sent me to?" Godou said after recalling the events that happened.

"I should call Erica to let them know that I am alright" He took out his cell phone and tried calling Erica's phone.

Someone picked up from the other line. "Erica" he spoke his lover's name.

Immediately after Godou said Erica's name someone from the other line spoke. "I am sorry but I think that you have the wrong number". A voice of an unfamiliar female answered in Japanese.

He replied "Sorry for troubling you. Good bye" he ended the call.

Unsure on what had happened he decided to try again and call Erica's phone but unfortunately the same person from the last time answered his call apologizing the second time he ended the call for the second time.

"Did Erica change her number?" He stated with wonder. Again trying to contact someone on his phone he tries the numbers of his other lovers Yuri, Liliana, and Ena. But each time he calls one of them a different person answers. Giving up on calling his lovers, he then tried to contact someone from his family. But the same thing happened again. Unable to contact anyone Godou asked his only companion.

"Partner do you know where Aphrodite sent us?" Kusanagi Godou asked his partner Ama no Murakumo.

"I do not know but it seems that I can no longer feel my master's presence in the Netherworld and it seems that I can no longer send us to master's location the Netherworld" answered Ama no Murakumo.

Alarmed by his partner's answer Kusanagi Godou calls out Verethragna first authority [Wind]. Using his authority [Wind] Kusanagi Godou tried to travel to the Netherworld. But to his disappointment his location did not change.

Not giving up he changed the target of his destination. And this time he chose one that is familiar to him his own home. He concentrated the image of his home while in the form of his [Wind] authority. But again his authority did not work.

Giving up on going home for now Kusanagi Godou started walking through the forest to find a possible answer to the problem that he is now facing.

^^^^^ 1 hour later ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Standing in front of a door of a church in the middle of the forest stood Kusanagi Godou. He found the church after walking for an hour through the forest. He observed the view where the church is facing and he could see an unfamiliar city but he could recognize the architecture of some of the houses. He was definitely in Japan but he could not recognize the city that he saw in front of him.

Before he became a Campione his grandfather took him too many places a lot of those places are in Japan. When he became a Campione the History Compilation Committee allied their selves to him. Since he now rules the History Compilation Committee he has travel all of the cities of Japan to meet all of the Committee's members. Having travelled all of Japan he could recognize all of its cities but seeing the unfamiliar city in front of him. He would think that he was not in Japan but he could easily recognize the Japanese architecture from the buildings and houses from unfamiliar city. With the Knowledge that he might be in Japan he thought of going in the city later to confirm his suspicions.

Opening the door of the church Godou peek inside to check if someone was present. Unlucky for him there was no one inside. With no one to ask his current location he decided that now is that time to go to the city to confirm if he really was in Japan.

Walking around the city and looking all around the signs of the shops and listening on the conversation of the people that he heard talking. Kusanagi Godou can now confirm that he was really in Japan.

Knowing the country that he was on, Kusanagi Godou decided to go back to the church.

Using the [Wind] once again, he teleported back at the front of the church. Kusanagi Godou opened the door to the church and went inside. He observed the inside of the church. He noticed that church seems to have some dust and it seems that there was no Religious icon that is present on the church. Thinking that the possibility that this church was abandoned, he decided he would stay at this church for the time being.

"I am sure that the country where I am is definitely Japan. Maybe I should go to Tokyo to confirm it" Kusanagi Godou stated in his mind.

For the third time since he awakened from the forest Kusanagi Godou activated the [Wind]. He recalled the image of the Tokyo tower activating the [Wind]. A gust of wind surrounded Kusanagi Godou's body and suddenly his location changed.

Arriving at his destination a shocking surprise greeted him. The Tokyo tower that he destroyed when he fought Voban is now fixed. The last time he saw the tower it was still under construction confused at the quick repair of Tokyo tower he decided to ask someone ask for some answers.

Godou saw a guard at the entrance of Tokyo tower. He decided to ask the guard.

"Excuse me. Can I bother you for a moment?" Godou asked with a polite tone in his voice.

"Yes, Just be quick about it" the guard replied to Godou's question.

"When did the repair of Tokyo tower finish?"Godou asked

"Repair? What do you mean by that?" the guard replied with confusion.

Shocked with the guard's answer Godou decided to conversation with the guard.

"Sorry for asking a weird question please forget about it and thank you giving me your time" Godou said to the guard.

After leaving the guard of Tokyo tower Godou decided to go to Hamarikyu Gardens using his authority [Wind]. With surprise he looked at the place where he defeated Athena. Hamarikyu Gardens did not look like it has been destroyed by the [White Stallion]. With more questions appearing before him Godou decided to go back to the church.


A gust of [Wind] blew inside the church then suddenly Kusanagi Godou appeared. He sat at one of the benches of the church. With no one around he thought of the possible answers at where could have Aphrodite sent him to "Did I time travel?"

"Partner I think we did not travel through time but it might be that we have been sent to a parallel world" Ama no Murakuma suddenly stated to Kusanagi Godou.

"That might be the answer that we are looking and it seems now we know that using the [Wind] authority we would not be able to travel to a different parallel world." Godou said to his partner.

Godou sighed "I guess I should wait for them to come and rescue me from this world. It looks like that once again I would need the rescue of my lovers." Godou stated.

Ama no Murakumo laughed "Partner you are lucky to have reliable lovers." Ama no Murakumo said to his partner.

"I might as well take this as a vacation. Maybe I should go to the nearest school of this city. I should also get a part time job good thing that Erica and Liliana taught me the hypnosis spell they used on my classmates. I didn't think that I would need to use this spell." Godou stated.

With the knowledge of him being in a parallel world and the plans he would take in this new world. Godou decided since that he knows where he is, he can now relax feeling hungry after travelling so much he went to the city to find a place to eat.

Godou ate at the family restaurant at the city after. Lucky for him it seems that the family restaurant that he went through seems to be looking for more waiters. He decided to get the job. Using the hypnosis spell on the manager of the restaurant, giving the command that his salary will be given to him every day for the first month, he was hired immediately after he was hired the manager asked if he could start his job tomorrow since that tomorrow was a Sunday.

Looking at the sky he could see that the sun was now setting. With no place to stay he decided that for the time being that he could use the church for a temporary home until he can pay for his own apartment.

Finally returning at the church, Godou with nothing to do decide to go to sleep since tomorrow he will start his work as a waiter at the family restaurant.

Kusanagi Godou worked at the family restaurant in the morning, and he requested [Hypnosis Spell] to the manager that he could in the afternoon. When he left the family restaurant, Godou went around the town to look for a nearby by school enroll in.

On his search he found Kuoh Academy, with Kuoh being the nearest school that he could find, Godou decided to enroll at Kuoh Academy but since today is a Sunday he won't able to enroll for the time being.

The next day Kusanagi Godou went to Kuoh Academy when all of the students started their morning classes, to avoid attracting unwanted attention. He went to the principal's office to request to be enrolled in this academy as a third year transfer student. Since kusanagi Godou has no paper works to submit to the principal he once again used the [Hypnosis Spell], so that his transfer would go smoothly. Now that he is enrolled at Kuoh academy he can now start his student life at this new world that he was sent to. Kusanagi Godou only hopes that it will not too long for him to be rescued by Erica and the others.

It has been a month since Kusanagi Godou's enrollment at Kuoh Academy. Being a third year transfer student his classmate was confused on his transfer since it was weird that a third year student would suddenly change school. But it seems that lady luck was on Godou's side because when he transferred at Kuoh Academy the school has just begone the same with his old school before he got transported to this world. In a month he has befriended all of his classmates male and female. Kusanagi Godou forgetting his lady-killer disposition has once again started attracting them unconsciously and true to Liliana's words Kusanagi Godou really was an unaware lady-killer. (Campione! Volume6 Part 2 from ) To add more fuel to the fire when Godou was asked the question of "Do you have a girlfriend?" Godou answered with "I am single." The reasons why he answered with this is because he cannot say that he has a harem of lovers. He cannot also say the name of one his lovers the reason for this is because he does not like to rank his lovers position. By answering with one of his lovers names it would seems like he is playing favorite between them. But by proclaiming that he was single it seems that there is no stopping his female classmates from desiring him to be their boyfriend.

Once again Godou did not join any clubs since having the body of a Campione he felt that if he joined a sports related club it would feel like cheating. The other clubs did not peak his interest and since he has a part-time job he has a good reason to not join any club.

At the moment we could find Kusanagi Godou exiting the family restaurant that he works at. Wearing his uniform at Kuoh Academy a black blazer with white accents, a white long-sleeved dress shirt with a black ribbon on the collar, with matching black pants, and brown dress shoes. Done with his part time job he is now on his way to his temporary home the abandoned church.


Kusanagi Godou has returned to his temporary home, feeling the presence of someone inside Godou knock first at the door.

"Is someone inside?" Godou said after he knocked the door. Opening the door to the church he could see a silhouette of a long haired female.

Seeing that someone was inside Godou asked the female "Who are you?" still walking towards the female.

"I could ask you the same thing who are you? And why are you here?" the long haired female stated with a loud tone in her voice.

Finally reaching a point where he could now see the female properly. He saw an attractive woman with black hair that fell to her hips with dark violet eyes. Her clothing looks like a school uniform which consist a dark red jacket with the letter "P" embroidered in gold, a white undershirt, a red bow, and a green skirt with a thin white strip around the lower end of it.

Sensing something different from the female he decided to give his name "I am Kusanagi Godou because of various reasons I am staying at this abandoned church for the time being" answered Godou to the beautiful black haired female.

"Various reasons huh." The beautiful blacked haired female said.

"Godou if that is the reason you are going to give me then I will also say that that is also the reason why I am here and since you answered vaguely to my question I will not give my full name." The black haired beauty said with amusement.

"I am Raynare" proudly declaring her name.

"Raynare-san" Godou said to familiarize himself to her name.

A week has passed since his first meeting with Raynare. And it has been a week since they started living together in the abandoned church. Spending a whole week together, thanks to Godou's unaware lady-killer disposition Raynare started having feelings for him.

Unknown to this two their lives will be change by a fateful event that will change their lives forever.

Kusanagi Godou has been dismissed early from work today because manager saw how hard working Godou worked every day. With nothing to do Godou decided to go park with the fountain to relax. Reaching his destination he sat at one of the benches leisurely resting, feeling the nice breeze he laid down and went to take a nap.

The sun is beginning to set the sky orange sky will soon be bathed in black Kusanagi Godou is still sleeping at one of the bench in the park.

Suddenly feeling the change in his surrounding Godou woke up from his slumber.

"Sorry. You were a threat to us, so we decided to get rid of you early. If you want to hold a grudge, then hate the God who put the Sacred Gear inside you." A familiar voiced said.

Looking at the direction of the voice, he could see a familiar looking female with black wings on her back and she is wearing a very erotic and revealing clothing consisting of a black, strap-like objects (resembling leather) around and under her breasts, a thong-like piece held around her hips by three thin straps, gloves that run right up her arms with small lengths of chains hanging from them, shoulder guard-like objects on her shoulders with three large spikes sprouting from her right shoulder, and black boots. Trying not to stare too much he switch his focus on something else, near the female he saw a half conscious male lying on the ground with a spear made of light pierced in his stomach. Sensing the unknown magic near the male he decided that his first priority was the female with black wings.

Seeing the female Godou instantly recognized the beauty."Raynare-san" Godou said to the winged female.

The winged female looked at the source of the voice shocked at the sight of the owner of the voice. "Godou why are here? You should not be here" said Raynare with a hint of sadness in her voice.

Confirming the identity of the female Godou decided to wait and see on what actions Raynare will take.

Raynare went infront of Godou. "Sorry Godou. If possible I do not want to do this but you saw too much." You could see the sadness in her face when Raynare said those words to Godou.

Godou knowing what will come next readily activated the [Ram] and waiting for the inevitable.

"Godou I had fun spending this week with you. And I am sorry for what I am about to do. Sayonara Godou" A single tear dropped from her cheeks when she said those words.

"If my death will satisfy you then I will gladly accept it. At least before I die the last thing I will see is your beautiful face." Godou said knowing that he will be revived.

Summoning a spear made of light she plunged it at Kusanagi Godou's heart. Feeling the some resistance she added more force. The light spear only reached Godou's heart it did not pass through his body.

Thinking that the resistance is the cause of her unwillingness to kill the man that she has feelings for, not looking back Raynare flew away from the park.

"If I were to be reborn, I want to be" Issei thought.

"So you were the one who called me."

A beautiful red haired female wearing Kuoh Academy's uniform suddenly appeared near Issei's body.

"Looks like you are dying. Your wound...Oh my, looks like something interesting is happening. So it's you... It really is interesting." The red haired female said laughing as if she found something interesting.

"I wonder what's so funny" Issei wondered in his mind

"If you are dying, then I'll pick it up. Your life that is. You will live for me." The red haired female said to the dying Issei.

But before she used her evil piece to Issei, she saw another body in the park recognizing the person Kusanagi Godou the rumored dense Casanova, a fellow third year at Kuoh Academy. With the decision to use one pawn evil piece on Kusanagi Godou. You would think that Godou being a Campione will require more pieces to be revived but due to the [Ram] only one evil piece is needed, and even without this piece Godou will still revive.

After using the evil piece on Godou she went back to Issei, having used seven pawn evil pieces on Issei and one of those are a mutated piece she successfully turned Issei into a Devil.

While Issei was being revived the evil piece that was inside Godou was changing. The evil piece evolved into a mutated piece, it was not yet done changing the pawn was slowly changing its shape. It has gained a crown when it was done reshaping. Kusanagi Godou's pawn evil piece has become a king. But it seems the piece change back from being a pawn. And again back to being a king. Godou's evil piece has the capability to become a permanent king. But it seems to need more time for it to become a permanent king evil piece. For the time being Kusanagi Godou will be Rias Gremory's Pawn.

I want to emphasize it, once again.

Campione – Godslayer – is the supreme ruler.

Since he can kill a celestial being, he can therefore call on the highly divine powers held by the gods.

Campione – Godslayer – is a lord.

Since the power to kill a deity is in their hands, they therefore have the power to dominate the mortals on Earth.

Campione – Godslayer – is a devil.

Therefore of the entire humanity living on earth, those who have the power to oppose them do not exist!

Angels, Devils, and Fallen Angels do they have the power to oppose a Campione – Godslayer.

The Godslayer Kusanagi Godou the seventh Campione has now become a Devil.

Godou's skills

Basic knowledge for one handed sword

Basic knowledge for two handed sword

Known spells

Leap -Lightens the body of the user and allows them to run/leap over long distances very quickly.

Hypnosis – Spell used by Erica and Liliana on their classmates on their first day at class.



All of Verethragna's authority has been mastered. The side effect and conditions has been removed. The one day use of each authority has been removed can now change as many as he can. The [Youth] still needs to kiss the target but no longer requires the target to be heavily injured or needed to be in a crisis.

[Aegis] – can block the authority of a god similar to how Athena blocked the [White Stallion]. It has three forms a shield, breastplate, and a helm.

[The Sea] – can fully control water.