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They returned to the mountain with a heroes' welcome, Wally being the first to reach the group.

" you did it! You got her back!" He exclaimed happily, patting Bart on the back.

" Artemis is on her way up she should be-

" Artemis B06," The computer announced. The blonde woman spotted them and ran at the group hugging the life out of Bart and Avalon.

" I'm so glad you're both okay," she looked behind them and saw the rest " I am so glad all of you are okay," she let the teens go and straightened. She turned and saw Zauriel, her smile faded. " are you her father?" She asked

" yes," the angel replied " I am Aurelia's father."

Artemis poked him in the chest and gestured with her thumb to follow. Zauriel followed the blonde out into the corridor. They stayed there for a while and when the returned, the angel's face was about as white as Wolf's fur. Artemis dusted her hands and stood beside Wally, smirking.

" Aurelia, we must go now,"

They went outside and stood on the beach, wind ruffeling everyone's hair and costumes.

Avalon stood with her father as he placed a hand on her shoulder " say goodbye," he told her. Avalon turned to the team. Bart had his head bowed, bangs over his eyes. She went to Cassie, Tim and Jaime first. Giving each a hug. Then Nightwing and then reaching Artemis and Wally.

" good luck kid," wally said as he broke away from her. She nodded and turned to Artemis, who looked like she was crying. the archer kneeled down in the sand and placed her hands on her shoulders.

" We're gonna miss you sweetie," she said. Avalon hugged her, almost crying herself. When Avalon pulled away she frowned suddenly. Artemis noticed this. " what's wrong?" She asked.

Suddenly Avalon placed a hand on Artemis' stomache and loolked the archer in the eye.

" How did you know?.." she asked astonished. Avalon smiled and fluttered her wings. As if to say " I am an angel I know all,"

" what does she know?" Wally asked looking down at her. Artemis stood up and Avalon removed her hand, only to be replaced by Wally's. His green eye snapped open wide.

" You're...we're.." He couldn't speak.

" I'm pregnant," Artemis supplied, she then turned to the group " we're having a baby!" The entire team were astounded. Avalon tugged at Artemis's sleave. she looked down and the angel shook her head.

" What do you mean?" Artemis sounded confused. Avalon rolled her eyes, pointing to Artemis's stomache again and holding two fingers up. Wally understood imeadietly.

" No way..."

" correction we are having Two Babies,"

Megan squeeled And Cassie started jumping up and down, having to be held still by Tim and Jaime. Bart laughed at Wally's expression.

" looks like me walking in on you didn't work," he teased. Wally made a move to punch him and Bart yelped.

Avalon turned to the last person, currently hiding behind Jaime. Bart met her halfway and hugged her tightly. " I'm gonna really really miss you, Ava-or Aurelia, that's your real name right?" Avalon nodded into his neck.

She pulled back slightly, looking him in the eye. The green eyes were the first she saw of him and she wanted to remember the exact shade. He blinked rappidly, tears welling in the bottom of his eyes. " um, goodbye then," he said trying to distract himself from his breaking heart.

She did something surprising. She leaned in and pressed her lips against his cheek. It burned slightly, but Bart's heart was soaring too hight to even care. She pulled away and he was grinning like an idiot. She giggled at him and then her smile turned sad. He let her go, smile also fading. She turned and pulled a long white feather from her wing. She took his hand, placed the feather in his palm and closed his fingers around it gently. Giving him another glance and turning back to her Father.

Zauriel held out his hand and his daughter accepted it. Both Angels spread their wings and after one flap were airborn. Shouts of Bye and good luck came from below, growing fainter as they gained altitude. Once she was high enough Avalon hovered in the air, soaring up and under in a summer-salt, before twirling and diving. She heard the cheering and waved. the people on the ground waved back and watched as she dissapeared behind the clouds.

" goodbye my gaurdian Angel...," Bart whispered, running a finger over the edge of the feather. " goodbye,"

A few days later Bart was sleeping on Artemis and Wally's couch, when he heard something tap on the window. He got up groggily and walked towards it, opening the curtains. His eyes widened when he saw the envelope on the other side of the glass.

He went outside in his bare feet and got it. It was gold in colour and had very fancy writing on the front.

To, Artemis, Wally and Bart.

He turned it over and opened the wax seal. Inside was a peice of paper with only two words in the center, but thoes words meant more than anything to him.

Thank you.

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