"Summon Speak/ Kurama speaking to Naruto while Naruto is in his mind-scape"


"Kurama speaking to Naruto through link"

It was a long, hard fought battle between three powerful shinobi. Obito Uchiha finally lay dead at the feet of the Sixth Hokage and his wife. Their cloaks swaying in the wind tattered and torn form the Fourth Great Ninja War. "Well it's finally over. We did it." Naruto says. "We stopped Obito and avenged all those we had lost." Sakura's eyes start to become watery and puts her head into her husband's shoulder.

"I miss her so much Naruto. I don't know what to do now. We won the war but our little girl is still gone." Sakura cries as she let's her tears fall freely. Naruto starts to rub her back in a comforting way.

"I know Sakura, I miss her too." Naruto kisses the top of her head. "But we need to head back now so everyone else knows that the war, after 15 years has finally come to an end." Naruto says and Sakura nods her head in agreement. As they make their way back to the Leaf Village or what's left of it, Kakashi is slowly making his way towards them using his good leg and a crutch. During the final days of Sasuke, Kakashi was fighting him and Sasuke severed Kakashi's leg with his Kusanagi, but before the killing blow could be made, Naruto appeared along with Sakura who started to heal Kakashi. Sasuke had no choice but to flee.

"Is it over?" Kakashi asks. "Is Obito dead?" Naruto and Sakura only nod their heads as they start to lose consciousness. As they start falling Choji and Shikamaru catch them before they hit they ground. "Let's get them to the hospital so that they can rest." Kakashi says "They deserve it after defeating the most dangerous man in the world." Choji and Shikamaru agree and they head towards the hospital.

Naruto's Mind-scape:

"Hey Kit, nice job defeating the only enemy your father could not." Kurama says when Naruto appears in-front of his cage.

"Thanks Kurama, but I don't know what to do with Sakura though. She misses Haruka so much and so do I. It's just...I don't know." Naruto replies with his head down and tears threatening to fall.

"Kit, I am truly sorry for the loss of your pup. Even though I am a demon I am also a fox and we foxes care deeply for our young and I am going to explain a way for you to change what has occurred, but first I need to bring your mate into your mind-scape." Kurama says and then Sakura appears out of nowhere.

"Wh...where am I? Naruto?...Kurama? What's going on? Why am I here?" Sakura asks very confused as to why she is Naruto's mind-scape.

"I will explain everything Kitling." Kurama says. "I first want to offer my condolences on the loss of your pup. That saddens me greatly, but like I told Kit. I know a way to change the future for the better. There is a jutsu that I know about. It is a time travel jutsu, but there is a catch to it. The one who casts the jutsu essentially dies. On the plus side though whoever goes back still has the stamina, chakra reserves as well as the memories they had before going back. Also only two can use the jutsu as well. I will let you discuss this with your friends and each-other. So it's time to get up" After Kurama says this they wake up with their friends around their hospital beds.

"I was wondering when you two would wake-up." Ino says with a smile on her face.

"Yea you two had us worried, we thought the worst." Shikamaru replies with a tone of happiness. "You two have been out of it for a couple days now."

"So are you guys gonna tell us what happened out there in the fight with Obito?" Choji asks.

"No Choji, we have more important things to talk about then the fight with Obito." Naruto says. "While Sakura and I were out, Kurama spoke to us and explained that there is jutsu that can send the user back in time." Everyone starts talking at once until Naruto calls for silence. "There is a catch. Only two people can be sent back in time and the users die when the jutsu is completed."

"That's great we just need to figure out who goes back to change history." Ino says a little too chipper for everyone's liking. Kakashi and Shikamaru notice the looks on Naruto's and Sakura's faces.

"It's you two isn't." Shikamaru says. "You're going back aren't you?" He asks and they just nod without speaking.

Kakashi speaks up. "Naruto you are the Hokage you..."

"The Hokage of WHAT Kakashi?" Naruto asks a little heated. "There are only six of us left." He sighs and looks at Shikamaru. "I can tell what you are thinking Shikamaru. Once Sakura and I use the jutsu two more do it, then the last two. That won't work. The reason is once the jutsu is used, this time-line will no longer exist. As much as I would like all of you to come with us, Sakura and I are by far the strongest since we have Kurama's chakra and I have Sage Mode. We are doing this to save everyone who died fighting against the White Zetsu army, Kabuto, Sasuke and Obito." Naruto looks down a little worn out from the speech he gave since he just woke-up.

"Naruto you know what will happen don't you?" Ino asks worriedly. "You will be shunned once again and people will hate you and I will be one of them. Just thinking back to how I treated you I hate myself for it." She starts to cry and Sakura starts to comforts her.

"Ino when we go back I will not blame you for how you act, you know why?" Naruto asks determinedly and Ino shakes her head 'no' while wiping tears out of her eyes. "It's because in the Academy you were nothing but a stupid and weak fan-girl who only cared about a boy who couldn't care less about anyone. That is not the Ino who I had lead in battle, fought beside and bled with. The Ino that I know is kind and caring off the battle field, but once she was on it she was a deadly kunoichi as well a great medic-nin. Sakura will try her hardest to help you get past that faze a lot faster so that you get stronger faster." Naruto explains. "It may take a while since you can be awfully stubborn when you want to be, but it will happen." Naruto says with a smile and Ino laughs at how she can be. "Well I guess we should get prepared to do the jutsu."

A few hours later they are standing on the Hokage Monument saying their final good-bye's. Naruto is shaking hands with Kakashi, Choji and Shikamaru, while Ino and Sakura hug each-other then Ino hugs Naruto and Sakura hugs the others'. "Naruto promise me one thing." Ino says as they separate and Naruto nods his head. Ino then gets a serious look on her face. "Kill that Uchiha prick if you can't prevent Orochimaru from giving him the Curse Mark." Ino says with venom in her voice.

"Ino as much as I would love to do that, that is one thing I can't promise." Naruto says before Ino can protest he explains. "Remember how the Council treated me. They would want my head for killing their 'precious' Uchiha. Not to mention Danzo wants to use me as a weapon and mindless drone to do his bidding and help him take over the Leaf. Probably the only relatively good thing Sasuke did was kill Danzo. I'm sorry Ino, but I will do my damnedest to make sure he is made a missing-nin. First by saving the Third Hokage and getting rid of the three stooges Koharu, Homura and Danzo. Without those three the civilian council has no backing in voting. Lastly by explaining that Sasuke attempted to kill a fellow Leaf Ninja, but this all just in-case Sasuke defects once again." Naruto says trying to ease Ino's mind and then looks at Sakura. "Well we should get started on this jutsu."

"Kit I don't know exactly when you will return. So depending on that you need to be careful as to what you say and to whom." Kurama says to Naruto.

"Thanks Kurama." Naruto replies. "Kurama says he doesn't know exactly when we will return." Naruto says to Sakura and takes a deep breath. "Are you ready Sakura?" Naruto asks his wife.

"As ready as I will ever be." Sakura replies with a smile.

"Naruto you said that you were going to save the Third Hokage. How are you going to manage that?" Kakashi asks.

"I thought about just telling him the truth. That we are from the future. If he doesn't believe me I will ask Inoichi to read my mind." Naruto says nonchalantly. "If there is nothing else we should really get going. Do you remember the hand seals Sakura?" Naruto asks.

Sakura sighs at this. "Of course I do and I also remember to finish at the same time so we end up in the same time." Sakura replies before Naruto could say anymore

"Okay then shall we..." Naruto starts to say.

"Naruto I want to apologize for how I'm about to treat you or did treat you. What is the right saying? Ahh time travel hurts my head." Ino says grabbing her head and get's a few laughs.

"It's okay Ino. What will get me through all the insults and everything is that isn't the Ino who was Sakura's Maid of Honor and Godmother to Haruka." Naruto pauses a moment as he remembers the little bundle of joy he always smiled at whenever he saw her. He wipes the tears out of his eyes. "So I will tell you this right now. I forgive you." Naruto then turns to Sakura and nods his head and they move to the Seal on the ground and stand on it. They then fly through the long series of hand seals.

When they finally reach the final seal they shout in unison. "Secret Art: Time Reversal Jutsu." There is a flash of light and then their souls are hurdling through space and time.

Then everything stops.