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Bart turned too late. Zauriel was thrown into him, slamming them both against the farthest wall. Asmodel laughed and turned to Avalon, he saw Blue Beetle and Robin make a move to run at him. He clicked his fingers and they froze.

" Nothing can stop me now," he roared. Avalon's eyes flashed white. She started to beat her wings gaining some height. " what you think you can stop me? "

with one powerful swing, she turned lightning fast in the air, extended her leg and kicked him square in the face. Asmodel stumbled but regained his stance quickly, glaring at her.

He shot a fire ball from his hand and she dogged out the way, swooping down at the same time and taking up her father's fire blade. She took a swing at the demon and cut his arm. He hissed in pain and clutched his biccep. " you little bitch," she swung at him again this time missing him and, with the weight of the sword, being pulled down. Asmodel slapped her across the face knocking her to the ground, she got up and he grabbed her by the arm, twisting it painfully so. Avalon cried out in pain as he shook her like a rag doll. Suddenly a red and white blur, crashed into him. Bart grabbed Avalon from the demon and carried her over to a file cabbinet, hidding her behind it.

" stay here," he told her. The speedster zipped back to Admodel and puched him at superspeed, dogging and bouncing away from fireballs and blows that were thrown at him. Asmodel stopped suddenly. A creepy gin appearing on his features, before he turned into smoke and dissapeard. Bart stood there. " did we win?" He asked not realising that Asmodel had reformed behind him until it was too late. Asmodel extendend his claws and rammed them into Bart's back. He yelled. Asmodel pulled them out, now glinting red and watched the boy fall with a thud. Bloor pooled at the back of his uniform. He could just make out Avalon in the corner, she was reaching for him. He grunted in pain and saw Asmodel's feet. He felt a kick to the jaw, iron taste in his mouth as he spat blood. Every sound was like he was underwater. His vision was going blurry.

Asmodel approched Avalon. The angel girl backed up into the wall pure fear. He made a fireball and shot it at her. She closed her eyes and waited only to feel nothing. She opened her eyes and saw a forcefield surrounding her. Her own energy had manifested into a shield to protect her, much to Asmodel's anger.

Bart saw his chance. Slowly-too slow for a speedster- he got up to his feet, head pounding. With his last ounce of energy, he picked up the fire blade. The hilt burned and seared his skin, but he didn't drop it. Taking a deep breath and letting out an unholy battle cry, he , launched himself at Asmodel and swund the sword down.

There was and unearthly scream for the demon and the sword hit him. His entire for glowing bright like a supernova, engulfing his form until he was nothing but a pile of ash.

It was over.

Bart dropped the blade, his gloves and hands burt and smoking. He clutched at them and felt the blood on his back, tears in his eyes. Zauriel stood up, unfroze Jaime and Tim and ran over to where the teens were. " Aurelia," he said engulfing his daughter in a hug and stroking her hair. Avalon pulled back to look at him and smiled before a pained cry from Bart brought her back. She crawled over to him and touched his shoulder, rolling him over. She placed her hands on the wound and watched as it dissapeared. Jaime, who had gotten Cassie up fron the ground, watched in amazment. Soon there was only a scar left and blood residue. She then took his burnt hands in hers and blew on them. The burns and scars also vanished along with the searing redness and pain. He looked at her in awe.

" How did you-

" Angels have healing properties and concidering you handled and Angel's sword you are very lucky it was just your hands it burnt,"Zauriel said. He put a hand on Bart's shoulder." Good work, boy," he praised. " now, I think we better return to the mountain, then I shall take my Daughter Aurelia home,"

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