"I love you, but no!" Bella runs through the house, jumping over discarded toys, stuffed animals and the occasional article of rumpled clothing. Her socks slip as she skitters around the corner towards the foyer, but she doesn't lose her footing when she throws a wet sponge at me, hitting me in the shoulder.

"Bella…" I call after her, using my most persuasive, husky bedroom voice, the one I know makes her melt. "Let me make you feel good." Rounding the corner, I see she's stopped, one foot on the stair, looking like she's about to give in. Pulling her back so she's flush against me, I kiss her neck and whisper, my teeth scraping her earlobe. "Everyone's napping at the same time, we have at least five minutes until all hell breaks loose. We need to take advantage of this." My hand skims up her thigh, making its way towards the inside, but before I can get there, she rips herself away.

The railing shakes as she hauls herself up the stairs and I have no choice but to chase her, taking them two at a time to try to catch up to her surprise lead. As she nears the bedroom, I laugh darkly down the hall, knowing she's cornering herself in exactly the room I want her in. "You know it's a bad, bad decision to wear those yoga pants around me, my love."

"If you wake these kids up, I swear, you won't have a dick to use anyway!" she whisper-shouts as she disappears and makes her way into our en suite bathroom, shutting the door.

"Now, we both know you happen to like my dick intact. Let me show you how much it likes you back."

The lock clicks and I slide my hand over the wood, her muffled voice vibrating in my ear as I lean my cheek against it. "I'm never having sex with you again, Edward. There are three reasons right down the hallway. You get one foot near me and my ovaries go into overdrive and I start hatching like a hen. I'm done!"

Smirking, I make a half-hearted promise. "I'll find a condom," I laugh, knowing full well we don't have any. I loathe them. She loathes them. We haven't used them since she finally came to her senses in Italy and realized she was madly in love with me. But if it'll get me laid, I'll go run out and get some.

"Oh, that's a good one."

I hear the shower start and rest my forehead against the door, putting on my incredibly false 'giving in' voice. "Okay, Bella, I admit defeat, but at least let me in. I'll soap you up."

A loud bark of laughter comes from the other side. "Please. You know you won't stop there, but 'A' for effort, buddy."

"It's been weeks, Bella! I'm dying over here." I am. I truly am.

"I don't know about you, but two close calls since the baby was born? Too many. Blame yourself."

"I can't help it if I have very virile sperm!" A wail comes from the monitor hanging off my belt loop and I sigh, knowing I'm beat. "I got her."

"Thank you!" Bella sing-songs, the pleasure evident in her voice.

Walking dejectedly to the nursery, I smile big when I see the newest member of our quickly expanding brood crying and balling her fists up. "Shh, hey now, killer, Daddy's here." Lifting her up, I cradle her against my chest and kiss her head, inhaling that baby smell which makes me forget all my problems. Even being denied the beautiful curves of my wife.

"Did Mommy and Daddy wake you up? Daddy's sorry, but he just loves your mommy so much he loses it sometimes," I whisper against her forehead, placing a kiss and soothing her awhile before finally laying her on the changing table. "But don't tell her, it's our secret. Can't have her thinking I'm wrapped around her finger."

I blow a raspberry on her bare stomach and Viv gives me a gassy smile like she knows I'm a sucker and a liar as I place a fresh diaper on her before buttoning her up and placing her back in her crib. She fusses a little, so I grab the pacifier with the mustache on it and pop it in her mouth. She looks ridiculous, but thanks to hilarious friends and family, we keep getting them as gifts. She grasps my finger like she totally understands our conversation, and I smile down at her.

Her little eyes start to close so I stroke her baby fine hair until she settles. "Who am I kidding? All my girls are evil vixens. You've cast a spell on me."

I feel a warm hand slide up my back, and Bella lays her damp hair on my arm. "I'm not sure it's PC to call a baby a vixen."

We look down at our six-month old together, Bella's hand slipping around my waist as I wrap my arm around her and kiss her head. "It's the only thing I can think of. I'm surrounded by all things pink and fairies, dolls and sparkly things. I have no idea what happened to my bachelor pad." I lean down and speak directly in her ear. "We need to have a boy so I have an ally. It's the only remedy."

She doesn't buy it, and snorts. "Sorry, but I told you, no more. You're stuck with your harem." Bella pulls on my arm and we leave the ballet-themed nursery.

"I suppose there's still the hope that Mila's becoming a tomboy."

"It's not for your lack of trying. I saw that little biker jacket you snuck in her closet." We close the door part way and head down to finish the dishes, the laundry, and all of the never-ending household chores of a home filled with kids. "Don't even think you're taking her out in that sidecar, Mister."

"She's four. She can handle it. Best to start them early." I look over at Roscoe, my first baby, snoring and slobbering on his bed in the corner and my heart aches a little. It's been a long time since I've taken him out for a ride, his age making mobility difficult and I'm nervous to make him uncomfortable, but if anyone knows you need to take advantage of the time you have left, it's me. "Maybe I'll take Roscoe out this weekend. Put lots of pillows in there with him, what do you think?"

"He's still strong and I'm sure he misses it. I think it's a good idea to try, plus you could use it yourself. You've had a difficult few weeks." Bella gives me that sympathetic but not pitying look, the one that tells me she knows I've got some tough cases on my plate. She turns the faucet on as I pick up toys and a half-full sippy cup off the floor, tossing it into the sink for her. "You need to relax."

Never able to control myself when she's near, I rub myself against her. "I was trying, but you thwarted me." She stabs me with a fork so I wisely take the hint. "Speaking of work, I've got some calls to make." I run my fingers down my mustache on instinct and motion towards my office.

Bella nods, never upset when I can't help with chores or miss dinner due to my patients' needs.

As I'm rounding the corner out of the kitchen, she calls me back. "Manchu." The nickname still makes me smile, even all these years later. "Maybe, if you're a good boy and have finished all your work, I'll help you relax by watching you take care of yourself." She wags her eyebrows and gives me an exaggerated wink.

"Oh, Half Pint," I chuckle and shake my head, smirking. "Don't even try to pretend you're volunteering that for anyone's enjoyment but your own."

"The Clarks are in room 3." Rose slides by me and hands me a file. "He looks good, his BP and temp are normal."

"Are the blood results-"

"In the folder."

"And the-"

"Scans are in the room."

I leave the office area to go see Joey, my eight-year-old leukemia patient and fellow Braves fan. "A thank you is usually the way to go, especially when you've asked someone for a huge favor not half an hour before," Rose calls behind me.

Not turning, I laugh as I walk down the hall. "If I thanked you for everything, you'd get lazy. I can't let that happen."


Thirty minutes later, happy with a huge improvement in Joey's platelets, white blood cell counts, and his obvious increase in energy, I fill out paperwork and whistle at my desk, thinking about the call I should be getting any minute after the events of this morning.

It started typically enough, I had been trying to pull my scrub shirt on with one hand while holding the baby and her bottle in the other, Bella had a crying Stella up on the counter wiping blood off her elbow from a mystery injury while at the same time trying to get Mila to sit down and eat her breakfast. Our oldest decided instead that it was a much better choice to ignore her mother's direction and kick her soccer ball clear onto the table, smashing her big girl cup of milk and spilling it everywhere.

"Score!" I shouted, excited she'd taken a liking to sports. Unbeknownst to me she'd done this a few times already this morning and my wife had a much different reaction.

She started to cry.

Surprised, I watched her shoulders sink and her hand rise to wipe her tears so the girls wouldn't see, her exhaustion and frustration evident. I felt a twinge of guilt that I'd been so wrapped up in work I hadn't noticed she was feeling overwhelmed, something I was unused to because to me, Bella is super-mom.

"I'm sorry, Mommy," Mila said, lip quivering and her own eyes starting to well up.

"I know you are, but I told you three times to stop. I'm not cleaning it up, come get the paper towels."

Rubbing Bella's shoulder to try to console her, Bella kissed Stella's nose and tried to hide her exasperation. "I'm going to join the circus. It's more peaceful than this house."

"Silly Mommy, you can't join the circus."

"Why not?"

"Cause you don't dance good. You have to twirl and twirl and twirl." Stella made a spinning motion with her head, her little ponytail whipping in a circle and nearly knocking herself off the counter.

"Thanks a lot, pal." Bella lifted her and put her on the floor, instructing her to mind the milk dripping as she ran to pet Roscoe, before handing Mila the paper towels with a sigh and a pat on her head.

I watched my daughter kneel on the floor to start cleaning and turned to my wife. "You okay?"

Bella picked up her coffee and sipped, grimacing into her cup before putting it down with a clank. "I can't even seem to have a hot cup of f'ing coffee." If there's one thing my wife still craves as much as me, it's her morning cup of joe. "I need to go back to work."

"You're going back to teach as soon as Viv is one, that's what you wanted," I remind her helpfully which earns me an icy death stare.

"I used to talk about really interesting things. People would listen to me talk about interesting things. Now all I talk about is poop and puke."

"Two things which you, the expert, would know are actual fetishes. Think of it that way."

That earns me a slight smile. "I know, I just…" Bella sighs and starts to brew a fresh cup only to curse when she sees the Keurig needs water. "I need adults. I need a meal that's uninterrupted by spilling. I need four hours of deep sleep. I need to put on clothes that don't double as workout gear and have no traces of mashed banana or dried up Cheerios on it."

Placing Viv in her bouncy seat, I fill the tank and finish making Bella her cup, feeling guilty that we hadn't had a night out since the baby was born. "I'm sorry."

Bella looks up at me sadly. "And I'm really not trying to be uncooperative in the-" She lowers her eyes to my crotch. "Adult play time area, it's just hard to really get into it when all I want to do when I finally get a chance to be horizontal is to close my eyes for five minutes, plus the added worry that the doorknob is about to be rattled with someone needing water or their favorite bunny before they absolutely die."

"It sucks two of them can now reach it." I smile and lean in for a kiss. "I'll take you out as soon as I don't have a late night."

"Hell, I'd be happy for an hour in the tub with a martini."

"I'll see what I can do."

My phone rings and pulls me from my thoughts. Smiling, I sit back in my office chair and let it ring twice more, looking at the picture of Bella and the girls that flashes on my screen. Mila and Stella in their pink swimsuits, swimmies on their arms, eating popsicles on either side of Bella who's holding Viv and wearing a big, floppy hat with a huge smile on her face. "Hey, babe."

"Edward! Emmett called, Lauren called out sick and there's no one to help Angie out at the bar since Jessica is in the Bahamas and Alice has that thing tonight."

"That's terrible. Hope Lauren's okay." I cover my smile with my hand.

"Oh, who gives a shit about Lauren. The point is, Emmett needs me. Tonight!" I can hear the excitement in her voice, she hasn't filled in for anyone at The Steel Horse since she started to show with Mila.

"I'm probably stuck here until nine tonight, at least," I lie easily.

"Oh," she pauses. "But that's okay, cause Emmett said Rose was happy to take the girls until you get home. All three of them. ALL THREE. At once. I'll drop them off on my way and you can pick them up. I'll leave all the car seats." I hear a flurry of activity behind her, her chin scraping and muffling the speaker. "No, I can take Rose's car and you can take mine and leave yours there," she rambles.

Just then, Rose appears at my office door and leans on the jamb, smiling. I give her a thumbs up. "I don't know, Bella. I don't know if Rose can handle it. She can barely handle her own and she's got one six-year-old. Do you think that's a good idea?" My sister gives me the finger.

"Edward, it's the best fucking idea I've ever heard."

"Okay, then." I sigh, trying to hide my humor. "If that's what you want."

"Trust me, I want."

"Well, I guess I'll see you when you get home tonight." After giving me detailed instructions she repeats three times before deciding to write it all down for me like I never handled our kids alone before, Bella tells me she loves me and practically slams the phone down she's so excited.

"I guess she fell for it," Rose smiles.

"Hook, line, and sinker. Thanks for taking them overnight. I know it's a lot."

"Yeah, I don't know if I can handle it," she sneers.

"I have all the faith in the world in my nephew. If you get in trouble, ask him for help."

"He's going to be so excited."

"Not as excited as Bella. But for completely different reasons." I wag my eyebrows.

My sister gags. "Please, spare me the details. Don't forget to drop off the overnight stuff she won't know to pack."

"I won't. Any other suggestions?"

"Yeah. Don't forget to pay Lauren for her lost shift like you promised."

Opening the familiar creaky door, a wall of people and heat hits me square in the face and as I step in, the loud country music assaults my ears. I can't help but laugh at the fact that I'm now that guy, the one that complains the music's too loud and the bar is too crowded.

My girl, on the other hand, doesn't seem to feel her age at all.

Bella is up on the bar, stomping and chastising her clientele through the megaphone as Angela moves behind her, quickly pouring shots into open, eager mouths. I don't make my way to her immediately, instead I take the time to watch her clearly enjoying herself. Her hair is down in long, loose waves and my eyes rake over her leather-clad body. Her hips have swelled a bit since having three kids, but it only adds to what was already her perfect fucking figure. Her stomach is covered by a vest that a few years ago, would've been cropped to just under her tits but now protects what she claims is a rugged road map of stretch marks and loose skin, something I constantly tell her is noticeable only to her. My girl's breasts are still fantastic - pushing up and out invitingly. It's the one body part she's not self-conscious about since becoming a mother, pleased that they haven't sagged too much with breastfeeding for what seemed like - in her terms - forfuckingever.

She's dynamic up there, ferocious and commanding and everything these people want her to be.

And she still makes my heart skip and my cock stiff as a board.

I can tell she's having the time of her life like no time has passed at all, and I give myself a mental high five for being so brilliant to have pulled this off.

"Angela! Did this guy just try to grab your ass?" Bella yells through the megaphone, pointing at the poor jerk who thought his rude behavior would be appreciated at a bar such as this.

"He sure did, Iz. What should we do about it?" Angela answers, hands on hips and winking at the guy to reel him in.

"I think he needs a taste of his own medicine." Bella motions the guy to turn around and you can see he's all smiles, thinking he's about to get groped by the hot bartenders. She starts trailing her hand down his shoulder lightly, and I smile, not jealous in the slightest.

"What do you think guys? Is he enjoying this?" she asks the crowd who answers with shouts and cat calls.

"Iz! Iz! Iz!" The bar is loud, egging her on, and Bella grins at her customers, clearly soaking it in.

"Should I keep going?" The crowd agrees uproariously, continuing to chant her name, so she runs her hand down his back, and tugs a bit on his belt loop. "A little more?" The audience is pumped, and the guy is vibrating with so much excitement he tries to turn, but Bella slaps his head to continue looking forward. "Uh uh uh, buddy. Angela didn't get to watch as you felt her up, you don't get to either."

Angela walks behind Bella with a large glass of what I assume is water, the clear liquid filled to the top. Bella pulls on his pants a bit more, letting her fingers brush the small of his back and the guy tilts his head back and fist pumps.

And that's when Angela pours the entire contents of the glass down the poor schmuck's jeans.

The sound he makes is comical as he jumps away, and the crowd reaches a fever pitch as they all laugh and scream, including the friends he apparently came with, who are all slapping him on the back as he jumps and tries to get rid of the liquid now running down his legs.

"Was that good for you too, honey?" Bella croons through the speaker, her voice dripping seductively, which instantly makes my own leather pants tighten more than they already were, and moves back behind the bar. The crowd turns their focus to the band that's started again after that small interlude, so I make my way to the bar.

I nod at a couple of regulars I know, and they slide over, greeting me warmly and offering to buy me a beer. Leaning on the bar, I rest my chin in my hand and wait for Bella to come serve them. "What'll it be?" she asks, all business until her eyes widen in surprise when she sees me.

"I don't know. What does the fantastically sexy lady suggest I have, hmm? Maybe something she'd like as well so I can have my way with her tonight." I run my fingers down my mustache as her eyes follow, and give her my most panty-dropping smile.

She smirks and crosses her arms over her chest, which I don't think she realizes just pushes her boobs out more, but I'm not complaining. "I suggest you rethink your terrible pick-up line. Didn't you just see what happened to that guy?" She thumbs towards the victim with the uncomfortably wet pants that seems to have no issue continuing his night of drinking as he downs a shot with his buddies.

"I did. Good thing I'm not allowed to lay a hand on you."

She rests her elbows on the bar, rocking back and forth on her feet a bit and flips her hair behind her shoulder. "Well, I make special arrangements for really sexy men."

"Oh, do you, now?" I lean in a little more, my eyes trailing from her cleavage to her mouth.

"Yeah." Her finger taps her red lips, knowing I'm a goner for that shade. "I'll let you know when I find one."

I grab my t-shirt over my heart. "Ouch."

We smile at each other dopily, until we begin to laugh. "What are you doing here?" She leans in for real and gives me a quick kiss before handing me my favorite beer.

"Well, I figured you were going to be here all night, and I couldn't stand the thought of not seeing your return engagement, and..."

"And the free beer?"

"And I missed you." That gets me an 'aww' and another kiss.

"What about the girls? You asked Rose to watch them a while longer?" Bella expertly flips the cap off a beer and throws it into the crowd before placing it in front of the lady next to me.

"I asked Rose to watch them all night."

Her eyes widen. "What do you mean, all night?" She looks at me hesitatingly, with what I hope is expectation and not disapproval at me making this decision without her.

"I mean," I crook my finger at her and she meets me back over the bar where my mouth touches her ear, making her shiver slightly. "We've got the whole night, baby. Alone. Just you and me." My tongue swipes the soft spot of her neck. "Whatever shall we do?"

"Hmmm," she answers, as she runs her hand up my arm. "Sleep sounds good." Her eyes sparkle with teasing and it's too good an opportunity not to fuck with her.

I reach for my beer and take a sip. "Well then, you're in luck. That's exactly what I was thinking,"

Her hand stops mid caress. "Oh sure, that's what you were thinking," she deadpans and rolls her eyes.

"Yeah, brutal day." I yawn for effect. "I asked Rose to keep them so we could sleep in." I never deny Bella in the bedroom, it's never happened once. When my girl wants it, my girl gets it. I can tell she doesn't know whether or not to believe me as she slides away to get back to work, giving me the side-eye the whole way.

As I hoped, and let's be honest, expected her to, she starts flirting with me. Bella knows there's never been a time I might not want her, and plays into that fact. Even when she's completely shutting me out of the bedroom as she has lately, she never misses an opportunity to make sure I'm lusting after her like a dog regardless.

Tonight is no exception. Each time she walks by, she shakes her ass just a little more as she gets drinks, pouts her lips and gives me the bedroom eyes from across the bar, and gets closer and pushes her arms together, making her cleavage pop when she serves me.

So, for the next hour or two, I play along and direct all my attention towards her while she works, purposely toying with her every time she comes by. A lazy wink in her direction, a blatant touch to her arm with the back of my fingers, a compliment about her looks, even a soft kiss to her hand when she gives me a beer.

It's a competition, a silent challenge, and I let her think she's winning this little game by acting like a horny, dopey cretin as I ogle her tits blatantly and act like I'm losing my mind due to the fact she's just so damn hot.

But let's get one thing straight - there's no way in hell I'm making the first move. I'm going to make her work for it.

I want her asking, begging, pleading with me, to finally, finally fuck her.

When she pulls a cherry from the dispenser and wraps her ruby lips around it, daring me to say something, I go in for the kill.

Flexing my muscles and stretching, my t-shirt rides up and my leathers hang low. Her eyes hood and she swallows as I expose my still-toned stomach and that certain V she loves so much, something I know she won't be able not to leer at. When her eyes trail over me like a piece of meat, I congratulate myself internally and enjoy it way too much.

She may think she has all the power here, but I can play my girl like a fiddle, still.

After that display, I take mercy on her and focus my energy on speaking with old friends, letting her stew a bit as I ignore her. On my fourth beer, her hand comes around my neck and she plays with my hair, which she knows is my kryptonite. My eyes roll back in my head at her gentle touch, then slight tug, as she almost makes me come with her breathy, sex voice. "Only two hours till closing time."

Bringing forth every ounce of strength I have, I manage to stay unaffected, at least on the surface. "Yeah, being out has really given me some energy. I was thinking maybe we can do something else tonight besides sleeping."

"Oh? What did you have in mind? Adult night swim?" She smiles like the cat that ate the canary, even if she has no plans to follow through and have sex with me tonight.

I shake my head, leaning in to nuzzle her hair before biting her neck lightly, making her moan a bit. "I was thinking I'd really like to catch up on Netflix."

She pulls back and crosses her arms in front of her, obviously confused and possibly feeling the sting of rejection, which makes me smile. Turnabout is fair play, after all. "Netflix," her voice drips with distaste. "Really."

"Oh," I say, all fake surprise. "Are you disappointed?" I stand upright and lay my hands flat on the bar. "I suppose since I went to all this trouble, the least I can do is let you give me a hand job in the parking lot before we go home."

She lifts her chin and gives me the stink eye. "You can give yourself a hand job in the parking lot."

I tilt my head back and forth like I'm really contemplating it. "Actually, I'm good. I really want to get home to finish Stranger Things." I can see the little wrinkle in her forehead start to form, and I know when my baby's wheels are turning. She pulls the Patron from the shelf and makes her way back to me while I hide a laugh, knowing exactly what she's trying to do.

"Well, that's a relief," she sighs, pouring two shots. "I thought I was going to have to lock myself in a closet tonight."

"Hey, no means no, right?" I hold my glass up to her and we clink, both downing the shot. "Thanks for this, I'm gonna sleep like a baby tonight." Slamming it on the counter, I smile at her as she pours me another.

"Me too, sweetheart, me too." We have a bit of a staredown until she's called away.

This is way too fucking fun.

While she turns her attention back to her customers, I talk to Emmett awhile, and a few people I haven't seen in a real long time. Jerry's got a new bike so we go outside to check it out and make a plan to ride soon. He's also got a few young ones at home, and we compare notes until he hits his curfew. As he rides off, I smile thinking about how my life has changed. Not just mine, but everyone I know. People getting married, having kids, moving… I try to picture my life if Bella hadn't come into it, and all I see is emptiness. I'm sure I'd have met someone else because let's face it, I'm me, but deep down I know that if it was anyone but Bella by my side, I'd always feel like something was missing.

She and the girls are the best kind of life I could've hoped for.

Returning to the bar, Bella's having a blast, and joins me for two more shots, the alcohol making her more ballsy than usual as she's in rare form dancing and singing, berating customers and slinging drinks. Her cheeks are flushed, but she's stable when she and Angela get on the bar one last time before Emmett rings the bell to announce last call.

The last of the crowd shuffles out, and I go behind the bar to help Bella wipe down bottles. "You guys go, I'll clean up," Angela says, more used to the routine than Bella since she's kept her weekly shift.

"You sure?" Bella sways on her feet.

Angela laughs. "Yeah, I'm sure. Ben's got Boy Scouts with Henry in the morning so he's on breakfast duty. You two go have fun."

"Oh, we will," Bella presses up against me and my dick tingles. She's right in that zone of being tipsy enough to let her body take over without too much thought, but aware enough to know exactly what she's doing. She thrusts her tits into my chest and tilts her head up, giving me a warm, sexy smile. I wrap my arms around her and she lets her hand slide up into my hair, pulling me down so she can whisper in my ear. My stomach knots in anticipation of whatever filthy thing she's about to say in her liquor-fueled haze 'cause my girl has a deliciously raunchy mouth.

"Maybe we should rethink that hand job."

Smiling into her hair, I kiss her ear and follow with a flick of my tongue, making her squirm a bit. I rub her ass and grab her hips, pulling her to me.

"I've got a better idea."

"Blow job in the parking lot?" Her eyes sparkle.

I almost give in because having those red lips wrapped around my cock sounds way too inviting, but she's a fool if she thinks she's got me that easy. "Let's stop at the store and get some popcorn."

"Um, what?" She says loudly and directly into my eardrum.

Pulling back, I give her a dismissive pat to her backside. "No fun to watch TV without popcorn, beautiful."

Bella thinks she's being subtle, running her hand up my thigh in the Uber, but I just hold it and lace our fingers together, letting her think I'm enjoying the ride when in reality, I'm practically drooling thinking about having her in our big house, completely alone, and hopefully completely naked.

She's just a little too obvious when she drops her leather jacket and bag on the floor of the foyer and speaks loudly. "Okay, well, I guess I'll go get in my PJ's!" She heads for the stairs, her leather-wrapped ass swinging as her hand trails the railing, sliding it behind her seductively.

"Bella," I bark. "Wait just a second." She turns, her eyelashes batting and a smug look on her face. "I'll put mine on too. Pajama party!" I fist pump and make my way up the stairs, passing her and proceeding to our room.

Undressing slowly, I purposely leave just my leather pants on, buttons undone, something I know turns her on. Making a show of hanging up my shirt and vest in the closet, I flex a bit and make my tattoos move as she saunters in, plopping herself down on the stool to undo her motorcycle boots. Out of the corner of my eye I watch her run her hands along her thigh, lifting her leg up to ridiculous heights needed to unlace a boot, even if it is really hot to see.

"Why don't I help you?" Moving in front of her, I get on my knees and make sure my pants are spreading open at the fly. I take her foot and unlace the boot, my fingers massaging her ankles as I pull off one, then the other. Her fingers reach out to trace the new tattoo on my shoulder, a tree of branches, four adorned with the names of the most important women in my life and loads more waiting to be filled. She skims slowly over the empty ones, the red polish making me crazy, but I don't look up at her until I'm done. She's staring at me, one lip between her teeth and her eyes heavy. Her foot rests on my crotch, and she moves it just a little bit.

I let her get a thrill for a moment, then get up and pull her into a standing position. "I can help with your vest as well." My fingers start at the top button, letting my knuckles touch and brush against her magnificent breasts. I'm still made stupid by them, they've retained their larger size, and it's all I can do not to lean down to bite one.

But I've got plans.

Turning her so her back is to me, I reach around and undo the last few buttons. Her head lolls on my chest, and she rubs her butt against me, so I have to move back a bit so she can't feel the raging hard on I'm trying my best to control. Grabbing the sides of her vest, I slowly open it, prying the warm, Bella-scented leather apart, and slide it down her arms. It's taking everything in me to not maul her like a teenager, but I keep focusing on the bigger picture.

She moans slightly when my hands move to the button on her leather shorts, and she covers them with her own. We open them together, her hips swaying back and forth to shimmy them off as I pull, leaving her in just black lace undies. When she tries to turn, I stop her by gripping her shoulders, caressing them slightly. "You were so good tonight. So beautiful," I say softly in her ear. She's melting into me, turning her head, inviting me to her neck.

I ignore her and place a light kiss on one shoulder, moving my lips against her back and reaching the other. Pressing a harder, longer kiss on that one and letting my teeth scratch her delicious skin a bit. She shivers slightly as my hands begin to brush down her arms, teasing like they're going somewhere. Right before they touch her wrists, my fingers reach out to the shelf next to me instead and grab a t-shirt, quickly letting go of her to pull the shirt over her head and trapping her arms in the body of it causing a startled sound to escape her.

I slap her arms playfully and give them a vigorous rub. "Hey! How about we be really naughty and watch in bed? Popcorn and everything? I'll go get it started."

Leaving her there with her mouth open, I quickly escape to the kitchen where I consider making a side trip to my office so I can take matters into my own hands to stop the almost unbearable pressure building in my cock before I can have her where I want her.

While the popcorn is turning in the microwave, I press my palm against myself, willing my erection away. I grit my teeth and lay my forehead against the cabinet. I've waited this long, I guess another half hour won't kill me.

I don't think anyone's ever died of a swollen cock, but I should probably go look it up in my medical books.

Bella's sitting straight up in bed with her arms crossed when I return, and I place the steaming bowl of buttery popcorn right in her lap. "Extra napkins!" I exclaim, holding them up like I'm the smartest motherfucker in the world.

I change into flannel bottoms and mosey back to the bedroom, snap on the TV and scroll to Netflix. "What episode were we on?" She doesn't answer, but I hear a soft rifling of popcorn and deliberate crunch behind me.

Moving back to lean against the headboard, I make a show of settling in; patting the blankets smooth, fluffing my pillow, arranging my feet, and then sighing.

"Comfy?" It's venom.

"Very." We sit like that for a minute, watching the beginning of an episode. Bella shifts, her legs long and supple as they stretch invitingly over the bedspread. The bottom of her t-shirt starts to slip up her hips as she slides down her pillows, my eyes traitorous as they take her all in, including the peek of black lace she kept on.

"This is sooo nice," she croons, arching her back a little and sliding her thighs together. "No interruptions. I'm in heaven."

I'm biting my tongue in my mouth so hard it starts to hurt. "Yeah, we should get through two episodes at least before I pass out."

The popcorn is still balancing on her stomach, so I reach over and grab a handful. It's the last thing I want, but you can't eat popcorn off your wife's thighs if you don't spill any, right?


Quickly, I bend over to pick pieces of corn off of her. "Don't move, don't want the butter to stain the sheets." She stays still, so I lean in closer and get on my knees, hovering over her lower half. "There's one I can't reach, hold on."

I hear her short escape of breath when my tongue reaches out to grab the elusive piece, right in the crease where her thigh meets her pelvis. Her legs part slightly, causing another piece to fall farther between her legs, so I do the only gentlemanly thing there is to do, and dive right in.

Taking my time to retrieve it, I spread her legs a bit with my hands to gain better access. Catching the piece with my teeth, I brush my lips and nose against her, causing her to jump a little. "Oh!"

"Got it!" Chewing with purpose, I get up quickly and go back to my position against the pillows, popping the other few pieces I'm holding into my mouth.

"Are you fucking kidding me?"

I suck air through my teeth. "Sorry, I'll do the laundry tomorrow. I'll even pre-treat it."

She's fuming so bad I can feel the heat coming off her, and she blows her hair off of her forehead in a huff. But if there's one thing I know about my wife, it's that she's as stubborn and competitive as me.

So I wait.

A few more minutes pass, and she rolls onto her hip, facing me. Her thighs are crossed and her knee is bent, making her look like a fucking supermodel. She flips her hair and rests on her elbow, head propped up by her hand. A breathy sigh leaves her, and I have to cross my own thighs so she won't see what she's doing to me.

"Good show, huh?" she says, and rubs the sheets with her hand, back and forth, back and forth, getting dangerously close to me.

I don't trust myself to speak. "Mmm hmm."

"Bed feels really fucking good right now." She rolls over, arching her back, and moves against the sheets, spreading and opening her legs.

I may be strong. I may be stubborn. But there's just so much one man can handle when he's got a wife as sexy as Bella, who knows exactly how to use that particular word.

The popcorn forgotten and thrown to the floor, I'm on her in an instant, grabbing her around the waist. I pull her up and we're a tangle of limbs and hands, mouths and tongues. She feels so spectacular under my fingers, warm and familiar but still something so exciting I haven't gotten used to believing she's mine. Every time I touch her, it's like we're back in my car, that first night, the night we had mind-blowing sex for the first time.

The night I knew she was unequivocally and unquestioningly 'it' for me.

"Say I won," she says through kisses, my lips coming back to hers again and again in between bites to her chin, her cheek, her neck.

"Huh?" I feel her throat pulse as I kiss her there, foggy and sex-crazed.

She laughs a bit, obviously pleased with herself. "Say. I. Won."

Pulling back, the gleam in her eye and firm set of her smile makes my eyes narrow.

I caved. She won. There's no denying it.

"I won," I repeat as ordered and quickly muffle her protest with my mouth. I push her back onto the bed and lift her leg over my thigh. I know if I don't slow down this is going to be over quickly like a fourteen year old looking at internet porn, but I can't help it.

"You're an ass." She laughs despite her put-on anger, so I slap hers to make a point.

"It's one of the many things you love about me. Now shut up." Kissing her silent, I pull her t-shirt up to uncover her breasts, and put the rolled up fabric in her mouth. Her eyes widen, but my girl likes it rough, and she moans behind the cloth. "Keep it there," I command.

I slowly kiss down her neck, careful not to mark her lest we get a thousand questions from the small baseball team we've started. Licking her clavicle, I move across her breastbone as she arches up and pulls on my hair to move me where she wants. She's become extra sensitive in her nipples, so I torture her just enough to where she's squirming underneath me and holding my head to keep me there before I break free and move down to her stomach.

As I knew she would, her hands move to stop me, but I push them away and glare at her. "Bella, you are the sexiest fucking woman I know. Every part of you is a turn-on." She really doesn't have many hang ups, but I know she's concerned she isn't as taut as she once was. "Don't ever hide from me." I hold her hands down at her sides and kiss across the marks that define her as a mother, as someone that's carried my children and given me the greatest gift I could ask for.

I continue kissing her belly until I can feel her resistance fade, and when I let go, her hands fly back to my hair, pulling and twisting. "Mmm, you smell like butter and popcorn." I kiss my way down the small bow on the waistband of her underwear, pulling on it with my teeth. "I think I need to see if you taste like butter and popcorn." Her grip tightens as I pull the fabric down and off her legs.

I want her to come multiple times tonight, and there's not much more I love in this world than going down on my wife, so I immediately attack her, licking and kissing, biting and rubbing, exactly how she likes it.

Fast and dirty.

The soft swish of bodies on sheets is the only sound as she's arching under me, moving her hips in circles and clenching her thighs around my head, and I suddenly remember we're all alone in this big house. We're both used to having to be silent during sex. Reaching up for the cotton she's biting, I admonish her. "If I take this out, you're going to be a good girl, right?"

She looks a little angry I stopped, but nods.

"So if I tell you I want you to be fucking loud, you will, right?"

Her brow furrows, a little surprised at the order. "I want you to let go, Bella. Scream all you like, no one is going to save you, 'cause no one is going to hear you but me." I lick her clit quickly. "But most importantly, I want you to scream my fucking name. And we both know the first rule, don't we?" I bite the inside of her thigh, causing her to yelp. "What I want, I get."

She looks down at me like I'm a jerk but also wants to come too much to argue as she whips off her shirt.

I go back to eating her pussy, moaning loud into her to coax her into being vocal like she hasn't been able to be since little ears came into our lives. "So fucking good," I say against her. My dick is hard and I'm pushing it into the mattress, trying to alleviate the ache from wanting to be in her so badly. "Always so fucking good," I grunt, sucking on her clit until she begins to pant and tense her legs.

Bella moans loudly when her orgasm starts, and I don't stop sucking on her until she's a heaving, sighing mess. Crawling up her body, I rub my hard cock against her leg, letting her feel what she does to me. Her face is flushed and her hair is all over the place, her eyes filled with desire.

She's never been more beautiful to me, so I tell her. "Non sei mai stato più bello per me."

"I want you, Edward." She pulls on my waist so I'm flush against her, hard and throbbing. I move a little, rubbing right where she's sensitive and she sucks a breath in as her legs wrap around me.

I smile internally, and rotate my hips. "What was that?"

"Take these pants off, I need you inside me."

"I didn't quite get that, what is it you're asking for?"

She glares at me, her eyes ferocious. "Fuck me, Edward. Is that what you want to hear?"

Bingo. Who's won now, sweetheart?

"Hm, I dunno."

She's still pulsing, moving her body under me but looking at me with wide, disbelieving eyes. "What do you mean, you don't know?"

I shrug. "You fear my super sperm, not sure what you want me to do."

"Pull out or something! Like a horny teenager or uninformed virgin!"

"Did you meet our second child? Doesn't work that way." I smile, still pushing against her. I have to stop rubbing her like a dog in heat before I come in my pants.

"God dammit! Why haven't I gone back on the pill?" She swipes the hair out of her face. "I don't care, fuck me anyway. What's one more?"

"You've been awfully vocal in the fact that you don't want to get pregnant." I crawl off of her, and massage my cock through my flannels as I hover above her. "I'll take care of this, don't worry. It's your special night, I'm only here to please you, and I think I just did."

"Are you seriously not going to take advantage of this? A house without kids and me ready, willing, and able?" She pulls at the drawstring of my pants, and I quickly stop her.

"I'm a gentleman, my love."

"Like hell you are! I'm telling you I want it!"

"Want what, exactly?"

She narrows her eyes at me, her anger something I'm enjoying way too much. "Your cock."

I hold my hand up to cup my ear. "My what?"

She slams the bed with her hands and yells. "Your fabulous, mouth-watering, larger than life, achingly beautiful and skillful cock. Happy now?"

I am, thrilled in fact, but I'm a mean bastard. "I don't know, Bella. I don't want you to regret it in the morning."

"Jesus, Edward. I'm not a one night stand! I'm not going to have a walk of shame when I go to the bagel store in the morning!"

"I suppose I could come this way," I shift over her, dry humping against her which I immediately realize is a bad idea.

"Something else," she says and grabs my junk, trying to get my pants off.

"I guess we could do something…"

"Yes! Anything."

"Something like-" I pull on her waist faster than she can figure out what's going on, and turn her face down. I push her head into the pillow slightly, and rub myself over her very perfect ass as I lean in and gruffly speak into her ear. "This?"

"Oh, holy hell!"

"We've never done this, Bella. This raunchy, dirty, downright debauched act. What I would do to put my cock inside that tight ass of yours, sliding in slow and deep, stretching you until you're begging for more." I make sure I mimic the action, pushing her into the bed with long, forceful thrusts.

"There's a really good reason why we haven't!"

I smile against her, nuzzling her cheek and biting her neck. "You can handle me."

"No, I really don't think I can!" she wails.

"Let's cross this last, forbidden line. Think of how good I'll make it, cause you know I will." At that, Bella's ass moves and brushes against me of her own free will. "That's it, you know you want it. All of it." I distract her with slow, hot kisses against her back as I pull out the secret I've been leaning against under my pillow all night. "But I think we need to break the ice, so to speak."

I turn the switch to 'on' and the low hum of the vibrator rumbles in my hand.

Bella's eyes are huge when she half turns under me, eyeing the toy as her jaw goes slack. "What the fuck is that?"

Laughing, I run it lightly against my hand. "Honey, you know exactly what this is."

"That doesn't look like anything we own."

I regard the device. "No, I suppose it's not. I thought we needed a new one, you know, special occasion and all that. Figured the one we had was probably a tad too… thick."

Bella hasn't stopped looking at the flesh-colored, thinner-than-me rubber dildo as I gently begin running it along the cherry blossoms adorning her ribcage. I see the moment realization dawns as she opens her mouth to speak. "You've been planning this. You got a smaller one because you knew where you were going to put it!"

"Beautiful and smart."

"Just how fucking long have you been planning to fuck me in my ass?" she practically shouts.

"Babe, I've been planning it since the moment I saw it in front of me in line at the coffee shop. But I knew this morning I was going to make it a reality, so I ran an errand."

"Oh, please. So you just thought I'd go along with it," she scoffs and shakes her head, arguing.

"No, I didn't think." I move the vibrator to her hip, running it slowly across both cheeks and avoiding the place I want to put it almost as bad as I want to put my dick. "I knew." I slide it against the crack of her beautiful behind, running it up and down teasingly. "Trust me, my love, you're going to be begging for it."

A moan escapes her, but she's still feisty. "You are one cocky bastard."

I lean down close, pressing my mouth to her ear and growl. "No. Fucking. Shit." With that, I move the vibrator directly to where I want it most as I pull her up on her hands and knees. Bella shudders and bucks against me, letting out a low whimper. I move back so I can spread her cheeks, watching as the dildo makes a few passes against her virgin territory.

Pulling my flannels down enough so that my dick pops out, I slap it against her with an audible smack. Rubbing myself and the vibrator on her smooth skin, I swallow and bite back my own groan, not wanting her to know she could probably make me come before I even have a chance to get in there just by looking at myself near her sacred ground as she rotates her hips.

I leave the vibrator against her opening without moving it, and Bella starts rocking against it. I don't want to insert it in her fully, I'm possessive and only want myself in there. I just want to relax her a bit.

But I'm not telling her that.

I move it in slightly, just the tip. "If you break me, I really will never let you fuck me again. Not even in your dreams." Bella moans, sounding unsure.

"Honey, I'm going to make you like it so much you won't want it any other way." I knead the muscles in her shoulder with one hand, trying to get her back into that relaxed state she was in moments after her orgasm.

"Jesus, I can't believe I'm not running for the safety of the bathroom. Is this why you got me drunk?"

"I believe you were the one serving me. Now stop talking." I grab her chin and my mouth reaches to meet hers, kissing her quickly and making her squeal. My hand moves to her breast, my fingers pulling her nipple while I continue to hold the vibrator still and thrust my cock against her fabulous behind at the same time.

"There's no fucking way you'll fit," she repeats and clenches her fists in the sheets.

"Trust me. I remember you saying that a long time ago, and look how that turned out?"

"Because it was going where it was supposed to!" Despite her protests, her knees open farther on the bed, spreading out to let me nestle in between her thighs. I move down a bit, so my cock is at her pussy, rubbing against it but not entering while the vibrator moves against her backside. "Oh God, that feels good."

I want to make her come again, so I move against her opening which is taking all my strength to not just say fuck it and bury myself in there.

But I want her ass way too much to let that happen.

"Just relax, let me take care of you." Moving in small circles against her, she drops her head and moans, low and deep in her throat. "That's it, Bella, let go." She comes again, her body shuddering and legs tensing. Dropping the vibrator on the bed, I take that opportunity to reach for the new lube I also bought this afternoon.

With a flip of the lid I get some on my finger and move it to her asshole, circling it, and while she's still in the throes of her orgasm, I gently slide it in. I've had my fingers in her before, she quite likes it, but knowing I'm actually going to fuck her here is making me salivate with anticipation. Taking my time so she's ready, I pull in and out of her, coating her with the lube for a while. Moving my thumb to her pussy, I rub and feel her whole body shake.

My mouth moves closer to her ear. "I'm in control of you, do you understand? You're mine to play with, and I love playing with my dirty girl."

I shove my finger in with a little more force, making her grunt. "I can do whatever I want to you, and you'll take it."

I stick another finger in her tight space and move them together. "You'll love it." I hiss. "You'll crave it."

A third finger makes its way in and I clench my eyes shut as I growl in her ear. "You'll fucking beg for it."

And that's all it takes. I've got her agreeing and calling me God, falling face-first on the bed as I make her come a second time.

She's panting, her skin is glistening with sweat, and I've only just begun tormenting her. I hover over her to let my cock slide between her cheeks and I pat myself on the back that I've been able to hold out this long.

Cause my wife's ass is extraordinary.

And deserves the love of my cock.

Pulling her by her waist so she's on her knees again, I spread her thighs and lean down behind her, giving her slit a good licking before I rise and nestle myself against her ass again. Her head is dropped and she's still moaning and panting, so I insert my finger into her one more time and gently spread some more lube. She's moving backwards towards me, trying to take as much in as she can, so I smack it. "Getting greedy, now are we?"

"Yesss," she whines, the slap from my hand making her cheek pink.

"Maybe I'll change my mind." I remove my fingers and massage and squeeze where I slapped her.

"You're a jerk," she cries, wiggling her ass to get me to pay attention to it again.

"Excuse me?" I smack her again, which gains me a groan and an invitation.

"Fuck me, Edward, I'm demanding it."

I smile wide behind her. What my girl wants, my girl gets. I'm a nice guy like that.

Moving the head of my cock between her cheeks, she moans as soon as it touches her slick opening. Very slowly I push, nervous about the resistance but she's still wiggling, so I push a bit more.

Seeing the tip of my cock slide inside her makes me clench my jaw, the sight of her beautiful ass taking me in enough to make me fucking lose it before we've even begun so I take a moment and breathe deeply.

"Jesus, Bella," I grit out, making sure to gently massage her cheeks while I try to slip inside. "Fuck, you're tight."

Inch by inch, slow and deliberate, I watch as I insert myself to the hilt, stopping when I can go no further. Sweat is getting in my eyes and my legs are shaking. "Are you okay?" I ask, trying not to move.

"Fuck," she breathes, and I immediately tense up, ready to pull out as soon as she says she doesn't like it.

"Fuck, that's good," she sighs and I silently thank the heavens. She lowers her top half so she's resting on the bed, causing her cheeks to spread more and I finally let out the moan I've been holding, waiting to make sure she was okay.

I start moving, slower than molasses, watching my cock appear and disappear inside her. My hands hold her hips as I pick up speed. The sounds coming out of her are almost feral; low, guttural sounds I've never heard before as I rock against her.

I swallow and close my eyes, all the sensations coursing through me almost unbearable. Her body, her sounds, her skin, her smell, everything is swimming inside me and around me. It's better than I ever imagined it would be, and knowing this is something both of us are experiencing for the first time, together, makes it fucking beautiful.

Even though it's also fucking dirty as hell.

"Oh baby, you have no idea how good this feels," I grunt as I start fucking her in earnest. I move one hand to her back and slide it up, letting it tangle in her hair, giving it a soft tug. Her head turns to the right and the look on her face is pure bliss. Her eyes are closed, her cheeks are flushed, her lips are puckered into an 'O', and I know I'm about to come deep, so fucking deep inside her where I've never come before.

But before I do, my hand moves from her hair to her clit and begins to rub in circles that match the pace of my fucking.

Bella moans loudly, curses, sucks in her breath, and within seconds she's coming a third time which gives me all the permission I need. Pushing back into her as far as I can twice more, my body shakes and I come so hard I can feel my eyes exploding in my head and all of my veins bursting into flames.

I think I even black out a second.

Coming to, I slide out carefully and fall to the bed. Half covering her, we pant fast together, both of our bodies immobile.

It's a few minutes until I catch my breath enough to open my eyes, and when I do, Bella is heavy-lidded looking over her shoulder at me with a slow smile on her face. "Well, that wasn't so bad."

Grinning back at her, I move my hand across her stomach and pull her against me, burying my face in her hair and breathing her in. "No. No it wasn't."

Our rapidly beating hearts slow as our bodies are pressed together, hands tangled and laying limp across her body. She sighs and giggles. "I guess that's our new normal. No pregnancy and all the fun."

Rising up on my elbow, I look down at her, shaking my head and laughing low. "Oh, Half Pint, you silly girl." A slow devilish smile spreads across my face. "If anyone can impregnate you that way, it's me."

The End

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